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The Truth in the Lye (2×5)

Written by: Scott Williams

Directed by: Steven DePaul

Be prepared for a bumpy ride, Bones fans.

To ease the pain, please first enjoy this B&B body language from the episode! 🙂


REBECCA: Why do we keep doing this?

BOOTH: You know what? You’re right. But, I mean… it’s not like we’re doing anything wrong. I mean, you and Drew are-

REBECCA: We needed to take a break. To gain…perspective. But, um, this isn’t helping.

BOOTH: And that’s why it’s over.



At least we got this! 🙂

Brennan calls about a case. Booth feels guilty telling his partner what’s up.

BOOTH: You don’t, uh, think she thought-

REBECCA: No. No, we have a child together. It’s perfectly normal for us to- to be together.


BRENNAN: Sorry if I interrupted anything.

BOOTH: What? Oh! No. No, you didn’t.


BOOTH: Okay. But if you must know, you know, Rebecca, my ex… she stopped by my place to pick up a comic that I got Parker.


BOOTH: She just so happened to pick up the phone. That’s it. You know? Nothing more, nothing less.

BRENNAN: I’m sorry. Did I say I must know?

Booth doth protest too much.

Meanwhile, Brennan hauls the body and bathtub to the lab.


HODGINS: Down. Lower, lower, lower. Keep going, keep goin’. Aand…good! Oh, this is gonna be fun.

ZACK: I should get my video camera.

Hodgins and Zach are the best.

CAM: Okay, people. Let’s start with the who. We’ll worry about the why and the how later.

BRENNAN: But if we find the why and the how first, we’ll gladly take it.

CAM: Though “who” is clearly the priority.

BRENNAN: The who is not going to change. But the clues might if we don’t hurry.

Ladies, ladies.

The team sorts through a liquified body and clothing for evidence.

CAM: And I hear you’re back with your ex.

BOOTH: I’m sorry?

CAM: Rebecca, right? Reliving old times?

BOOTH: Yeah. Dr. Brennan told you?

CAM: Oh, relax.

BOOTH: She did, didn’t she?

CAM: We all have our weak moments.

BOOTH: No. Mm-mmm. We don’t, okay? I don’t.

CAM: Please, Seeley. Like we haven’t shared enough of them for me to know better.


BRENNAN: I was not gossiping.

BOOTH: Ooh, really? So then what would you call it?

BRENNAN: Merely sharing a point of interest.

BOOTH: Great. So now what am I, huh? The world’s largest ball of string?

BOOTH: Not you, your behavior. It was a textbook example of just how helpless we higher primates can be to our biological urges.

BOOTH: I am not helpless.

I think an important difference here is that Cam knew she was gossiping by repeating what Brennan said. Brennan was literally just sharing info that existed, not attempting to gossip on Booth.

BRENNAN: If you’re not helpless, then why did you sleep with her?

BOOTH: Oh, I really don’t recall saying that I did.

BRENNAN: You didn’t have to. I could hear it in your voice. I might as well as walked in on you having sex.

BOOTH: You didn’t and we weren’t.

Booth is acting like he cheated on Brennan. Hmm……

BRENNAN: Well, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, Booth. Humans act upon a hierarchy of needs, and sex is very highly ranked. It’s an anthropological inevitability.

BOOTH: Thank you, Bones. I really appreciate you boiling me down to your anthropological inevitabilities.


BOOTH: Anytime.

B&B go to see Angela and her magic machine.

ANGELA: What’s wrong?

BRENNAN: With what?

ANGELA: This is usually where I type and you talk. You two are never not talking.

BRENNAN: Well, we’re not not talking.

BOOTH: Or maybe we’re not not…not.


Yeah, right, guys.

BOOTH: Then all we have to do is contact these kids’ families and find out which one is missing a dad.

ANGELA: Well, let me print you the list.

BOOTH: Print two. We’ll split up.


B&B realize the victim had a double life with two families.

BOOTH: You know, I almost married her, you know.

BRENNAN: Agent Curry?

BOOTH: Rebecca. My ex.

BRENNAN: Oh. You can talk about her now.

BOOTH: Yeah, she got pregnant. I wanted to do the right thing, but, you know, she said no.

BRENNAN: You’ve told me this before. Not that you’ve ever said why.

BOOTH: Well, issues with my job. She wanted to start her own career. She wanted to finish graduate school.

BRENNAN: Alone with a baby?

BOOTH: Logic. Right? You’re applying logic?

BRENNAN: Do you still love her?

BOOTH: Not…like I did. Not like that.

BRENNAN: Then why can’t it just be sex?

BOOTH: There’s nothing “just” about sex, Bones.

BRENNAN: But all mammals need it. That release of serotonin. The rush of endorphins. Naturally, you seek it with someone with whom you share a sexual rapport.

