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The Man in the Wall (1×6)

So we open on Angela and Brennan having evening plans…

ANGELA: Come on, honey. If we don’t leave now, we won’t get into the club.

But Brennan is busy…

BRENNAN: I really should catalog that skull. It’s in the museum’s exhibit on the French Revolution.

ANGELA: Yeah, Pepé le Pew is more important that booze and boys.

BRENNAN: I don’t think that’s his name.

They make it to said club…

ANGELA: Feels good, doesn’t it? Being with people who are alive?

BRENNAN: It’s very stimulating, I have to admit.

ANGELA: We are so gonna tear it up tonight.

BRENNAN: That’s slang, right?

BRENNAN: Is my costume all right?

ANGELA: Sweetie, it’s not a costume. It’s a cute outfit. And yes, it looks perfect .

BRENNAN: I love this music.

ANGELA: Deejay Rulz, he is so hot.

BRENNAN: It’s so tribal.

ANGELA: Don’t say “tribal”, sweetie.

BRENNAN: Why? Oh, because of all the black people?

Classic Brennan.

ANGELA: Sweetie, just for tonight, have fun, stop dissecting and take part.

BRENNAN: African-Americans aren’t the only ones with tribal heritage.

WOMAN #1: You say we’re natives of some tribe?

BRENNAN: Anthropologically speaking, we’re all members of tribes.

WOMAN #2: You better shut your mouth.

BRENNAN: I just meant hip-hop mirrors the direct visceral connection you see in tribal communication.

MAN #1: What?

BRENNAN: After the Cartesians split in the 17th century, we separated our mind from our bodies the numinous from the animalistic.

WOMAN #1: Are you calling me an animal, fool?

WOMAN #3: No, fool. She’s using Descartes’ philosophy to say she’s down with the music.

So Brennan is not good at mingling. Shocker.  Of course, this leads to the finding of the man in the wall.

FURST: Are you sure she can handle this?

BOOTH: No one in our lab knows the first thing about dealing with a mummy. I’d have to call her in anyway.

FURST: She assaulted two agents who were trying to tape off the body.

BRENNAN: They were trying to compromise the remains.

So Booth is still having to fight to bring Brennan in on cases. Fierce Brennan is still assaulting people who get in her way!

FURST: A cloud of meth covered the dance floor. I think they’ve inhaled quite a lot.

BOOTH: Are you two high?


ANGELA: Only by accident, so it doesn’t count.

BRENNAN: Why’d you bring Tessa? This doesn’t seem like such a great date.

TESSA: We were out to dinner when he got your call. Your pupils are the size of saucers.

Ladies, ladies.

Hilariously high Brennan attempts to help Booth.

BOOTH: You run this place Mr. Hall? Interesting, you know, cause we know found some drugs on—

BRENNAN: Found them, we found ‘em.

BOOTH: Alright, we found some drugs on the dead guy. We’re gonna want to know where they came from, why he had them.


BOOTH: Why he had them. Any idea who he is?

BRENNAN: A— (gets another look from Booth and turns away).

BOOTH: Any ideas?

HALL: The guy barely looks human. What makes you think I’d recognize him?

BOOTH: Bones, how does something like this happen?

BRENNAN: Well, the Egyptians would give the body a cedar oil enema and then rinse it with wine and cover it with salt. But I don’t think that’s what happened here.


BOOTH: Bones, you are totally wasted.

BRENNAN: Zack! Zack! Zack! Come here! Come here! Isn’t this a beautiful specimen of mummification?


ZACK: What’s going on?

BOOTH: Let’s just say your boss inhaled.


BRENNAN: See how perfectly dried and preserved the skin is? You don’t find something like this every day. Hey Tessa, have you seen it?

ANGELA: It’s so hard to believe that you two would be a couple. You know, cop and lawyer. It’s very touching.

TESSA: I’m gonna grab a cab.

Say it with me everyone: “Bye Felicia!”

Side note: When I was looking for pictures of this episode, I stumbled upon something that actually exists…


The next day, a rough looking Brennan is rehydrating the hands of the mummy to get fingerprints. They ID the victim and get to investigating. Brennan does NOT feel good.

BOOTH: I never knew this side of you Bones.

BRENNAN: It’s Deejay Mount.

BOOTH: You’re hung over, doesn’t this make your head explode?

