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The Soldier on the Grave (1×21)

Written By: Stephen Nathan

Directed by: Jonathan Pontell

Let’s balance out the serious tone of this episode with a gratuitous Booth shot from later in the ep!


Open collar, no tie, serious face….what was the point again? Oh yeah, recap!!


BOOTH: I never get used to the magnitude of this place, what it’s taken to keep this country free.

BRENNAN: All societies build monuments to their dead, to convince future combatants that it’s an honor to die in battle.

BOOTH: For these servicemen it was. And somebody to use this place to protest the war just pisses me off. These are the lives that gave them the right. These men, they should be respected.

BRENNAN: If they were really respected, maybe not so many of them would be buried here.

BOOTH: Are we gonna get into something here, Bones?

BRENNAN: I don’t see why. I think we both wish this place were a lot smaller.


BRENNAN: Charlie Kent?

BOOTH: He was in the National Guard. About to be drafted by the NBA when he got shipped out to Iraq. He gave his life taking out a group of insurgents to save his unit.

BOOTH: Won the silver star.

AGENT #1: The White House and the D.O.D. want an I.D. as soon as possible.

BRENNAN: So they can brand him a traitor.

BOOTH: Why do you have to be so cynical?

BRENNAN: I’m not cynical. It’s a necessary psychology of warfare. Heroes and villains. Without clear distinctions like that, we’d never be able to fight.

BOOTH: Yeah, well, I always found being shot at… was a motivating factor.



BOOTH: It’s Jamie Richards. We were in the Rangers together.

BOOTH: He was hit by a roadside bomb… just outside the green zone. He left a wife and two kids. The fact that he was near this —

BRENNAN: You believe somehow he’s still here watching?

BOOTH: Yeah. You don’t. I get that.

BRENNAN: I know you think he’s a good man. That’s — that’s enough for me.

GOODMAN: Ah. I used to love watching Kent play. He could fly.

ZACK: He made 46.4% of his three point attempts in his last season.

GOODMAN: A basketball fan? I’m surprised, Mr. Addy.

BRENNAN: Zack, I’d like you to keep cleaning the bones.



ZACK: Did you see the game against North Carolina?

GOODMAN: It’s difficult knowing Kent will never play again. Makes the war so real.

HODGINS: Which is odd since it was all fiction that got us there in the first place.

GOODMAN: So you don’t think we should stand up to tyrants?

HODGINS: Sure. I’ve been waitin’ for the press to do that for three years now.

ANGELA: I can’t believe you took the bait.

GOODMAN: Yeah. Me neither.

Booth arrives.


HODGINS: Big boys telling you to sweep this one under the rug?

BOOTH: Just can the left-wing conspiracy, Hodgins. Probably one of your nut-ball friends here on the table.


They find he served with the man on whose grave his body rested on.


ZACK: He was protesting?

HODGINS: Marshall could’ve had a change of heart. It’s not like support for the war is increasing.

fBOOTH: It also could’ve been survivor’s guilt. The guy who saved his life didn’t make it. You can’t imagine what it’s like carrying that around.


BRENNAN: They knew he’d look like a protester, so no one would expect murder.

BOOTH: As far as anyone knows, this is still a suicide. I want the killer to think that he got away with it. He’s smart. I want the edge.

BOOTH: Y’know, I’m just gonna be asking his mother a few questions. You could’ve just stayed back there and played with your bones.

BRENNAN: I know. Just wanted to keep you company, that’s all.


BOOTH: Company?

BRENNAN: Yeah. I’m trying to be more sociable. You know?

BOOTH: Lousy liar.

BRENNAN: I just think inside, you’re still military, Booth. You might be too close to this one. I just wanna make sure you stay objective.

BOOTH: I know how to do my job. I was doing it just fine long before I met you.

BRENNAN: You’re angry.

BOOTH: Well, because I have people all around me with opinions about the war who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about!

BRENNAN: I’ve been in Sudan, Rwanda. For two months I sifted through the wreckage of 9/11 trying to help the families of the victims.

BOOTH: All I’m saying is that this is just another case. That’s all. It’s just– It’s another case.

BRENNAN: You’re not such a great liar yourself.

BRENNAN: I’m your partner. Let me be your partner.


And we get some levity in this serious episode.

BRENNAN: John Wayne syndrome.

BOOTH: Don’t tell me you’re gonna trash the Duke?

BRENNAN: Wh- are you kidding? I love the Duke.

BOOTH: I wouldn’t have guessed that one, little lady.

BRENNAN: Remember “Stagecoach?”

BRENNAN: “Listen, cowboy. Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”

BOOTH: What was that? The Duke? That was horrible.

BOOTH: That was like, Jerry Lewis.

BRENNAN: Was not.

We meet someone from Booth’s past.

BOOTH: Sweet ride, man. Hank Lutrell, Dr. Temperance Brennan.

HANK: The bone lady.

BRENNAN: That’s me.

Hank: I heard you two were working together. Booth and I were in the same unit in Kosovo.

Aw, he talks about her to his peeps!

Back at the lab, Angela is getting frustrated with Hodgins’ approach.

