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FB live chat 3/28

Emily, Tamara, and Michaela are doing a live chat right now. And Emily looks so pretty!


She definitely does not look pregnant. Just an update 🙂


7 thoughts on “FB live chat 3/28

  1. I caught a few minutes of this. ED does look good. But see the difference in her face today vs. her face in the episode we just saw. She was beautiful at the wedding, but her face was puffier. So much so, my hubby who is only a casual watcher said, is she pregnant again? LOL So, if she was, she has had the baby. If she wasn’t, she may have been experiencing some medical issues of her own which she has gotten under control. In the little bit I saw, it appears she could have what some would considered breast feeding boobs though! I just think something was going on during s12 with her. lol

  2. Yes, I immediately noticed that her face looks thin again. She looks great now, but she has had almost four months to exercise and get in shape. Maybe that’s all it was, but I would not be surprised to hear that she had a 3rd baby.

  3. “Maybe that’s all it was, but I would not be surprised to hear that she had a 3rd baby.”

    Lol could she really have kept that a secret? I think that she has lost some weight now and I doubt that she did have a third baby that we don’t know about. 😜

    • Emily is pretty sneaky about her family. She kept her wedding pretty hush hush, and the babies we’ve barely seen or heard much of. Which is totally her right, but I love finding these things out. Emily is a rare celeb that names her kids normal things which I love! (DB as well)

  4. We’ve watched this woman for 12 years. We’ve seen her through 2 other pregnancies. It sure looked like one to me. It would be like her to not want to talk about it since it was not going to be written in and she wouldn’t want it to cloud the final season. From what we’ve learned, in all that’s been written lately, that set was a family. If ED didn’t want it out, if mum was the word, then I think those people are the type who’d ban together and do that. I think she might have felt guilty if fans were mad at MP/JC for not writing it in? That’s the reason I can come up with for her not announcing anything. Could be a medical thing that is referred to later like SN did. But I won’t be shocked to learn in the next few weeks that she had baby #3 soon after they finished filming.

    • NWChic, I would not be surprised either way. The squints have taught us to look at evidence, and without the Angelatron to show me a simulation of ED’s body sizes over the years, I think the data could show either she took a long time to lose the baby weight, or she hid a 3rd pregnancy. At this point, I don’t have enough evidence to tip more on one side than the other 🙂

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