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The Girl in Suite 2103 (2×6)


Written By: Christopher Ambrose

Directed by: Karen Gaviola

Booth and Brennan are heading to a crime scene to investigate an explosion. They are listening to elevator music.

BRENNAN: You like this song?

BOOTH: Nobody likes this song.

BRENNAN: Well, you’re dancing to it.

BOOTH: Maybe swaying a little.

BRENNAN: And humming.

BOOTH: Bones, you know, it’s just something that you do in the elevator.

BRENNAN: Buddhists say that if we can lose ourselves in the moment without distraction or desire, we experience truth.

BOOTH: Why can’t you just hum like a normal, happy person?

Then the elevator opens.


They meet another investigator.

BRENNAN:  You seem uncomfortable. Does his size make you self-conscious?

BOOTH: Bones.

BRENNAN: It’s a condition—skeletal dysplasia. Pseudoachondroplasia or S.E.D. congenita?

BOOTH: Bones.


RADSWELL: Dr. Brennan, I can see that you’re a straightforward person and as much as I appreciate that quality, what you’re asking me is neither your business nor relevant.

BRENNAN: But it’s my business because I’m a forensic anthropologist. But, you’re right, it’s not relevant.

Cam decides to flex her boss muscles again.


ANGELA: I scanned the skull and reconstructed a face.

CAM: Send it over to Booth. If drugs are involved, maybe she has a record.

ANGELA: Yeah, I already did that.

CAM: Listen, people, please. Don’t be sending stuff without informing me first.

BRENNAN: But you wanted her to send it, I heard you.

CAM: But not without first— just run everything by me first, ok? Every circus needs a ringmaster. In this circus, it’s me.



Booth and Brennan have some issues with the State Department guy.


RADSWELL: All we ask at the State Department is that you treat this woman with the respect she is due as a friend of this country.

BOOTH: I know how to question the witness.

RADSWELL: I am here at the request of the Colombian ambassador, Judge Ramos and the State Department.

BRENNAN: Well, that’s disingenuous. What are the chances that all three would ask you separately?

RADSWELL: Why are you being so confrontational?

BRENNAN: You’re used to people deferring to you because of your size. It’s a normal response that you take advantage of. I don’t like it.

BOOTH: Here we go.

BRENNAN: Well, see? Even you don’t want to say anything to hurt his tiny feelings. I don’t mean that your feelings are tiny, I mean that you have feelings about being tiny.

RADSWELL: The ramifications and repercussions of impeded access will compromise accommodative responses detrimental to your unabated participation in our shared endeavors.

BOOTH: That’s State Department speak. We don’t do it his way, we’ll get fired.

BRENNAN: See? If a regular-sized person tried to intimidate you, you’d threaten to kick him through the window. But because in his case it’s an actual physical possibility—

BOOTH: Let’s just question the judge.

RADSWELL: Thank you.

BOOTH: You’re welcome.

BOOTH: That was a nice moment—me translating for you.

The moment when Cam doesn’t realize what she’s getting into with Zack…

 ZACK: What do you want to know?

CAM: Everything.

ZACK: The explosion shifted the placement of the teeth in the maxilla and mandible. I’ve repositioned them so that we can match the dentals. The computer is looking now. Why do you suddenly want to know everything?

CAM: I think there’s a tendency here for each of us to work too independently.

ZACK: My closest acquaintance outside work is a woman I know who’s a performance artist. Last month, she enclosed herself in a plastic box with six rabbits. It went over quite well, perhaps you’ve heard of her?

CAM: Zack, when I said everything, I meant just the case.

Hodgins and Angela continue to dance around their interest in each other.


ANGELA: Which means whoever this was got out before the actual explosion occurred.

HODGINS: Oh, I could kiss you.

ANGELA: That would require permission, which I deny.

HODGINS: I’ll tell Booth that the bomber is alive and is six feet tall.

CAM: You’ll tell who what? There’s a loop people, and I’m in it. Not only am I in it, I’m the big curvy part.

When Cam fails to understand how Zack gets information…


CAM: Too much tissue damage for me. Now it’s time for the boneyard. You, Zack. Do your thing.

ZACK: I’ll have to ascertain if these fractures were the result of heat, explosion or trauma. Which means I need to know the exact nature of the explosion.

CAM: How do you do that?

ZACK: The usual way.


King of the Lab?

Interrogation time.

BOOTH: Did you have sex with her last night?

ANTONIO: Is she what this is about? Because it was her idea, not mine.

BOOTH: How well do you know her?

ANTONIO: Very well, and not so well, if you know what I mean.

BRENNAN: I don’t know what he means.

BOOTH: It means he had sex with her and forgot to learn her name.

Brennan and the State Dept. dude are not getting along.

RADSWELL: You have something to say to me, Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN: Little people have a long history of being close to power.

RADSWELL: As clowns and court jesters. I see you’ve been to the art museum.

BRENNAN: Yes, but as clowns and court jesters they were the only ones allowed to mock the king, to give him perspective. You don’t do that, Mr. Radswell. You just do what the king says without putting anything into perspective.

RADSWELL: Good thing I’m neither a clown nor a court jester.

Experiment time.

ZACK: I did the math very carefully. This experiment should generate an explosion approximately 1/1000th the magnitude of the explosion at the hotel.

CAM: Excuse me?

ZACK: 1/1000th.

ANGELA: I think she meant the explosion part, Zack.

HODGINS: Relax, a little pop. This blast wall Zack built—it’s merely a precaution.