ANGELA: I just think that you should be aware that Booth went through something over there.

HODGINS: So I’m not supposed to tell the truth?

ANGELA: Truth? It’s *opinion* Jack.

ZACK: Looks like a dimple in the bone. Could be genetic.

HODGINS: There were no W.M.D.’s. That’s the truth.

ANGELA: Every major intelligence agency in the world thought there were.

HODGINS: Are you defending what’s going on over there?

ANGELA: No. Mistakes were made, obviously.

HODGINS: Yeah! Like establishing military bases over there instead of investing a fraction of what this war costs into alternative energy projects.

ANGELA: Nothing is that simple.

HODGINS: To me it is! We’re ruled by the corporate oligarchy. Face it.

ANGELA: You want to make the world a better place, Jack? Try shutting your yap long enough to hear something other than the sound of your own voice.

Angela drops the mic. Boom.

Booth reveals to another solider that they believed it was murder, not suicide.

BRENNAN: I thought we were keeping the murder to ourselves.

BOOTH: He’s the company commander, Bones. He’s a decorated officer.

BRENNAN: And you think a soldier wouldn’t kill someone?

BOOTH: Huh, and suddenly it’s your job to question the motives of everyone who served?

BRENNAN: No, it’s my job to solve a murder. Yours too. Treat him like you would anyone else involved in an investigation. You’re not in the military anymore, Booth.


ANGELA: How’s Booth doing?

BRENNAN: He’s angry. I think I said some things.

ANGELA: Sweetie —

BRENNAN: He wasn’t being objective. I just had to get him to focus.

ANGELA: You have to think before you speak.

BRENNAN: Why? I can say anything to you without thinking about it first.

ANGELA: Yeah. Men aren’t like us. They’re much more fragile and needy. The fact that they think *we’re* the needy ones is a testament to our superiority.

BRENNAN: Yeah. I guess I forgot.

Brennan gets an idea.

BOOTH: So what do you wanna do?

BRENNAN: I wanna exhume Charles Kent.

BOOTH: Exhume a *war hero*? Do you have *any* idea what you’re asking?

BRENNAN: It’s the only way we’ll really know what happened to him.

BOOTH: The report.

BRENNAN: Which is sloppy and incomplete.

BOOTH: He is supposed to be honored this week, Bones, not humiliated.

BRENNAN: Doesn’t Devon Marshall deserve as much respect and honor as Kent?

BOOTH: I’m sorry Bones, I can’t let you do this.

BRENNAN: I’m not asking for your permission Booth. I can get the court order on my own. I was just kind of hoping for your support.

Then, the angry family comes up to Booth because of the exhumation. Booth gets a slap in the face. The body is taken to the morgue.


BOOTH: You know, this is a Silver Star.

BRENNAN: I know how much you hate this, Booth.

BOOTH: Let’s just get this over with, all right?

HODGINS: I know we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of stuff because you know, politically, I think we live in an Orwellian nightmare due to —

BOOTH: What– what are you trying to say?

HODGINS: Just– I’m sorry, man. I really am.

BRENNAN: It’s always the young. Anthropologists have theorized that wars break out when there’s an increase in the population of unmarried men under the age of 25. I’m sorry. I need to create a distance from the victim. It’s how I deal. I– I didn’t mean–


BOOTH: Just, you know, do what you have to do. I’m gonna go do my thing.

Hodgins and Angela have a moment.


ANGELA: Did you find anything in the wounds that might’ve changed the trajectory of the bullets?

HODGINS: Not yet. Just residual sesquioxide, in silico accumulation. A little decayed organic matter. Probably food that was on the floor. So–

ANGELA: Thank you.

HODGINS: Look, Angela. Look, I run on sometimes, I know. I guess I think if I yell loud enough, maybe someone will listen.

ANGELA: Well you have to be careful people don’t go deaf. You know, what you did for Booth before… showing him you understood, that was good. Everyone hears something like that.

B&B realize the truth.

BOOTH: Wait. The ones that killed him are from an M-14. Those are from our weapons.

BRENNAN: Friendly fire.

BOOTH: Oh, God.


BOOTH: You know what? Let’s just find out who did this. All right? Not all personnel in a unit carry the same weapons. We have to find out who was issued the M-14.


BRENNAN: This is hard for Booth. He’s idealistic.

ANGELA: Well, it’s nice to know somebody that wants to keep honor and responsibility alive.

BRENNAN: I feel like Booth thinks I’m taking that away from him.

ANGELA: You’re just doing your job. He knows that.

BRENNAN: I guess. I tell Booth we’re on the same side. I’m not the one who’s disillusioning him. It’s my findings. But when I look at him, I– I don’t know what else I can do.



ANGELA: As a friend, Brennan.

BRENNAN: Yeah, that whole “friends with benefits” thing, that’s– that’s not happening.

ANGELA: I’m not talking about that. I’m– I’m talking about being there for him. Knowing when a simple touch is enough.

BRENNAN: Maybe I can write him a note. I can be very articulate on paper.

The team discovers there was a big coverup.


