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Woman in the Garden (1×13)




Booth says, prepare for a lot of photos on this one!


“The Woman in the Garden”

Episode 1×13

Written by: Laura Wolner

Directed by: Sanford Bookstaver

B&B arrive on the scene of another crime…


BRENNAN: Why’d they call in the FBI to Little Salvador?

BOOTH: Well, the car’s got Virginia plates, crossed the state line. Then there’s a suspected gang member.  Then there’s RICO to deal with.  What, Bones, do you really wanna know?

BRENNAN: No, I was just using it as an excuse to make conversation and reestablish our connection.

BOOTH: What??

BRENNAN: I read a book about improving work relationships. It’s not fair to expect you to tell me everything.

BOOTH: I appreciate the effort Bones.

They find a body recently dug up in the suspect’s trunk. Of course it is sent to the Jeffersonian.


But our duo has to duck a hail of bullets first!


BRENNAN: Make a sketch of the face. I’m not sure we’ll find a match, she might have been undocumented. Goodman is an expert in religious iconography, maybe he’ll be able to determine where this rosary was made.

BRENNAN: She was religious; she should’ve had a casket, a proper burial with her name on a headstone. We are going to find out who she is, and we are going to give her that.

Booth interrogates scary-looking gang types while the squints work on the body. Booth joins them with info.

BOOTH: K, I have it on good authority that the guys who shot at our killer were doing it so he’d have a chance to escape.

BRENNAN: The victim was pregnant when she was hit over the head.

BOOTH: Pregnant?

BRENNAN: Yeah, five weeks along.

HODGINS: I ran samples from the body, shovels and burlap through the gas chromatograph and it all came back full of organic compounds. Plant detritus, root remnants, fertilizer.

BOOTH: Sounds like stuff you’d find in a cemetery.

HODGINS: Well, I also found this. Fernaldia pandurata, otherwise known as loroco buds.

BRENNAN: Loroco is an edible flowering plant, it’s native to El Salvador. It’s grown in vegetable gardens, not cemeteries.

BOOTH: She was buried in a vegetable garden?


BOOTH: Ok, can you recognize this loco plant?

HODGINS: It’s quite distinctive. I’m also analyzing the dirt and particulates on the shoe you got off the suspect.  At first glance it matches the vegetation we’ve already found but with a couple extras I’m still checking out.

BOOTH: Ok, Hodgins, suit up, you’re coming with us. We’re going to the barrio.

HODGINS: Field work. Cool!  Do I get a gun?

BRENNAN: You can’t arm Hodgins and not me!!

BOOTH: What is with you people and the guns, huh?

B&B&Hodgins find evidence of two bodies buried in a community garden, instead of just one. B&B discuss:


BOOTH: Our gang unit’s gonna bring in the leader of Mara Muerte, see if we can identify the gangbanger that got away.

BRENNAN: Why would a gang leader cooperate?

BOOTH: I’m gonna ask him very, very nicely, Bones.

BRENNAN: You know that book I’m reading, about getting along with your coworkers? It says that sarcasm is never helpful.  I could lend it to you if you want.

HODGINS: I found Spodoptera, Ornithogalae and Tetranychus urticae on the suspect’s show and on the victim. I also found Notonectidae and Corixidae. It’s aquatic fauna typically only found in and around ponds and streams.

BRENNAN: There are no ponds or streams at the burial site.

HODGINS: Yeah, and here’s the kicker. There was also evidence of genetic material from a Franklinia alatamaha on his shoe.

BOOTH: You’re kidding. I’m in shock.  Frankie Alabama, you don’t say?

BRENNAN: Did you hear what I said about sarcasm?

HODGINS: It’s a rare flowering plant that hasn’t been seen in the wild since 1800. The only known specimen in this area outside a specialized botanical garden was given to Senator Alan Corman as a gift. Oh, I love going after senators.

BOOTH: Whoa, just simmer down there. We’re gonna check out the botanical garden first.

HODGINS: Fine.  It’s at the White House.


