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General cast updates

Feel free to post any news about our beloved Bones cast members, photos, new shows, projects, and fun facts 🙂

*David has a new pilot, waiting to see if it’s picked up


*Emily is taking a break to mourn Bones


*”Cam” has a new show


*”Fuentes” has a new show



17 thoughts on “General cast updates

  1. I’m just mostly focused on David’s pilot just because it sounds the most appealing to me. Somebody will have to watch the others and report back 🙂

  2. “So David is heading to Australia. He’s posted some pics on Instagram. Something about Supanovaexpo! ” it’s comic con down under.” 😀
    Last week he was with the family in Utah with Jaime’s family.
    Lookin sexy!”

    And before Utah he was in NOLA filming his pilot show and before that he was in New York appearing on shows and promoting the Bones finale.

    Whew….he’s been one busy guy since Bones ended!

  3. DB announced this a while back. It’s the comic con of Australia. Like TJ has been traveling around and hitting a few of those comic con things too. Michaela joined him for one in Canada he’s now in Europe. So this was on the books before the pilot thing became available to him. Hope his stamina holds up! Traveling can be hard on the body after awhile!

  4. DB is looking good at Supernova in Australia!

    But, I have questions about why in the world he is doing this event. Bones is over so I don’t really see this as Bones promotion — Fox wouldn’t have asked him to do this, right? I’m assuming he is getting paid, but I have a hard time believing he really needs this money. I could also see him wanting to do this if he could bring his family along for a vacation, but it doesn’t look like they are with him.

    I’m just curious what would motivate an actor to go that far for an event like this, unless it’s something they are required to do.

  5. LOL – yeah, I’ve seen him with some other fans? too. Not sure who the girl is, but I’m guessing this is a free trip to Australia? But I agree Estella without the family going along I wonder why as well. Maybe he’s got some meetings with Australian film makers? He seems to be there representing Bones like TJ is doing. It’s maybe self-promotion while they still have a product out there? The old adage – strike while the iron is hot? See and be seen….

  6. Favorite tweets from DB’s Supenova appearance this weekend in Australia:

    Replying to @Re_Watchable @David_Boreanaz
    He hasn’t picked up traits from characters – it’s more that his own traits might get into the character, especially Booth.

    Replying to @Re_Watchable @David_Boreanaz
    He’s extremely sassy and is absolutely terrorizing the host of the panel in a way that I did not expect but am LIVING for.

    ReWatchable @Re_Watchable
    Replying to @Re_Watchable @David_Boreanaz
    If he could create his own TV show and take any two previous co stars for his ensemble cast… he wants to do a mob/crime show down the line

    ReWatchable @Re_Watchable
    Replying to @Re_Watchable @SupanovaExpo
    Talking pranks: he, Emily & their acting coach put fart machines in the Beverly Center. “I did that. Who does that. What is wrong with me?”

    ReWatchable @Re_Watchable
    Replying to @Re_Watchable
    In conclusion DB is either a very clever comedian who knows how to have fun with conventions he’s been doing for yonks, or he’s a crazy man.

    Sounds like a typical DB interview. I just wish Emily had been there with him!

  7. “Written by Peterson, Wolfe centers on veterinarian Dr. Charles Wolfe, who has a unique perspective on homicide, believing murder is a primal, animalistic act, and killers are animals. After getting elected coroner of Boulder, CO, Wolfe partners with his mirror opposite, FBI profiler Kristin Faulk, who is confident Wolfe is dead wrong and that it is nurture, not nature, that leads a person to murder.”

    Well it sounds interesting, but Michael Peterson ruined the last 2 seasons of Bones!! Have to see how the previews look…

    • Also, doesn’t it seem like the idea of pairing a doctor with his/her polar opposite FBI employee has been done before? Hmmm, I wonder why that sounds familiar?

  8. Lol yep. Just switched the genders. And his name is “Wolfe” and he works with animals…kind of like Bones who works on…bones. lolol

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