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Pic of the day 8/5

It’s a double pic today, because its hard to capture the awesomeness in just one shot!


Hahahahahaha! One of the all time best scenes in Bones history!


7 thoughts on “Pic of the day 8/5

  1. YES!!!! Yummy!
    I have lots of Bones pics saved. Will be posting more for pics of the day!

    Love Booth’s look here-

    • I always wondered if this was a little inside joke between B&B about all his past blonde girlfriends….Tessa, Rebecca, and Hannah? In my head it is!

  2. I believe the washing machine scene was posed to David at a panel, possibly Paley center, and he liked the thought. Or maybe he thought of it himself? But I feel like it was something to do with an interview/panel.

    You know Estella, I like your theory that blond Brennan was an homage of sorts to Booth’s past lady friends, and that they “got rid of the past” when she redyed her hair brown (aka took off the wig) and she became her true self again. However, I would not give them enough credit that they thought about it in that way. But I love your head canon and I’m going to incorporate it into mine!

  3. Hmmm, I’ve tried to post my “Man on the Fairway” comments several times, but it won’t show up. I’ll try again tomorrow. Sorry if my post is there multiple times!

  4. I have this theory in my head that after Blackout, B&B started “dating” and on these dates they talked out all the stuff between them. I can’t decide if those were actual dates (Booth picking up Brennan at her apartment, kisses at the end, etc…) or if they were post-case pseudo-dates (let’s get drinks after the case like usual but now we are going to dress up like we are on a date) but however it was, I do believe they happened. I wish we could have seen some of them. I think is was on these dates that they discussed Booth’s line, blondes, Brennan’s rejection at the Hoover, Brennan’s fears, Booth’s anger, Hannah, past hurts, future dreams, etc…so that by the time the ended up in bed together and Brennan found out she was pregnant they were ready to move forward together.

    If that didn’t happen you would have to think that those issues would still be festering between them, and I don’t like that scenario.

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