BRENNAN: Yeah! *high five*

BOOTH: Ok, you guys should do that even less than normal people.

HODGINS: I call shotgun.

Meanwhile in the car…


HODGINS: I called shotgun. What does it mean to a society when the niceties are no longer observed?

BOOTH: Ok, look, we got two bodies, alright? One unaccounted for.  We’ve been shot at, and now we know that there’s a gang member walking around a US senator’s place.  Any theories? Oh, come on guys.  Let’s think of it as a puzzle, and there’s a missing piece.

BRENNAN: I like puzzles, I find them relaxing. I just finished “The Anatomy Lesson”, Rembrandt.

BOOTH: You’re kidding, right?

BRENNAN: No. What do you find relaxing?

BOOTH: I restore vintage cars.

HODGINS: I know what I find relaxing.

BOOTH: Everybody finds what you find relaxing, relaxing.

The three amigos interview the Senator and his wife and see evidence of the second missing body.



I think it is interesting that Booth is the only one standing. Hm.



David and Emily are the masters of body language.


And David is the master of the face. LOL.

Then they find the body.


Back to the Jeffersonian where they find evidence of the woman’s origins. B&B head off to find clues and find a woman hidden in the walls of a home.

BOOTH: Do you wanna be deported? Do you wanna see your baby again?  Because if he was born here, he doesn’t have to go back with you.  We can keep him.

BRENNAN: Booth, stop. She’s frightened enough.

BOOTH: Bones, we have a double murder on our hands.

BRENNAN: But she didn’t do it.

BOOTH: Just tell her what I said, ok? Tell her we’re calling immigration.  Tell her we’ll get to Jose.

BRENNAN: No! She’s lived with terror and intimidation her whole life.  I’m not gonna add to it.

BOOTH: Alright, you know what, you’re acting like I’m gonna hurt her or something.  I was just trying to get a little information.

BRENNAN: I am asking you as a favor not to make me do this…to scare her. Please?



And he does as she asks.


At the lab. Zack, Brennan and Angela are examining the remains some more.

ZACK: This is interesting.

ANGELA: Interesting or horrible? Because sometimes, it’s the same thing with you.

BRENNAN: It’s a hereditary condition. The two victims were related.

ZACK: Based on their ages, father and daughter.

ANGELA: So father and daughter buried next to each other, right? Then dug up.  But then the father is reburied, why?

BRENNAN: This is the stuff that Booth is good at…the murky ways of the human heart.

ZACK: Yeah.

BRENNAN: All that.

ZACK: We work the hard evidence.

HODGINS: We’ve used up all the evidence.

BRENNAN: OK. Let’s just…you know what?  Let’s pretend we’re Booth, ok?

B&B try to talk to a man in the hospital, who they find is brother to the victim, but he won’t talk. They are not pleased.


Then, B&B attempt to interrogate a man in connection with the murder.

ORTEZ: You know what, lady? You think too much.  Maybe you need a man like me to get your mind off of things.  You know what I’m saying?  I can be your adoring Salvadoran. Look, I don’t know who killed Jose’s sister.  But I’ll tell you what, because I like you so much, if I find out who did it, I’ll kill him.


Afterward, Brennan runs into the man at the elevator.


ORTEZ: You’ve been waiting for me?  Push that button again, and we can go down together.

BRENNAN: You think you can intimidate people into doing what you want?

ORTEZ: Ok, I’ll push it myself.

BRENNAN: How do you handle someone who isn’t afraid of you?

ORTEZ: Just get out of my way. I said move your ass, man.

BOOTH: I wouldn’t …oh.


Brennan smashes his nose.

BOOTH: That’s gonna hurt in the morning.

ORTEZ: Bitch…

Brennan kicks him.


BOOTH: Feel better?

BRENNAN: Yeah. I really do.


Angela is not amused.


ANGELA: You beat up a gang leader?

BRENNAN: Booth told you that?

ANGELA: You did. You got into a fight with a gangbanger.

BRENNAN: You’re mad at me?

