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Pic of the day 3/23


Classic B&B 🙂

From a Man on Death Row, season 1


5 thoughts on “Pic of the day 3/23

  1. Love this episode!!! Booth and his $1200 suit and “I have never cheated on a woman!” Brennan and “We all share in the death of every human being.” SID!! CULLEN!! Angela’s “Come to the cabaret . . .”

    Guh. So much goodness. Howard Epps was the best of the serial killer arcs, IMO, and this episode set him up perfectly.

  2. Those were the days! I agree, they’ve never been able to recapture the Epps storyline success. Gormogon got the closest, but they let the strike season end it too early (I would’ve carried it into next season, but they didn’t ask me!) Even though the Fat Pam episode ended epically, I wish it would’ve lasted longer. She would’ve been a delightfully creepy recurring character!

  3. “Howard Epps was the best of the serial killer arcs, IMO, and this episode set him up perfectly.”

    Remember when B&B found Epps wife’s head in the refrigerator? That was creepy!
    And when he suddenly appeared in Brennan’s apartment. I agree I think he was the best serial killer arc on Bones.

    • I think Pelant started out really well, too. The dismembered spine, the code on the bones, the eerie feeling of being watched. That was good. But then he turned into Super Evilest Baddest Guy Ever and just became a caricature. I don’t even remember what happened to him, but I think I stopped watching before his story was wrapped up.

  4. Booth ended up shooting him. It was almost anticlimactic after all the build up. I agree it started out with a lot of promise. Gormogon was also one of my favorites until the Gormogon was “a nobody” nonsense.

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