The Boy in the Shroud (2×3)

Written by: Gary Glasberg

Directed by: Sanford Bookstaver

An adolescent has been found dead in the garbage. All of it is sent to the Jeffersonian. Cam examines the remains.


CAM: No visible tats or track marks.

BRENNAN: You sound surprised.

BOOTH: Well, it’s pretty obvious, Bones. It’s either a junkie or a hustler.

BRENNAN: Why make the assumption?

CAM: Not many kids from the suburbs end up rotting in garbage trucks. Fun factoid from the front lines.

Angela works her magic and forms a facial reconstruction from the shroud around the body.

ANGELA: I’m running our facial reconstruction through the Missing and Exploited Persons database.

CAM: That’s a lot of missing and exploited kids.

BRENNAN: These are just the locals.

BOOTH: Let’s hope we don’t have to go national.

CAM: Narrow the search. To street kids in the foster system.


CAM: Because statistically, that’s where this boy comes from.

BRENNAN: It’s far too early to start narrowing our focus.

CAM: Runaways, street kids, foster system.

BRENNAN: Dr. Saroyan’s the boss.

CAM: I’ve autopsied a lot of dead kids – car accidents, drug overdoses, drownings. Fine, it’s a broad search. Kid in a dumpster – it’s a runaway, street kid or foster system.

BOOTH: Cam’s right, Bones.

ANGELA: Got it. Dylan Crane, 17.

CAM: This is why I was appointed to this job, Dr. Brennan – to streamline the process.

ANGELA: Honor student from a nice neighborhood in Alexanadria.


ANGELA: He disappeared three weeks ago with his girlfriend, Kelly Morris – who is in the foster system.

Be prepared for some Brennan backstory coming!!

CRANE: Dylan was getting ready to go to M.I.T. She’s already dropped out of high school. The life we provided him didn’t prepare him for a girl like Kelly.

 BRENNAN: You mean a foster child.

BOOTH: Bones.

 B&B discuss the case.

BOOTH: You okay, Bones?

BRENNAN: I was a foster child.

BOOTH: Yeah, I know.

BRENNAN: Did people always assume the worst of me?

BOOTH: You know, I know that you hate psychology – but those people – they just lost their son. They need to blame someone.

They talk to foster placement and to the Kelly’s brother.

BRENNAN: Well, do you have a read on Dylan Crane?

BOOTH: Oh, yeah. He had that whole adolescent savior complex thing going on big time.

BRENNAN: Savior complex?

BOOTH: Yeah, teenage boys love nothing more than the idea of saving the damsel in distress.

BRENNAN: How do you know?

BOOTH: Well, ’cause I was, ya know, I was a teenage boy.

And he has a savior complex! 🙂

Meanwhile, Brennan is frustrated with how Booth and Cam are investigating the case.


BOOTH: Where are ya going?

BRENNAN: I thought that before we arrest Kelly Morris for murder, based solely on the fact that she’s a foster kid, we might want to find the place where Dylan Crane actually died. Point of fact, the pipe, if that’s even what it was, was not the murder weapon. The evidence, if anybody cares, shows that Dylan Crane died from a fall.

B&B interrogate another teenager.

BOOTH: What’s with the, uh, names on the inside of your forearm there? What does that mean?

CARTER: Guys I killed.

BRENNAN: It’s a list of foster homes. Ones that threw him out.

CARTER: Sometimes getting thrown out is-

BRENNAN: -It’s the best thing that can happen. I know.

CARTER: You were in the system?

BRENNAN: (nods)

Booth later asks Brennan about her experiences.


BOOTH: DO you have a list like Carter?

BRENNAN: Of foster families that didn’t work out? Yeah. We all did. I wrote mine on a bottom of a shoe.

BOOTH: Oh. You know, they say with foster kids, they’re really hard on themselves.


BOOTH: Yeah. Experts, psychologists, like that. Apparently, foster kids feel so alone in this mean world, they lose that knack of trusting other people.

BRENNAN: You mean at work?

BOOTH: Uh, everywhere. You know, the weight of the world. It’s – It’s just profound. They say that they, uh, have a hard time letting themselves off the hook. They – they grow up with control issues.

BRENNAN: Are you telling me something, Booth?

BOOTH: No. I’m just saying something to keep in consideration when we catch up with Kelly Morris.


BOOTH: If you decide to take some other wisdom out of it, none of my business.


BRENNAN: How Cam and I get along is none of your business.

BOOTH: Yeah. Right. Which I just said. Said just then – none of my business.

Cam and Brennan butt heads as to how they should continue the investigation.

CAM: It’s my call. No.


CAM: Really?

ANGELA: Really. And Booth too.

CAM: In the interest of this investigation, I’m going to defer to you, Dr. Brennan.

BRENNAN: Thank you.

ANGELA: Thank you.

CAM: But I will start the search for your replacement.

Booth and Cam talk.

CAM: Booth, if Dr. Brennan were to quit-

BOOTH: What?

CAM: If she were to leave the Jeffersonian-

BOOTH: Well, the squints would flee this institution like the French Army.

CAM: And you?

BOOTH: Well, I do as I’m ordered.

CAM: No, you don’t, Seeley.

BOOTH: Okay, here we go. What’s going on, Camille?


Hodgins interrupts with evidence. Then they wrap it up.

BOOTH: Look, Cam. Maybe you just got off on the wrong foot with this case with Brennan because uh, she was a foster kid.

CAM: Oh. Why didn’t she tell me?

BOOTH: She doesn’t do that. Oh, by the way, I didn’t just tell you that.

 They find the missing Kelly, who confesses to murder. Brennan doesn’t buy it.

BOOTH: Well, she confessed.

BRENNAN: She got it wrong. She forgot about the pipe.

BOOTH: She said they fought.

BRENNAN: She’s lying.

BOOTH: You know, I’m just trying to think of a situation so bad where a girl would confess to a murder to try and get out of it. That’s just-

The second murder victim’s wife approaches B&B.


FRAN: Kelly shouldn’t take the blame. (She reaches in her purse and pulls out a gun and places it on the table.) You’ll find one bullet missing.

BOOTH: You’re confessing to your husband’s murder?

FRAN: He used me to get close to young girls. I don’t know how many though the years.

Meanwhile, the early beginnings of Hodgela are forming.

CAM: What evidence do you have of that?

HODGINS: How about this? Specimen 268 – “right corner of the room” schematic.

 ANGELA: You are good.

HODGINS: Oh, you have no idea.


ZACK: Are you having a moment?

LOL Zack.

The team does a reconstruction using Booth as the murder victim. They realize Kelly was trying to save the victim.


BOOTH: Guys. There’s only two people in this world that Kelly Morris would cover for. One of them went out that window.

They talk to Kelly and Alex.

KELLY: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t tell them. They just – they just knew.


ALEX: It’s okay. Sorry about Dylan.

