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Man in the Fallout Shelter (1×9)

“The Man in the Fallout Shelter”
Episode 1×09
Written By: Hart Hanson
Directed by: Greg Yaitanes


ANGELA: Sweetie, could you stop galloping for, like, two seconds?
BRENNAN: Better able to withstand peer pressure when you can’t catch me.
ANGELA: Call it a favor, okay?
BRENNAN: How is me going to a company Christmas party doing you a favor?
ANGELA: Remember what happened last year?
BRENNAN: I didn’t go last year.
ANGELA: Yeah, exactly. And it took me weeks to collect all those photocopies.
BRENNAN: Twenty minutes.

Cue Booth’s entrance. Again, he “saves the day” by bringing Brennan work!

BOOTH: Bones! All right.
BRENNAN: What’s the context?

Guess what? It’s a man in a fallout shelter!

BOOTH: Merry Christmas, Bones. Come on, boys, bring it in.
ANGELA: Oh, no. We are going to the company Christmas party.
BRENNAN: Booth, will you escort Angela to the Christmas party and make sure she doesn’t photocopy her butt?

Booth gets dragged away under protest. Enter the two kings of the lab, Zach with a robot.

HODGINS: You robot reminds me of you. You tell it to turn, it stops. You tell it to stop, it turns. You ask it to take out the garbage, it watches reruns of Firefly.

Everyone (including Booth) has left or avoided the party. Angela tries to rally the group.

ANGELA: Okay, you people listen to me. There is a party going on upstairs, okay? A Christmas party. We’re going up there. We’re gonna talk to some people, we’re gonna sing some carols, we’re gonna drink some eggnog.

Unfortunately, there is lab contamination. They are stuck.

BRENNAN: There’s no use panicking until we know what it is.
BOOTH: What what is?




HODGINS: Uh, we might know.
ZACK: I cut into the fallout shelter bones and the biohazard alarm went off.
GOODMAN: Were you conforming to autopsy protocol?
ZACK: One of us was.
HODGINS: The other was… drinking an eggnog.
GOODMAN: And you didn’t have your mask on. Oh…

HAL: The pathogen is coccidioidomycosis.
GOODMAN: Valley fever?
BOOTH: What’s valley fever?
ZACK: It’s a fungus that can lead to pneumonia, meningitis, spontaneous abortion, death.


HODGINS: Hey, I got into the decontamination shower with Zack. Haven’t I been through enough hell?
BOOTH: Is he contagious?
HAL: Dr. Hodgins may have inhaled the spores, yes. We have no choice but to impose quarantine. Valley fever can be fatal, and we can’t risk a pandemic. Just calm down and let us handle things from this side.
BOOTH: Okay, you know what? If this is fatal, I will shoot both of you.

After being told the treatment and protocol, Booth is still not satisfied.

BOOTH: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re saying that we’re stuck here over Christmas? Look, you know, I have… places to go, you know? I have obligations.
GOODMAN: We all have obligations.

They all try to assign blame.

ZACK: Who brought us human remains just to ditch a little paperwork?
BOOTH: Oh, you’re saying this is my fault?
GOODMAN: You knew Dr. Brennan could not resist.

Haha, the squints are onto Booth bringing her work all the time. LOL!
BRENNAN: I’d have been able to resist if I was in Niger, where I wanted to be.
GOODMAN: You’re blaming me.
We find out there may be side effects to the meds. Yep, enter stoned Booth!

BOOTH: I never realized how pretty all this shiny stuff is.
HODGINS: That is so not fair.

BOOTH: What are those little tiny lights dancing on the ceiling?
GOODMAN: For the third time, those are minute firings of neurons on your optic nerve due to your reaction to the antifungal cocktail.
BOOTH: Wow. They’re beautiful.

We get some backstory as Booth and Goodman share family stories. They both have kids!

BOOTH: You know, I have a kid too. His name’s Parker. He’s four years old. His mother wouldn’t marry me, so my parental rights are totally-
BOOTH: That word’s just a little bit Christmasier than what I was thinking.

Enter Brennan’s backstory…

ANGELA: It’s all so tragic. A cheap wedding ring sewn into his suit, two tickets to Paris. It makes you wonder. Who was the girl? Can you imagine what it was like for her, waiting and wondering, never knowing what happened.
BRENNAN: I don’t have to imagine.

Which brings me to one of my favorite Boothy pictures ever.