BOOTH: Rapport, right. That’s the word.


Interesting day at the office, eh Booth?

BRENNAN: I know when I’m in need of a release…there’s a former partner or two I’m…sure I could call.

BOOTH: Okay, Bones. Thanks so much. I feel so much better now, huh?

Awkward work conversation! Lol

Meanwhile the squints find a wedding band.

ZACK: No. That would would be a wedding band.

HODGINS: Braided gold and platinum. Preserved by true love, no doubt.

ANGELA: One metal for each desperate housewife.

CAM: People, can we at least fake some sense of decorum.

ANGELA: I can’t help it. It’s so Jerry Springer. First of all, how does anyone juggle two spouses?

HODGINS: I can think of ways. Of course, by juggles, I mean quite literally-

CAM: I have a scalpel.

ANGELA: Maybe he dissolved himself so there’d be more of him to go around. I’m going to hell, aren’t I?

HODGINS: I’ll save you a seat.

Booth decides it’s time to break the news to both wives.

BRENNAN: Wait. Are you sure this is the best time to tell them?

BOOTH: What does that mean? After two days of nagging me, you’re just now you’re getting cold feet?

BRENNAN: What? I do not nag.

BOOTH: Well, you know, it’s an anthropological inevitability for women to gossip and nag.


Other things are inevitable, too 🙂 🙂 🙂

They break the news to the wives of their cheating hubby.

BOOTH: Are you sure I can’t get anyone a soda?

Brennan chats with Rebecca. She’s trying to figure out the puzzle that is Booth.



BRENNAN: Can I ask you something? Why did you say no?

REBECCA: Excuse me?

BRENNAN: When he asked you to marry him? I mean, he seems an ideal candidate. Strong, alpha male, good protective instincts

REBECCA: And I should discuss this with you why?

BRENNAN: It’s just- I’m not sure he knows. And… I think it bothers him.

REBECCA: I’ve always taken care of myself. To a fault, sometimes. And we got pregnant, Seeley proposed. But I didn’t want to be one of those women who gets married out of need. So I said no.

BRENNAN: I can see that.

REBECCA: By the time that I realized I’d made a mistake… that I’d still be the same person- I think there’s a moment for two people. A single moment where they can either catch fire or- Seeley and I, we missed our moment. Do you understand?

BRENNAN: I’m trying. But the “single moment” thesis doesn’t explain-

REBECCA: Why we still get together. Fall together, really. Because, I think that we just feel what used to be there. And we miss it.

BRENNAN: I think Booth thinks you didn’t marry him because he wouldn’t make a good father.


BRENNAN: He worries about it himself. What he does for a living. His past as a sniper.

REBECCA: Oh god. Uh, do me a favor? Don’t tell him that I came by, okay? Please.

Brennan really does want the best for her partner. It’s really sweet of her.

BOOTH: And how did Hodgins find out?

BRENNAN: I’m sorry?

BOOTH: “Yeah, I hear you’re back with your ex.”

BRENNAN: I don’t know. I assume it was Cam. I was only trying to engage her in social intercourse.

BOOTH: Excuse me?

BRENNAN: Just trying to be normal. Congenial exchange with a coworker. And if that’s what gossip is, I don’t like it at all.

B&B figure out that the victim was involved with a third woman. All the women came together to confront the guy. They said he was already dead when they found him.

BOOTH: Oh, come on. They’ve been lying since day one. Between all of them, they should have a dozen Oscars by now.

BRENNAN: I know what those are.


BOOTH: I mean, come on. Suicide? Mm-mom. Bird shot, or not, okay, every self-inflicted I’ve seen, the guy shoots himself, and he drops the gun. Right? It’s an automatic reaction. Bang, drop. There’s no way the gun ends up in his mouth.

Rebecca shows up and Brennan makes a quick exit.


REBECCA: Seeley, all the excuses I gave you for not wanting to get married…my independence, your work-

BOOTH: I know.

REBECCA: No, you don’t. You are a wonderful father. And Parker is a lucky kid. Such a lucky kid. And obviously, we still have feelings for each other. Do you still wanna marry me?


BOOTH: Rebecca- No. I don’t.

REBECCA: I don’t wanna marry you either. Here are the forms for T-ball. I’ll miss you.

BOOTH: Yeah. And I’m gonna miss you too.


They find the first guy they talked to did it. The killer drops some life truths to ponder.

PETE: A person can live with anything if they don’t think too hard.

B&B wrap up the case.

BRENNAN: So you never said how it ended up with Rebecca.

BOOTH: Well, yeah, it ended. The only time we’ll ever spend together is with Parker.

BRENNAN: You sure that’s what you want?

