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Mother and Child in the Bay (2×2)


Written by: Stephen Nathan

Directed by: Jesus Salvador Trevino

 Booth brings Brennan a new case.


BOOTH: Carlie Richardson, newlywed. Everyone assumed she was murdered. Husband was cheating on her, there was evidence that they had a fight that day. He was covered in scratches. Witnesses said they saw him down by the marina. Yeah, but, hey you know without the body, they had to kick him free.

BRENNAN: Well if she’s been in the water for a year, the bones will be saturated. I’ll need nylon mesh bagging and –

BOOTH: Cam’s bringing in everything on the truck.

BRENNAN: Well after a year there’s not going to be a lot of flesh for Cam.

BOOTH: Well, you know, hey, Bones, you know, Cam is – she’s in charge now. She runs the place, it’s her call.

BRENNAN: Then let’s hurry, I don’t want my remains to be compromised.

BOOTH: Okay.

BRENNAN: I don’t care if she’s the boss. The bones belong to me.

Enter yet another woman…because Booth’s phone rings.

BOOTH: Hey, oh. Booth. Oh, yeah. Rebecca.

BOOTH: Whoa, wait a second, slow down, okay? This is my weekend with Parker, okay? I am his father, all right? Stu is your boyfriend.


Enter Cam!

CAM: We’re going to be in the water, Doc. Remember to bring Traxon and soluble tape.

BRENNAN: Does she think I’m new at this? I developed the use of Traxon –

BOOTH: On the phone, Bones


BRENNAN: I know, get off. We have to go.

BOOTH: It’s – Rebecca, he’s spending a lot of time with Parker and I don’t even know this guy.

BRENNAN: She took Zack, Zack’s mine.

BOOTH: Because you know what? I just – I just want to make sure that he’s a good influence. The fact that he, you know, rocks you – rocks your world, surprisingly, that really, you know, doesn’t concern –

BRENNAN: I’ll just meet you there.

BOOTH: – doesn’t concern me. I – I gotta run, okay Rebecca? We’ll talk about this later. Bones, wait up!

BRENNAN: Why can’t you go faster? I don’t see why I couldn’t drive.


BOOTH: Because you’re agitated.

BRENNAN: I am not.

BOOTH: You know what, you’ve turned this into a competition between you and Cam.

BRENNAN: I just like to be first on the scene, that’s all. To protect the evidence.

BOOTH: She’s not going to disturb anything.

BRENNAN: No, it’s all tissue and blood and DNA with her. She doesn’t appreciate the skeletal system. You can take the I-70, it’ll be quicker.

BOOTH: Don’t back seat drive, okay?

BRENNAN: Oh, I think I know who’s agitated.

BOOTH: Someone is annoying me, okay? That’s different.

BRENNAN: Your ex.


BRENNAN: That’s who’s annoying you because she had a new man in her life

BOOTH: That’s funny, you know? Okay, I am concerned about my son. I wanna know what kind of guy this new boyfriend is. And you know what? If she’s not gonna tell me, I’ll find out on my own.

BRENNAN: You’re going to run a background check on him?

BOOTH: You have kids and we’ll talk.


BRENNAN: That’s a lot to ask for a little conversation.

They get to the scene. Cam has beaten Brennan there which annoys her. Then Cam touches the evidence.

BRENNAN: Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?

CAM: Scraping the adipocere from the hand.

BRENNAN: No, you could compromise the bones. You should use suction back at the lab. If you want a conviction. Of course it’s your call.

BOOTH: Are we gonna have another murder here or what?

CAM: No, no. I have the utmost respect for the doc. Glad she works for me.


Oooohhh that face! Watch out Cam!

 They start sifting through evidence. Cam and Brennan have a brief common-ground moment.


BRENNAN: It was male.

BOOTH: ‘He’. Not ‘it’, Bones. I’m gonna go talk to his girlfriend. No mistakes on this one.

CAM: He always was a little touchy.



As they investigate their main suspect, Brennan and Angela talk.

BRENNAN: Why did they have to get married in the first place? It’s an antiquated ritual. Carlie Richardson believed in it, trusted her husband and look what happened.

ANGELA: So this is marriage’s fault?


BRENNAN: Committing yourself to one person isn’t in the interest of the species. I mean, you have multiple partners.

ANGELA: Don’t say it like that. I date.

BRENNAN: The notion of a committed relationship, it’s fantasy.


BRENNAN:Look at Booth. Fighting with his ex, his son caught in the middle.