Brennan approaches Cam who is alone at the diner.

BRENNAN: You were right about the pipe.

CAM: You were right about the rose.

BRENNAN: Could I sit for a moment?

CAM: I wish you’d eat some of these fries. Save me from myself. They’re really good with garlic mayonnaise.

BRENNAN: We have a problem.

CAM: Uh, huh. Do you see a solution?

BRENNAN: It’s not completely my fault. I was a foster child and apparently, Booth says that – Booth says that I have – Well, something about control issues and the weight of the world.

CAM: That sounds like Booth.

BRENNAN: I think he meant that if I’m going to share responsibility for these cases, I’m going to have to learn to stop controlling everything too. Does that make sense? Psychology’s not – I really – I really hate psychology.

CAM: Not everyone’s brain works as fast as yours. I have to mull sometimes. Are – are you familiar with that concept?

BRENNAN: Yes. I just always thought it was a waste of time.

CAM: I’m in charge. But out of respect for you, I could extend – Monopoly. Did you ever play?


CAM: Well, they have this thing called a ‘Get out of jail free’ card. Think of it as a free pass to defy me. No explanation needed. No recriminations. No repercussions.

BRENNAN: Well, how – how many would I get?

CAM: One a week.

BRENNAN: Five per case.

CAM: Three per week.

BRENNAN: Booth told you I was a foster kid, didn’t he?

CAM: Okay, yes. He did. But he did it with a good heart and I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t let him know. Please.

BRENNAN: He’s gonna know that you told me the second he sees us together.

CAM: It’s true. He’s awful like that.

BRENNAN: He reads people the way you read pathology reports or I read bones.

CAM: Oh, God. I know. I hate him. Well, I don’t really.

BRENNAN: I know. Me either. I will take you up on this.

CAM: Would you, please.



I really like this last conversation between the two women. They both have very distinct ways of being in charge, so they are going to butt heads. But they are learning to figure out how to work together. They both have respect for each other and share a common bond with one Seeley Booth. I think it’s an intriguing start for their characters.


Mother and Child in the Bay (2×2)


Written by: Stephen Nathan

Directed by: Jesus Salvador Trevino

 Booth brings Brennan a new case.


BOOTH: Carlie Richardson, newlywed. Everyone assumed she was murdered. Husband was cheating on her, there was evidence that they had a fight that day. He was covered in scratches. Witnesses said they saw him down by the marina. Yeah, but, hey you know without the body, they had to kick him free.

BRENNAN: Well if she’s been in the water for a year, the bones will be saturated. I’ll need nylon mesh bagging and –

BOOTH: Cam’s bringing in everything on the truck.

BRENNAN: Well after a year there’s not going to be a lot of flesh for Cam.

BOOTH: Well, you know, hey, Bones, you know, Cam is – she’s in charge now. She runs the place, it’s her call.

BRENNAN: Then let’s hurry, I don’t want my remains to be compromised.

BOOTH: Okay.

BRENNAN: I don’t care if she’s the boss. The bones belong to me.

Enter yet another woman…because Booth’s phone rings.

BOOTH: Hey, oh. Booth. Oh, yeah. Rebecca.

BOOTH: Whoa, wait a second, slow down, okay? This is my weekend with Parker, okay? I am his father, all right? Stu is your boyfriend.


Enter Cam!

CAM: We’re going to be in the water, Doc. Remember to bring Traxon and soluble tape.

BRENNAN: Does she think I’m new at this? I developed the use of Traxon –

BOOTH: On the phone, Bones


BRENNAN: I know, get off. We have to go.

BOOTH: It’s – Rebecca, he’s spending a lot of time with Parker and I don’t even know this guy.

BRENNAN: She took Zack, Zack’s mine.

BOOTH: Because you know what? I just – I just want to make sure that he’s a good influence. The fact that he, you know, rocks you – rocks your world, surprisingly, that really, you know, doesn’t concern –

BRENNAN: I’ll just meet you there.

BOOTH: – doesn’t concern me. I – I gotta run, okay Rebecca? We’ll talk about this later. Bones, wait up!

BRENNAN: Why can’t you go faster? I don’t see why I couldn’t drive.


BOOTH: Because you’re agitated.

BRENNAN: I am not.

BOOTH: You know what, you’ve turned this into a competition between you and Cam.

BRENNAN: I just like to be first on the scene, that’s all. To protect the evidence.

BOOTH: She’s not going to disturb anything.

BRENNAN: No, it’s all tissue and blood and DNA with her. She doesn’t appreciate the skeletal system. You can take the I-70, it’ll be quicker.

BOOTH: Don’t back seat drive, okay?

BRENNAN: Oh, I think I know who’s agitated.

BOOTH: Someone is annoying me, okay? That’s different.

BRENNAN: Your ex.


BRENNAN: That’s who’s annoying you because she had a new man in her life

BOOTH: That’s funny, you know? Okay, I am concerned about my son. I wanna know what kind of guy this new boyfriend is. And you know what? If she’s not gonna tell me, I’ll find out on my own.

BRENNAN: You’re going to run a background check on him?

BOOTH: You have kids and we’ll talk.


BRENNAN: That’s a lot to ask for a little conversation.

They get to the scene. Cam has beaten Brennan there which annoys her. Then Cam touches the evidence.

BRENNAN: Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?

CAM: Scraping the adipocere from the hand.

BRENNAN: No, you could compromise the bones. You should use suction back at the lab. If you want a conviction. Of course it’s your call.

BOOTH: Are we gonna have another murder here or what?

CAM: No, no. I have the utmost respect for the doc. Glad she works for me.


Oooohhh that face! Watch out Cam!

 They start sifting through evidence. Cam and Brennan have a brief common-ground moment.


BRENNAN: It was male.

BOOTH: ‘He’. Not ‘it’, Bones. I’m gonna go talk to his girlfriend. No mistakes on this one.

CAM: He always was a little touchy.



As they investigate their main suspect, Brennan and Angela talk.

BRENNAN: Why did they have to get married in the first place? It’s an antiquated ritual. Carlie Richardson believed in it, trusted her husband and look what happened.

ANGELA: So this is marriage’s fault?


BRENNAN: Committing yourself to one person isn’t in the interest of the species. I mean, you have multiple partners.

ANGELA: Don’t say it like that. I date.

BRENNAN: The notion of a committed relationship, it’s fantasy.


BRENNAN:Look at Booth. Fighting with his ex, his son caught in the middle.

ANGELA: We make our lives out of chaos and hope and love. Someday you’ll meet somebody.

BRENNAN: I don’t need anything more than I have now.

ANGELA: Talk about a fantasy.


Zack gets caught between the two warring women as he helps on the case.

ZACK: These all appear to be from the knife that was missing from the set taken from Richardson’s.

BRENNAN: Appear? No conclusions without corroboration.