BRENNAN: I grabbed a couple of hours of sleep on my couch and showered in the lab’s decontamination room.

BOOTH: You really know how to live.

BRENNAN: Angela said rap artists sometimes kill each other over the music. Jam Master Jay, Tupac, Biggie.

BOOTH: Do you even know who you’re talking about?

BRENNAN: Yeah, I’ve done my googling.


Meanwhile, Zack is trying to understand the idea of going out on the town.

ZACK: Was it fun coming to the club?

BRENNAN: Yeah, before the drugs and the dead body. Tilt—tilt down.

ZACK: Seems so primitive. Being in a crowd of strangers, gyrating to music.

BRENNAN: You’ve never danced?

ZACK: I’ve been told I look like a marionette in a windstorm.

BRENNAN: You would’ve fit right in last night.

 Booth gets to investigating the victim’s life.

TAYLOR: How they are portraying my boy in the newspapers is wrong. If his mother was live, it would kill her. I taught him a relationship with Jesus. Do you understand, sir? A personal relationship with Jesus.


BOOTH: With all due respect, sir, sometimes when kids grow up, they change, they move away from what they were taught.

TAYLOR: Some iniquity killed my boy. You know that word, Agent Booth? It’s from the Bible.

BOOTH: “Deliver me from the workers of iniquity and save me from bloody men.”

TAYLOR: You know your Psalms, sir. I can trust that you will find out what happened to my boy?

BOOTH: Yes, sir.

TAYLOR: Then I’m glad I came by.

 They find a charm at the crime scene. Angela fishes for info.

ANGELA: Do you buy Tessa jewelry?

BOOTH: I really don’t want to talk about that right now.

ANGELA: Too much of a commitment. I just thought because you two were going away—

BOOTH: Do you have anything yet?

ANGELA: Yeah, that’s a real diamond. Hey, why don’t you get a belly button ring? That’s not too much of a commitment.

Booth: Yeah, that’s great.

Back to interrogating and car bickering…

BOOTH: No—you know, I think I need a vacation. I think you do too.

BRENNAN: Well, I’m not the one who’s snippy.

BOOTH: Snippy? What are you, like 70?

BRENNAN: See what I mean? I think you should find a nice relaxing place to go on that vacation. Somewhere where you can get a massage, maybe do some yoga.

BOOTH: I don’t do yoga. Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups. That’s what I do.

BRENNAN: Yeah, that’s more cardiovascular. Yoga deals more with—

BOOTH: Why exactly are we talking about this?

BRENNAN: Because you’re tense.

BOOTH: Because we’re talking.

The squint squad is obsessed with vacation talk during this episode. Now Brennan asks Zack about it.

BRENNAN: Do you ever go on vacation?

ZACK: I take my vacation when you take your vacation.

BRENNAN: What do you do?

ZACK: Go back home to Michigan, see the family. I have three brothers and four sisters.

BRENNAN: Do you enjoy that?

ZACK: God, no. I made the mistake of telling them I work with corpses and skeletons—they think I’m a freak.

BRENNAN: Then why do you go?

ZACK: It’s my family. They love me.

And our favorite conspiracy theorist is at it again, though he is building a bond with Booth despite that.

HODGINS: You may want the stooges at the FBI who are experts due to your so-called drug war, to run a comparison. But I’d say the methamphetamine on these bills matches the meth found with Deejay Mount behind the wall.

BOOTH: Come on, Hodgins. Hey, you’re a smart guy. You’re a smart guy, look up from your microscope, huh? These are real people we’re trying to figure out here, ok.

HODGINS: Maybe she was just using Mount, setting him up to get his drugs and money.

BOOTH: Very nice, Hodgins.


BOOTH: Yeah.

HODGINS: Real question is, where does she go next?

BOOTH: You’re on fire man.

HODGINS: After she left her brother’s place because that is where she met her untimely end.

BOOTH: You know what? I’m gonna turn you into an investigator yet.


ANGELA: Jamaica? God, that’s incredible.

Tessa comes to the lab and of course Angela is all up in it.

TESSA: Umm, it’s a bed and breakfast. There are these coral cliffs…

BOOTH: Snorkeling, kayaking.

ANGELA: Oh, you two are so ready for the pre-shacking up test vacation.

BOOTH: What do you mean?