ANGELA: We make our lives out of chaos and hope and love. Someday you’ll meet somebody.

BRENNAN: I don’t need anything more than I have now.

ANGELA: Talk about a fantasy.


Zack gets caught between the two warring women as he helps on the case.

ZACK: These all appear to be from the knife that was missing from the set taken from Richardson’s.

BRENNAN: Appear? No conclusions without corroboration.

ZACK: But Dr Saroyan seems certain that Richardson –


BRENNAN: Seems? You’re my grad student. You work for me.

CAM: Remember Doc, were building a case here. Not getting our rocks off on research.


Brennan meets Booth at the diner and interrupts a phone conversation with Parker.


BRENNAN: New boyfriend spending a lot of time with your son?

BOOTH: Yeah. So you got any new information for me Bones?

BRENNAN: I’m sorry.

BOOTH: Ah, there’s no need.

BRENNAN: It must be hard not being able to see him when you want to.

BOOTH: See, this is information that I already know, Bones. Why don’t you – Let’s just say we discuss the case, hmm?


BOOTH: You know, I’m his father. You know, Parker knows that. I mean, that – that’s what’s important not some stupid trip to the zoo.

BRENNAN: No, absolutely.

BOTH: Right.

In her quest to understand Booth, Brennan seeks out information from her nemesis.

BRENNAN: Do you want children?

CAM: What?

BRENNAN: Children?

CAM: Maybe, if I could find one that sleeps late and cleans.


CAM: Does this apply to the case in any way?

BRENNAN: No, just curious. Most people think it’s odd when a woman doesn’t want children. But, obviously, you don’t.

CAM: Are you pregnant?

BRENNAN: No. I’m not, no.

BOOTH: Why are you looking at me?


CAM: Well, as long as you aren’t leaving the lab every two minutes to pee.

BRENNAN: No intention of it.

CAM: So all of this back-and-forth was for nothing? Good to know.

The investigation continues but Booth is in trouble with Rebecca. He’s investigated her boyfriend.

BOOTH: Okay, well I have a right to know who’s around my son, all right?. He spends more time with Parker than I do.

REBECCA: Okay, you think that I would put Parker in danger?

BOOTH: Let me ask you a question. Why is it that you keep all the men in your life such a secret?

REBECCA: Because you always interrogate them or intimidate them, and it freaks them out!

BOOTH: Well, I mean, c’mon. A lot are a little strange. I mean, the guy with the tattoos on his neck?

REBECCA: I don’t even have to let you see Parker, okay? Not-not-not legally. That-that’s one of the upsides of not being married.


BOOTH: Don’t. I’m a good father. You know that.


REBECCA: You’re got to stop trying to run things. I’ve got things in my life that have nothing to do with you.

BOTH: Look, we are always gonna have something to do with each other because we share a son.

REBECCA: Drew’s a good man. And you need to back off or you’re not gonna see Parker again, I swear. Back off.

After interrogating a group of mommy-and-me ladies about the victim, Brennan is confused.


BRENNAN: I understand killers. I just don’t know how mothers can do it. I mean, dogs can be trained in a couple of weeks. With kids, mothers have to give up their lives for years.

BOOTH: No, when you’re looking at your kid, you don’t feel like you’re giving up anything.

BRENNAN: So you would do it again?

BOOTH: What?

BRENNAN: You’d have Parker even with everything you’re going through?

BOOTH: What kind of question is that?

BRENNAN: Wouldn’t it be easier if Parker wasn’t caught in the middle of this drama f yours with Rebecca and the new boyfriend?

BOOTH: God, no. No, Bones. He’s my son. Whatever we’re going through, it’s not about that. He knows that.

BRENNAN: That’s what parents say when they want to justify themselves.

BOOTH: You know, I haven’t walked out on Parker, all right? I would never have done what your parents did.

BRENNAN: Well, I didn’t say you would. I just – I don’t know. You’re the father. I don’t know anything about raising kids, so –

BOOTH: Parker’s fine.

This episode talks about a lot of B&B issues. Now we talk religion.

BOOTH: No, but he ran. How do you just cut your family out of your life like that?

BRENNAN: Well, what about Abraham?

BOOTH: What, you’re going to throw religion in my face right now?

BRENNAN: I thought you found answers in what you believe.

BOOTH: Well, I mean, that’s just one Bible story that I just don’t like. I mean, God commands Abraham to kill his own son, and he does.