ZACK: But Dr Saroyan seems certain that Richardson –


BRENNAN: Seems? You’re my grad student. You work for me.

CAM: Remember Doc, were building a case here. Not getting our rocks off on research.


Brennan meets Booth at the diner and interrupts a phone conversation with Parker.


BRENNAN: New boyfriend spending a lot of time with your son?

BOOTH: Yeah. So you got any new information for me Bones?

BRENNAN: I’m sorry.

BOOTH: Ah, there’s no need.

BRENNAN: It must be hard not being able to see him when you want to.

BOOTH: See, this is information that I already know, Bones. Why don’t you – Let’s just say we discuss the case, hmm?


BOOTH: You know, I’m his father. You know, Parker knows that. I mean, that – that’s what’s important not some stupid trip to the zoo.

BRENNAN: No, absolutely.

BOTH: Right.

In her quest to understand Booth, Brennan seeks out information from her nemesis.

BRENNAN: Do you want children?

CAM: What?

BRENNAN: Children?

CAM: Maybe, if I could find one that sleeps late and cleans.


CAM: Does this apply to the case in any way?

BRENNAN: No, just curious. Most people think it’s odd when a woman doesn’t want children. But, obviously, you don’t.

CAM: Are you pregnant?

BRENNAN: No. I’m not, no.

BOOTH: Why are you looking at me?


CAM: Well, as long as you aren’t leaving the lab every two minutes to pee.

BRENNAN: No intention of it.

CAM: So all of this back-and-forth was for nothing? Good to know.

The investigation continues but Booth is in trouble with Rebecca. He’s investigated her boyfriend.

BOOTH: Okay, well I have a right to know who’s around my son, all right?. He spends more time with Parker than I do.

REBECCA: Okay, you think that I would put Parker in danger?

BOOTH: Let me ask you a question. Why is it that you keep all the men in your life such a secret?

REBECCA: Because you always interrogate them or intimidate them, and it freaks them out!

BOOTH: Well, I mean, c’mon. A lot are a little strange. I mean, the guy with the tattoos on his neck?

REBECCA: I don’t even have to let you see Parker, okay? Not-not-not legally. That-that’s one of the upsides of not being married.


BOOTH: Don’t. I’m a good father. You know that.


REBECCA: You’re got to stop trying to run things. I’ve got things in my life that have nothing to do with you.

BOTH: Look, we are always gonna have something to do with each other because we share a son.

REBECCA: Drew’s a good man. And you need to back off or you’re not gonna see Parker again, I swear. Back off.

After interrogating a group of mommy-and-me ladies about the victim, Brennan is confused.


BRENNAN: I understand killers. I just don’t know how mothers can do it. I mean, dogs can be trained in a couple of weeks. With kids, mothers have to give up their lives for years.

BOOTH: No, when you’re looking at your kid, you don’t feel like you’re giving up anything.

BRENNAN: So you would do it again?

BOOTH: What?

BRENNAN: You’d have Parker even with everything you’re going through?

BOOTH: What kind of question is that?

BRENNAN: Wouldn’t it be easier if Parker wasn’t caught in the middle of this drama f yours with Rebecca and the new boyfriend?

BOOTH: God, no. No, Bones. He’s my son. Whatever we’re going through, it’s not about that. He knows that.

BRENNAN: That’s what parents say when they want to justify themselves.

BOOTH: You know, I haven’t walked out on Parker, all right? I would never have done what your parents did.

BRENNAN: Well, I didn’t say you would. I just – I don’t know. You’re the father. I don’t know anything about raising kids, so –

BOOTH: Parker’s fine.

This episode talks about a lot of B&B issues. Now we talk religion.

BOOTH: No, but he ran. How do you just cut your family out of your life like that?

BRENNAN: Well, what about Abraham?

BOOTH: What, you’re going to throw religion in my face right now?

BRENNAN: I thought you found answers in what you believe.

BOOTH: Well, I mean, that’s just one Bible story that I just don’t like. I mean, God commands Abraham to kill his own son, and he does.

BRENNAN: No. Abraham does not kill Isaac.

Brennan knows the Bible well, eh?

BOOTH: But old Abe, you know, he had the intention.

BRENNAN: Well, I thought what he had was faith.

BOOTH: Look, I have faith. But if God himself came down, pointed at Parker and said, “I want you to, you know” – that ain’t gonna happen.

BRENNAN: But God’s messenger stopped Abraham?

BOOTH: Yeah. Grabbed his hand at the last second right before the knife was about to go in.

BRENNAN: Okay, then the lesson I would learn from the myth –

BOOTH: Myth?

BRENNAN: Well, it fits the definition.

BOOTH: Okay, fine.

BRENNAN: That when it comes to your children your love has to be absolute. The messenger represents goodness, what you know to be right. Ergo, you have to remain open to what you know is true.

BOOTH: Are you sure you’re not religious?


The team figures out that one of the moms killed her own child and stole the victim’s child. B&B talk it over.

BRENNAN: So you think Richardson can rise to the occasion? Be a decent father?

BOOTH: Well, he’s got Carlie’s parents to help him and – I like to think that people can change.

BRENNAN: Faith and hope, right?


BOOTH: Right.


BRENNAN: Angela threw in love, too.

BOOTH: Love is good.

PARKER: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

BOOTH: Parker!

Rebecca and her boyfriend talk with Booth. Brennan gets up to leave.

BOOTH: It’s okay, Bones. You can stay.


BRENNAN: It’s a family thing. Bye, Parker.



Don’t worry Brennan!


Wow, did this episode have a lot!?!??!?! Thoughts!??!?

Titan on the Tracks (2×1)

New season, new cast member! Off we go!

Episode 2×01

Written by: Hart Hanson

Directed by: Tony Wharmby

B&B are back at it again, and apparently Brennan has recently taken some time off.


BOOTH: What’d you do?

BRENNAN: I read, walked on the beach, chilled.

BOOTH: You chilled. In Darfur. You chilled in Darfur.

BRENNAN: In North Carolina. I changed my vacation plans to spend time with my brother. Russ and I talked about it and we really want to find Dad.

BOOTH: Okay, Bones, why don’t you have a little, uh, you know, faith in me, okay? I’m not gonna backburner the case all right? I’m gonna…find your father.

BRENNAN: My brother said you’d say that.

BOOTH: You really keep saying ‘my brother’ a lot.

BRENNAN: Well, I lost Russ for fifteen years. I like the sound of it. …my brother.

CAM: Seeley.


Meet Cam, and her severed arm friend!

BOOTH: Camille.

CAM: Don’t call me Camille.

BOOTH: Don’t call me Seeley.

CAM: Why are you still here, Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN: Because I’m not a coroner, and I don’t work for you?

CAM: You got that half right.

CAM: Every survivor is one less person for me to autopsy. You look good out of your suit, Seeley. But then, you always did.


BRENNAN: One minute she’s holding a severed arm, the next, she’s hitting on you.


