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Keepers of the Cocky (Belt Buckle)

First of all, a shameless plug for the OTHER loves of my life who just KILLED it on the ACM country music awards tonight.


Even Tim McGraw couldn’t resist the Backstreet Boys. πŸ™‚ #fangirling


If you want to see an entire stadium of country people LOSE THEIR MINDS with joy, watch this:Β https://www.axs.com/watch-florida-georgia-line-and-backstreet-boys-bring-harmonies-and-thr-116867

But back to the issue at hand.

In a nod to what really got me hooked into the Bones fandom, an old IMDB thread called “Keepers of the Cocky” (in which we swore to always look out for sightings of the belt buckle), I thought I’d bring to mind some favorite Cocky moments.

1. Vest Cocky


2. Cocky Booth is the best Booth


3. Shoulder Holster Cocky


4. Joyful Cocky


5. Fierce Cocky


6. Optimistic Cocky


7. Emotional Cocky


8. Saint Cocky


9. Evidence (of what?) Cocky


What is your favorite Cocky sighting? Feel free to add gratuitous Cocky images/links in the comments. My personal favorite is Joyful Cocky, because Brennan replaces his lost Cocky and you best believe that works on more than one level πŸ™‚ It’s a sweet gesture on her part and his reaction is basically the same one he has when she tells him she’s pregnant. Lol


51 thoughts on “Keepers of the Cocky (Belt Buckle)

  1. I always loved the appearance of the Cocky belt buckle. That’s the Booth I love: a little cocky, a little brash, deliberately in your face, and underneath it all, a hint of vulnerability. I bought a Cocky buckle for myself on Ebay several years back (you can also sometimes find them with University of South Carolina fan merchandise), and it’s on my shelf of ‘Bones’ stuff.

    • That is AWESOME that you have a Cocky buckle!! And I love your description of Booth. I 100% agree with you, I loved that mix of cockiness and vulnerability. Part of the Bones magic πŸ™‚

  2. Such awesome cocky pictures Bnb! MJ said she got a cocky buckle and I remember one time AA saying somebody had got her a cocky belt buckle.
    I’ll have to look on my next day off, but I remember a cocky moment when Brennan noticed in season five Booth was wearing his cocky belt buckle again. She said it was “Boothy”

    Oh! And another one with Gordon Gordon on the platform! Gordon Gordon told him it was a “modern day codpiece.”
    Such great Cocky memories! I will have to look for gifs of them Thursday or if you have time feel free! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜€

    LOL, going to work this morning I heard them discussing on the radio about the Backstreet Boys performance with Florida-Georgia line, and I thought of you bnb!

    • “Gordon Gordon told him it was a β€œmodern day codpiece.””

      It does rather draw the eye…ummm…downwards, doesn’t it?

  3. More cocky yummyness Shanny! 😍 LOL.
    – I remember AA started the cocky thread because cocky disappeared when Hannah appeared in S6. We wanted cocky back!
    – One time our whole thread with like 400 comments got deleted because somebody complained. AA had to restart a Keepers of the Cocky thread- part two.

  4. It is hard to pick a favorite cocky!
    – I am leaning towards Vest cocky because that is the first episodes I ever saw. I did not notice so much the belt buckle but the three-piece suit with vest was very yummy.
    – Number 2 I think I like cocky with shoulder holsters. That pic reminds me of season 7 Memories when B&B first returned and we finally saw them as as a couple, Living together, expecting a baby, kissing, first I love you! That episode made my head explode! B&B loveliness 😘

    All the Cockys though are yummy! 😍
    Uhoh better stop thinking about cocky and get to bed! LOL 😜

  5. Um….you should never stop thinking about Cocky!! Lol

    One of the nice things about our beloved belt buckle is when Booth didn’t need it anymore. When he had a partner for work and a partner for life, he was a happy guy. And then Christine and Hank…and then the Mighty Hut. That was all the Boothiness he needed right there. There’s something cool about that ❀️

  6. DB is so funny, usually his collar and his cuffs are undone. This time, only his cuffs. I’m guessing he didn’t like to wear dress shirts? Did he ever talk about that anywhere?

  7. Well, we’ve certainly complained enough about ED’s wardrobe, so now it’s DB’s turn!

    The undone cuffs kind of annoyed me. I never minded the undone collar as much because I think it’s somewhat common for men to loosen their tie and collar a bit as the day goes on, but what man walks around with undone cuffs while wearing a suit jacket? It’s looks odd.

    Number one DB wardrobe complaint were those stupid Vans! Ugh….

    However, to cut him a tiny bit of slack, I’m sure wearing a fully buttoned up dress shirt, suit, and dress shoes practically every day while filming can’t be all that fun.

  8. Um….you should never stop thinking about Cocky!! Lol”

    Too funny!
    When was the last time Booth wore Cocky? Did he retire it after the wedding?
    Trivia question! Which episode was the last time we saw cocky? (besides the finale)

    I know when he stopped wearing Cocky, the consensus was that now that Booth was married and had kids, Cocky was not needed anymore. 😦

    Season 2 The Man in the Mansion-
    Special Agent Seeley Booth: Oh, hey, Doc, Doc, Doc, um… W-why is it that the, uh, the belt buckle is provocative?
    Dr. Gordon Wyatt: Oh, it’s a modern day codpiece. It forces the eye to the groin.

    I am trying without success to find a pic of Booth from Hero in the Hold wearing tuxedo & cocky! Also cannot find when Cocky was used in Hero to ignite the explosion! Remember when Teddy slid it across the floor. That is why Booth needed a new Cocky. Lol!