BOOTH: You son of a bitch! You covered up the whole thing!

CPT. FULLER: Stand down, Agent Booth!

BOOTH: They were innocent!

CPT. FULLER: I don’t know what you’ve heard, but my report clearly states–

BOOTH: We’ve taken your report apart! We have the *facts*, Captain! Your squad blew away a family of innocents!

CPT. FULLER: Kent! Kent did! A kid so green he never should have been there in the first place. Do you know what that town was like? Our guys were being blown up by I.E.D.’s every day while we were trying to build hospitals and schools. A mistake was made. No one likes it. But you know what happens. If it got out what we did that neighborhood, the whole damn city would’ve exploded.

CPT. FULLER: What would you have done? Would you have let the city burn? This can’t come out, Agent Booth. Don’t make this any harder with an ugly story like this.

BOOTH: I don’t know what you’re fighting for, Fuller, but it sure as hell wasn’t my country. We’ll start with obstruction of justice.

They solve the case. At the cemetery, they observe the military families involved hugging each other in their grief.


BRENNAN: I would never have expected to see that.

BOOTH: Well, people will always surprise you.

BRENNAN: That hasn’t always been my experience.

BOOTH: I’ve done some things.


BRENNAN: I know.

BOOTH: No, no, you don’t.

BRENNAN: But it’s okay.

BOOTH: Well, not– not as a secret… it’s not. I have to be uh, honest about myself. I– I have to be able to tell someone.

BRENNAN: You will in time, Booth. You will.

BOOTH: I was sent to Kosovo. There was this Serb, General Raddick, who led a unit who would go into villages and, you know, destroy ’em. Women, children, all– all killed because he wanted to ethnically purify his country. He’d done this twice before. I mean, we had facts, proof. 232 people just erased.

BOOTH: I was the sniper sent in to stop him. He was set to leave in a couple hours. It was his son’s– son’s birthday. A little boy maybe about six or seven. I can still hear the music from the party, you know? That song just playing in my head. Nobody knew where the shot came from, but, you know, they knew why it came.

BOOTH: They said I saved over a hundred people. But, you know, that little boy who didn’t know who his father was, who– who just loved him… he saw him die, fall to the ground right in front of him. That little boy all covered in his daddy’s blood was changed forever. It’s never just– It’s never just the one person who dies, Bones. Never. Never.

BOOTH: You know, we all die a little bit, Bones. With each shot, we all die a little bit.



**This is a topical post! David’s new SEAL show is about to start. Who’s all watching it? Also, this is interesting because Stephen Nathan wrote it. It was not as heavy handed as his season 10 preachfest, so I appreciated seeing the differing points of view, from Hodgins to Booth to Angela to Brennan. And how they were able to find common ground. I think we could use more of that today! Anyway, what were your thoughts about this episode?


6 thoughts on “The Soldier on the Grave (1×21)

  1. Love the Booth pic to start this episode review! Open collar, no tie…yummy!!

    I have always loved this episode, especially the ending. Some thought it was cheesy, or that DB was over playing Booth. I watched it over and over again and love that Booth is confiding in Brennan. Brennan reaching out for Booth’s hand, and Booth placing his hand over hers is heartwarming.
    Bnb, you left out on of my favorite exchanges in this episode that leads up to Booth confiding in Brennan. Booth meets his army buddy Hank in the wheelchair for lunch-

    Booth: Hey you know, Hank, you know what, uh, you know what-what we did?
    Hank: Don’t go there, Booth.
    Booth: Was it worth it? I mean, look at you.
    Hank: You saved my life.I got a great family because of you.
    Booth: Yeah, but, I mean, why was it always secret?
    Hank: We were given a choice.They always gave us a choice.
    Booth: Yeah, but that last time well you knew what was at stake.
    Hank: Yeah, yeah.You never talked to anybody about it? You’ve got to. How about your girlfriend, that doctor?
    Booth: No. You know, she’s you know, she’s just my partner.

    So I love that Hank thinks Brennan is his girlfriend and Booth needs to confide in her…which is exactly what Booth does in the end!! Booth stumbles to tell Hank she is just his partner. Yeah right!!! We know better!
    Again, this episode show that Brennan gets it. She understands and shows empathy.

    I tried to find a pic of just B&B’s hands at the end, but no luck! I just love Booth placing his hand over Brennan’s.

  2. Found some! I love this scene. In the above pic, the way Booth is looking at Brennan’s hand. He is touched, perhaps surprised that she has reached out to him. IMO, one of the best B&B endings…

  3. I really like this episode. The story is interesting and the connection between B&B is shown to be very strong in this one. And it’s always nice to hear the old friend in the wheel chair refer to Brennan as Booth’s girlfriend!
    B&B are both reaching out to each other in this one.
    Brennan proves she pretty good at reading Booth already. She knows he’s hurting and she wants to help.
    Booth takes his friend’s advice and reaches out to Brennan with one of his war secrets. Always a very sweet moment and nice to see Brennan has no issue with Booth touching her!
    Booth plays tough and vulnerable in this one, very irresistible in this one. 🙂

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