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Boots & Blazers Poll: What did they write?

Ok, polling time. What date did Booth & Brennan write on their papers? A specific date? A general time? Did they both match?


Booth: I just need time, that’s all. I just need time to kinda hang back and find that inner peace before I, you know, get back out there. You know what we’re talking about here?

Brennan: Yes.

Booth: You and me, you know, and love and happiness and life and fate.


Brennan: A time could come when you aren’t angry any more and I’m strong enough to risk losing the last of my imperviosness. Maybe then we could try to be together.


Brennan: Okay, how does this work?

Booth: Well, write down… what you think. Don’t look.

Brennan: I’m not looking.

Booth: Okay. We’ll burn it, okay? On three. Ready? One…

Brennan: Wait, we’re going on three?

Booth: Let’s just…

Brennan: On three or after three?

Booth: Bones, let’s just burn it together, okay?

Brennan: Okay.


6 thoughts on “Boots & Blazers Poll: What did they write?

  1. I wonder if HH & Co. ever had written down anything in case they wanted to reference it later? (Edit: I just tweeted him the question. I hope he isn’t super annoyed. I haven’t bugged him since the finale 🙂 )

    In my head canon, I want them to both have written something like “tomorrow”. Because in my mind, they were both pretty much ready at the time of the blizzard, but were still tiptoeing around the issue, because they were both kind of scared to make the first move and go for it. Or maybe they wrote something like “Whenever Booth is ready” “Whenever Bones is ready”.

  2. I think Booth would have written something like “When I get my mojo back.” That sounds like Booth to me, and I think he really wanted to shed that anger and get back to his normal, cocky self.

    I think Brennan wrote “As soon as Booth is ready”, because I think she was beyond ready at that point, but she also was trying to be considerate of Booth’s feelings.

    Also, I’m positive that Booth saw what Brennan had written when he snuck a glance at her paper, so he knew at that point he had a green light to proceed.

    One question I’ve always had in my mind..in the period between BitB and HitH, did they have dates that ended with kisses, or were they still just pretending they weren’t dates?

  3. I would be fun if HH answered the question! I like the idea of saying whenever the other was ready.
    As far as kisses, I say yes, maybe it started small with good night hugs and kisses on the cheek and a little hand holding to kind of skirt the parameters and wade into the water so to speak. A kind of natural build up to the need to have each other close where touching and holding was normal. So they both understood the need to be close at that time on great danger and not fight it with what in the past would have been stubbornness. The ‘I can take care of myself’ mantra. I think she understood that HE needed her close and it wasn’t just about her anymore. She was able to sense what HE needed. And whenever she needs something she always turns to him (contrary to what Michael Peterson may think!) LOL

  4. That scene from Blizzard is one of my favorites from the episode! Next to B&B’s convo in the elevator about being compatible!

    I was watching Bones by this time & was shipping B&B! When Booth said “You and me, you know, and love and happiness and life and fate.” I gasped! And Brennan replying “maybe then we could try and be together”. I think at that, I fell off the couch. I was sooo happy thinking this might happen!!

    At first, I thought they both wrote down a specific date, but I like the idea “Whenever Booth is ready” “Whenever Bones is ready”. 🙂

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