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The Radioactive Panthers in the Party (12×10)

Hey guys! This episode apparently comes with Boots & Blazers, DB looking super good and making Aubrey look like such a kid next to him, a bust of Benjamin Franklin that Sarah from Bones Theory always took as a positive sign, and BETTY WHITE who is looking fabulous at 95! Comment here…I’m crossing my fingers for positive things! 🙂



17 thoughts on “The Radioactive Panthers in the Party (12×10)

  1. Booth looking hot in those screenshots! Love the sunglasses on him. 😍
    Brennan… Not so much. Boots and Blazers forever! 🙄

    Why would Sarah say that “this is a sign”?

  2. Likely the last time we will see the Founding Fathers set. Too bad B&B don’t get a date night there! Oh well, I’ve come to the realization there is zero sentimentality in these new guys bones! I find it interesting that Fox is sending out those neat little ‘thank you’s’ to the press commemorating the end of Bones. It’s nice to see the recipients tweeting their ‘Bones’ gift. I’m shocked that Fox did anything special since Bones seems to be the last thing on their minds.
    I haven’t heard if they came with the screeners of the last episode? But it’s likely, so will we be getting clues of the ending soon?

  3. Thoughts while watching tonight’s episode. Only three more to go!
    – OMG body through the windshield! 😬
    – Sorry to say this, but Brennan looks quite large walking down the street with those tight black pants on.
    – Betty White looking absolutely great for 95 years old!
    -Brennan coming across as snooty when discussing her five dissertation papers to Wendell
    – Angela is emotional over a commercial, my guess is she’s pregnant.
    – so Aubrey taking the lead on this case means we won’t see much of Booth 😥 Fast forward through some Aubrey parts
    – Brennans conversation with Betty White is in preparation for her leaving the Jeffersonian I believe.
    – OMG Eye candy! Booth in a light blue shirt. Haven’t seen that in a while, wow . So far that is the highlight of this episode. 😍
    – So Aubrey is the new Brennan. Taking over all her scenes with Booth.
    – LOL,Agent Andy.
    – So now Booth is at the Founding Fathers with Aubrey instead of his wife! Seriously!

    This episode was just blah! We were all wrong. We got ONE scene of B&B together. One in the beginning that is it. Seriously disappointing. 😡

  4. -I agree with Booth about math, there’s never the right time for it
    -Betty White flirting with DB is everything. I’d watch a whole show of that.
    -Considering Betty is 95, it’s probably time she retires 🙂
    -I love seeing Wendell back!!
    -Why use teeth for ID, use the Angelatron!
    -Betty, Angela, DB & Aubrey, we get it…MOVING ON is the theme tonight!
    -Wendell has no dissertation inspiration from the Jeffersonian???
    -Hodgins getting excited about anything is so cute
    -The convo with Brennan and Angela makes no sense, didn’t Angela leave for France?? She is the expert on needing passion at work!! Did she forget??
    -Oh snap, I just realized Faustino is probably a DB nod to his Married with Children appearance!!
    -I knew it was the woman the second they interviewed her. Sigh. Another lame suspect and accidental death. The institutions of the FBI and Jeffersonian are not needed for crap like this.
    -Will Jessica be leaving with Aubrey??? *crossing fingers*
    -Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Wendell LOVES this work and now he suddenly doesn’t?? STOP REWRITING HISTORYYYYYYYYY my beautiful Wendell loves anthropology and I won’t let them take that away from me too!!!

  5. If I were to grade this episode I would give this a C.
    I was reading a review that I agree with: http://ew.com/recap/bones-season-12-episode-10/2/

    * Mentor Booth. I have always been a fan of seeing Booth mentor other agents showing why he is not only the best agent but has the position of supervisor in the first place.
    * Hodgins watching and enjoying B Movies.
    * Seeing Betty White again
    * Seeing Bud Bundy himself David Faustino
    * Bone of Contentions references
    *Angela telling Brennan that not everyone has passion for the work they do and the ones that do don’t have the same amount of passion that Brennan does.

    * Booth and Brennan having only one damn episode.
    * Seeing Wendell my 2nd favorite squintern for the last time
    * Focusing the entire episode on setting Aubrey up with a job in L.A
    * Brennan not talking to Booth about if she lost her passion for her work.
    While I don’t have a problem with Brennan having that conversation with Angela it would have been nice to see her have a conversation with Booth.
    * Separating Booth and Brennan for the whole episode for no reason what’s so ever.

