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447 and other things

This is a great interview with Marisa, MP and HH. Hart’s 447 idea is revealed and they share alot of fun memories and BTS stuff. The end thank you to the fans is very sweet. I can’t recommend this enough. It even makes me forgive MP just a little 🙂


3 thoughts on “447 and other things

  1. This did make me forgive MP a little. This was hilarious and insightful. I will never look at Hart hugging people the same way again. lol

  2. I love the pic of David & Emily behind them!

    -Hart should have come back to the set more often!!
    -Therapy pills required for sure!
    -Of course the Iguana survived!
    -4:47 Kind of hard to understand what HH said “A line in ?” “Soemthing Booth would find out I have tied myself to an extraordinary woman.” It would have been a subplot and hard to put in the story according to HH. The 447 may have come though Sweets or Gordon-Gordon. Would have liked to see that!
    -SN to blame for Sweets death. 😦
    -I hate MP for killing Max!!!
    -Love HH talking about “the Christmas episode” in first season.
    -TJ & Clarke being “ripped” Lol.
    -At least MP got GordonGordon back

    MP being with Bones for so long, he should not have been so far off the mark on what made the show tick all these years, ie. B&B’s relationship!

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