BOOTH: You know what, Bones? It might be all anthropology to you, but there are certain people that you just can’t sleep with. I mean, you can pretend that it’s just sex. You can lie to yourself, and you can say that it’s all good. But, um, there’s just- There’s too many strings and- and too much at stake, you know? Too much to lose.


BRENNAN: Yeah. I can see that.

BOOTH: It’s over, you know? I’d appreciate, you know, your support in that.

BRENNAN: I will. And if you should slip, I will…keep my mouth shut about it.


BOOTH: Thank you. But, I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna-


BRENNAN: No, I mean with anybody. I’m sure Rebecca’s not your only option for satisfying your biological urges.


Angela and Hodgins enter. NO GUYS, GO BACK!!!!!!!!!

Then Booth makes mistake number 2 on this case.

BOOTH: Yeah. And a huge mistake.

CAM: Not if we don’t do it again.

BOOTH: Deal.

CAM: Deal. Not after tonight, I mean.

BOOTH: Never again.

CAM: No.

Now, here’s the sitch. I think Booth still wants Brennan over any of ’em but is afraid of ruining their partnership, so he goes for the relationship that won’t hurt his heart. Not that I think it’s right, he’s being dumb, but I think he’s also scared of giving his whole heart to Brennan and then having her leave him too, like everyone else in his life. He won’t be crushed if Cam leaves him, he won’t be crushed that it’s over with Rebecca.

If Angela and Hodgins had not entered, I think he might’ve turned to Brennan in his weak, post-Rebecca moment, as the person to satisfy urges with and not Cam. But Brennan at this point is not ready, so it’s ultimately a good thing B&B were interrupted.


3 thoughts on “The Truth in the Lye (2×5)

  1. At least we got this! 🙂

    That was a big plus!
    So, I don’t hate this episode. I hate the very end with Cam, ugh!! I just stop it after the wonderful scene B&B have in her office. Lol, when I first saw this episode, I really thought that the couple in bed was going to be B&B!! Oh well.

    -Love shirtless Booth!! 😘
    -I was okay with Booth sleeping with Rebecca…they do have a child together and I could see why they had a lapse. ” I think that we just feel what used to be there. And we miss it.” I can accept that…by not Cam, UGH again. Just stop it before that end scene!!
    -Brennan & Rebecca’s conversation..”When he asked you to marry him? I mean, he seems an ideal candidate. Strong, alpha male, good protective instincts” Yes, Brennan knows that.
    -“BRENNAN: He worries about it himself. What he does for a living. His past as a sniper.-”
    Booth is a good dad. That was nice to see in the early seasons. Love that Booth fills out his forms for Tball.

    The end scene in Brennan’s office is actually a favorite of mine. The chemistry between B&B is palpable. The soft guitar music playing in the background, the looks, aghhh!! Once again, I think they were going to kiss and were interrupted! And that is where I stop the episode. 🙂

    Here is a link from 2011 from the BT Board about that lovely office scene:
    ” Booth narrows his eyes ever so slightly, and you can hear him thinking, “Are you offering?” And she looks straight back at him with those clear baby blues that are saying, “Yes, I am.” *fans self wildly*

    Scene Study: The Truth in the Lye- Too Much at Stake

    Great pics too-
    “And Brennan sort of just smiles in a yes kind of way, and then also tilts HER head to the side in a “Do I need to go to a used bookstore and buy you a copy of “Reading Into Invitations To Satisfy Biological Urges From and With My Partner For Dummies?”


  2. I dislike this episode. Well I should qualify that, It was all fine until the end scene. For me, it’s one of Booth’s darkest moments.
    I have no problem with Rebecca as I’ve stated before. They were just having one last fling. Brennan learned something, Rebecca learned something and I thought Booth learned something until the very end. He appeared to be leading Brennan on, giving those mixed signals that he was so good at in s2. It just wasn’t fair. I don’t see it as romantic at all to tease Brennan. I find it interesting that some people used to say that Booth didn’t ‘get’ what was happening until the coma dream. If that was the case, what was happening here in this B&B moment. She’s too important to him to just be casual sex?
    Cam doesn’t matter?
    LOL that works…..but they didn’t play it like Cam didn’t care in Aliens. Cam saw them as dating…..not just sex partners. Booth seemed to approach it like sex partners, but then I didn’t think Booth did that sort of thing.
    Then the end was a betrayal to the audience….I can picture HH and SN chuckling at their ‘gotcha’ moment. LOL
    Glad I didn’t see this in chronological order, because I was so disappointed at Booth in the end, I would have never watched the rest of the seasons!
    Well maybe that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing…..would have saved me a lot of time! LOL
    I look forward to your insight…..and I did read the BT link…..Booth wasn’t talking about Parker! At least not in my mind! LOL

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