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Technical Difficulties

All my devices have apparently decided to mutiny against me. Or WordPress hates me. I had crafted the entire post, but it would not save nor publish, and I lost it all. Sigh. I will try again to upload this post from my work computer tomorrow. It is 12:28 AM my time and I am officially giving up for today. I will, however, leave you with this gem:



4 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. OMG bnb!!! How frustrating! 😡😡
    But, I do love your gem of a picture! Classic! 😍

    Good luck trying to redo the post. Is there anyway you can save it as you go along?

  2. That’s awful! I’ve lost comments on internet sites so often that I compose long comments in Word or Notepad and them copy them over, but I can’t imagine losing an entire post!

  3. We are up and running! I had a back up as I save the words in a Word document but I did have to reformat some and re-add the pictures. But its up and running now!!

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