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Random Thread 9/15

Here y’all go 😉


63 thoughts on “Random Thread 9/15

  1. This is one of those classic exchanges! Cinderella is one of my favorites.
    And the doctor who was in the room is great, he delivers his ‘couple issues’ line perfectly!

  2. Bones Wednesday is up and running! Last episode of season 1! Man, did HH know how to craft some great characters and interesting storylines! Lots of great B&B moments, and the team working hard to help their leader and friend. Pretty solid episode, and it set up so much of the rest of the series!!!

  3. I like them. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to participate the last couple of weeks, but will be able to get back into it after this week!

    I know it must be a lot of work for you…how are you feeling about it? It seems like we are down to a core few (you, me NWChic, jmgx2, and Shanny) with a few others commenting from time to time. Personally I love still having connection with Bones fans from the IMDB board, and would vote to continue if you are ok with it.

  4. Yum^ I could stare at that B&B wedding kiss all day!!

    Happy Halloween! To bad we never had another episode with B&B and their kids!!

  5. “David tweeted this today…it’s so nice that he’s still thinking about Bones!”

    OMG!!! Amazing video! I just saw this today. It captured a lot of great memorable B&B moments!! I am saving that video for sure!!

  6. We have had a few new people join our ranks in the last week or so, so welcome!! This site was formed after IMDB shut down their message boards last spring, and we wanted to continue talking about Bones! The name of our site comes from Emily Deschanel’s apparent love of both riding boots and blazers 🙂 We have been going through the episodes in order starting with the Pilot episode. We recently started season 2. Hope you all have a fun time here.

  7. ” forgot to post that last week was a holiday week! Whoops! New post this week 🙂”

    No worries! I figured it was something like that with Thanksgiving and everything going on. Next episode:
    S2, Ep6
    4 Oct. 2006 The Girl in Suite 2103
    An explosion at a hotel has the team exploring drug cartel connections and struggling with diplomatic immunity.

    “So, I watch “The Blacklist” and Carla Kettner has shown up there as a writer… 5×06 “The Travel Agency”.”

    Was it good?? Carla Kettner was our queen on Bones!

    • This was sweet to watch!
      Thanks so much for posting – fun to remember the good times, especially during the s2 downer stuff! LOL

  8. ““So, I watch “The Blacklist” and Carla Kettner has shown up there as a writer… 5×06 “The Travel Agency”.”

    Was it good?? Carla Kettner was our queen on Bones!”

    I didn’t watch this episode until last night. Blacklist is so different from Bones that it’s difficult to compare her writing on the two shows. Blacklist doesn’t really have an epic romance like B&B so no room for Carla to shine in that regard, and that was one of her big strengths on Bones, right?

    I will say that this BL episode had a definite social justice message…the black FBI character was trying to help the son of a black friend who had been gunned down by a white police officer for having an expired license plate tag. BL doesn’t typically deliver social justice or political messages. Carla is listed as an exec producer (for other episodes, not just the one she wrote) so I wonder if they hired her specifically to write this particular show or if she influenced the script since she’s a producer? Hard to say.

    HH buddy Dave Thomas was writing and producing for BL the past couple of years, although he is gone now. I also wonder if he had a hand in getting her a job on the show. I never really looked much at writers/producers/showrunners before Bones, but it’s kind of interesting to observe. I intended to follow up on where the Bones writers are now, but just haven’t had the time!

  9. “This was sweet to watch!
    Thanks so much for posting – fun to remember the good times, especially during the s2 downer stuff! LOL”

    IKR!!! That vid put a smile on my face! All the B&B kisses, hugs, touches and special looks between them. 😘
    All the stuff that happens between B&B in early seasons all worked out. Just wish we got more kisses in season 11 & 12!! Some of those scenes I had forgotten about.❤️❤️

  10. Last night, watched repeat of Past in the Present, season 7 finale directed by DB! Lol, such memories of the outrage against Brennan for running off with Christine. Booth’s happiness crushed! Anyway, jumping ahead of our episode recaps, but some great B&B moments-
    -Booth & Brennan looking at Christine in her crib
    -Booth tells Brennan “I love just the way you are Bones”
    -Christine getting baptized and Booth is beaming
    -Brennan tells Booth “I love you. I want you to know we are not together just because of Christine.”
    -Max! Love him anytime.
    Love this!

  11. @jmgx2

    IKR!? Hart back then was obsessed of breaking B&B and our hearts in the season finales, I think S6 was like the only happy one, lol

  12. Hey guys! Decided to start a mini-series on Christmas moments in Bones history! Just posted the first one! Early Merry Christmas y’all 🙂

  13. With the Disney acquisition of Fox about to be announced, you have to wonder what might become of a future Bones revival. According to the article below, Fox will retain ownership of the 20th Century film and television studio lot in Los Angeles. I suppose that means they would also retain ownership of any Bones sets, at least the ones that weren’t destroyed.


    According to other reports, high-level Fox talent might not move over to Disney. This article specifically mentions Dana Walden as one who might leave…according to Hart she was one of Bones’ biggest backers.


  14. EW’s article “23 unforgettable shipper moments from 2017” had this!

    Booth’s pep talk to Brennan, Bones

    When an explosion in the lab left Brennan with brain trauma that made it impossible for her to do her job, she was forced to question who she was without her intelligence. So she went where she always did when nothing made sense: straight to Booth. In an impassioned speech, Brennan’s husband reassured her that he still knew who she was, and her identity had nothing to do with her ability to solve crime. He also managed to throw in callbacks to some of the couple’s defining moments, from their “Hot Blooded” duets to that rainy pool house kiss. Brennan’s brain wound up healing just fine, but even if it hadn’t, this was the moment that proved she and Booth would both be okay. —K.C.


  15. This was difficult to find, but apparently Hart Hanson is involved in a new project…a revival of Steven Spielberg’s “Amazing Stories” for Apple TV:

    “In addition to Spielberg and Fuller, Amazing Stories is executive produced by Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey and Hart Hanson; and produced by Universal Television and Amblin Television.”


  16. Saw this on Twitter yesterday…we all know it’s true, but I always love it when Hart confirms that B&B were inevitable!

    Louise @Lulubell46
    @HartHanson if @emilydeschanel hadn’t gotten pregnant do you think Booth and Bones still would have gotten together? #Bones

    Hart Hanson @HartHanson
    Replying to @Lulubell46 @emilydeschanel
    Oh, hell yes. It was inevitable. Like gravity.

    11:06am · 19 Jan 2018 · Twitter Web Client

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