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The Flaw in the Saw (12×6)

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11 thoughts on “The Flaw in the Saw (12×6)

  1. *Brennan’s annoying bike explanation…let the man be a father for crying out loud
    *Booth has had a child before, she hasn’t. Let him do his thing!
    *I do like Brennan’s “golfing stick” because that’s how I talk lol and I always like when Brennan thinks she is funny, it’s cute and she isn’t lecturing anyone when she’s giggling
    *Wow Brennan’s outfit is SO unflattering…who is dressing her?!?!?!?!?
    *Gosh Brennan is a party pooper with that measuring tape. Let your very attractive husband chop the old fashioned way…. 🙂 🙂
    *Yep, she had her boots on, but a very old school anthropological necklace like the old days!
    *The flapjack guy is from my other favorite show The Office!
    *Why was Brennan acting so bizarre trying to give the crying woman a bear like that?
    *I always like Hodgins with his experiments
    *Theres the good old Angelatron to save the day
    *Well of course The Office guy was the killer he was too big of a guest star. Dumb motive and dumb killer wrap up as usual
    *Kind of a weird ending with the splash…and then boom the happy moment is crushed with the promo

  2. It was an ok episode. I enjoyed Dave Thomas in this one.

    As far as B&B go, all I can say is, thank goodness David insects a little flirtiness into his lines, otherwise we would get zilch. Also, David and Sonnie are gold together though…too bad we didn’t get more of the two of them together.

    So now onward to 2-3 episodes of marital strain, and then only a few more to finish the show. Will we get one kiss this season? I still say no.

    • I would agree with you that it was just an “ok” episode. There were some nice moments, especially with Hodgins in the lab, but killjoy Brennan took out so much of the warm feelings I was having. What is her deal??

      I also would’ve loved to actually see Booth teaching Christine how to ride the bike, and have Brennan, holding Hank, cheering her on. Wouldn’t that be nice? A cute family moment before more doom & gloom??

  3. Well we have to fill in the blanks ourselves! B&B had that cute little moment with their kids and the bicycle. It’s just silly the juvenile comedy they go for in these filler episodes. B&B torturing the guy who had to pee?
    Have to agree that Dave Thomas played himself fairly well! LOL
    Brennan’s ‘deal’ is terrible writing. I mean I guess Bones season 11/12 is where Fox tests writers.
    I did like that they ended the log rolling without a declared winner. Again, we can all finish off that scene the way we see fit!

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