  6. My thoughts on this episode summed up in one emojil


    I can’t even process how bad it was in so many different ways

    One Booth & Brennan scene,ONE. They had no clue what to do with Betty, Booth & Brennan can’t even have a conversation anymore about anything, ONE B&B. SCENE…Brennan only confides in Angela now, not her husband, I detest Aubrey, he is a lame ass version of Not!Booth and it makes my blood boil. And Wendell has just let down his entire neighborhood who helped him go to the Jeff. So OOC

    I need a drink after watching that

    • The whole episode was just “blah” for me…until the end. How dare they mess with Wendell too?! Do they just hate us? They have to kill everything that we love. Even our scrappy, cancer-surviving Wendell. This whole time anthropology was his passion, and now it just isn’t? So now what is he gonna do? All that education, just a waste? All that time learning and growing and studying at the Jeffersonian is for nothing? Just. No. Nope. Not happening.

  7. Definitely a subpar episode! Wendell doesn’t know and/or hasn’t started a dissertation after working with Brennan for 8 years? LOL OMG – total waste of money and time. No one bothered to look into his backstory. Perhaps he becomes a hockey blogger/reporter? LOL They wasted a lot of time on his dumb realization. Aubrey has his ending…..now we have to wait with bated breathe to see in Jessica goes with him. (I’m being sarcastic) LOL

    This episode really missed on the lack of screen time and discussion between B&B about the passion for their respective jobs. Brennan decided she has it of course, but what about Booth? He just doesn’t matter this season is seems. MP/JC have left huge holes where the B’s are concerned. Spent way too much time on Aubrey and Wendell’s self-discovery.
    ONE good thing (maybe) is that this could be the Booth lite episode. I clocked time of B&B these episodes…..because story is so boring, nothing else matters to me!

    Last episode and this episode – have both been B&B light. They have clocked 18-20 minutes in the early episodes this season. Steel and this episode I clocked Booth at about 10-12 min. and some of that wasn’t even with dialogue. She was at 12-13. The episode she directed she was in at least 20 minutes of it. I don’t know if it means anything…..I just found it interesting.

    • This episode in and of itself isn’t the worst, its the fact that with three episodes to go in the entire series, they put a filler episode in. That makes it feel even worse that it truly is. If this aired last season or earlier this season it would be not a big deal. But come on. Filler…at this point????

      And the Wendell thing was because they needed a fall guy. They tried to make us believe it was Brennan losing her passion for the work (which I knew couldn’t be true because there was like zero subtlety about it) but they needed a “twist” ending, making it someone else on the team. Whatever squintern actor they booked for this would’ve taken the hit. I just wish it hadn’t been Wendell.

      • What happened to Wendell’s miracle scholarship? His neighborhood paying for his schooling? Him paying them back?

        I could maybe buy this after his cancer. He got an epiphany. Maybe. But he fought to be at the Jeffersonian after it. 🚮

  8. “Aubrey has his ending…..now we have to wait with bated breathe to see in Jessica goes with him. (I’m being sarcastic) LOL”

    I going to barf, they will have them two next ep wax on about being apart, their love…she can go to LA and be the Brennan to his Booth. Oh maybe even a proposal! 😷😷😷 and 😷😷😷 whilst Booth & Brennan get to talk about trigonometry next week, just carrying on the math theme…no way in hell they actually have an important conversation. Nope.

  9. Yes, we still have’t had a conversation between them about what Max’s death means to their family. It’s ridiculous!

    • And we won’t ever have that conversation. The next episode will be Booth lite because DB was prepping for the finale. The episode will be focused on Arastoo and Cam’s wedding (with plenty of kisses between them I’m sure) and also on Zach’s court case. We won’t get any B&B at all, much less anything personal between them.

      I’m bitter, I admit it. As far as I’m concerned S12 has been a total disaster. I’ve started waiting to see reactions on Twitter and Tumblr before I watch the episode, and I haven’t even bothered to watch the last two because they were so unpopular. I’m not sure I can even bear to watch the last two eps only to be bitterly disappointed once again.

      I’m angry at MP/JC for wrecking the show, and I’m angry at Hart and SN for letting it happen.

  10. “The episode will be focused on Arastoo and Cam’s wedding (with plenty of kisses between them I’m sure) and also on Zach’s court case. We won’t get any B&B at all, much less anything personal between them. ”

    I just feel sooooo sad about what has happened to our beloved show and B&B.

    Waaaaahhhhh!!!!! 😥😥😥

  11. MP & JC are really sticking it to the fans this season. They have totally destroyed any chemistry B&B had. They are more like brother and sister or casual coworkers now.

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