BOOTH: Bones, it’s after midnight. Hmm? Christmas Eve day. Both an eve and a day. It’s a Christmas miracle.
BRENNAN: Still enjoying your medication, I see…Well, how would you like me to spend my Christmas?
BOOTH: Christmas is the perfect time to reexamine your standing with, you know…
BRENNAN: A helicopter pilot?
BOOTH: Oh, right, right. You can’t measure the man upstairs in a beaker, so he can’t possibly exist.
BRENNAN: The man upstairs?

BOOTH: Mmm. You know, you don’t know if you’re sick, but you’re more than willing to take drugs just in case. It seems to me you could give the man upstairs the same benefit of the doubt that you do an invisible fungus.


(Might be one of the best presentations of Christianity to an atheist I’ve ever heard.)

Meanwhile, Angela is very focused on making Christmas special. And they put pieces together.

ANGELA: We’ll decorate this place and exchange handmade gifts.
GOODMAN: An excellent idea, Miss Montenegro.
ZACK: I can get behind that.
HODGINS: I’m in.
BOOTH: How ‘bout Bones? Aw, come on. What’s the deal with Bones and Christmas?
ANGELA: Last night I spun a little story about two young lovers running off to Paris. But the man never shows up, and the woman is left wondering what happened to him. And I say, “Imagine what that must have been like.” And Brennan says, “I don’t have to.”
BOOTH: Yeah I- I still don’t get it.
GOODMAN: Oh my God.
BOOTH: What?
ANGELA: Brennan’s parents disappeared just before Christmas when she was fifteen.
GOODMAN: And she never knew what happened to them.
BOOTH: Oh, God. That explains a lot.

Angela still wants the party to happen.

ANGELA: Alright, we need a way to choose our Secret Santas.
ZACK: I could build a random generator.
GOODMAN: Ah, wouldn’t it be better to match complimentary people in a premeditated manner?

LOL, they are all so squinty. But Booth just puts names in a bucket.

BOOTH: Pick a name, and if you get your own, put it back in.
GOODMAN: Oh, that could work.


Booth and Brennan end up talking about Christmas as they work on the case.

BRENNAN: Anthropologically speaking, gifts are a way of asserting dominance in a group. Now imagine an entire holiday devoted to self-promotion, especially in this materialistic culture. How can you expect me to get behind that? How can you get behind it?
BOOTH: Wow, that’s deep. That’s a very deep pile of crap.

Goodman spills the beans.

GOODMAN: Decorations do not a Christmas make. Family and friends make Christmas.
HODGINS: We’re friends.
GOODMAN: We are colleagues, friends, coworkers, yes, but for a father like myself, like Agent Booth- -a few glowing test tubes don’t make up with missing Christmas morning with the children.
ANGELA: Excuse me?
ZACK: Be kind, rewind.
HODGINS: Booth has a kid?
GOODMAN: Ah. Well… Not common knowledge, I gather.

Hodgins spills more of the beans.

BRENNAN: I’m not really who you want to talk to about gifts. Wait- Booth has a kid?
HODGINS: You didn’t know?
HODGINS: I wasn’t the one who told you.

Can anyone remind of the timeline between Booth and Brennan’s 1st case and now? How long did he not reveal his child to her?!

Brennan sneezes, is it a symptom?

BRENNAN: I sneezed because the air is dry. It’s not valley fever.
GOODMAN: Any other symptoms? Headache?
ZACK: Any foul smelling pustules on your shins?

Hahahaha. Oh Zack.

They continue to investigate. The squint squad considers religion.

GOODMAN: You suppose Lionel came up here to procure an abortion?
ANGELA: You know what? This isn’t a very Christmas Eve type story.
BRENNAN: Of course it is. The whole Christ myth is built upon the travails of an unwed mother.
BOOTH: Okay, can we just stop bringing up the whole Christ myth thing? Alright, some people believe it’s more than just a myth.
BRENNAN: Well, who besides you?
GOODMAN: That would be me, Dr. Brennan. I’m a deacon at my church.
ANGELA: I do. Christmas and Easter, anyway.
HODGINS: Although I believe organized religion is just another political movement designed to control the masses, doesn’t mean God doesn’t love me.
ZACK: Hey, I’m a rational empiricist all the way. Unless you talk to my mother. Then I’m Lutheran.

HAHAHAHA. Zack. Stop. He’s on a roll this episode!

BRENNAN: I can understand why you’d be sensitive, Booth. You have a child out of wedlock.



ANGELA: Sweetie…



HAL: Visiting hours, folks.

Cue the montage of sweet family moments.

Brennan and Angela talk.