ANGELA: You have keys to each other’s places. You’ve done the weekend away a couple times. Yeah, it’s time for the ten-day vacation. You know, Jamaica’s like a dry run for living together only with rum punch and steel drums.

TESSA:Yeah, see you later. Living together? Silly.

Shades of Hannah all the way back in Season 1.

The case continues and Booth is getting all fierce. 


BOOTH: You know what? I’m gonna spread the pain, all right? That’s my new motto.

BRENNAN: Wait, I can help spread pain. Wait!

*I can be a duck!*

HALL: It’s harassment, I’ll sue.

BOOTH: I’m gonna harass you every chance I get.

HALL: I’m not somebody you want to mess with.

BOOTH: Did you just poke me? Did he just poke me with his little stick?

HALL: This is my place. If I want to poke someone, I do it. Come on.

BOOTH: All right, how easily do you think I scare?

BRENNAN: Hey, Booth! Don’t break the cane. Arrest him and confiscate the cane as evidence. I need the cane.

BOOTH: Arrest him for what? He’s the guy who pointed a gun at a federal agent.

BRENNAN: Uttering threats or smelling bad or anything. It’s the cane we want.

Back to the Tessa storyline…

ANGELA: Get this, I called Tessa to tell her a couple places she should check out in Jamaica. She’s not going.

BRENNAN: What happened?

ANGELA: Well, she said something came up at work, but I know the truth.

BRENNAN: What truth?

ANGELA: They got freaked out by stage six.

BRENNAN: What’s…what’s stage six?

ANGELA: One, spend the night. Two, spend the weekend. Three, exchange keys. Four, sexy weekend getaway. Five, extended vacation, inevitably followed by six—move in together.

BRENNAN: I’m an anthropologist. I know the stages of everything, you made those up.

ANGELA: I did not.

BRENNAN: Yes, you did.

ANGELA: They got to stage five, and they balked.

BRENNAN: Not Booth, Booth did not balk.

ANGELA: Sweetie, it’s always the guy.

BRENNAN: Booth is not a balker.

Love the faith Brennan already has in Booth. And of course, we see them at Wong Foo’s.


BRENNAN: Getting yourself in the mood?

BOOTH: Trying. You know, this really isn’t gonna be the type of vacation I was hoping for.


BOOTH: Tessa’s not going. Something came up at work.

BRENNAN: That’s too bad. I’m sorry. Hey, I like going on vacations by myself.

BOOTH: Really?

BRENNAN: Sure, nothing wrong with being alone.

BOOTH: No, I mean, you like to go on vacation?

BRENNAN: Yeah, I go places all the time.

BOOTH: Do you ever just, you know, sit on the beach…pretend there’s no such thing as skeletons?

BRENNAN: Is that in any way fun?

BOOTH: When was the last time you got away?

BRENNAN: Got away from what?

BOOTH: Oh, Bones, you know, because what usually happens to me…I think about not coming back.

BRENNAN: Seriously?

BOOTH: Yeah, you know, you go with someone you joke about not going back to your real life…the two of you laugh. But when you’re alone, the world is full of possibilities.

BRENNAN: See you next week.



Oh Booth. So, do you think Tessa’s freakout was due to Angela’s poking around and/or seeing him with Brennan out in the field and in the lab?

Tessa is so much like Hannah, I didn’t realize it at the time, but its so, so similar.


14 thoughts on “The Man in the Wall (1×6)

  1. Sigh. I hate to sound like a broken record, but it can’t be avoided…episodes like this are why many of us fell in love with Bones, and it was so sorely lacking in the later seasons. Again, this episode had it all:

    – humor with being silly, humor that wasn’t at the expense of one of the two leads
    – Booth/Hodgins friendship
    – smart, tough Agent Booth with some action scenes to boot
    – sexy, deadly-smart but culturally aware Brennan
    – a story that made sense

    First, in the opening scene we hear Brennan say that she was consulting on a TV show…did we ever hear about her doing that again? If so, i guess I just blanked that out. In any case, that’s cool…she works at the Jeffersonian, writes books, teaches, consults on TV shows, works with Booth, etc… This was kick-ass Brennan, who later went missing.

    “High” Brennan and Angela were great. Good catch, BnB, about Tessa being an early Hannah. I had never realized how much she was just that. Booth certainly had a type…smart, successful career women who didn’t want commitment. Rebecca ran, Tessa ran, and Hannah ran when Booth wanted to get serious. Brennan ran too, but she was the only one who came back.

