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Brennan’s Bachelorette



The official Bones FB page posted this link today. What a cute convo where Brennan was hilarious and said nice things about Booth and it was a sweet couple moment between them. Love how Brennan learned about body shots lol



4 thoughts on “Brennan’s Bachelorette

  1. The eternal Bones question is why aren’t we getting sweet, sexy, loving scenes like this (no kissing required even) in this last season EVER? Why, why, why, why, why?

  2. Because MP and JC thought that contrived drama of yet another big bad gunning for them and her father dying would be more interesting for fans. WRONG. Only one couple gets the ‘happy’ story C/A. We can’t have more than one ‘happy’ couple because that would be boring (not that they are getting a lot of screen time). MP said on twitter HH wouldn’t want it to be boring! MP doesn’t get it. Hart and Nathan were able to do include romance into the drama/murder story. MP seems to be only able to construct murder story. He doesn’t know how to write or guide the writing of romance.

    • “MP seems to be only able to construct murder story”

      And even that is inconsistent at best. Bones has never been great at wrapping longer arcs, but now, even the one episode stories don’t make sense by the end!

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