ANGELA: I know your parents disappeared just before Christmas.
BRENNAN: My brother Russ was nineteen and we were still in the house.
ANGELA: That must’ve been strange.
BRENNAN: Russ found our presents in my parents’ room…and Christmas Eve, when I was asleep, he snuck down and made Christmas, trying to do the right thing for me.
ANGELA: Christmas for his little sister.
BRENNAN: But when I came down and saw the lights and the presents…
ANGELA: You thought your parents were back.
BRENNAN: I just expected to see them, sitting there, drinking their coffee, watching Russ and me open our presents.
ANGELA: Oh my God.
BRENNAN: I kind of lost it. I refused to open the presents until they came back… It was like I told Russ he wasn’t enough family for me. Before New Years, he went out west to work and I was in the foster system….The tree is really, really beautiful, Ange. Really.



Its not even fair how beautiful she is!

Angela prompts Brennan to help Ivy find the answers she never got. Booth finds her in her office.

BOOTH: You find something?
BRENNAN: Two things that fit together.

Is it you and Booth?!!? Oh, wait, not for a few more years!

BOOTH: Angela sent me. She says it’s Christmas. (But I’m still a little salty about that comment earlier)
BOOTH: You still think there’s more to learn about Lionel Little and Ivy Gillespie?
BRENNAN: There’s always more to learn.


BRENNAN: Hey. I’m sorry you didn’t get Christmas morning with your little boy.



AKA, I’m sorry for what I said earlier. I’m socially awkward.

BOOTH: Thanks.



AKA: I understand, I forgive you, and I love you. 🙂

At Angela’s long-awaited Christmas party, Zack nails the gift.

ZACK: It’s a self-propelled, non-autonomic unit.
HODGINS: It’s a robot.
ZACK: I thought if we get out of here in time today, you could give it to your son.
BOOTH: Merry Christmas.

They get the all-clear on their health, and everyone runs out….except Booth, who as always, turns to Brennan.

BRENNAN: Go. Go have Christmas. Wish your boy merry Christmas for me.

BOOTH: I’m at Wong Foo’s if you decide you want company.

BOOTH: Merry Christmas, Bones.



That face. Those eyes. SWOON.


Brennan meets with Ivy and gives her closure.

Then, she actually goes to Wong Foo’s!


BRENNAN: Ivy Gillespie came to the lab after you left, with her granddaughter….Don’t you want to know what happened?


BOOTH: I know what happened. You told her about Careful Lionel. You showed her the letters, the tickets. She cried. But you made her happy.
BRENNAN: Not to mention I gave her a penny worth over a hundred thousand dollars.
BOOTH: She won’t care about that today. You just gave somebody the best Christmas gift they could every get. Who’s the Secret Santa now?


Her “You’re goofy but cute” face


BOOTH: And that weirdo assistant of yours just made me the coolest dad in the world.


PARKER: Daddy!

BOOTH (in a whisper): Can you say ‘Merry Christmas’?
PARKER (to Brennan): Merry Christmas!

Brennan goes back to her happy place, the lab, and opens the Christmas gift.


Such an amazing Bones episode. Written, of course, by evil genius Hart Hanson. Thoughts?



20 thoughts on “Man in the Fallout Shelter (1×9)

  1. Same. I mean I’m all for staring of DB pics way too long…but I can’t take my eyes off Shirtless Hodgins. I mean, DANG SON!

  2. I haven’t watched it yet, but here is some of the wiki info:

    The episode was written especially for the Christmas holiday in time to be aired in December in the United States. It takes place at Christmas time, which the writers describe as “a holiday vacuum sealed with family and friends within its own parcel of time. It has its own parameters, its own rules – memories that are reconstructed and improved in our minds by years of conditioning.”[2] This setting allowed the writers to expand on the details of the characters’ lives and to continue with Brennan’s background story, concerning the disappearance of her parents and her experiences in foster care system.[3]”

    “Culture references[edit]
    Hodgins makes a reference to How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss. Hodgins also makes a reference to Firefly when talking to Zack. Zack also says, “Be kind, rewind,” which was a phrase used in the popular series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which Boreanaz previously worked on.

    The title of the episode ‘The Man in the Fallout Shelter’ and the eventual location of Ivy Gillespie being found in Bethesda could well be a reference to the ‘Fallout’ series of computer games from the well known programming studio of Bethesda Game Studios.”


  3. I love this episode! Were there only three Christmas episodes? I digress.
    It’s a good story! HH is an evil genius BB!
    This one showed all the characters softer sides. It really humanized them all. We learned about Parker and that Goodman had twins, about Zach’s family etc.
    But I think it really established a special bond between B&B, allowed each of them into the other’s spheres a bit more.
    I love the picture of Booth just watching Brennan as she analyzes evidence. He does love to watch her and her brain work! Of course it brings me back to s8 ep. 2 where he’s gazing at her from the hallway in slow motion. He’s falling in love here, sneaking just a moment for himself.

