The Girl in Suite 2103 (2×6)


Written By: Christopher Ambrose

Directed by: Karen Gaviola

Booth and Brennan are heading to a crime scene to investigate an explosion. They are listening to elevator music.

BRENNAN: You like this song?

BOOTH: Nobody likes this song.

BRENNAN: Well, you’re dancing to it.

BOOTH: Maybe swaying a little.

BRENNAN: And humming.

BOOTH: Bones, you know, it’s just something that you do in the elevator.

BRENNAN: Buddhists say that if we can lose ourselves in the moment without distraction or desire, we experience truth.

BOOTH: Why can’t you just hum like a normal, happy person?

Then the elevator opens.


They meet another investigator.

BRENNAN:  You seem uncomfortable. Does his size make you self-conscious?

BOOTH: Bones.

BRENNAN: It’s a condition—skeletal dysplasia. Pseudoachondroplasia or S.E.D. congenita?

BOOTH: Bones.


RADSWELL: Dr. Brennan, I can see that you’re a straightforward person and as much as I appreciate that quality, what you’re asking me is neither your business nor relevant.

BRENNAN: But it’s my business because I’m a forensic anthropologist. But, you’re right, it’s not relevant.

Cam decides to flex her boss muscles again.


ANGELA: I scanned the skull and reconstructed a face.

CAM: Send it over to Booth. If drugs are involved, maybe she has a record.

ANGELA: Yeah, I already did that.

CAM: Listen, people, please. Don’t be sending stuff without informing me first.

BRENNAN: But you wanted her to send it, I heard you.

CAM: But not without first— just run everything by me first, ok? Every circus needs a ringmaster. In this circus, it’s me.



Booth and Brennan have some issues with the State Department guy.


RADSWELL: All we ask at the State Department is that you treat this woman with the respect she is due as a friend of this country.

BOOTH: I know how to question the witness.

RADSWELL: I am here at the request of the Colombian ambassador, Judge Ramos and the State Department.

BRENNAN: Well, that’s disingenuous. What are the chances that all three would ask you separately?

RADSWELL: Why are you being so confrontational?

BRENNAN: You’re used to people deferring to you because of your size. It’s a normal response that you take advantage of. I don’t like it.

BOOTH: Here we go.

BRENNAN: Well, see? Even you don’t want to say anything to hurt his tiny feelings. I don’t mean that your feelings are tiny, I mean that you have feelings about being tiny.

RADSWELL: The ramifications and repercussions of impeded access will compromise accommodative responses detrimental to your unabated participation in our shared endeavors.

BOOTH: That’s State Department speak. We don’t do it his way, we’ll get fired.

BRENNAN: See? If a regular-sized person tried to intimidate you, you’d threaten to kick him through the window. But because in his case it’s an actual physical possibility—

BOOTH: Let’s just question the judge.

RADSWELL: Thank you.

BOOTH: You’re welcome.

BOOTH: That was a nice moment—me translating for you.

The moment when Cam doesn’t realize what she’s getting into with Zack…

 ZACK: What do you want to know?

CAM: Everything.

ZACK: The explosion shifted the placement of the teeth in the maxilla and mandible. I’ve repositioned them so that we can match the dentals. The computer is looking now. Why do you suddenly want to know everything?

CAM: I think there’s a tendency here for each of us to work too independently.

ZACK: My closest acquaintance outside work is a woman I know who’s a performance artist. Last month, she enclosed herself in a plastic box with six rabbits. It went over quite well, perhaps you’ve heard of her?

CAM: Zack, when I said everything, I meant just the case.

Hodgins and Angela continue to dance around their interest in each other.


ANGELA: Which means whoever this was got out before the actual explosion occurred.

HODGINS: Oh, I could kiss you.

ANGELA: That would require permission, which I deny.

HODGINS: I’ll tell Booth that the bomber is alive and is six feet tall.

CAM: You’ll tell who what? There’s a loop people, and I’m in it. Not only am I in it, I’m the big curvy part.

When Cam fails to understand how Zack gets information…


CAM: Too much tissue damage for me. Now it’s time for the boneyard. You, Zack. Do your thing.

ZACK: I’ll have to ascertain if these fractures were the result of heat, explosion or trauma. Which means I need to know the exact nature of the explosion.

CAM: How do you do that?

ZACK: The usual way.


King of the Lab?

Interrogation time.

