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DB’s music video

I can’t remember if we’ve talked about this (I’m sure we have!), but I was just listening to a 90s music playlist on YouTube and this little gem popped up. If you haven’t seen it, enjoy the silent DB angstiness that happens throughout the video! Bonus Jaime cameo at the end 🙂


6 thoughts on “DB’s music video

  1. Well, DB looks fantastic in a couple of shots at the beginning, and also when he is in a tux, but I’m not a big fan of the longer hair on him. Bonus points for the super-tight t-shirts. Sidenote: I thought the singer was going to come out of her dress when she was standing at the bar, but I guess it was glued or taped on?

    What’s the story on this? How/why did DB appear in this video?

    I didn’t see Jaime at the end…where was she?

  2. May 14 2004
    Dido on why David Boreanaz was asked to do the ‘White Flag’ video. “I wanted someone who was pretty universally recognizable,” she said. “We asked David to do it and he said yes.”

    I thought Jaime was with him on the red carpet at the end but I could be wrong!

  3. I have never seen this video!
    ““We asked David to do it and he said yes.”
    Lol, I was wondering if the singer had a thing for him?! Anyway, DB looked great as usual!! He has not changed that much over the years. Thanks for posting that bnb!

    • Well the time frame is before Bones (2003)and I’m not sure when Angel ended so he probably was taking it to just get his face out there….maybe it worked and got him Bones? Lol

  4. BTS video for White Flag – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2d4b4_white-flag-behind-the-scenes_shortfilms

    It was shot just after Angel S4 ended, and DB was shooting The Crow Wicked Prayer in summer 2003, explains the longer hair!! 😉 that he kept into Angel S5 for the first few eps, I guess incase of reshoots for the movie?

    I also think it was during the summer of 2003 when DB had a bad knee ACL , basically first half of Angel S5 he could barely walk in some scenes before & after surgery and had to sit at his desk or lean on props & sit out many action scenes Angel was known for.

    “Due to an old football injury, which seems to cause trouble again, David had to have a knee surgery. Says Kristine of E! Online.
    A friend of her, who’s on the set of “Angel”, told her that David has to walk on crutches. He does most of his parts in a sitting position, and takes it easy on fight scenes. Which means his stuntman has more work to do.”

  5. Thanks Shanny! It’s nice to have context. Guessing he was like “do I get to sit or lean for this gig?” And they said, sure! So he agreed Lol

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