BRENNAN: No. Abraham does not kill Isaac.

Brennan knows the Bible well, eh?

BOOTH: But old Abe, you know, he had the intention.

BRENNAN: Well, I thought what he had was faith.

BOOTH: Look, I have faith. But if God himself came down, pointed at Parker and said, “I want you to, you know” – that ain’t gonna happen.

BRENNAN: But God’s messenger stopped Abraham?

BOOTH: Yeah. Grabbed his hand at the last second right before the knife was about to go in.

BRENNAN: Okay, then the lesson I would learn from the myth –

BOOTH: Myth?

BRENNAN: Well, it fits the definition.

BOOTH: Okay, fine.

BRENNAN: That when it comes to your children your love has to be absolute. The messenger represents goodness, what you know to be right. Ergo, you have to remain open to what you know is true.

BOOTH: Are you sure you’re not religious?


The team figures out that one of the moms killed her own child and stole the victim’s child. B&B talk it over.

BRENNAN: So you think Richardson can rise to the occasion? Be a decent father?

BOOTH: Well, he’s got Carlie’s parents to help him and – I like to think that people can change.

BRENNAN: Faith and hope, right?


BOOTH: Right.


BRENNAN: Angela threw in love, too.

BOOTH: Love is good.

PARKER: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

BOOTH: Parker!

Rebecca and her boyfriend talk with Booth. Brennan gets up to leave.

BOOTH: It’s okay, Bones. You can stay.


BRENNAN: It’s a family thing. Bye, Parker.



Don’t worry Brennan!


Wow, did this episode have a lot!?!??!?! Thoughts!??!?


6 thoughts on “Mother and Child in the Bay (2×2)

  1. -“BOOTH: You have kids and we’ll talk.”
    -BRENNAN: The notion of a committed relationship, it’s fantasy.”
    Love the fast forward to the future pics with B&B and their kids. Everything happened eventually. 😘

    CAM: Are you pregnant?
    BRENNAN: No. I’m not, no.
    BOOTH: Why are you looking at me?
    OMG LOVE IT!!!!! LOVE THE PIC!! It deserves another look-

    -“Don’t worry Brennan!”
    A lot of foreshadowing in this episode! Great job of pointing that out bnb, and with such lovely pics as an example.
    -Lol, even Cam got her wish-
    BRENNAN: Children?
    CAM: Maybe, if I could find one that sleeps late and cleans.

    -Not a fan of Rebecca threatening Booth he would not see Parker again. Yeah, he should not have investigated her boyfriend, but he was doing it out of concern for his son!
    I always loved the early Bones eps. and Booth’s relationship with Parker.

    When I saw this ep for the first time, I knew they were referring to the Laci Peterson case.

  2. Yeah I had forgotten how many statements they made early on that came true. Props to the writers, even with the crap they started churning out, they managed to make most of the early predictions come true. I’m assuming HH and SN fought for some of them. SN wrote such good episodes in the beginning, making what he did with season 10 even more crazy!!

  3. “SN wrote such good episodes in the beginning, making what he did with season 10 even more crazy!!”

    SN & HH wrote great eps!! Even SN paired with Jonathan Collier was good. Who knows why he went off the rails…or why or Queen Carla Kettner left!!

  4. Season 2 has TWO of top 10 episodes.
    #1 Judas on a Pole- written by Hart Hanson
    #2 Aliens in a spaceship….written by Janet Tamaro.

    It says on IMDb that she also wrote
    – Player Under Pressure (2008)
    – The Man in the Mud (2008)

    Alien was her best episode.

  5. Great recap bnb and jmg…I love how you show pics of what happened in later seasons alongside some of the statements Brennan made in this episode about love, marriage, and children!

    Pros of this episode:
    – I liked the Booth and Brennan interaction in this one…discussions of marriage, children, religion, etc…
    – loved the Booth/Hodgins discussion when Hodgins was in the lake and Booth was standing on the shore.

    – I really did not like how they had that baby crying in the scene where Booth, Brennan, and the child services person goes to arrest the mom. I’m not sure how they got the kid to cry but it made me uncomfortable.
    – I was also very uncomfortable that they handed that baby over to his father, because they knew that the father had hit his girlfriend. Troubling.

    The end scene was great. You could see Booth struggling to accept Drew and he finally did it for Parker. Brennan looking back at the table was sad…just you wait Brennan, only FIVE long years from now you & Booth finally get together and have a baby girl.

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