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How Much Bones (& the World) Changed


In preparation for our Pilot review on Tuesday, I found this lovely interview! How much the world, and our lives, have changed since the beginning to the end of Bones! 12 years is a long time!

Emily is interviewed for this piece and talks about how there was no Twitter when the show began and how she had a flip phone! (So did I, and I miss it! It was so satisfying to hang up on people!)

So where were you, September 13, 2005?


For me, I was a brand new, baby college graduate. My sister’s birthday is actually on Sept 13, so I was probably doing birthday type things. But I barely had a cell phone, and I had just joined this new thing called Facebook. You had to wait until they added your college, and it was initially just for college students.

Many things in my life haven’t changed much. I’ve had the same job for 10 years running, and I still live in the same general area. I do have an adorable niece and nephew now 🙂

Bones hooked me in during Santa in the Slush, and its been that way ever since. Though I dabbled in social media, Bones was really the catalyst that led me into reading blogs, message boards, and tweeting celebs. Now I’ve expanded my show obsession to DWTS, which also started in 2005. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon! lol

What about you guys? How has your life personally changed during these dozen years? What generally in the world is different?


10 thoughts on “How Much Bones (& the World) Changed

  1. I don’t know why WordPress won’t accept my WordPress log-in. It’s very frustrating….. Grrr.

    Anyway, this is a fun post!

    Twelve years ago, I had just turned 40. I was coming out of a divorce, sending my oldest son off to college (*sniff*) and making a new home for me and daughter. Twelve years later, both kids have graduated from college, married and given me four grandchildren.

    “Santa in the Slush” was the hook for me, too. That final scene will always be my favorite scene of anything not related to Colin Firth and ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ It sounds a bit over-the-top to say a television show changed your life, but in several very significant ways, that’s exactly what ‘Bones’ did. Through it, I found a new hobby, and that in turn led to new friendships that crossed the virtual sphere to real life. It also taught me important lessons on fandom, of the welcome variety and the toxic.

    I doubt very much that I will ever get as involved again in a television show (those toxic lessons stick hard), but I haven’t been able to walk away from Vintage ‘Bones’ and I don’t regret that. In the end, focusing on what I love about it means the good outweighs the bad.

  2. “That final scene will always be my favorite scene of anything not related to Colin Firth and ‘Pride and Prejudice.’”

    ^^ MJ that is amazing.^^

    • “…his friend Mr. Darcy soon drew the attention of the room by his fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mein…” (and the report of 10,000 a year! *lolol*)

      Le sigh.

  3. Apologies for hijacking a ‘Bones’ post with my adoration of all things P&P, and the BBC mini-series. Now back to your regular programming…. 🙂

  4. Haha….this thread went in a whole different direction. But I’d say that the passion fans have for the BBC version of P&P rivals the intensity of the Bones fans. See, there’s the tie-in. 🙂

  5. I wasn’t really watching any network TV in 2005. I was working, raising two kids, and busy with all the activities that entails. If we watched anything at all it was Disney channel, educational channels or movies.

    As I’ve mentioned in other posts, right after S6 ended my sister told me I had to start watching Bones (she had watched since the beginning). I binge watched S1-S6 in the summer before S7 started. My confusion about all things *Hannah* drove me to discover the online fandom, for better or worse. Like MJ, I discovered the toxic fandom as well as the very, very positive side of the fandom (like this board!) All in all it’s been great experience. I was dabbling with reading the IMDB boards for a couple of other shows I like, but once IMDB shut down message boards that ended. Like many of you, I doubt that i will get involved with an online fandom for any other show.

  6. LOL – I had to go back and review TV Shows of 2005! Like Estella, I just wasn’t watching anything on network TV consistently. I enjoy a comedy that makes me laugh and those I can hit and miss and catch in reruns etc. and various cable, PBS shows etc. Never got so ‘involved’ in a story/couple since the old days of soap operas. I say ‘old days’ because they were in their prime in the 80’s/90’s until the OJ trial bumped them!
    I found Bones around 2008 on TNT…..watched out of order! Horrors! LOL
    But I couldn’t get enough of B&B!

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