BOOTH: Did you have sex with her last night?

ANTONIO: Is she what this is about? Because it was her idea, not mine.

BOOTH: How well do you know her?

ANTONIO: Very well, and not so well, if you know what I mean.

BRENNAN: I don’t know what he means.

BOOTH: It means he had sex with her and forgot to learn her name.

Brennan and the State Dept. dude are not getting along.

RADSWELL: You have something to say to me, Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN: Little people have a long history of being close to power.

RADSWELL: As clowns and court jesters. I see you’ve been to the art museum.

BRENNAN: Yes, but as clowns and court jesters they were the only ones allowed to mock the king, to give him perspective. You don’t do that, Mr. Radswell. You just do what the king says without putting anything into perspective.

RADSWELL: Good thing I’m neither a clown nor a court jester.

Experiment time.

ZACK: I did the math very carefully. This experiment should generate an explosion approximately 1/1000th the magnitude of the explosion at the hotel.

CAM: Excuse me?

ZACK: 1/1000th.

ANGELA: I think she meant the explosion part, Zack.

HODGINS: Relax, a little pop. This blast wall Zack built—it’s merely a precaution.

ZACK: We can watch through this porthole.

ANGELA: Hey, I’m gonna wait outside.

CAM: I hear that.

ZACK: Did they not hear me say I did the math quite carefully?




ZACK: I don’t understand what happened.

HODGINS: You know what that proves?

ANGELA: That you guys are idiots?


ZACK: That a blast that strong wasn’t necessarily a bomb.

HODGINS: Most likely, somebody killed Lisa Winokur then started a fire to cover up their crime.

CAM: Without knowing there would be a huge explosion. That’s good guys, nice job.

Booth is apparently, randomly, suffering from a guilty conscience.

(aka the writers wanted to move this plot line along)


BOOTH: Cam? Cam. Has anyone said anything to you about, um…you know?

CAM: Us sleeping together?

BOOTH: You gotta be way more careful about blurting that out. Ok, voices, they carry, building like this.

CAM: There’s no one around, and you brought it up.

BOOTH: Well, I mean, Angela is practically psychic about this kind of stuff, right? So you can’t be thinking about me when, you know, she’s around. Especially not naked.

CAM: I’ll do my best.

Brennan gives Booth an idea…

BOOTH: Were you the one who authorized the block or did it come from higher up on the food chain?

RADSWELL: Go through channels, make a request.

BOOTH: Go to hell, Alex.

BRENNAN: Why are you being so mean?

BOOTH: Cause “go through channels” is diplomatic double-talk for “get lost.”

BRENNAN: Can I talk to him?

RADSWELL: Hello? Dr. Brennan? I’m just small, not invisible.

BRENNAN: Under what circumstances, in general would the State Department block a name like this?

BRENNAN: Whoever killed Lisa Winokur is responsible for the deaths of four other people, including a priest. Doesn’t the State Department have to assure those families they’re doing everything they can to apprehend the responsible party?

RADSWELL: Are you threatening the State Department?




BOOTH: That’s a great idea.


BRENNAN: What’s a great idea?

BOOTH: The FBI blackmailing the State Department.

Brennan tries to speak to the victim’s mother alone.

BRENNAN: Anthropologically speaking a man gives a woman a gift as a way of laying claim. As a way of marking her as his to the other males in the community.

JILL: All I know is, he gave her nice things. And when he started talking about breaking it off, we were both surprised.

BRENNAN: They were breaking up?

JILL: I told her not to give up that easy. I told her when it comes down to it, a man like this, who’s rich and sophisticated, he’ll do the right thing by you.

BRENNAN: You advised your daughter to get pregnant?

JILL: It sounds bad, but there was no reason for Lisa to live the life I led. Please tell me my daughter wasn’t murdered because I told her to get pregnant.

BOOTH: Excuse me. Bones, can I talk to you for a moment?

BRENNAN: Uh…, excuse me.

BOOTH: What did you do to her?

BRENNAN: I don’t know.


Brennan’s idea gave Booth an idea…they need to stop a suspect’s getaway…


BRENNAN: Even if we get there on time, how are we gonna stop them from taking off?

BOOTH: All right, call Hodgins.

BOOTH: Hodgins, just listen. Don’t say anything, just do as I ask.


BOOTH: You there?

HODGINS: You told me not to say anything.