    • ^Thanks Estella! I remember the scene when he as getting ready in the mirror, I think he pats his Cocky belt buckle. Then he tells Brennan on the phone he is all ready with his best tuxedo and cocky belt buckle. πŸ™‚

  9. From season 5 The Plain in the Prodigy

    ” Brennan: Hey, you’re wearing your belt buckle again. “Cocky.”
    Booth: Yeah. Ever since the whole coma thing. I just kept staring at it, thinking to myself “Why would I wear something like this?”
    Brennan: Because you love it. You always have
    Booth: Yeah, that’s what I landed on.
    Brennan: I like it. It’s – Boothy.

    Awww, so sweet!

    • I did find these cocky pics though…
      Yummy! That’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks Estella!!

  10. It was so disappointing when we didn’t get to see them together all dressed up! Cocky was so ‘Boothy’.

    ‘Number one DB wardrobe complaint were those stupid Vans! ‘
    I agree but we didn’t have to see them that often not like the boots! It is so strange not to be looking for any spoilers! Not following Bones is going to take some getting used to for sure!

  11. “t is so strange not to be looking for any spoilers! Not following Bones is going to take some getting used to for sure!”

    😩😩 Don’t remind me I am still in a state of denial! Tuesday came & I first was thinking, “It’s Bones Tuesday”. I used to post that on the IMDb board πŸ˜₯

    We will have a season 13 spoilers thread! Remember? Angela is having a girl! And there’s going to be a lot of B&B kisses this season!

  12. “When was the last time Booth wore Cocky? Did he retire it after the wedding?
    Trivia question! Which episode was the last time we saw cocky? (besides the finale)”

    I think technically it was Dude in the Damn but that was a S8 episode kept over and slotted into S9.

    Last episode was S8 finale Secret in the Seige if we go by shooting order. πŸ‘€πŸ“

    (Did he wear it at the wedding? I honestly can’t remember. Know what that means? Rewatch!!)

  13. I think technically it was Dude in the Damn but that was a S8 episode kept over and slotted into S9.

    Why did that happen? Was the episode filmed during s8? Or was the script just held over until s9 for some reason?

  14. Its all confusing cause of additional eps that had to be slotted anywhere…

    But basically because they shot 13 eps for S7 + 4 additional ones (Gunk, Patriot, Joke & Ghost)

    Those 4 eps carried into S8 but that meant S8 would of had supersized to 26 eps , so they took 2 eps from S8 (shot in S8 – El Carnicero & Dude) and placed them in S9. So S8 only had to air 24 eps and not 26.


  15. Well I remember the additional episodes for s7, but didn’t realize that it actually effected 2 seasons down the line! The little details we forget along the way! Thanks Shanny

    • Gosh, every other co-star just pales in comparison to DB. *in my mind* I don’t care who is next to him, Sweets, Aubrey, Agent Anyone Else….. I look at them, and then those cocky hands-on-the-hip, and there’s one clear winner πŸ™‚

    • β€œ^ Was that season 9??”

      OMG! That was season 9 Women in White! B&B practicing for their wedding. Emily’s real hubby David is the priest! Time to rewatch WiW!!

      Lol, remember the church burned down after Booth, Max & Aldo (RIP!) lit candles? They had go to an alternative sight.

  16. “Anyone Else….. I look at them, and then those cocky hands-on-the-hip, and there’s one clear winner πŸ™‚”

    🎯 Right on target with that bnb!
    We know that that pic was after the wedding because “wedding band alert”

  17. It was hard to find this thread! It is listed under Picture of the day!

    So… Since we are looking back on Bones…when is the first episode that Booth wore Cocky?? Not season 1 for sure. Did it first appear in season 2?? That what I heard, but not sure which episode.

    Keep our eyes open for it!

  18. πŸ‘€πŸ“ Cocky made its first appearance in “The Boneless Bride in the River” S2!! I think David got it as a Xmas gift from him acting coach, guess this was the first episode back filming in Jan 2007?

  19. Thanks for that Shanny! There is a post of this ep. on Vintage Bones BT board! That lovely final scene where Sully sails off into the sunset and Booth tells Brennan “Everything happens eventually” Maybe Booth started wearing Cocky at that time because Sully was in the picture. Lol, “if forces the eyes to the groin” GGW said.

    Goodbye Sully!!

    Here is the link to Vintage Bones BT board on that ep. 2×16

  20. I think they just showed close ups of B&B in that 2×16 end scene? Not sure though… Same, same, I never rewatch his eps….😷😷 Dully’s unnecessary return made me extremely detest his character before it was only major dislike, lol.

  21. ‘Dully’s unnecessary return made me extremely detest his character before it was only major dislike, lol.”

    Agree Shanny! Major dislike to revulsion & gagging!!

    Here we have Cocky with three piece vested suit & trench coat!

  22. ^ ^!very nice Cocky pick Shanny! I think that was from season five Predator in the Pool.

    “Also I noticed Booth only wore cocky with a suit , never with casual wear, I think. πŸ‘€”

    Hmmm… You may be right about that. I think he only wore it when working. Will have to investigate that further! I know I’ve seen pics of David posing with it on wearing jeans and a shirt but not Booth.

  23. “Will have to investigate that further! ”

    Looking for pics of Booth in casual wear, I mean if you insist….someone has gotta do it, right? HAAA!!! πŸ”₯😍

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