    She has no family she could be close to, but after her success with finding Ivy, she seeks out Booth. And then the shot of her looking at Booth and Parker at Wong Fu’s, is she thinking, someday you will be the father of my children? She is definitely allowing her self so see how attractive he is and that idea.
    Booth tells her where he’s going to be….you don’t do that unless you want someone to join you. The pull to be together to share things is very real for the two of them, the unbreakable bond is developing for sure!

    2 years later Booth and Parker would be standing outside the jail with a lit Christmas tree! Parker’s cute little “Merry Christmas Bones” I like that he likely can’t remember a time when his step mom wasn’t in his life!

  4. “I like that he likely can’t remember a time when his step mom wasn’t in his life!”

    That’s a sweet thought, NWChic!!!

  5. I have such a soft spot for Parker!! I even bid on and won that picture of him as a baby that was in Booth’s office, in the auction of ‘Bones’ stuff that took place a few months ago. His introduction in this episode may be the reason why, because he’s such an adorable little curly-headed moppet. I really resent that after Christine came along, the show didn’t need Parker anymore to show off Booth as a dad so he basically disappeared from canon. I love you, Parker! You’ll always have an important part of my Bones-world!

    I didn’t catch all the Whedon-verse references (except the obvious Firefly mention), but that’s hilarious and very cool.

    I loved Brennan’s determination to find Ivy, and that she did it privately but Booth knew she’d done it, anyway. And I love that she took him on the invitation to meet at Sid’s, and that everything that happened while they were locked in for Christmas left her finally ready to open the last Christmas gifts from her parents. And I love that she had those gifts with her, in her office. We find out in “Woman in Limbo” that she has a small box of photos at home but what does it mean that she kept the gifts at work? Were they in a box of stuff that she forgot about when she took the job at the Jeffersonian or was there something more conscious on her part? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Anyway, I love this episode. So many good moments. So many good memories.

  6. One of my favorite scenes from this episode is when everyone is rushing out to get to their Christmas plans and Booth is the only one that turns around and extends an invite to Brennan. Even though it’s early in there partnership it’s such a Booth thing to do to let Brennan know what out saying it in so many words that she isn’t alone and she doesn’t have to be if she doesn’t want to.

  7. Oh I agree. Even bestie Angela books it out of there asap…and there is Booth, problems of his own, making sure Brennan is OK. That kind of stuff is what we lost when HH left, for sure.

  8. Yes – but season 5 told us that even pre-season 1 – Booth thought the relationship was going ‘somewhere’. They’ve been drawn to each other ever since they first set eyes on each other. They have each fought it in different ways and to varying degrees, but it’s always been there lying under the surface. Since I didn’t watch these in order, I think I was cognizant of the pull when I first saw these. It was so obvious that B&B were meant for each other and it took way to long for them to take that plunge. Thank you evil HH!! LOL He kept dangling things and then taking it back. He wrote each season so they could get together in the end (in case it became the end of Bones). It wasn’t until he had a 2yr extension that he got really evil!! LOL
    At least that’s how I saw it. B&B could have gotten together imo at the end of any of these seasons.

  9. This is one of my favorite season 1 episodes! Of course it was written by HH! He created Bones and he GETS B&B!!!
    -Booth talking about Parker and showing a pic of him to Goodman who showed him his twin girls
    -The scene of Booth and Parker at the glass door…heartbreaking.
    -Also heartbreaking the Brennan is the only one that had no one come to see her! 😦
    -“2 years later Booth and Parker would be standing outside the jail with a lit Christmas tree! Parker’s cute little “Merry Christmas Bones” ” 😘😘
    -We see Brennan as a caring compassionate person in this episode. Not robot like and clueless of social norms and emotions!
    -I always wondered what was in the Christmas present Brennan opened up! So sad she was all alone in her office with “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” playing in the background. Still tugs at the heart strings!!! 😢😢

    Here are a couple more pics for your viewing pleasure!

    Arm porn


    I could not find a pic of Booth doing pull ups! 😦 Its like classified information!

    Fast foward 2 years later…

  10. ^ Yummy! Thanks for that Estella!!! Love Booth in the white tank tshirt! Not a fan of Hodgins and the beard.

    I also loved finding out in this episode for the first time that Booth had a son:

    Brennan: You have a son?
    Booth: Yeah.
    Brennan: You’ve never mentioned that.
    Booth: Well, nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus.

    Booth: [to Zac and Hodgins] Okay, you know what? If this is fatal, I will *shoot* both of you.