BOOTH: Look, ok, listen to me alright. I need you in your craziest most paranoid conspiracy mode to call the FAA and tell them that a private flight to Bogota is about to leave Kent Island Private Airport and is carrying aliens or—or terrorists, or, you know—you know what to do. Now, do you got any questions?

HODGINS: Just one. Full court press, no holds barred, maximum effort?

BOOTH: Just stop the plane from taking off.

BRENNAN: What will happen to Hodgins if the State Department finds out?

BOOTH: Know what? Better they don’t find out.


Hodgins is successful!



Agent Sexy Shades

RADSWELL: The FAA got a call saying Judge Ramos’s plane had been targeted by the National Liberation Army, a terrorist organization in Colombia.

BRENNAN: And you took it seriously?

RADSWELL: Caller used a highly classified code phrase which established the threat as authentic.

BOOTH: Really?

RADSWELL: A highly classified code phrase known only to a gold-plated asset inside the terrorist organization. If it weren’t, I might suspect you had something to do with it. Booth, you seem to have trouble accepting that there is absolutely nothing you can do in these circumstances.


Hodgins notices Cam and Booth being awkward around each other. Angela catches on.


HODGINS: Oh, yeah, baby. That’s what I’m talking about.


HODGINS: Hey, love is in the purified and ionized lab air. Why should we resist?


Cam suggests falsifying evidence to make progress in the case. Booth rips up the fake file and rejects it.


She interrupts pie. Unforgiveable.

BOOTH: Well, look at ‘em down there, huh? Heh! Probably falsifying evidence.


BRENNAN: I’m not sure I can totally trust Dr. Saroyan after that.

BOOTH: You know, Bones, Cam’s a cop at heart. She, uh—she just wants to catch the bad guys. There are a lot of gray areas.


BRENNAN: Not for you, you did the right thing.

BOOTH: Yeah, it worked out is all.

BRENNAN: You did the right thing.


And Hodgins gets to live out his dream scenario…


BOOTH: Uh oh.

MAN #1: Sir?

BRENNAN: Well, shouldn’t we do something?


BOOTH: Are you kidding? Hodgins being abducted by men in black? That’s a dream come true.



*I liked that Booth did what he thought was right even though it meant going against Cam.

*I don’t like Booth and Cam sneaking around though.

*I love Hodgins and Zack’s experimentation and bro-time.

*Hodgins and Angela are just beginning to come together and its cute.

*Hodgins’ conspiracy theory expertise helped the case.

*Brennan is starting to lose her savviness about the world. She’s had plenty of hookups herself, but doesn’t understand when their suspect talks about having one.

*This case was kind of confusing.


The Truth in the Lye (2×5)

Written by: Scott Williams

Directed by: Steven DePaul

Be prepared for a bumpy ride, Bones fans.

To ease the pain, please first enjoy this B&B body language from the episode! 🙂


REBECCA: Why do we keep doing this?

BOOTH: You know what? You’re right. But, I mean… it’s not like we’re doing anything wrong. I mean, you and Drew are-

REBECCA: We needed to take a break. To gain…perspective. But, um, this isn’t helping.

BOOTH: And that’s why it’s over.



At least we got this! 🙂

Brennan calls about a case. Booth feels guilty telling his partner what’s up.

BOOTH: You don’t, uh, think she thought-

REBECCA: No. No, we have a child together. It’s perfectly normal for us to- to be together.


BRENNAN: Sorry if I interrupted anything.

BOOTH: What? Oh! No. No, you didn’t.


BOOTH: Okay. But if you must know, you know, Rebecca, my ex… she stopped by my place to pick up a comic that I got Parker.


BOOTH: She just so happened to pick up the phone. That’s it. You know? Nothing more, nothing less.

BRENNAN: I’m sorry. Did I say I must know?

Booth doth protest too much.

Meanwhile, Brennan hauls the body and bathtub to the lab.


HODGINS: Down. Lower, lower, lower. Keep going, keep goin’. Aand…good! Oh, this is gonna be fun.

ZACK: I should get my video camera.

Hodgins and Zach are the best.

CAM: Okay, people. Let’s start with the who. We’ll worry about the why and the how later.

BRENNAN: But if we find the why and the how first, we’ll gladly take it.

CAM: Though “who” is clearly the priority.

BRENNAN: The who is not going to change. But the clues might if we don’t hurry.

Ladies, ladies.