Jealous, eh, Brennan??

BOOTH: No, she wasn’t hitting on me, and you know what, she is your boss, Bones.

BRENNAN: What? Goodman’s my boss.

BRENNAN: Why didn’t Goodman hire me?

BOOTH: Oh, my guess? People skills.

BRENNAN: I have people skills.

Back at the lab, Angela and Hodgins discuss the new boss while Cam and Booth talk.


ANGELA: They have a past.

HODGINS: Cam and the senator?


ANGELA: Cam and Booth. Look how she touches his arm when he laughs.

HODGINS: You touch my arm when I laugh.

ANGELA: No, no. You touch me. It’s a big difference.

The team figures out a high profile athlete and a senator were killed.

HODGINS: Warren Lynch and Senator Davis, killed in one accident? No way it’s a coincidence.

CAM: Hey, Hodge-Podge, all engines reverse. First we identify beyond a shadow of a doubt, then we get paranoid.

HODGINS: Cool. As long as paranoia’s on the schedule somewhere.

Hodgins can tell Brennan is not super happy about Cam coming on the scene.

HODGINS: You should be okay with Dr. Saroyan getting the Head of Forensics job.

BRENNAN: Why is that?

HODGINS: Because you are strictly rubber-to-the-road, hardball scientist. Not a flesh pressing, ink stained, policy making…wanktard.


Your face when the new boss overhears you calling her a wanktard 🙂

BRENNAN: What are her qualifications?

CAM: Chief Coroner of New York for two years, Assistant Federal Coroner before that. How am I doing?

BRENNAN: Very well. Impressive.

Angela and Brennan talk about Cam.


ANGELA: You didn’t actually want the job, did you?

BRENNAN: I don’t even know what the job is.

ANGELA: Well, Goodman won’t explain his decision.

BRENNAN: Goodman appointed Dr. Saroyan while I was on vacation, then took a two-month sabbatical to avoid me. That explains a lot.

ANGELA: Okay, well I think it’s because you are very task-oriented.

BRENNAN: Task oriented is a euphemism for lacking overall perspective.

ANGELA: Oh, no. No! …well, yeah. Yeah, a little. Like, when’s my birthday?

BRENNAN: I can get the computer to remind me about birthdays.

ANGELA:  That’s one of a gajillion examples.

BRENNAN: You could tell me the other gajillion minus one.

Brennan tries to test Cam.


CAM: Gas chromatography shows there’s also fentanyl in the heroin.

BRENNAN: What’s that?

ZACK: This reminds me of when you interviewed me to be your grad student. She knows what fentanyl is.

CAM: It’s a narcotic which boosts the effects of the heroin. According to Metro cops, fourteen addicts OD’d this week, off this one shipment.

BRENNAN: Have you told Booth?

CAM: No, I’ll leave that up to you. …how’d I do?

Oh snap. Cam is on to her!

Zack and Hodgins make one of their famous reconstructions.


BRENNAN: Tell me that’s not a real skeleton.

ZACK: No, we made him out of calcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite.


ZACK: Twenty minutes now.

BRENNAN: It’s still a significant amount of SPAM.

CAM: Why does the whole lab smell like a luau?


BRENNAN: Zack and Hodgins are proving there was extra accelerant in the Lynch’s vehicle.

CAM: Using what medium?

BRENNAN: Artificial bone covered with SPAM.

CAM: Turn this off.

CAM: Why wasn’t I told about this?

BRENNAN: I encourage independent inquiry.

CAM: Your encouragement does not signify my authorization. If it happens again, I will take action. And I’m from New York, which means that I will take New York action. Am I clear?

BRENNAN: Not at all.

ZACK: I’m from Michigan.

HODGINS: Dr. Saroyan means she’ll make us watch musical theatre.

CAM: Wrong New York. I’m more from the get-mugged-in-broad-daylight tradition. This is not a high school science fair; this is the Jeffersonian Institute. Unauthorized experiments in forensics will get you fired.

ZACK: But…we’re Hodge-Podge and Zackaroni.

BRENNAN: And, they work for me.

CAM: You know, what I’d really like to do here is enjoy a meeting of the minds. But, if you insist on an organizational pyramid, I will be at the top.

Brennan checks in with her partner about this Cam situation.

BOOTH: Spam?


BRENNAN: There were Mason jars in the backseat, intended to break when the train hit.

BOOTH: And they got this with SPAM?


BOOTH: Mmhmm. And Cam, she got all…bent out of shape.

BRENNAN: She wants to authorize all experiments.

BOOTH: Great, you know Zack and Hodgins, they do an experiment with fake bones in spam.

BRENNAN: What is your spam fixation?

BOOTH: Defense lawyer hears spam, he makes a joke, and the jury laughs, and everything we get from the Jeffersonian is framed as ‘goofy science’, you know, from a bunch of squints with no connection to the real world.

BRENNAN: That wouldn’t happen.

BOOTH: Oh, really, and the time you dropped a dead monkey down the elevator shaft…

BRENNAN: No, that was to show – Okay, I take your point.


BOOTH: Cam’s goal is a successful prosecution in a court of law.

BRENNAN: Same as mine and yours.

BOOTH: Oh, you’re all about finding the truth.

BRENNAN: Okay, your words say ‘good’, but your tone says ‘bad’, so it’s confusing.

BOOTH: Cam knows that too much truth is just as bad as too little.

BRENNAN: You know, Angela says that you and Cam had a sexual relationship. Does that affect your view of her?

BOOTH: Wildly out of line, just so you know that.

BRENNAN: You know, personal prerogative is at the heart of scientific inquiry.

BOOTH: Bones. (on his phone) Thanks for the notification.



BOOTH: The man who was charged with murdering your mother.


BRENNAN: The pig farmer. Vince McVicker.

BOOTH: He was killed. Today, at Alexandria Federal Holding Facility.


BRENNAN: I don’t…he was the only connection to my father. His trial was going to be my…How am I ever going to find out what really happened?

Booth and Brennan go on a stake-out.


BRENNAN: We wait? For how long?

BOOTH: However long it takes.

BRENNAN: Well what do we do while we wait?

BOOTH: This is a stakeout. We converse.

BRENNAN: Well, I tried to initiate conversation about the drug war, but…

BOOTH: Oh God. Fine, you know what, let’s talk about something we’re not going to argue about.

BOOTH: Been out to your mother’s grave?

BRENNAN: Not since the funeral.

BOOTH: Really?

BRENNAN: Why would I?

BOOTH: You know, to connect.

BRENNAN: She’s dead.

BOOTH: Fine. You know what? Forget it.

BRENNAN: Dead. As in, gone from this world.


BRENNAN: Excuse me? I’m curious. What you…talk to the headstone? What do you say?

BOOTH: It looks like I’m talking to the headstone, but what I’m really saying is…forget about where the words are aimed. What I say is that I remember them.