    Also, slightly off-topic — how many times during the run of Bones do we see Booth buttoning up his shirt with his gf standing nearby? That might be an interesting study, because I’m sure we see it several more times. Also, Booth in colored dress shirts also sadly went missing as Bones went on.

    The case was very well-written and actually had me wondering who was guilty. I loved the bit with Booth figuring out that the bodyguard was a cop, and the exchanges between them were great. I really missed Booth working with other law-enforcement folks — it seems like Booth’s world got smaller and smaller as time went on.

    A word about Zach. It’s difficult to write about Zach now because he became such a hot-button topic with the Bones fandom, with a virtual war between those who hounded Hart about brining Zach back vs. those who despised him and wanted him gone forever. I never minded Zach, but re-watching S1 reminds me what a key player he was in the early seasons, and how much Brennan loved him. I really liked him in these early seasons…he was often as clueless as Brennan, and yet in some ways he understood things she didn’t. I loved their discussion about vacations. Brennan asked him why he visited his family if he didn’t enjoy it, and when he said “because they love me” she just looked at him like she didn’t understand what he meant, which I guess at that time she really didn’t. Then I think about how she now has Booth and Christine and Hank and Max (because he isn’t dead in my Bones world) as well as extended family (Angela, Hodgins, Aubrey, etc…) and her world is so full now. It’s awesome.

    Finally, I loved the B&B exchange at the end (well all of them really, but the one at the end was great). Booth looks fantastic in his white polo shirt, twirling the paper umbrella. I loved how honest he is here, when he tells Brennan that sometimes he thinks about not coming back. Then, he says “But when you’re alone, the world is full of possibilities.” I’m not sure what to think about this line from Booth. He isn’t usually given to introspection…what was he really thinking about here? Any thoughts? I will say this…maybe I’m imagining something that isn’t there, but I think that right here Brennan might be just a little bit interested in possibilities with Booth. What do you say? Am I imagining things? In any case, we know that as time went on she became quite interested in possibilities with him, and now they all came to pass, right?

    I’ve become really interested in understanding who wrote what for Bones, and I’ve been thinking about putting together a little study of the subject (I love data!) This episode was written by Elizabeth Benjamin. She wrote some other good ones as well, and she was the “Executive Story Editor” for 27 episode, many of them favorites. Here are the ones she wrote:

    – The Bones That Foam (2009) … (written by)
    – The Crank in the Shaft (2008) … (written by)
    – The Santa in the Slush (2007) … (written by)
    – Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van (2007) … (written by)
    – Spaceman in a Crater (2007) … (written by)
    – The Woman in the Sand (2006) … (written by)
    – The Man in the Morgue (2006) … (executive story editor) / (written by)
    – The Superhero in the Alley (2006) … (executive story editor) / (written by)
    – The Man in the Wall (2005) … (executive story editor) / (written by)

    One final note…I know everyone associated with the show has “moved on”, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to ask Hart about some of the things that happened on the show? I mean he could be really honest now…none of that PR stuff he used to have to say. I begin and end the same way, because I know that will never happen. Sigh.

  2. Re: BnB’s comments:

    “Love the faith Brennan already has in Booth. And of course, we see them at Wong Foo’s.”

    I’m just thinking about how much of a role faith has played in the show…Booth’s religious faith, Brennan’s faith in Booth, as well as his faith in her. I loved that we get to see Booth’s religious faith in this episode in a good way, not in a mocking way. Booth was able gain the trust of the father of the murdered rapper because of it…that’s cool.

    “Oh Booth. So, do you think Tessa’s freakout was due to Angela’s poking around and/or seeing him with Brennan out in the field and in the lab?”

    I think Tessa freaked out because Angela pointed out that the vacation was a tryout for moving in together. She had no interest in that, no sir, and she was gone.

    “Tessa is so much like Hannah, I didn’t realize it at the time, but its so, so similar.”

    Yep, Tessa and Hannah were very much alike.