ANGELA: The guy’s a killer, Brennan.

BRENNAN: Angela, relax. We were in the FBI building.

ANGELA: Look, I know you’re all about self-reliance and fighting your own battles and standing up for yourself, but now, as your friend, and knowing how much you hate psychology here, you need therapy.

BRENNAN: I’m sorry I upset you. It’s just that I’ve dealt with him before.

ANGELA: With who?

BRENNAN: People who get what they want through fear. Gangbangers, members of death squads…

ANGELA: I know it’s psychology again, but you said “him”, like one guy.

BRENNAN: I didn’t mean Ortez specifically, I meant people like him. On my last trip to El Salvador…

ANGELA: Yeah, I remember, I tried to get you to go to Italy with me.

BRENNAN: I was in a tent set up by one of the grave sites. I was working with the remains of a young girl, maybe 13.  She’d been shot in the head and dumped into a well.  This cop shows up and he might’ve been a solider…it’s not easy to tell.  I thought he was there to guard me, but he told me to stop.  When I refused, he called in two others.  They put a bag over my head and tossed me into a cell with a dirt floor and no windows.

ANGELA: For how long?

BRENNAN: Later I found out it was three days. But, I thought it was a week, maybe more.  He came in every day and made me believe I was going to die.  He said that he’d shoot me and toss me into a well and that no one would ever know who I was or what became of me.  I promised myself if I ever had the chance, I’d get even. That doesn’t mean I need therapy.

They find out that the murdered girl was a maid involved with the Senator’s son. The manager of the house accidentally killed her while pulling her off of a ladder, mad at her for getting involved with the boss’ son.


Ah, the Brennan necklace!


Back at FBI office, another agent approaches Booth in the hallway.

AGENT: Booth?

BOOTH: Yeah?

AGENT: Message from the Gang Task Force Unit. Mara Muerte has put a hit out on your lady scientist.

BOOTH: Oh, man.

AGENT: You got a response?

BOOTH: Yeah, just tell ’em…tell ’em I got the message and tell ’em thanks.

AGENT: Sure.


There is a funeral for the dead man and his daughter.


ANGELA: This is nice of you, not many people would pay for a funeral like this.

BRENNAN: Where’s Booth? He said he’d come.



ORTEZ: Are you crazy? This is my neighborhood.

BOOTH: You put a hit out on my partner?

ORTEZ: She’s not FBI.

BOOTH: I never said anything about FBI. She’s my partner, ese.  And if anything happens to her, I will find you and I will kill you.  I won’t think twice.  Come here, look in my eyes. Look at my face.  If anything happens to her, I will kill you.  This is between you and me, and nobody sees, nobody knows.  You got nothing to prove, understand? You understand?


ORTEZ: Yeah.

BOOTH: Yeah, I thought so. Ok, now if you don’t mind, I’ll leave first because I have somewhere I have to be.

Back at the funeral, which has ended, Booth joins them.


BOOTH: Am I in trouble?

ANGELA: You’re late for a funeral, of course you’re in trouble.

BOOTH: Sorry. I apologize, I…everything ok here?

BRENNAN: Where were you?

BOOTH: I had something to do.

BRENNAN: More important than a funeral?


BOOTH: I thought so at the time.



So…when did Booth tell her about this? Did he ever tell her? How much did he tell her?

Lots to discuss in this episode….thoughts?


12 thoughts on “Woman in the Garden (1×13)

  1. i don’t believe Booth ever told Bones about the hit. He never wanted to talk about killing. Also, he did not keep score – he took Bone’s crap in the early seasons without saying ‘look what I’ve done for you.’