BRENNAN: They can’t hear you. Because they’re dead.

BOOTH: My mouth moves, words come out, but none seem to get across the drawbridge to the princess I know who waits within.


That’s very poetic, Booth!

BRENNAN: What princess?

Well, he tried.

Angela and Zack show Booth more findings.

ANGELA: It’s an Navigator. But get this. I don’t know if that’s any use to you.

BOOTH: Yeah. That’s of use.

ZACK: Booth. Do either of these count as experiments?

ANGELA: ‘Cause if they do, we could both get fired. By your old sweetheart.

BOOTH: You know, you just…quit telling Bones who you think I’ve slept with.


ANGELA: Think? What do you mean, think?

 Booth talks to Cam about how things are going.

BOOTH: Of course, Angela and Zack are scared that this counts as an experiment and you’re going to fire them.

CAM: Ah! I am getting through.

BOOTH: Why did you take this job, Camille?


CAM: Why shouldn’t I, Seeley?

BOOTH: Because it’s basically herding cats, and you’re a dog person.

CAM: Dogs herd cats.

BOOTH: Dogs…don’t do that.

CAM: Chase ‘em up trees, whatever.

BOOTH: Seriously, Cam. Why did you take this job?

CAM: These. Are titanium rib-clippers from Germany. My last job? Used bolt cutters from Home Depot. These are much, much nicer. This autopsy table? Has downdraft ventilation. No rotting corpse smell, Seeley. My last table didn’t even have a drain. Think about that a second. Leaky corpse, no drain.

BOOTH: So you took this job for better equipment.

CAM: I’ve spent my whole professional life in basement rooms with no windows. Now I’m in the Jeffersonian Institute. …What?

BOOTH: Gotta ask.

CAM: You so do not.

BOOTH: Did you take this job because of –

CAM: God, the ego!

BOOTH: Say it.

CAM: Nothing to do with you.


BOOTH: I need Bones this afternoon.

CAM: Okay.

BOOTH: It’s about her mother’s murder and her father’s disappearance.

CAM: Plus, she dedicated her book to you, so…

BOOTH: It’s a legitimate case, Cam.

CAM: I know. I read the file.



CAM: How do I help her make the right decision?

BOOTH: Go for the truth. You know, Take care of her people.

Booth and Brennan go talk to the man who killed McVicker.


BRENNAN: Mr Downs, the man you killed –

DOWNS: McVicker.

BRENNAN: He’s not my friend. He killed my mother.

DOWNS: You come to tell me thanks?

BRENNAN: No, McVicker was my last chance to find out some things. McVicker might have known something about my father. I can’t ask my father because he left a message on my answering machine telling me to stop looking for him.

DOWNS: I’ll tell you what. Maybe…look at McVicker’s murder as a second message from Max. One that he didn’t use the phone for.

BRENNAN: We never mentioned my father’s name was Max.

BOOTH: Did you perform a hit for Max Keenan?

DOWNS: Take it as a sign from God.

BRENNAN: How am I going to tell Russ that our father ordered the death of another human being?

BOOTH: If he did that, and I’m not saying it happened that way, then your father took down the man who murdered his wife.

BRENNAN: Good people don’t have other people murdered. Good people don’t even know how.

BOOTH: Well, your father buried your mother in a pair of new shoes in a cemetery. With her dolphin belt buckle that reminded her of you because you both loved dolphins.

BRENNAN: That does not make him a good man.

BOOTH: People can be more than one thing. We were a dead end! All right, we know that your father got to Mitchell Downs, persuaded him to kill McVicker. We find out how he did that, we’re that much closer to finding out what happened to your old man. I mean that’s…if you still want to find him.


BOOTH: Okay. Silver lining.

Booth tries to get info out of a private investigator, and it doesn’t work. Brennan presses him to figure out a way to get more information out of the guy.


BRENNAN: Well, It took two people! It was him. C’mon Booth. The part of you with a big gambling problem must love this idea.



BOOTH: Right there. Mhmm. That’s the reason you didn’t get Cam’s job.


The team talks to the prosecutor to get her to proceed with the case.

CAM: You accept this plea bargain, you don’t deserve to be a federal prosecutor.

LISA SUPEK: Dr. Saroyan –

CAM: Yeah, it’s scary. The whole country will be watching the trial, and you don’t want to go in with less than a sure thing. But you put my people on the stand as expert witnesses and that’s a sure thing.


BRENNAN: Not Zack.

ANGELA: Not Zack.

HODGINS: Not Zack.

CAM: You tell people the story of what happened using the evidence these people provided and if you have any ability as a prosecutor, you’ll win the case.

LISA SUPEK: Are you finished?

CAM: No, Ms. Supek. In the future, when you have problems with my team, you register them with me in private, not by grandstanding in a public forum.


BRENNAN: Okay, I, um, sort of see why she got the job.

Booth and Brennan head to the cemetery to visit her mom.

BOOTH: Well, looks like your brother was here.


BRENNAN: Never understood the idea of bringing flowers.

BOOTH: Just for once, Bones, do what people do. Kay? See how it feels. That’s it. I’m going to go stand over here, while you talk to your Mom.


BRENNAN: I told you, I don’t do that.

BRENNAN: Mom, it’s me. Temperance. I have questions, but you can’t answer them. No offence, but I don’t think there’s anything here of you but your bones, so… can’t believe I’m doing this. Is Dad a good man or…a bad man? He had someone killed. Had him murdered and…what’s the truth? Do I…do I keep looking, or do I let it go like he asked? Who’s he protecting? Himself? Or me, and Russ?

BRENNAN: Booth? I asked the questions and guess what? No answer.


Just innocently eavesdropping on conversations…. 🙂

BOOTH: Well, maybe if you weren’t standing right on top of her, took a step to the left, showed just a little respect. Sometimes it takes a while to get an answer, okay? Just leave the flowers.

BRENNAN: I get answers from a lab, you get them from people. Nobody gets answers from a slab of stone.

BOOTH: Yeah, well I see an answer in the stone. See, you buried your mother as Christine Brennan, the woman that you knew as your mother and not by her real name, Ruth Keenan. That tells me who you are.


Brennan picks up the dolphin with gloves, as evidence.

BOOTH: What do you have?


BRENNAN: A dolphin. What does that tell you?

BOOTH: What does it tell you?


BRENNAN: My father was here.

BOOTH: Because he loves your mother, grieves her loss, and he came here to talk to her.

(Booth removes the dolphin from the evidence bag)

BRENNAN: You’re tainting evidence.

BOOTH: It’s not that kind of evidence, Bones. It’s evidence of something else. Something that can’t be tainted.

BRENNAN: It’s beautiful.

BOOTH: Yeah.