    I loved Angela’s relationship progression:

    1. Spend the night
    2. Spend the weekend
    3. Exchange keys
    4. Sexy weekend getaway
    5. Extended vacation
    6. Move in together

    Of course, B&B did it backwards and sideways and all twisted up:

    1. Exchange keys
    2. Sexy weekend getaway (undercover as Tony and Roxie)
    3. Extended vacation (away from each other on different sides of the world)
    4. Spend the night (after almost getting killed by a rogue sniper)
    5. Move in together (after getting pregnant)

  3. It is a very good version of the B&B journey.
    I agree about Tessa/Hannah – very much alike.

    I think the reason that season 1 is so good is because it was written differently. It was written as a drama/serious procedural. The entire ‘tone’ was changed in s2. I think even HH has eluded to that with the change up in the bosses and all. It took on the dramedy characteristics.

    • “The entire ‘tone’ was changed in s2. I think even HH has eluded to that with the change up in the bosses and all. It took on the dramedy characteristics.”

      I thought I had read that it was Fox who insisted that Bones be more serious in S1, and then when it was successful and was renewed they let Hart have his way and make it more of a dramedy. I’ll do some research and see if I can find out.

      The thing is, S1 did have a lot of humor, but also that serious overtone. I really think I liked that more than what it later became, which was sometimes downright silly. Having said that, one of my favorite eps is “The Double Death of the Dearly Departed” which was quite silly. I think it was because of Hodgins’ speech…it just kills me every time I see it!

  4. I feel like I’ve said this for every recap so far, but this is one of my favorite episodes! *lol*

    I love Angela dragging Brennan out to play. I love that cute little “awwwwww” moment between them while looking at Booth and Tessa. I totally did not guess this killer when I first saw the episode, so bonus points for good writing! I love Sid’s. I love Angela’s snooping and basically sabotaging Booth and Tessa – which may not have been her goal consciously but subconsciously she was a B&B shipper from the start so . . .

    And I adore the end scene. That moment at the end when Booth is backing out of Sid’s with an unused plane ticket in his hand . . . I mean, come on Brennan! Go with Booth to Jamaica!!!!! *lol*

    Fabulous episode. Just all around fabulous.

  5. “Sigh. I hate to sound like a broken record, but it can’t be avoided…episodes like this are why many of us fell in love with Bones, and it was so sorely lacking in the later seasons. Again, this episode had it all”

    You are absolutely right Estella. THIS is why Bones became a fan favorite and had a 12 year run! It is too bad the last 2 season esp. strayed so far from Bones roots.

    “And I adore the end scene. That moment at the end when Booth is backing out of Sid’s with an unused plane ticket in his hand . . . I mean, come on Brennan! Go with Booth to Jamaica!!!!! *lol*

    The thing about the majority of early Bones eps. was even if the episode was not my fave, you always knew their was going to be a fabulous B&B end scene.

  6. I just realized that there have been at least two comments on Bones about DB’s eyes…see below. Coincidence or inside joke?

    From “The Man in the Wall”:

    “MAGGIE: (with Tootie) Tootie can smell decaying blood on a tooth six feet underground. I mean, so what? He drools a little. What’s up with that? (to Booth) You know, your eyes are kinda close together, but I don’t comment.”

    From “The Goop on the Girl”:

    MARGARET: His eyes are too small to be really handsome.

  7. After this episode I always wanted Morris Chestnut (undercover FBI guy) to come back and work with David again. They had a good rapport, imo. And I always like seeing Booth’s FBI world get expanded with credible agents not a gimmicky cartoon version *coughs Aubrey*

    Something that strikes me with S1 Bones is that the other characters are quite vocal on B&B attraction and actually tell them to their face. Which I found amusing & refreshing to watch on rewatches.

  8. ” there have been at least two comments on Bones about DB’s eyes…see below. Coincidence or inside joke?”
    Lol!! I see nothing wrong or funny about his eyes! Definately not “too small to be really handsome” I never understood that comment from Margaret.

    “Something that strikes me with S1 Bones is that the other characters are quite vocal on B&B attraction and actually tell them to their face. Which I found amusing & refreshing to watch on rewatches.”

    That theme did continue into other seasons voiced by other characters. Remember in Oven ep. the ending where Brennan says to Booth something like “Why does everyone always expect us to make out?” And in Yanks, I think…the lady tells Brennan to “take a ride on that train” or something like that!! And in Cinderella, the bridal shop lady assumed they were getting married. I can’t remember the ep. but I know there was another one where Brennan had to say “Oh no, were not a couple”. People assumed they were because they could see the attraction!

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