The team sorts through a liquified body and clothing for evidence.

CAM: And I hear you’re back with your ex.

BOOTH: I’m sorry?

CAM: Rebecca, right? Reliving old times?

BOOTH: Yeah. Dr. Brennan told you?

CAM: Oh, relax.

BOOTH: She did, didn’t she?

CAM: We all have our weak moments.

BOOTH: No. Mm-mmm. We don’t, okay? I don’t.

CAM: Please, Seeley. Like we haven’t shared enough of them for me to know better.


BRENNAN: I was not gossiping.

BOOTH: Ooh, really? So then what would you call it?

BRENNAN: Merely sharing a point of interest.

BOOTH: Great. So now what am I, huh? The world’s largest ball of string?

BOOTH: Not you, your behavior. It was a textbook example of just how helpless we higher primates can be to our biological urges.

BOOTH: I am not helpless.

I think an important difference here is that Cam knew she was gossiping by repeating what Brennan said. Brennan was literally just sharing info that existed, not attempting to gossip on Booth.

BRENNAN: If you’re not helpless, then why did you sleep with her?

BOOTH: Oh, I really don’t recall saying that I did.

BRENNAN: You didn’t have to. I could hear it in your voice. I might as well as walked in on you having sex.

BOOTH: You didn’t and we weren’t.

Booth is acting like he cheated on Brennan. Hmm……

BRENNAN: Well, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, Booth. Humans act upon a hierarchy of needs, and sex is very highly ranked. It’s an anthropological inevitability.

BOOTH: Thank you, Bones. I really appreciate you boiling me down to your anthropological inevitabilities.


BOOTH: Anytime.

B&B go to see Angela and her magic machine.

ANGELA: What’s wrong?

BRENNAN: With what?

ANGELA: This is usually where I type and you talk. You two are never not talking.

BRENNAN: Well, we’re not not talking.

BOOTH: Or maybe we’re not not…not.


Yeah, right, guys.

BOOTH: Then all we have to do is contact these kids’ families and find out which one is missing a dad.

ANGELA: Well, let me print you the list.

BOOTH: Print two. We’ll split up.


B&B realize the victim had a double life with two families.

BOOTH: You know, I almost married her, you know.

BRENNAN: Agent Curry?

BOOTH: Rebecca. My ex.

BRENNAN: Oh. You can talk about her now.

BOOTH: Yeah, she got pregnant. I wanted to do the right thing, but, you know, she said no.

BRENNAN: You’ve told me this before. Not that you’ve ever said why.

BOOTH: Well, issues with my job. She wanted to start her own career. She wanted to finish graduate school.

BRENNAN: Alone with a baby?

BOOTH: Logic. Right? You’re applying logic?

BRENNAN: Do you still love her?

BOOTH: Not…like I did. Not like that.

BRENNAN: Then why can’t it just be sex?

BOOTH: There’s nothing “just” about sex, Bones.

BRENNAN: But all mammals need it. That release of serotonin. The rush of endorphins. Naturally, you seek it with someone with whom you share a sexual rapport.

BOOTH: Rapport, right. That’s the word.


Interesting day at the office, eh Booth?

BRENNAN: I know when I’m in need of a release…there’s a former partner or two I’m…sure I could call.

BOOTH: Okay, Bones. Thanks so much. I feel so much better now, huh?

Awkward work conversation! Lol

Meanwhile the squints find a wedding band.

ZACK: No. That would would be a wedding band.

HODGINS: Braided gold and platinum. Preserved by true love, no doubt.

ANGELA: One metal for each desperate housewife.

CAM: People, can we at least fake some sense of decorum.

ANGELA: I can’t help it. It’s so Jerry Springer. First of all, how does anyone juggle two spouses?

HODGINS: I can think of ways. Of course, by juggles, I mean quite literally-

CAM: I have a scalpel.

ANGELA: Maybe he dissolved himself so there’d be more of him to go around. I’m going to hell, aren’t I?

HODGINS: I’ll save you a seat.

Booth decides it’s time to break the news to both wives.

BRENNAN: Wait. Are you sure this is the best time to tell them?

BOOTH: What does that mean? After two days of nagging me, you’re just now you’re getting cold feet?

BRENNAN: What? I do not nag.

BOOTH: Well, you know, it’s an anthropological inevitability for women to gossip and nag.


Other things are inevitable, too 🙂 🙂 🙂

They break the news to the wives of their cheating hubby.

