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Pic of the day 8/5

It’s a double pic today, because its hard to capture the awesomeness in just one shot!


Hahahahahaha! One of the all time best scenes in Bones history!


36 thoughts on “Pic of the day 8/5

  1. YES!!!! Yummy!
    I have lots of Bones pics saved. Will be posting more for pics of the day!

    Love Booth’s look here-

    • I always wondered if this was a little inside joke between B&B about all his past blonde girlfriends….Tessa, Rebecca, and Hannah? In my head it is!

  2. I believe the washing machine scene was posed to David at a panel, possibly Paley center, and he liked the thought. Or maybe he thought of it himself? But I feel like it was something to do with an interview/panel.

    You know Estella, I like your theory that blond Brennan was an homage of sorts to Booth’s past lady friends, and that they “got rid of the past” when she redyed her hair brown (aka took off the wig) and she became her true self again. However, I would not give them enough credit that they thought about it in that way. But I love your head canon and I’m going to incorporate it into mine!

  3. Hmmm, I’ve tried to post my “Man on the Fairway” comments several times, but it won’t show up. I’ll try again tomorrow. Sorry if my post is there multiple times!

  4. I have this theory in my head that after Blackout, B&B started “dating” and on these dates they talked out all the stuff between them. I can’t decide if those were actual dates (Booth picking up Brennan at her apartment, kisses at the end, etc…) or if they were post-case pseudo-dates (let’s get drinks after the case like usual but now we are going to dress up like we are on a date) but however it was, I do believe they happened. I wish we could have seen some of them. I think is was on these dates that they discussed Booth’s line, blondes, Brennan’s rejection at the Hoover, Brennan’s fears, Booth’s anger, Hannah, past hurts, future dreams, etc…so that by the time the ended up in bed together and Brennan found out she was pregnant they were ready to move forward together.

    If that didn’t happen you would have to think that those issues would still be festering between them, and I don’t like that scenario.

    • I don’t know why mine 50/50 post or link….it must be the code in the copy/paste….let me try again ❀❀

  5. People who watched DB on Buffy/Angel…how long did it take for you to start seeing him as Booth, or do you still see him as a vampire? Wondering how long it’ll take (once I watch his new show), before I think of him as someone else. I know they are actors, I get it, but I’ve watched him as Booth for 12 years and didn’t watch his other stuff. It’s gonna be weird!

    • I started watching Buffy last year and I thought DB was very believable as Angel, and it didn’t make me think of Booth at all. Of course, DB looked very different then, so maybe that was part of it.

      While it will be fascinating to see if he changes his speech and mannerisms to make this character different than Booth, I think it’s going to hurt a little bit if he is successful. I love Booth, and it will be difficult to see him as someone else, especially if his new character isn’t as upstanding and moral as Booth strives to be.

      • “I love Booth, and it will be difficult to see him as someone else, especially if his new character isn’t as upstanding and moral as Booth strives to be.”

        My thoughts exactly, Estella!

    • I watched Buffy & Angel. And watched Bones from day 1. And its all down to how opened minded people are going to be about giving any new project a chance…. Yes it is hard to adjust, but what else are we going to do? Its that or never watching DB act again except on DVD/reruns, LMAO….Srly I get it though, same in 2005 fans were like he will always be Angel to me me. I only want him to have SMG as his leading lady, usually those fans drop off , fair enough, they can’t adjust, that’s fine, each to their own. I expect the same with ST transition, fans who can’t adjust to no Booth/Bones will drop off. That’s fine too. Organic life of a fanbase. It’s ever growing. ✌

  6. I never watched Buffy/Angel so I only know DB at Booth! To me, he will always be Booth!! I don’t want to think of him as someone else!! Waaah, still mourning the fact we have no Bones season to look forward to.

      • “So sweet 😍”

        Awww…love it! It is weird that sometimes the pic uploads, and other times you have to click on the link, like on the old IMDb board. Pics never showed up! We have gotten spoiled here with that feature.

        Waaahhh! I wish! 😩

  7. This kind of stuff really makes me miss Bones!!
    Nice video and cute pictures of the cast with Ryan O’Neal and that pic of DB fixing ED’s hair is just precious. I really hope they can remain connected they seemed to be such genuine friends even though they are so very different.

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