The Woman in Limbo (1×22)

The Woman in Limbo”

Episode 1×22

Written By: Hart Hanson

Directed by: Jesus Trevino

Ok, so the first scene is too good to cut, so enjoy the back-and-forth between all our favs! Brennan is torn in 65 directions as everyone on her team wants something, and her partner, Mr. Sexy Agent Seeley Booth, is attempting to whisk her away to trial.

GOODMAN: All I ask is that you stop by the archeology section and identify the skull as a Syrian, Hetite or Egyptian!


BRENNAN: I’m in court today. I need my notes.

GOODMAN: Well, there’s a photocopy in the file

BRENNAN: No. The last time I read from photocopies, the defense lawyer told the jury I was winging it.

BOOTH: Ready? Chop, chop.

BRENNAN: I can’t find my original notes…

BOOTH: Photocopy in the file.

BRENNAN: No. The last time the defense lawyer told the jury that I…

BOOTH: It was a ploy. It failed. Let’s go.


HODGINS: I found glass. I found pollen. Which do you want first?

BRENNAN: Pollen.

GOODMAN: Perhaps you could swing by archeology on your way to your ah..court..

BOOTH: No. No swinging.

ANGELA: Alright. Her height makes no sense and her spine length is…wacky.

ZACK: Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN: Okay. Calculate the height off the femur and assume that fire shrunk her spine.

BOOTH: I don’t think you should talk about other cases so much on court day. You might get confused.

GOODMAN: One simple question. A Syrian, Hittite or Egyptian?

ZACK: Dr. Brennan?

GOODMAN: 5 Minutes.

BOOTH: Bones!

Brennan: What’s up?

Zack: Buttercup. If you sign off on these tissues markers, Angela can finish the facial reconstruction.

BRENNAN: Why did you say “buttercup”?

ZACK: What’s up, buttercup is an amusing, rhyming, linguistic meme. This (skull) is the latest Jane Doe from Limbo.

BOOTH: How ‘bout this for an amusing, rhyming linguini. See ya later, alligator.

GOODMAN: Please don’t refer to bones storage as “Limbo”. 5 minutes.

I didn’t realize that Zack was the one who coined the phrase!

ZACK: There are thousands of human remains down there waiting to be identified. Limbo seems an appropriate name.

BRENNAN: No sign of foul play.

GOODMAN: If you have time for this, you have time for my Hittite.

BRENNAN: Tissue depth of the cheekbones and along the jaw line looks a little deep to me, but otherwise–

BOOTH: …out of limbo, back on earth and on our way to court. Thanks.

We run into Brennan’s BF, who also happens to be named David. (ED sure knows a lot of them!)


DAVID: Oh, Temperance. Hi.

BRENNAN: David! What are you doing here?

BOOTH: She has to get to court so –

DAVID: Agent Booth. Nice to see you again. Especially when I’m not in custody. Listen, I read your manuscript. I couldn’t wait to tell you how great it is.

BRENNAN: Thank you. Really?

BOOTH: You read her manuscript?

DAVID: Her second novel. Bone Free. It’s kinda like “Born Free” except no lions.

BOOTH: Yuck on the title. Am I in it?

BRENNAN: No! / DAVID: Definitely.


BRENNAN: Uh, we have to get to court – –

DAVID: Hope you remembered your original notes, because last time….

BRENNAN: Told you, Booth!

BOOTH: No. Bones. We don’t have time! Our – all right, listen. Uh, Three minutes. I’ll wait for you in the car.

BOOTH: So are you two, uh –

DAVID: Yeah, sort of. Is that a problem?

BOOTH: Yeah. Bones is very literal. So in the future, no jokey advice on a court day.

DAVID: Okay.

However, Brennan is caught off guard by the image Angela is showing in the lab.

GOODMAN: Is something wrong?

BRENNAN: What’s this?

ANGELA: Zack’s Jane Doe. He said that you okay’d the tissue markers

BRENNAN: No, that can’t be right. That can’t possibly be right. You did it wrong. It’s a mistake, Angela.

ANGELA: Alright, fine. Sweetie. I’ll turn it off.

BRENNAN: Zack. The artifact bag from your Jane Doe – do you have it?

ZACK: Yes. I also have three – (Brennan runs off with the bag)


BOOTH: Any of you see Bones? We’re due in court, like –hello–Now.

 Angela shows him the face of the woman in limbo.

ANGELA: This…totally freaked her out.

ZACK: My theory. Caffeine intolerance.

HAHAHA! Season 1 Zack has been cracking me up!

BOOTH: Yeah. You’re gonna want to take Dr. Brennan off the witness list today. No. She can’t make it into court. Thanks.

ANGELA: Alright. What’s going on.

BOOTH: That… is Christine Brennan.

GOODMAN: Good God.

BOOTH: You just found Bones’ mother.

My favorite thing is how Booth just knows. He knows this is too big a blow, he knows she needs support, and takes her right off the witness list.

BRENNAN: I have to miss court.

BOOTH: I know.


BRENNAN: I remember this belt buckle. I borrowed it without asking first day of high school. My father had it specially made for my mother because she loved dolphins.

BOOTH: Bones…I’m sorry.

BRENNAN: I always knew that for my parents to disappear like that They – They had to be dead. I thought that when it was confirmed, I’d feel relief, but—

BOOTH: It’s still bad news.

BRENNAN: You have the file, Zack?

ZACK: Jane Doe, Number 129-0998.

BRENNAN: Where was she found?

BOOTH: Bones, I –

BRENNAN: What does it say?

ZACK: “In September of 1998, a grave-digging crew at the Sunset Memory Cemetery in Salisbury, Pennsylvania, uncovered human remains in a completely advanced stage of decomposition.”

BOOTH: Is it from a grave?

ZACK: No. It appears that somebody just dug a hole at the edge of the cemetery and…plopped the body in there.

BOOTH: Zack….

ZACK: Sorry. “The local coroner found no obvious evidence of foul play and sent the remains, a few artifacts and soil samples to the Jeffersonian, hoping we could identify her. Technically, you mother’s been at the Jeffersonian as long as you have.

BOOTH: Zack.

ZACK: Sorry. But they both got here in 1998.

GOODMAN: Dr. Brennan. Miss Montenegro has volunteered to drive you home.

BOOTH: Temperance. Go home.

He fails to mention he’s planning on being there later 🙂


BRENNAN: It’s after midnight…

BOOTH: Well, I was driving by, I saw that lights. I thought you might like some Wong Foo’s.


BRENNAN: You saw my lights from the road?

BOOTH: That is correct. All right!

BOOTH: After you gave me your parents’ missing persons file, I did some poking around.

BRENNAN: You worked on it?

BOOTH: Well, there wasn’t much I could do. There was no evidence, no clear jurisdiction. Listen, Bones. Finding your mother’s remains means that I can open an official F.B.I. case. I mean for the first time, a real investigation can occur.

BRENNAN: Three days after my parents disappeared, they found our car at a rest stop a thousand miles from where we lived in Chicago.