BOOTH: Are you sure I can’t get anyone a soda?

Brennan chats with Rebecca. She’s trying to figure out the puzzle that is Booth.



BRENNAN: Can I ask you something? Why did you say no?

REBECCA: Excuse me?

BRENNAN: When he asked you to marry him? I mean, he seems an ideal candidate. Strong, alpha male, good protective instincts

REBECCA: And I should discuss this with you why?

BRENNAN: It’s just- I’m not sure he knows. And… I think it bothers him.

REBECCA: I’ve always taken care of myself. To a fault, sometimes. And we got pregnant, Seeley proposed. But I didn’t want to be one of those women who gets married out of need. So I said no.

BRENNAN: I can see that.

REBECCA: By the time that I realized I’d made a mistake… that I’d still be the same person- I think there’s a moment for two people. A single moment where they can either catch fire or- Seeley and I, we missed our moment. Do you understand?

BRENNAN: I’m trying. But the “single moment” thesis doesn’t explain-

REBECCA: Why we still get together. Fall together, really. Because, I think that we just feel what used to be there. And we miss it.

BRENNAN: I think Booth thinks you didn’t marry him because he wouldn’t make a good father.


BRENNAN: He worries about it himself. What he does for a living. His past as a sniper.

REBECCA: Oh god. Uh, do me a favor? Don’t tell him that I came by, okay? Please.

Brennan really does want the best for her partner. It’s really sweet of her.

BOOTH: And how did Hodgins find out?

BRENNAN: I’m sorry?

BOOTH: “Yeah, I hear you’re back with your ex.”

BRENNAN: I don’t know. I assume it was Cam. I was only trying to engage her in social intercourse.

BOOTH: Excuse me?

BRENNAN: Just trying to be normal. Congenial exchange with a coworker. And if that’s what gossip is, I don’t like it at all.

B&B figure out that the victim was involved with a third woman. All the women came together to confront the guy. They said he was already dead when they found him.

BOOTH: Oh, come on. They’ve been lying since day one. Between all of them, they should have a dozen Oscars by now.

BRENNAN: I know what those are.


BOOTH: I mean, come on. Suicide? Mm-mom. Bird shot, or not, okay, every self-inflicted I’ve seen, the guy shoots himself, and he drops the gun. Right? It’s an automatic reaction. Bang, drop. There’s no way the gun ends up in his mouth.

Rebecca shows up and Brennan makes a quick exit.


REBECCA: Seeley, all the excuses I gave you for not wanting to get married…my independence, your work-

BOOTH: I know.

REBECCA: No, you don’t. You are a wonderful father. And Parker is a lucky kid. Such a lucky kid. And obviously, we still have feelings for each other. Do you still wanna marry me?


BOOTH: Rebecca- No. I don’t.

REBECCA: I don’t wanna marry you either. Here are the forms for T-ball. I’ll miss you.

BOOTH: Yeah. And I’m gonna miss you too.


They find the first guy they talked to did it. The killer drops some life truths to ponder.

PETE: A person can live with anything if they don’t think too hard.

B&B wrap up the case.

BRENNAN: So you never said how it ended up with Rebecca.

BOOTH: Well, yeah, it ended. The only time we’ll ever spend together is with Parker.

BRENNAN: You sure that’s what you want?

BOOTH: You know what, Bones? It might be all anthropology to you, but there are certain people that you just can’t sleep with. I mean, you can pretend that it’s just sex. You can lie to yourself, and you can say that it’s all good. But, um, there’s just- There’s too many strings and- and too much at stake, you know? Too much to lose.


BRENNAN: Yeah. I can see that.

BOOTH: It’s over, you know? I’d appreciate, you know, your support in that.

BRENNAN: I will. And if you should slip, I will…keep my mouth shut about it.


BOOTH: Thank you. But, I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna-


BRENNAN: No, I mean with anybody. I’m sure Rebecca’s not your only option for satisfying your biological urges.


Angela and Hodgins enter. NO GUYS, GO BACK!!!!!!!!!

Then Booth makes mistake number 2 on this case.

BOOTH: Yeah. And a huge mistake.

CAM: Not if we don’t do it again.

BOOTH: Deal.

CAM: Deal. Not after tonight, I mean.

BOOTH: Never again.

CAM: No.