    Fast forward season 3

  11. Another fantastic episode. My thoughts are a bit of a jumble about this episode but here is what I’ve been trying to muddle through:

    We all know that Brennan was so wounded when her parents left that she put up walls around herself for protection. Then she proceeded to develop her big brain by excelling at school, earning multiple degrees, and becoming one of the top forensic anthropologists in the world. She learned martial arts so she could protect herself physically, in addition to the emotional walls she erected. She existed in this state of emotional, physical, and intellectual isolation until Booth came along, and it appears that he truly was the first person she had encountered who made the effort to break through those walls. Even this early on, he’s the only person who stayed behind to make sure she was ok before he left, and to tell her he would be at Sid’s…an unspoken invitation to join him. Why did he do this at this point? Is this just how Booth would be with anyone (I say no) or was he already starting to feel something for her?

    FWIW, I do think this is the first episode where we actually start to see some personal connection between Booth and Brennan. Someone commented on the Bones Theory Scene Study of this episode “I saw the beginnings of something with Booth and Brennan in this episode.”, and I definitely agree. There was something between them in this episode that I didn’t see in the first 8 episodes.

    About Brennan’s presents from her parents: I had established this parallel in my mind between how she treated those presents and how she treated Booth: something precious to be adored from afar but never truly opening her heart to it. Too obtuse? Probably. Besides, I guess I have to take HH at his word and accept that she was holding on to the presents until her parents came back, but what do you think made her change her mind and open them?

  12. I’d say she opened the gifts because she accepted the squints and Booth as her “family” and felt secure enough to do so.

    • I think that’s a good theory! Every time I have a question like this I wish we could ask Hart about it. I mean, did he have their entire journey worked out in his head before he started? For example, I always wonder if, at this point, he had already planned that Booth and Brennan had met previously (the Gemma Arrington case), kissed, and had that big falling out. Was that already created in his mind or did he dream that up when the 100th episode came along? I wasn’t watching Bones or on social media at that time so I don’t know if he ever said anything about it or not.

      I really do love watching these episodes knowing what we now know. It makes many of the things that happened a lot less painful, knowing that it all worked out in the end.

  13. “There was something between them in this episode that I didn’t see in the first 8 episodes.”
    Agreed! I think the fact they were locked in together at Christmas allowed them to open up more to each other. Partners share things. I think that at this point, Booth did have feelings for her. And vise versa.

    “what do you think made her change her mind and open them?”

    That scene has always been a heart breaker!! I felt so bad for Brennan, all alone in her office opening up that present from long ago/ 😦 I just felt that she was finally at the point where she could face the past. She did not want to feel alone on Christmas day, and opening up her parents gift reminded her of a time when she did have a real family. I think that bnb is correct that she felt she could trust Booth, esp. after finding out he is a dad and he invited her to meet Parker. She wanted to be part of a family also. She was the only one no one came to visit!

    “Was that already created in his mind or did he dream that up when the 100th episode came along? ”
    Good question! Me thinks he dreamed it up for the 100th episode.

    “It makes many of the things that happened a lot less painful, knowing that it all worked out in the end.”

    For sure!! 😘😘

  14. “what do you think made her change her mind and open them?”

    This is a heart breaking scene. I think the security she felt that Christmas was a factor. I think it was the best Christmas she had had since her parent’s left. Booth telling her a Sid’s that she was the ‘secret santa’ she had given Ivey the best present imaginable – making her happy after years of thinking the worst of Lionel. I think there is a parallel there. Brennan had spent years thinking the worst of her parents. So using Ivey and Booth’s example, she allowed herself to be a little happy and enjoy Christmas. No matter what she opened, knowing that her parents loved her enough to have those things wrapped up for her was wonderful. Lionel had everything in place for Ivey, but never got to give her the dream. I think Brennan felt the parallel.

    “Was that already created in his mind or did he dream that up when the 100th episode came along? ”

    I agree that he dreamed up the 100th in season 5. While he used to say that he ‘knew’ that B&B had a ‘history’ in before they met, I sincerely doubt he had it all played out in his mind until s5. He never knew how long he ‘had’. But I sincerely think he purposefully gave himself options as time went on.

  15. I think he came up with the specific details for the 100th when the opportunity presented itself, even if he had a vague idea of B&B’s backstory before then.

    I’ve never thought he had a complete outline of their story, and sticking Mama Booth in there after two mentions in 8 years was the proof for me. That’s not a negative (not having a complete outline, I mean. Mama Booth is a definite negative!). For a TV show, playing the odds of renewal every year probably means that even if you do have an outline, you have to be prepared to throw it out the window.

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