BOOTH: Yeah. I found it in a Federal impound lot in Jersey. I’m having it trucked to the Jeffersonian.

BRENNAN: They kept it all those years?

BOOTH: Well, nobody claimed it. Your father was a high school science teacher. He had no trouble with anyone at work. And then your mother – That’s a different matter.

BRENNAN: She was a bookkeeper.

BOOTH: Mmm, she was a witness for the prosecution. Twice. On evasion charges. That gives motive. Then there’s uh, your brother.

BRENNEN: Russ – The brother who deserted me.

BOOTH: He’s on parole. He ran a chop shop processing stolen cars for parts.

BRENNAN: Figures.

BOOTH: He says that you blame him for your parents’ disappearance?

BRENNAN: You talked to Russ?

BOOTH: I called him. Just asked him a few routine questions. He didn’t give me much. We’re gonna find out what happened to your mom. Okay?


Back at the lab, the squints are trying to help Brennan sift through evidence, when Booth kicks them out. He has news.

BOOTH: When you first gave me the file on your parents, I..I looked back into their lives three to four years before they disappeared. Jobs, friends.


BOOTH: I looked back a little further and I found that…Christine Brennan didn’t exist before 1978.

BRENNAN: What are you telling me? That – That this woman isn’t my mother? I was born in 1976. Obviously, my mother existed.

BOOTH: Do you know the most common way of creating an identity?

BRENNAN: Getting the birth certificate of someone deceased who was born the same year you were…and take over that identity.

BOOTH: I found a one, Matthew Brennan. Born and died, in 1948. Do you understand?

BRENNAN: I don’t know what it means. I don’t know what any of it means.

BOOTH: It means your parents weren’t who you thought they were. It means that they were living under…assumed identities.

Booth tracks down Russ.

RUSS: You found my mother?

BOOTH: Your sister did the I.D.

RUSS: What about dad?


RUSS: What do you want?

BOOTH: Do you remember being anyone else besides uh….Russ Brennan?


BOOTH: You wouldn’t lie to me, would you, Russ?

RUSS: Cops always think I’m lying.

BOOTH: I want you to come back to D.C. and help out in this investigation.

RUSS: I got a job, man.

 Back at the lab…

ANGELA: Hodgins. What’s the giant problem.

HODGINS: It’s a movie ticket. A little U.V. analysis, some guesswork..I come up with “The Fugitive”

ANGELA: So what’s wrong? You don’t like Brennan’s mom’s taste in movies?

HODGINS: The Fugitive was the third top-grossing film of 1993.

ANGELA: Brennan’s parents disappeared in December of 1991.

HODGINS: Yet, mom’s going to Harrison Ford movies almost 2 years later.

ANGELA: Oh, god. This IS giant.


HODGINS: What do I do? Pretend I never found this?


BRENNAN: Did you find something in the soil?

Booth arrives on the scene with Russ. She doesn’t want to chat.

BOOTH: Hey, Bones. Come on.

BRENNAN: My mother died of a subdural hematoma. Bleeding in the brain.

BOOTH: You want to proceeded rationally, correct?

BRENNAN: Chances are the subdural hematoma was caused by a blow to the head.

BOOTH: Great. You got the how. Now let’s get the who. You just told me that your mother was murdered. I mean, who better to help us than – than your brother?

He got her with logic!

RUSS: Mom loved dolphins. This was mine! My favorite marble. What was she doing with that?

BRENNAN: Where did Booth find you?

RUSS: It’s not hard for an F.B.I Agent to find a parolee.

BRENNAN: I didn’t ask how. I asked where.

RUSS: Moorehead City, North Carolina. I call every year on your birthday. You never pick up.

BRENNAN: Take a hint.

RUSS: Can I have this, please?

BRENNAN: It’s evidence.

RUSS: Of what? It’s a kid’s marble.

BRENNAN: It’s the rules. I can’t let you have it.

RUSS: Same old Tempe. Never met a rule worth breaking.

BRENNAN: Same old Russ. On parole.


BOOTH: Angela, I might send Russ in to describe some people to you.

ANGELA: Okay. What people?

BOOTH: Some people a seven year old boy might remember.

ANGELA: That’s a little vague there, Booth.

BOOTH: The drawing – I mean, that’s important. It’s more that I trust your instincts.

ANGELA: When it comes to men?

BOOTH: When it comes to suspects….Why do you think that Bones asked her boyfriend you know, to uh, read her book and not me? You know, maybe…maybe because there was just too much of me in the story. Oh, she was embarrassed. You think? May–Maybe? (His phone rings) Booth. Yeah, I’m on my way. Thanks. Uh, the family car just arrived.

I love that Angela is the one he asked about Brennan and her boyfriend! She gets it.

Booth reveals to Brennan and Russ that he’s found out more info.

BOOTH: I had N.C.I.C. database check for a married couple who disappeared in 1978. Meet Max and Ruth Keenan.


RUSS: That’s mom and dad alright.

BRENNAN: The N.C.I.C. database? That’s ..that’s criminals. My parents were on the list of Federal Offenders?

RUSS: How do you like that? I guess a criminal nature runs in the family.

BRENNAN: You were seven years old, Russ. Old enough to remember. What – What is your real name? What is MY real name?

BOOTH: Bones, it’s right here in the file.

BRENNAN: No! No! I want him to tell me! What is my real name, Russ?

RUSS: My name was Kyle. Your name was Joy.

Brennan has a heart to heart with her bestie.

BRENNAN: At first, I thought the worst thing was that they were missing.

ANGELA: Except “dead” means no more hope.

BRENNAN: My mother was alive for almost 2 years after they disappeared. She abandoned me.

ANGELA: You don’t know that. Look. You finally got to slap Russ. You’ve been wanting to do that for years.


BRENNAN: I worshipped him. You know? Oooh. He was so cool. Everyone knew I was Russ Brennan’s little sister. I wasn’t cool or pretty, so being his sister – You know that game, Marco Polo? I’d be sitting in class, and I’d hear out the window “Marco!” It’d be Russ, checking in on me and letting everyone know that I was his little sister.

ANGELA: Did you “Polo”?

BRENNAN: Yeah. Sometimes it’d be the only word I said all day – “Polo”. And then mom and dad disappeared and Russ took off. Suddenly, no one cared where I was. I miss that. Someone caring where I am all the time.


BOOTH: Bones! Bones! You up there? Come on. Let’s go. Chop. Chop. I found the Agent that was assigned to your parents’ case.


One of my favorite B&B moments of all time. Of the whole series. Booth is there for her. Always.

The investigation continues. Angela meets with Russ.

ANGELA: You know, your sister is my best friend, so when she says you can’t be trusted, I trust her.

RUSS: This is you being charming? Does Tempe really hate me that much?

ANGELA: Russ, she loves you. It’d be easier if she hated you. Hate is a lot easier to deal with than love. Especially, disappointed love.