Now, here’s the sitch. I think Booth still wants Brennan over any of ’em but is afraid of ruining their partnership, so he goes for the relationship that won’t hurt his heart. Not that I think it’s right, he’s being dumb, but I think he’s also scared of giving his whole heart to Brennan and then having her leave him too, like everyone else in his life. He won’t be crushed if Cam leaves him, he won’t be crushed that it’s over with Rebecca.

If Angela and Hodgins had not entered, I think he might’ve turned to Brennan in his weak, post-Rebecca moment, as the person to satisfy urges with and not Cam. But Brennan at this point is not ready, so it’s ultimately a good thing B&B were interrupted.

The Blonde in the Game (2×4)


Written By: Noah Hawley

Directed By: Bryan Spicer

B&B come on the scene of a body. A dog is not letting them get too close.


BOOTH: You ever have a dog, Bones?

BRENNAN: I always wanted a pig.

BOOTH: A pig.

BRENNAN: Very smart, and despite the popular misconception, very clean.

BOOTH: Yeah, I prefer my pig with a little mint, a little honey glaze –

BRENNAN: Not funny.  In some cultures, dogs can guard corpses, sometimes to the point of starvation, so … shoot it.

BOOTH: I’m – I’m not shooting him for just doing what comes naturally. As far as he’s concerned, you know, finder’s keepers.

BRENNAN: That dog is compromising the integrity of my remains, so wing it – him.


They take the body to the lab and the evidence suggests this is the work of someone they know.

CAM: Hello? New team member in the room.

BRENNAN: Howard Epps, a serial killer on death row.

BOOTH: Killed at least three.

HODGINS: We found two of ’em last year.

ANGELA: The judge stayed his execution to try him on the new charges.

CAM: You saved his life. Ironic.

BRENNAN: The timeframe fits. This girl would have been killed about … six months before Epps went to prison.

BOOTH: Run her through the database, get an I.D.

CAM: Why don’t you just ask him?

BOOTH: Well, because last time Bones saw Epps, it– got violent.



BRENNAN: He touched me with his creepy serial killer hands.

Booth pays him a visit.


EPPS: Agent Booth. What took you so long? And where’s Doctor Brennan?

EPPS: You know … those hack doctors at the prison infirmary … did a miserable job setting my wrist. It aches all the time, and I don’t have a full range of movement.And let me tell you, when you’re stuck in a prison cell for 23 hours a day, there’s really only one thing you can do to pass the time. And I need my wrist.


BOOTH: Well, I’m sure Doctor Brennan would be … happy to re-break it for you.

Booth threatens Epps and returns to report back to the team. Zack is intrigued by the game Epps seems to want to play.


BOOTH: Look, I already know what he wants. I told you. He wants Bones sitting across the table from him.

BRENNAN: Three rational players. Me, Booth, and Epps. What about the nondeliberative agent?

BOOTH: What did she say?

ZACK: In a game, there tends to be one “N” rational players and a nonconscious, nondeliberative agent. What did Epps talk about before he said all the information you needed was in front of you?

BOOTH: Mom, Bones, blondes, his wrist being set badly after Bones broke it … And, um, you know, he – he made the point that he … really needed his wrist.

ZACK: Chronic masturbation. The game may be all about self-gratification.

BRENNAN: The phrase he used was “right in front of us.”


ZACK: The … blonde is right in front of us.

BRENNAN: And she has a wrist. Well, two, in fact.

BOOTH: You know, if you had a pet pig, what would you name him?

BRENNAN: Jasper.


Hmm….what makes Booth ask this at that this time? Is he sneaking it out of her while she’s focused on the case?

They figure out what Epps meant.

BRENNAN: It belongs with a second body. There’s another victim out there, somewhere.

ZACK:  Round one … goes to Howard Epps.


BRENNAN: Because he gets what he wants. Me in the room with him.


B&B meet Caroline Epps.


CAROLINE: Oh, Agent Booth. Howard’s told me you both saved his life last year.

BOOTH: It was our pleasure.

BRENNAN: What? I was disappointed.

CAROLINE: Extending Howard’s life has given him time to come to grips with what he’s done – to ask God for forgiveness.

BOOTH: Then we did the right thing by having his execution stayed.

BRENNAN: Are you on some kind of medication?

BOOTH: Bones.

CAROLINE: Doctor Brennan, I’m not one of those crazy women who falls in love with death row killers.blonde21

BRENNAN: Obviously, that’s exactly what you are.

