447 and other things

This is a great interview with Marisa, MP and HH. Hart’s 447 idea is revealed and they share alot of fun memories and BTS stuff. The end thank you to the fans is very sweet. I can’t recommend this enough. It even makes me forgive MP just a little 🙂


When Brennan was just too cute…

When Sweets was so, so unaware of what he was getting into with this anthropologist…


When Brennan sweetly revealed Booth is the only one to give her a nickname…


When she didn’t know what that meant, but she was trying…


When she interrupted her husband’s wedding vows to be adorable…and gorgeous!


The End in the End (12×12)


Booth’s face = me right now


Well guys, this is it. The end in the end. The culmination of a dozen years of bones, crimes, murders, explosions, tumors, squinterns, and the crazy crazy fans who helped keep this ship afloat for so long.


I’m feeling positive today, uplifted. Yes, its been a weird ending…but what fandom gets TWELVE YEARS. (I guess Law & Order and The Simpsons…) but besides them, its a small club of shows that make it this long.

My first Bones experience was Santa in the Slush. What a way to get introduced to the show, right?!




And then we went through all the ups and downs. We’ve heard it called lightning in a bottle and magic. I think those are accurate. I have never done as much Internet-ing as I have for this show for any other show and I probably won’t again.

I mean, shoot, the Internet was still a toddler when Bones premiered! Isn’t that crazy!? How much as the world changed since then?!

I am thankful I found you all in the Bonesverse. Starting with IMDB, finding Bones Theory, making our own platform when both of those kind of disappeared.  I have super loved chatting with you and making these Internet friendships over our favorite show.

(If you haven’t read or seen, we plan to keep this website going with Bones-and Bones related-content. I’ll make a post about some ideas floating around later.)

But for now, here is our final (sob) new episode chat. Feel free to post your memories and thoughts about this end in the end.

Thanks to the Bones cast and crew (even the ones I don’t like so much lol) for 12 years of fun and drama and hair pulling out and smiles and groans and squees. 🙂