RUSS: You know what’s ironic? Tempe doesn’t trust me because I keep a promise.

ANGELA: What promise?

RUSS: Seven years old. Dad and me in the backyard, this was in Ohio. My dad tells me. “You’re not Kyle anymore. Forget about Kyle. You’re Russ.” He says, “If you ever tell anyone – the police, anyone – you will be killing your mother and your sister.” “Swear” he says. “You swear on your baby sister’s life you won’t tell” He makes me say my new name a hundred times – Russ Brennan, Russ Brennan, Russ Brennan. He says it with me. Russ Brennan. Russ Brennan. Russ Brennan.

ANGELA: Around that time, when Kyle became Russ…Maybe you saw someone. Maybe you saw someone who scared you? Someone who scared you because you had instincts. The instincts of a frightened kid. Was there someone like that?

RUSS: Yeah. A man came to the house one day. Um, my dad said if I ever saw this guy again, to grab my sister, and hide.

ANGELA: Well, when you’re ready, you’ll describe that man to me.

RUSS: All right.

Booth is back at Brennan’s place.


BRENNAN: If you keep bringing Chinese food in the middle of the night, we’re both gonna get fat.

BOOTH: I know what you’ve been thinking.

BRENNAN: I doubt it.

BOOTH: You’ve been thinking that your family is made up of liars and criminals. And that makes you feel lonely. There’s a story here we don’t know yet.

BRENNAN: Like what?

BOOTH: Bones, “don’t know” means it’s a mystery.

BRENNAN: What were your parents like?




BOOTH: My parents, uh – my dad, he, uh –He drove thuds and phantoms in Vietnam. Those are fighter jets. After that, he was a barber in Philadelphia and my mom, she wrote jingles for a local advertising agency.

BRENNAN: So they didn’t go out at night after you were asleep and rob banks?

BOOTH: Listen, Bones. You know – parents, um, they have secret lives. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be parents. It is a little late for Chinese, isn’t it? Thanks for the meal. See you tomorrow.


 Brennan goes to the lab, but she isn’t alone.

ZACK: Dr. Brennan, is it morning?

BRENNAN: No, I couldn’t sleep. Why are you still here?

ZACK: We’re all here. No one’s leaving until we figure out what happened to your mother.

BRENNAN: Thank you.

 Angela, Booth, and Brennan are trying to figure out who scared Russ as a child.

BOOTH: Hey, know what? I’m gonna play hardball with Witness Protection. If they don’t cooperate, I’m gonna put his face in the paper.

BRENNAN: Wouldn’t you get in trouble for that?

BOOTH: Well, we’ll find out.

ANGELA: You know what? Sometimes, he is just – Whew.

Our thoughts exactly, Angela.

B&B head out to talk to a man who ran with her parents. He spins a tale about running off with Brennan’s mother and that her dad is guilty of hitting her mother. She loses it.


BRENNAN: I work at the Jeffersonian Institution. I’m a Forensic Anthropologist. I specialize in identif – in identifying – in identifying people when nobody knows who they are. My father was a science teacher. My mother was a bookkeeper My brother – I have a brother. I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan.


BOOTH: I know who you are. Hey. I know. It’s okay. Shh. It’s gonna be alright.

Booth and Russ do not trust this guy’s story.

BRENNAN: You don’t believe him?

BOOTH: No. I don’t believe him.

BRENNAN: Give me one piece of evidence that doesn’t back up his story.

BOOTH: You’re school sticker on the back of your parents’ car – it was scraped off.

RUSS: What does that prove?

BOOTH: Well, there’s a story that tracks for me, but without evidence, it’s – it’s just a story.

RUSS: Tell us.

BOOTH: Your parents go out Christmas shopping one day. They spot McVicar, the hit man. Alright? They lead him away from your home.

BRENNAN: Scrape off the name of the school so he can’t trace it back to me and Russ.

BOOTH: He take out your father…

BRENNAN: …and my mother gets away with a head wound.

BOOTH: She leaves the car a thousand miles away, finds friends, but she can never go back to see you guys because the crew is still looking for her. It’s just a story.

BRENNAN: Fits the evidence.

RUSS: Tempe, that theory explains why mom never came back for you during that year and a half before she died.

BRENNAN: What’s your excuse, Russ?

RUSS: You’re the one that left me. You needed someone to blame. You chose me.

BRENNAN: I was fifteen years old.

RUSS: I was nineteen! My parents were gone. My sister hated my guts. Everyone’s telling me that she’d be better off in foster care.

BRENNAN: You didn’t even ask me.

RUSS: I tried, Temperance. You wouldn’t talk to me. You still wouldn’t be talking to me if mom’s bones hadn’t shown up. And I kept trying. Every year. Every year on your birthday. You’re the on that gave up! You turned your back on me and you made yourself a new family.

 They go back to confront the creep.

MCVICKER: I need to speak to you alone.

BOOTH: Forget it.

BRENNAN: Booth, it’s alright.


BRENNAN: It’s alright.

BOOTH: You got two ways to look at this. One is, you score a private chat. The second one is, you attack her and I’ll drill you through the forehead.

MCVICKER: How could I possibly attack her?

BOOTH: I’ll decide what is and isn’t an attack –like say, a hiccup.


I just adore his protective thing.

BRENNAN: Why are you letting me drive?

BOOTH: It’s your reward.

BRENNAN: For what?

BOOTH: For totally pissing off a hit man. Can I read your book?

BRENNAN: After it comes out.

BOOTH: Not before?


BOOTH: I let you drive!

BRENNAN: Just let it go.

BOOTH: Where are we going?

BRENNAN: I’d like to make up for a little lost time.


BOOTH: I’m gonna go get a funnel cake. Okay?


BRENNAN: I have something for you.

RUSS: Thanks, Tempe.

BRENNAN: Russ. You were right. You were only 19, but at the time, I didn’t understand what that meant. Sometimes people need to explain things to me, I guess.

RUSS: Then, you have to let them talk to you.

BRENNAN: If you can maybe come back and stay a couple days longer? Please? At my place, I mean.

RUSS: Marco.


All three return to Brennan’s place.

BRENNAN: Anybody thirsty?

RUSS: Is it too early for a beer?

BOOTH: Ah, I gotta go. You know, I’m picking up Parker for the weekend.

He notices Brennan’s book and decides to stay awhile.


RUSS: You have a boy?

BOOTH: Yeah.

RUSS: The woman I’m seeing, she’s got uh, two daughters.

BOOTH: Nice. Girls are nice.




ANSWERING MACHINE: “New message recorded today. 3p.m.”

MAN’S VOICE: “Temperance? You have to stop looking. Y—You have to stop looking for me right now. This is bigger and worse than you know. Please stop now.”

BOOTH: Who’s that?


BRENNAN: That was my father.


And just to end it on my favorite part: