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Man in the SUV (1×2)


We open up on a chaotic scene, an explosion that could possibly be tied to terrorism…and a very Boothy line to the security guard:

“These girls, they’re with me.”

But then he gives Brennan and Angela their proper credentials 🙂

We get a glimpse that Booth has been talking about Brennan around at the FBI, when the agent on scene says to Brennan: “We need to be sure. Booth says you’re the best” Which Booth himself backs up when Brennan makes some requests, “It’s okay, I trust you.” Even though they don’t always get along, they know the “truth” of each other!

Also get an early glimpse into just how dismal both of their jobs can be.

Booth: You know, its ok to be upset.

Brennan: I wish this is the worst thing I’d seen.

And we see that the squints all have issues with the type of bodies they are seeing now.

Zach: Smokey here had access to the President. Why would he attack a cafe?

Brennan: Smokey?

Zach: It’s how I deal with the stress.

Of course, Hodgins deals with it by working up a good head of steam about the government: “What—you trust the FBI? You realize those guys are going to suppress whatever they need to cover their asses.”

Booth: “You know I don’t enjoying having squints on my team anymore then you like me on yours but you know were supposed to be working together. Okay?

Hodgins: “Sure. So what do we do, group hug?”

Brennan does not like working with Agent Gibson. Booth tries to help her deal.

Brennan: I’m sorry but I don’t understand the advantage of compromise.

They argue about handling a terrorist attack.

Brennan: You’re making it personal. That doesn’t help.

Booth: It is personal…all of us die a little bit on one like this.

Remember how Early Brennan was able to adapt and get the situation? She starts off rattling facts to the victim’s wife, but adjusts when Booth touches her arm to get her to stop.

Brennan: “His body was fragmented by the blast. We’re still retrieving pieces (Booth touches her arm)….I understand how difficult this is not knowing. I’ll work as quickly as I can to get you what you need.”

Angela comes into apologize about not being helpful at the scene.

Brennan: “It’s okay. You see it. I don’t anymore. I don’t know what’s worse.”

And we get the famous saying in Bones history:

Angela:   And about this weekend…

Brennan: Angela, I don’t know.

Angela:   Oh come on.

Brennan: I don’t know.

Angela:   Brennan I know this great club, they play Hip Hop and Trance.

Brennan: I don’t know what that means.

Angela:   It doesn’t matter. We’ll grab Booth.

Brennan:  No.

Angela:  I think he likes you. God if I were you, I’d buy a ticket on that ride!

**Wouldn’t we all, Angela?**

Of course, Brennan makes a work excuse but Angela isn’t having it.

“You know it’s not that scary Brennan. You have a few drinks. You move to the music. You might even smile.”

Back to the case, Agent Gibson is basically annoying the squints. He tries to take the case file.

Gibson: I’ll take it.

Brennan: No, I don’t think so. I work with Booth. That’s my deal.

Angela: [to Gibson] It’s best to just ride it out, like an earthquake.

Alright. It’s Tessa Time. #awkwardmoment


Tessa:  Oh, hi. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Brennan:  Really?

Booth:  Tessa’s an attorney.

Tessa:  Mmm, corporate, keeping the fat cats fat.

Brennan: I was just studying a cranial fissure on a corporate attorney last week. Of course he was dead so… 

**LOL, Brennan making small talk!**

 Booth: Okay, what is so funny?

Brennan:   I just never figured you’d be in a relationship.

Booth:  Why, do you think something’s wrong with me?

Brennan: Not wrong. You just have alpha male attributes usually associated with a solitary existence.

Booth: What! Me? You’re solitary.

Brennan: No, no I’m private. It’s different and we weren’t talking about me.

Booth:  Well I was.

Brennan:  Well, I wasn’t. Look, I’m happy for you. Relationships have anthropological meaning. No society can survive if sexual bonds aren’t formed betw…

Booth: What the hell are you talking about??

**Methinks Booth is frustrated and maybe a little bit dazzled. Brennan will do that to you.**

Back to the case. Brennan is honest with the victim’s wife, in her Brennan way, but the wife appreciates her honesty.

**And props to Bones for hitting a hot button issue straight out of the gate. It is 2005. The terrorist attacks on the US are very fresh. And Bones went there.**

Brennan uses her anthropological facts for good here, she knows about Muslim law and remains and promises to do what she can do retrieve them. Meanwhile, Booth realizes the wife was having an affair by his gut and what he’s put together. Brennan gets mad.

“You are an insufferable….arrogant….man!”

Booth: “Oh! So only a woman could know a woman. I thought women wanted us to understand them!”

Angela: “Not really. A magician never wants to reveal her tricks.”

Brennan: “So you think you know women because you live with some sexy lawyer? Unbelievable.”

**Hm…..jealous much, Dr. B?**

Say it with me guys, “I hate psychology!”

Angela: “You live with a sexy lawyer?”

Booth: “She has her own place, ok?”

Angela and Booth proceed to agree on his hunch that the victim’s wife had an affair, which annoys Brennan to no end.

She returns to the lab to find Zach having problems with the skull. She sees something she missed and APOLOGIZES to Zach. Which stuns him. And, I’m surprised too, after seeing Brennan in recent seasons, I forgot she knew how to do that (and so did the writers!) Lol

After some case stuff (haha) we get back to the lab.

Angela: Bottom line, I still think Brennan has a shot with Booth.

Hodgins: But she says she’s not interested.

Angela: Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Zach: Maybe she protested just enough.

Angela: Puh lease. She’s been sleeping alone for months. She has enough pent up sexual energy to power a small mid-western city.

Which leaves Angela to stake out Tessa for her best friend, Brennan…who definitely would not want that!

Meanwhile Booth has problems of his own with his suspect:

Ladjavardi: “Have you ever been in the middle of a messy relationship, Agent Booth, or are you a perfect man?”

**Can we all say, FORESHADOWING???**

Also, Booth is getting stonewalled by his bosses and is not happy. Brennan senses his anger but doesn’t get why. Then we get some great bickering/conversation between B&B as Brennan seeks to understand her rather complicated partner. The quick subject changes remind me of their “Whoa. Horse.” exercise:

Booth: I’m a grownup. I’ll deal. You know that thing where you ask for the strength to change the things that you can and the wisdom to know the difference?

Brennan: Not really.

Booth: Well it’s a good thing.

Brennan: Who do you ask?

Booth: For what?

Brennan: For the strength and the wisdom?

Booth: God.

Brennan: And that works?

Booth: Can we talk about something else?

Brennan: Sure. Tessa?

Booth: Tessa!? No. Why do you want to talk about Tessa?

Brennan: What? Why? Why not? I’m sorry. We won’t talk about Tessa.

Booth: I prefer if we would just stay on point and talk about things that you like to talk about like dead people. Dead bodies?

Brennan: Sure, sure. You’ve killed a lot of people, right? When you were a sniper?

Booth: Maybe we shouldn’t talk at all.

Brennan: Right, cause you’re angry.

 Booth: Not angry. I’m not.

Brennan: We’ll find out who killed him, Booth. We’ve got Hamid’s body. You can always count on the dead.

As GGW says, Brennan can give him what only she can, and she learns early that she needs to build him up when he’s feeling down, and she can do that best by the evidence she finds. He knows she doesn’t lie about the facts.

Meanwhile back at the lab, Zach and Hodgins are already having some fun. They gave us so much in these early episodes! I had forgotten how early our Bones Lexicon got going!

Brennan: What is that?

Zach: We used the trace elements we recovered to try and build the bomb. It might give you another link.

 Brennan: Isn’t the FBI working on that?

Hodgins: Yes, this is just for fun.

Brennan: To see who’s better?

Hodgins: Maybe, a little. Yeah.

Brennan: Good luck.


Angela goes spying, and discovers Tessa reading an FBI book and bumps into her to get the scoop. She concludes Tessa is feeling insecure and that the relationship is not solid. She reports this to Brennan in front of the squints who have opinions. Zach says he hears “it’s been awhile” for Brennan as far as hooking up goes! Brennan calls the whole conversation over.

However, Brennan ends up bringing Tessa up again while trying to understand the love triangle in the murder. (I’m sure Sweets/GGW would have a field day with Brennan’s Tessa obsession in this episode. Say it with me again, “I hate psychology!”)

Booth: Tessa and I, that’s a bad example.

Brennan: Well you’re a couple in love, right?

Booth: Why do you keep bringing up Tessa? I mean why? What’s the big deal? Is it so odd for you that I have someone in my life?

Brennan: We were talking about couples. It’s a natural segue.

Booth: Alright, you know, you have to quit using the word segue and eschew. They sound French.

And there goes Booth, downplaying his intelligence to try to get what he wants. Doesn’t work with Brennan here!

Brennan: Keep changing the subject. I get it. You’re sensitive about you and Tessa.

Booth: Why aren’t we talking about you and your boyfriend?

Brennan: I don’t have a boyfriend.

Booth: You just said that as though it’s a good thing and you know what? It’s a very, very sad comment on your personal life.

Brennan: Look, you’re angry again.

As a wise townsperson said in the classic movie “Sweet Home Alabama”:

‘Look at them two. Welded together. Why do they fight it?’ 

Brennan and Booth track down the bad guy at the conference.

Brennan: There are too many ways in. Where are the reinforcements? Aren’t there always reinforcements?

Booth: Sure. They’re downstairs tying up the horses.


But then Booth has to do his least favorite thing, take a life. But he has to be sure.

“I need a face, I need a face!” he tells Brennan.

Brennan calls out Farid’s name, he looks up & tries to access his bomb, and Booth fires. Then, B&B have a post case conference.

Booth: You know I told them to tell the press is was an undercover operation.

Brennan: But it would be a rose garden ceremony. That’s an honor, right? I thought you FBI guys loved your medals?

Booth: There’s no pleasure in taking someone’s life. Nothing to celebrate.

Brennan: You saved so many people, Booth. Don’t forget that.

Booth: You want to get another drink?

Brennan: Shouldn’t you be getting home? Tessa will be worried about you.

Booth: Yeah. I guess I should. Thanks for your help, Bones.

Brennan: Sure.


Brennan goes back to the office to ID some bones, and Booth goes home to Tessa but doesn’t look thrilled.

And season 1 is truly off and running. Thoughts about this episode?



16 thoughts on “Man in the SUV (1×2)

  1. Can I just say again, wow? Your recaps are fabulous.

    A few thoughts – I don’t think the ‘messy relationship’ thing was foreshadowing, except in hindsight (mainly because I don’t think HH thought of Hannah until forced to stretch out the will they/won’t they by the network. But that hindsight? Definitely 20-20 and spot on.

    I miss Sid’s. And given what we know now happened outside the pool hall a year earlier, the looks B&B were giving each other in that end scene are that much more . . . more (? I can’t think of a word that fits). With Brennan looking at him like that, no wonder Booth forgot all about Tessa waiting at home for him. I’m surprised he remembered where he lived! *lol*

    • **blushing**

      I’d say it was a mix of foreshadowing/hindsight. Booth was technically already in a messy relationship since he got with Tessa (I’m assuming) after kissing Brennan in the rain and still working with Brennan very closely. It was already messy, and gonna get messier as most series out there keep the leads apart for some time. So it even though Hannah herself didn’t exist yet, someone(s) was going to keep them apart.

  2. First of all, great job bnb! We appreciate all your hard work!

    I love this episode! We established, in my mind anyway, that B&B have an attraction for each other. I felt the ending, Booth did not want to leave Brennan and go home to Tessa. It was the beginning of the end of that relationship! Booth had more feelings for Brennan.

    As bnb said on the BT board “When Booth says in the 100th, “I know”…I think that from the beginning they both kind of “knew” from the get-go, from meeting #1 that this person would change their lives… Not love at first sight perhaps, but I really think they “knew” they would never be the same after that first meeting.” 😘😘

    More on that-
    “She sends him home to Tessa, and he gives this little blink and clearing of the throat that tells me he is thinking things over. Maybe he’s realizing what HE needs as well…I just think that in this case, Booth needed her as much as she needed him. He needed someone who could see past the sniper to the good person that he was/is.”

    – Love Booth the sniper. One shot. One hellava shot.

    Love the blue shirt and the bar! I was sad when season 2 they stopped going to Sids.
    Also loved Dr. Goodman and was sad he was not back in season 2.

    The second episode did a great job with character development and B&B’s developing relationship.

  3. Good episode! I liked Sid’s but it was kinda a dark place and Bones was a more serious show in season 1.
    One thing I find prophetic about this episode is that Booth likes to hide behind a ‘girl friend’ and he also thinks it’s very important to be ‘in’ a relationship; even if it’s not the right one. He has that personality where he rationalizes everything so he can bury his hurts (which is normal and being a sniper wears on him more than he admits) while Brennan the anthropologist analyzes things and looks for logic.
    At this point, they are both protecting themselves but they both feel the attraction imo.

    He totally forgot about Tessa when with Brennan. In s2, he ignores Cam in favor of spending time with Brennan.

    Also the end scene, they show Booth and Tessa eating in silence; him drinking milk; they don’t seem to be connecting. Then they show Brennan alone with her bones as usual. I liked how it demonstrated how B&B connect when together….and when apart….they seem a little lonely (even though Booth ‘has someone’).

  4. “Also the end scene, they show Booth and Tessa eating in silence; him drinking milk; they don’t seem to be connecting. Then they show Brennan alone with her bones as usual. I liked how it demonstrated how B&B connect when together….and when apart….they seem a little lonely (even though Booth ‘has someone’).”

    omg, great observation NWChic! Totally agree!

  5. Booth: You want to get another drink?
    Brennan: Shouldn’t you be getting home?

    What if Brennan and Booth had stayed for another drink? Looking into each other’s eyes and getting more relaxed…

  6. I loved Sid’s. The lighting was gorgeous for Emily Deschanel.

    Looking at those pictures – God, they were all babies, weren’t they?

    • I know, right?? I suppose we all were too lol. Twelve years is a pretty significant chunk of time! I think Angela/Michaela was one of the biggest transformations to me.

  7. I always got the impression that Booth and Tessa hadn’t been dating that long,
    the reasons why I feel that way is if they had Tessa wouldn’t had freak out over what Angela said and backed out of the romantic getaway. That just doesn’t seem like something you would do if you have been dating for over three months or more, that is something you would do if the relationship was still fresh.

    I mean Tessa isn’t as sure how serious Booth is about her yet she not him is the one that backs out. Wouldn’t the one who isn’t as serious be the one backing out not the one questioning how serious the other one is? Just my thoughts.

    I have never been a fan of Angela butting into either Booth and Brennan relationship with other people and with each other, it’s one thing if one of them asks for her opinion it’s another if she herself is the one inserting herself in. That doesn’t mean I hate or dislike Angela just some of her actions irritate me, sometimes she can be a little too much.

  8. Phoenix, I’m trying to remember the flashback episode, did they say if Booth was dating anyone when he and Brennan kissed outside of the pool hall? Could he have been dating Tessa then, or did he jump right into it to try to forget his feelings for Brennan? If so, this is a Boothy pattern and started long before Hannah. Brennan runs to far away lands, Booth tries to move on with a quickie relationship. Neither plan works.

    • Booth didn’t mention anyone by name in the 100th but he did say he was seeing someone casually. That doesn’t fit the theory that he and Tessa had only been dating a few months, though, because that statement came almost a year prior to our meeting Tessa.

  9. I believe he said he was sorting seeing someone. Since Booth and Rebecca uses to hook up every once in awhile I assume she was the one he was sort of seeing.

  10. “What if Brennan and Booth had stayed for another drink? Looking into each other’s eyes and getting more relaxed…”

    There were many times like that in Bones episodes where I thought what if… They may have gotten together sooner and maybe they wouldn’t have been ready and would not have lasted. So even though it did take six years, when they did get together they were both ready.

    • “So even though it did take six years, when they did get together they were both ready.”

      Well, yes, obviously. My question was more from a “fan fiction” type of mindset where your head canon fills in what “should have” happened lol.

      Of course, they are still feeling each other up…I mean out…and of course we have six more seasons for them to be ready…however, my mind sees them gazing at each other like they are above and wants Booth to go all Pretty Woman (piano scene), lift Brennan on that bar and…

      Bow chicka wow wow. or Booth chicka wow wow. Whatever floats your boat. haha

  11. Yes, there were many times when we thought “just kiss her already!!” Bones Museum anyone?? I thought they were going to kiss in that scene…

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