BOOTH: Listen, if the prison ever gives you a hard time in coming to see your husband, just give me a call. I might be able to help.

CAROLINE: Thank you, Agent Booth.

BRENNAN: Are you serious? She’s crazy.

BOOTH: Chop-chop. Let’s go. Thank you. Nice to see you.

CAROLINE: Nice to meet you both.

BRENNAN: Why were you nice to her?

BOOTH: Because we might need her.

B&B go to visit Epps again. Booth tried to explain his strategy of playing dumb.

BOOTH: Don’t be mad at me, Bones. My telling you to shut up was a ploy.

BRENNAN: Now he thinks you’re an idiot.

BOOTH: Game theory, Bones, okay?  For two players to gain advantage over the one, they must be distinct from each other.

BRENNAN: Where’d you get that?

ZACK: From me. I suggested that you be the smart one.

BOOTH: Which, you know, left me making a ploy that, uh, was supposed to be lame.

BRENNAN: Don’t enjoy this.

Meanwhile, the squints get to talking.

HODGINS: Booth thinks we should get together and buy Brennan a pet.

ZACK: What kind of a pet?

HODGINS: A pig. And I don’t think he means a guinea pig. A real pig. Like a Mulefoot, Saddleback, or pot belly.

B&B are back out in the field. They realize there are fresh victims while Epps was locked up.

BOOTH: You know, you remember when I was nice to her and you weren’t? This is why.



Nonchalant interrogation


B&B found out there is a missing nun. They search for clues then visit Epps again.

EPPS: Did you hear? I’m gonna be a father. The judge granted our petition for artificial insemination. (turns to Brennan, looking mildly smug) When I make my donation to the baby bank, I’m gonna be thinking about you.

BRENNAN: For all your … faults, Mr. Epps, you were never interested in letting your victims suffer. You didn’t torture them. You’re not that kind of man. She’s an innocent child.

EPPS: She’s a young woman … and there’s no such thing as an innocent woman. Look within yourself. You know I’m right. You know, I’m just guessing here, you understand, but I think you’ll find that Helen Majors has less than 24 hours to live. Better get going.

Angela and Brennan talk.


ANGELA: What are you asking me for?

BRENNAN: You said you’ve dealt with manipulative men before.

ANGELA: Sweetie, this is a psycho killer, not some loser who wants you to cosign a loan for his Jet Ski.

BRENNAN: Epps is pushing me around, Ange. He’s in control. I hate that.

ANGELA: You know; Epps is acting kind of like a boyfriend.


ANGELA: Well, you obviously fascinate him. He can’t have you, and he can’t kill you. So … he wants to make you hate yourself.

BRENNAN: God, Ange. What kind of boyfriends have you had?

ANGELA: Let’s keep the focus on you and Epps, okay?


ANGELA: Epps knows that you’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t find Helen Majors before she’s murdered.

BRENNAN: Not only is Helen being tortured, but … her family must be in agony.

ANGELA: You see? This is what he’s doing. He’s putting pictures in your mind. He’s messing with your objectivity.

BRENNAN: There’s nothing I can do about that.

ANGELA: You have to step back, okay? Let the rest of us deal with the families. You find Helen. That’ll keep Epps from … getting a Jet Ski outta you.

While Brennan emotionally struggles with the case, Booth brings in female reinforcements.

BOOTH: Caroline Epps. She knows something. She just won’t talk to me.

CAM: Why?

BOOTH: I’m a man, last time I checked.

CAM: But she’ll talk to a woman?


BOOTH: That’s my thinking.

CAM: Fine. I’ll do it.

BOOTH: Oh, no. You can’t sarcasm it out of her. You have to connect.

CAM: You don’t wanna send Brennan?

BOOTH: No – Angela.

CAM: Angela’s an artist, an expert in 3-D reconstruction.

BOOTH: Well, unlike you and Bones, Angela is, uh –

CAM:  What?

BOOTH: She’s better with the living than she is the dead.

Off to the Royal Diner..

ANGELA: Thanks for coming.


CAROLINE:  I’ve told your people everything I know. I don’t see the point of this.

ANGELA: I know this is disturbing. I find it very upsetting, and I’m … not married to the man who did it.

CAROLINE: I love Howard, Miss Montenegro.

ANGELA: I believe you.

CAROLINE:  No one’s ever said that to me.

ANGELA: I think you’d have to love him very much … to be willing to overlook what he’s done.

CAROLINE: Done in the past.


Girl you are in such denial…

ANGELA: The thing is, we’re not so sure that it was in the past. For Howard, it’s obvious what he likes. Blonde girls.

CAROLINE: Not me, you mean.

ANGELA: Men can’t hide what they like. For Howard, it’s this.

CAROLINE: Men can change what they look at.

ANGELA: Does Howard ever just look at you –  as though you just feel his eyes adoring you?

CAROLINE: He – he asks for magazines, DVDs. He’s – he’s very specific.

ANGELA: He likes blonde girls.

CAROLINE: Always the blonde girls. M-maybe if I – if I dyed my hair –

ANGELA: I’m sorry. I have to ask you something … Have you ever delivered any messages for Howard?

CAROLINE: Don’t you miss them?

ANGELA: I’m sorry?

CAROLINE:  I wrote the message “Don’t you miss them?” on a – on a – on a piece of paper, and slipped it into a mailbox.

ANGELA: Whose mailbox?

CAROLINE: Um, a man named Henry Gerber who Howard knew from prison. Howard calls Henry “The Mad German.”

ANGELA: When did you deliver the message?

CAROLINE: F – five days ago.

ANGELA: Thank you.

CAROLINE:  C – Can – can – will you sit with me … just a moment longer?

ANGELA: I’m – I have to make a phone call. You understand? But after that, I’ll sit with you … as long as you like.


They finally find the accomplice and his house.


BOOTH: God. I hate the serial killer wall of death.


B&B go out to find the last victim, who may still be alive.

BOOTH: All right. (gives Brennan a gun) Here.

BRENNAN: I didn’t even have to ask!

BOOTH: Yeah, well, just be careful, all right? Don’t shoot me. Don’t shoot Helen Majors. Otherwise –

They find the victim, alive.

The killer and Booth engage, but Brennan ends up shooting the killer.

BRENNAN: I had to shoot him.

BOOTH: Yeah. I’m glad you did. 

Back to Epps.


EPPS: Lappin’s dead?

BOOTH: Shot resisting arrest.

EPPS: Who shot him?



EPPS: It was you, wasn’t it? You shot him? Did he take long to die? Did he suffer? This is better than I hoped. I thought it would be you. How did it feel? Dirty, yes? But there’s also a rush. Pleasure. Part of you liked it.


BRENNAN: This whole game was to have us kill someone?

EPPS: Who’s gonna tell Lappin’s mom? She loves him very much, you know. Without her son, she’ll be completely alone in this sad world.

BOOTH: We’re done with you. You’re never gonna see us again. Come on.

EPPS: I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about that, Agent Booth.

Time for a post-case wrap up.

BOOTH: Vodka?

BRENNAN: It’s water. But it’s – on the rocks.


Also, I love you.

BOOTH: You know, Bones, I’m not sure you grasp the basic theory on how to get drunk. Hey…what you need to do is order a shot of hard liquor … from a bartender named Shaky…And tell him to, uh, leave the bottle on the bar…


I love you, too.

BRENNAN: I’m fine, Booth.  I’m sitting here thinking about it, and … I’m fine.

BOOTH: Okay. So what I’m gettin’ from you here, Bones, is that you’re fine.

BRENNAN: He murdered Sarah. He was about to murder Helen. You know, why should I feel upset about shooting him? You know, I mean, if I was going to be upset, which I’m not … it would be because Epps thinks he beat us, so –

BOOTH: He didn’t.

BRENNAN: I know.

BOOTH: You’re upset because you think he beat us. You know what? He did.

BRENNAN: Beat us?

BOOTH: Yeah.

BRENNAN: Well, you just said that he didn’t.

BOOTH: Well, I changed my mind.

BRENNAN: What, in the last three seconds?

BOOTH: You know, you’re afraid that Epps turned you into him – into a killer. You have to come to grips with the fact that you killed another human being. Because when you kill someone, you know, there’s a cost. It’s a steep cost. I know. I’ve done it.

BRENNAN: I did the right thing.

BOOTH: I know. I was there.

BOOTH: I got something for ya.

BRENNAN: A bottle of hard liquor?



BOOTH: Hmm? Meet … Jasper.



BOOTH: You’re gonna be okay.


BOOTH: Definitely.


Just a gratuitous Booth pic for you all 🙂