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The Scare in the Score (12×7)

Booth is wondering…

*Will I ever balance my cosmic sheet?

*Will my wife ever kiss me again?

*Should I dig out the Cocky belt buckle for this one?

*What ever happened to my 1st son? Is he still in England?

*Do I need to start giving Aubrey “guy  hugs” so I can actually get some hugs?

*Why is the sky blue?

Post your episode comments/thoughts here! 🙂booth


37 thoughts on “The Scare in the Score (12×7)

  1. *I laughed when Max tried to escape and Booth said “Good luck with that”
    *Ryan O’Neal does look good, healthier
    *If I was Brennan, I’d finish talking with my dad first!
    *Of course the victim is wearing a very specific brooch to help with ID 
    *The speed at which Angela whips up searches and results always astounds me
    *I’m still proud of Booth for saving so many, and I hate that he has to have this come back on him again, as if he hasn’t wrestled with it enough
    *Booth should not be questioning the son of the man he killed
    *I feel a weird vibe from the wife…something about the coffee thing and how she reacted to her husband
    *Wait, shouldn’t the whole team be under protection if this person is after people that Booth is close to?
    *Does Caroline really need Aubrey telling her to fight for Booth? She’s the original Booth fan!!
    *Well, we were right about Max being sick but that he ended up taking a bullet for them
    *The safe house looks like the Mighty Hut looked like…
    *Of course Angela can get on the server in a snap, surprised no one thought of the pacemaker before they put him in the safe house
    *I knew this was coming with Max. He having such a nice moment with Brennan. Very sad.
    *The. Promo.

  2. Why Max? Why didn’t Booth get to say goodbye? What were tptb thinking?
    I want an explanation….maybe next week will give it to us?

    I think the bad guy’s wife is in on the plot to kill Booth. The guy was put in jail correct? But they return in episode 12, so I’m guessing she is gonna be a mastermind on the outside to keep this revenge thing going.

    How can the series end with B&B ok about their jobs? Their kids were almost killed this episode. I’d go off the grid and hold on tight to them!

    • I like your idea about the bad guy’s wife. She just acted so weird about the coffee and then her freak out at her husband…very off.

      And yeah, I’m sure they will feel like quitting again but the last time they did, a serial killer was at work and they felt all guilty about leaving. Can’t win.

    • It does seem like this very close call with the kids will enter into whatever they decide to do at the end of the series. I agree with bb though…going away didn’t seem to work for them either!

  3. LOL, Love Booth’s thoughts bnb!
    *Will my wife ever kiss me again?
    *Should I dig out the Cocky belt buckle for this one?

    But remember, Booth did get a hug at the end of this episode! 😦

  4. Wow…IMDB boards are gone! They didn’t even bother to wait until 2/20, did they? Oh well. I won’t use IMDB anymore in protest, although it is a good resource for TV/film info.

  5. OMG! I did think we had until at least tomorrow. But I think they are using a different time zone and suddenly cut it off! I do have a link to that message board that they talked about – I clicked on the general discussion and it just seems like there’s no specific Bones discussion. Here’s the link –
    LOL, I hope it works!
    I am sure when bnbailey gets on the board she will set us up with a spoiler thread. 😀

  6. “Feb 20? What time zone was that, Australia?”
    LOL, apparently! This format will take some getting used to. You cannot highlight quotes as well.

  7. “Should we sign up? Man we are lost! 😭”

    Oh, I followed your link Shanny and saw some of our discussions are on there!
    So I am now confused. Why did they do away with the boards if we can still go on and start discussions and comments?

    • It’s a new board that transferred the discussions to it. They are hoping IMDB members go to it

      IMDb shut the board down, so they basically recreated it at the other place .

  8. I scrolled down and found my old thread “in honor of bones last season” it is only the first page from six months ago and none of the links work. Waaaah! 😫😭

    It seems like the more recent discussions iare in chronological order but again I don’t think you can post a link.

  9. I also miss being able to preview your post so that spelling errors and what was said can be checked!
    As Brennan said in Doctor “I can adjust ”
    But I am not liking it one bit!

  10. This is just sad, but thank goodness we had a chance to find an alternative! Can you imagine just clicking on IMDB message boards one day and finding out they were gone? We would never have been able to find each other in cyberspace. Hmmm, that’s an interesting angle…what if you lost a friend in cyberspace and started searching for them? Could you ever find them? Good premise for a story of some sort.

  11. Just want to say to all you guys how nice it has been to have like-minded people to chat about Bones with. I know we don’t agree on everything but that’s ok…no one gets shut out or shouted down for having a different viewpoint. Did everyone migrate over here? Rbay, NWChic, Old Dutch?

  12. At least we can post links here! How is the FB page? Is it organized by topic like the old board was? Or just a run of comments?

  13. You guys I had church stuff all day so I missed this until now! So sad! I will definitely keep both FB and here up and running so we can talk wherever comfortable. So sad, I was hoping for one last peek of the board!!! Grrrr!!

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