  2. -This episode really shows how B&B characters changed over time! They were both more kick arse back then. Especially Brennan. She assaulted people quite a bit in first 2 seasons. -And can you imagine Booth in later seasons putting a gun in somebody’s mouth?! Lol, I remember he caught hell in season 8 ep. for withholding pain meds briefly from the lady with the gangrenous leg to get info. on a cop killer.
    -This ep. also highlighted the compassionate Brennan. Paying for funerals, asking Booth to go easy on the lady with the baby hiding. She got it then!
    -Love the ending with Booth showing up late for the funeral. I always hoped that one day he told here the real reason why he was late. He did have a good reason!! First time I saw this episode, I knew he loved Brennan and was fiercely protective of her. (Love fierce Booth).
    -Love the early B&B look! Even though Brennan is already wearing Boots & Blazers, they were more fashionable. Her attire at the cemetery not so good though.
    -But Booth….hotness!! Love his look in this episode. The hair, the colored shirts…just yum! Too bad the colored shirts got retired!!

    Love his smile here-

    Great review and pics bnb!!

  3. 👌👌 review

    Another great S1 episode. I cared for the cast of characters and the outcome of the case. It had great lines too.

    Unpop opinion? I am glad they had Brennan stop assaulting people, it was reckless & the FBI just wouldn’t employ her services….can you imagine the complaints? Lol.

    Loved the funeral scene & how Brennan paid for it and made a difference to the family that they will never forget, guess Booth saving Brennan’s life from stopping the hit its just one of those things Booth does for no glory, his love shone through even way back then💘

  4. I love this episode. Remember HH was writing more of a hardcore procedural in season 1 – they took a purposeful turn in season 2 to the softer dramedy thing to spice things up and move away from the CSI format I believe.

    “Unpop opinion? I am glad they had Brennan stop assaulting people, it was reckless & the FBI just wouldn’t employ her services….can you imagine the complaints? Lol.”

    That is a very valid point Shanny. The FBI would have likely ended the partnership if she was constantly getting into trouble.

    This episode has a nice blend of compassion and kick-ass for both Booth and Brennan. Booth not able to say ‘no’ to a pleading Brennan. Reminds me years later about the car scene when they are discussing baby strollers and she pleads for her fancy stroller and gives him the ‘sad eyes’ look. And his response is what did the baby do to you? You couldn’t do that before the baby….and how he’s not looking at her! LOL We never found out there whether or not she got the fancy stroller!

    I agree that he never told Brennan about what he did here. At least not until maybe now, while they lay in bed and have pillow chats! I could see him sharing some of this…..perhaps after this last case with the guy and the sister coming back to kill them. 🙂

    I agree that this was an episode that showed how much Booth loved Brennan. She definitely pulled on his heart strings! And she was definitely missing him at the funeral. She didn’t like it that he wasn’t there. Even in season 1 – they had that ying/yang thing going!

    • “Unpop opinion? I am glad they had Brennan stop assaulting people, it was reckless & the FBI just wouldn’t employ her services….can you imagine the complaints? Lol.”

      That is a very valid point Shanny. The FBI would have likely ended the partnership if she was constantly getting into trouble.

      I agree in principle, but there are two times I didn’t mind Brennan attacking people — this time, and also with Howard Epps. In both of these cases I think her attack was justified.

  5. The funeral scene at the end of this episode for some reason reminds me of the end scene when Vincent died and people were wondering where Brennan was. Booth knew confidently that she would be there. I guess it reminds me of it because B&B had grown so much over the years, he knew without a doubt she would come, as opposed to this ep, where Brennan wasn’t sure.

  6. Loved this episode (but I think I say that about all S1 eps…lol)!

    – I liked that Brennan respects the dead woman’s religious beliefs and say that she should have been placed in a coffin and had a real burial. I wonder if S8-S12 Brennan would have mocked her religious beliefs? Hart had a knack for writing a Brennan who stood up for her beliefs and yet respected the beliefs of others, even when she didn’t agree with them.

    – I think this is the first time we have seen her pay for the burial of the victims, and we see her generous heart starting to peek through.

    – We see the beginnings of Booth going to any lengths to protect Brennan. And these two don’t love each other at this point? Yeah right.

    – The first gangbanger Booth questioned was a good villain…tough without being a caricature. Liked his one-on-one with Booth. I was kind of surprised Booth couldn’t figure out that the drive-by was an inside job to free the suspect…that seemed obvious to me.

