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Pic of the day 3/9

In honor of our last Bones undercover episode, the intriguing Tony and Roxie:


I like this undercover couple identity the most because it shows growth as if Tony and Roxie were a real couple. The first one is them being young and cocky, just starting out, while the next is years down the road as a married couple. Buck and Wanda have had very different versions, from circus act to Western shooters to redneck drivers, but both Tony and Roxie appearances felt like they were the same couple to me. The clothes and hair/makeup were both fun as well. Lots of B&B hanging all over each other action. As Booth might say, they’re “hot”. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Pic of the day 3/9

  1. ‘The Woman in the Sand’ is one of my favorite episodes. They’re both just so beautiful there. I love Booth but I admit that I’m not a fan of DB and don’t think he’s particularly aged well. In the early seasons, though, he was gorgeous. And Emily!! Good grief, that woman was stunning. I need to rewatch this one.

    • I think DB is still a very attractive man by just about anyone’s standards, but I agree that his best days are behind him. For me he peaked in about S4 of Bones…I though he was gorgeous back then.

      Emily is a beautiful woman and always will be I’m sure, but I have to admit that I don’t find her current very full, very round face all that attractive. I also think she peaked back in the earlier Bones seasons.

      B&B were a force to be reckoned with back then, that’s for sure.

  2. I think DB looks pretty dang good both then and now. I don’t mind looking at an attractive older guy ;). Lol

    I think Emily looks the most different but alot of that to me is wardrobe. And the way her character acts with her constant lecturing. If she had the proper clothes and a smile on her face, ED is still pretty great.

    But, no matter what, at least we have the memories of Tony and Roxie to look back on 🙂

  3. This is a great episode! I am one of the few that prefer DB in Bones over his younger stuff. And even as he aged in Bones, he’s good looking.
    ED is gorgeous. But I agree that she needs to visit the gym and take care of herself now. Something happened after the birth of Calvin and hopefully she has the time now to figure it out.
    But these two were magical together and I will always enjoy them in these two roles.

    • NWChic, I never watched Buffy or Angel, so most of my frame of reference for DB is Bones, so when I see an older picture of him, or a clip of his appearance on “Married with Children” (which you should totally watch if you haven’t), he just doesn’t look right to me. I think he looks better with a few years on him!

  4. I don’t care for “early” DB…that pretty, blondish look he had did not appeal to me. By the time he got to Bones he looked fantastic, imo. He is still gorgeous, no doubt about it, but in these later seasons his looks are a little uneven. Sometimes he looks scruffy (in a bad way) and a little rough, but other times he is scorching hot. I just think that in S4 he was so handsome all through the season.

    • Booth circa S1 and S2 are my favorite looks, mostly because I don’t like the hairstyle he affected after that (although my favorite episode is S3, Santa in the Slush, and the hair doesn’t bother me then!). The look in the pilot especially, that works for me.

      I also love Brenann’s boho-vibe in S1. There’s a blouse she wears in one episode that I covet. It’s a pretty white silk top with short, capped sleeves, and she wears a fitted long-sleeved shirt underneath. Love love love that blouse.

  5. ” I’m glad to see this but it makes me miss Bones sooooo much!!”

    Me too! Seeing DB in director mode with his Flyers jersey on…waaaahhh!!

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