    – Hodgins’ impersonation of Booth was fantastic!

    – Tough guy Booth threatening the gang leader is an iconic Booth scene, and it still packs a punch. Booth was seriously in love even back then.

    – I think that Booth eventually told Brennan what he did. I’ll say that he told her after Hannah was out of the picture and they had started “dating” (second half of S6) and on one of those dates, as they were talking, the story came out. I just don’t like to think that B&B have any such secrets from each other not that they are together.

    I pretty much enjoyed all the characters in this episode. Very good writing. I enjoyed re-watching this one, but I was kind of overcome with sadness during the lab scenes thinking about how it’s all gone now…:((((

    • Estella, I totally agree with your comment “Booth was seriously in love even back then.” because when you look at his face after the other agent tells him there is a hit out on Brennan, he looks just stunned. And he has to sit down. He’s not just concerned in the way you are about a coworker, but obviously there is some serious emotion going on there. He doesn’t leave it up to any of the other agents, but takes care of it himself, potentially making himself a target, but it doesn’t matter to him.

      I also agree that it would be something Booth has since mentioned to her. And probably after they became an official couple.

      • “when you look at his face after the other agent tells him there is a hit out on Brennan, he looks just stunned. And he has to sit down. He’s not just concerned in the way you are about a coworker, but obviously there is some serious emotion going on there.”

        Exactly. I don’t think Booth himself even knew what was going on at that point. He had apparently only been in one serious relationship at that point, with Rebecca, and it had blown up in his face. By this time he had settled into his cocky persona and probably had lots of girlfriends who just weren’t that serious (I never got the impression Tessa was all that serious) and Brennan threw him for a loop. She was so different from all the other women he met, so different from the typical woman he would be attracted to…I think it was instantaneous, head-over-heals love (not to mention intense sexual attraction). It was unexpected, it was overwhelming, and it had him reeling from the start. I love that we can see that happening now that we know how the story ends, right?

        **2nd attempt to post

      • I don’t do gifs, but if I did I would make up a gif set of Booth’s face each time he was stunned by this woman, and each time he fell even more in love with her. I think it would be really interesting to see all those images in one place.

        You could make up a similar set for Brennan…all the times she realized something new about Booth and fell even more in the love with him.

  7. I don’t do gifs, but if I did I would make up a gif set of Booth’s face each time he was stunned by this woman, and each time he fell even more in love with her. I think it would be really interesting to see all those images in one place.


    Booth is über sexy in this one. He’s out there protecting his partner, long before Max ever asked him to, it was all on his own accord. There is no question his connection to her is powerful. I doubt he would admit to love at that point, but his actions spoke volumes. We saw the killer/sniper in Booth here. Without a doubt, I believe he would have gone back and killed the guy but he would have had reason. So we understood something about his past and what makes him tick. He sits down in that hallway and decides how he Booth needs to take care of this guy to protect Brennan. He ‘uses’ the partner excuse…..but he was outside the FBI protocol etc….it was simply a man protecting the woman he loves the unique way only he can. Never saw him repeat that with any other woman……

    We also saw him appreciate Brennan and her qualities (reasons he was falling in love with her). He liked watching her beat that guy up. Something he couldn’t do (and probably want to) because he was FBI and it would have been seen by all, but she could. Reminds me of the Pelant exchange many years later. Booth loves the mushy Brennan (which he called her in this episode – I don’t know that he ever had done that) and the tough Brennan.

    We also saw Brennan explain her outburst at the FBI building to Angela. Here Angela was the voice of the audience. What Brennan did was dangerous a bit crazy. But she explains her motivation. How she was held captive and terrorized by bad guys.

    We see them banter about Psychology! LOL Booth said it was a powerful force, but we all know that later when Sweets starts using it concerning he and Brennan, it’s all hooey! LOL

    Also Hodgins breaks up the first Brennan and Angela moment when he walks in with case news. Reminds me of that all important intrusion many years later!! 🙂

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