ZACK: We can watch through this porthole.

ANGELA: Hey, I’m gonna wait outside.

CAM: I hear that.

ZACK: Did they not hear me say I did the math quite carefully?




ZACK: I don’t understand what happened.

HODGINS: You know what that proves?

ANGELA: That you guys are idiots?


ZACK: That a blast that strong wasn’t necessarily a bomb.

HODGINS: Most likely, somebody killed Lisa Winokur then started a fire to cover up their crime.

CAM: Without knowing there would be a huge explosion. That’s good guys, nice job.

Booth is apparently, randomly, suffering from a guilty conscience.

(aka the writers wanted to move this plot line along)


BOOTH: Cam? Cam. Has anyone said anything to you about, um…you know?

CAM: Us sleeping together?

BOOTH: You gotta be way more careful about blurting that out. Ok, voices, they carry, building like this.

CAM: There’s no one around, and you brought it up.

BOOTH: Well, I mean, Angela is practically psychic about this kind of stuff, right? So you can’t be thinking about me when, you know, she’s around. Especially not naked.

CAM: I’ll do my best.

Brennan gives Booth an idea…

BOOTH: Were you the one who authorized the block or did it come from higher up on the food chain?

RADSWELL: Go through channels, make a request.

BOOTH: Go to hell, Alex.

BRENNAN: Why are you being so mean?

BOOTH: Cause “go through channels” is diplomatic double-talk for “get lost.”

BRENNAN: Can I talk to him?

RADSWELL: Hello? Dr. Brennan? I’m just small, not invisible.

BRENNAN: Under what circumstances, in general would the State Department block a name like this?

BRENNAN: Whoever killed Lisa Winokur is responsible for the deaths of four other people, including a priest. Doesn’t the State Department have to assure those families they’re doing everything they can to apprehend the responsible party?

RADSWELL: Are you threatening the State Department?




BOOTH: That’s a great idea.


BRENNAN: What’s a great idea?

BOOTH: The FBI blackmailing the State Department.

Brennan tries to speak to the victim’s mother alone.

BRENNAN: Anthropologically speaking a man gives a woman a gift as a way of laying claim. As a way of marking her as his to the other males in the community.

JILL: All I know is, he gave her nice things. And when he started talking about breaking it off, we were both surprised.

BRENNAN: They were breaking up?

JILL: I told her not to give up that easy. I told her when it comes down to it, a man like this, who’s rich and sophisticated, he’ll do the right thing by you.

BRENNAN: You advised your daughter to get pregnant?

JILL: It sounds bad, but there was no reason for Lisa to live the life I led. Please tell me my daughter wasn’t murdered because I told her to get pregnant.

BOOTH: Excuse me. Bones, can I talk to you for a moment?

BRENNAN: Uh…, excuse me.

BOOTH: What did you do to her?

BRENNAN: I don’t know.


Brennan’s idea gave Booth an idea…they need to stop a suspect’s getaway…


BRENNAN: Even if we get there on time, how are we gonna stop them from taking off?

BOOTH: All right, call Hodgins.

BOOTH: Hodgins, just listen. Don’t say anything, just do as I ask.


BOOTH: You there?

HODGINS: You told me not to say anything.

BOOTH: Look, ok, listen to me alright. I need you in your craziest most paranoid conspiracy mode to call the FAA and tell them that a private flight to Bogota is about to leave Kent Island Private Airport and is carrying aliens or—or terrorists, or, you know—you know what to do. Now, do you got any questions?

HODGINS: Just one. Full court press, no holds barred, maximum effort?

BOOTH: Just stop the plane from taking off.

BRENNAN: What will happen to Hodgins if the State Department finds out?

BOOTH: Know what? Better they don’t find out.


Hodgins is successful!



Agent Sexy Shades

RADSWELL: The FAA got a call saying Judge Ramos’s plane had been targeted by the National Liberation Army, a terrorist organization in Colombia.

BRENNAN: And you took it seriously?

RADSWELL: Caller used a highly classified code phrase which established the threat as authentic.

BOOTH: Really?

RADSWELL: A highly classified code phrase known only to a gold-plated asset inside the terrorist organization. If it weren’t, I might suspect you had something to do with it. Booth, you seem to have trouble accepting that there is absolutely nothing you can do in these circumstances.


Hodgins notices Cam and Booth being awkward around each other. Angela catches on.


HODGINS: Oh, yeah, baby. That’s what I’m talking about.


HODGINS: Hey, love is in the purified and ionized lab air. Why should we resist?


Cam suggests falsifying evidence to make progress in the case. Booth rips up the fake file and rejects it.


She interrupts pie. Unforgiveable.

BOOTH: Well, look at ‘em down there, huh? Heh! Probably falsifying evidence.


BRENNAN: I’m not sure I can totally trust Dr. Saroyan after that.

BOOTH: You know, Bones, Cam’s a cop at heart. She, uh—she just wants to catch the bad guys. There are a lot of gray areas.


BRENNAN: Not for you, you did the right thing.

BOOTH: Yeah, it worked out is all.

BRENNAN: You did the right thing.


And Hodgins gets to live out his dream scenario…


BOOTH: Uh oh.

MAN #1: Sir?

BRENNAN: Well, shouldn’t we do something?


BOOTH: Are you kidding? Hodgins being abducted by men in black? That’s a dream come true.



*I liked that Booth did what he thought was right even though it meant going against Cam.

*I don’t like Booth and Cam sneaking around though.

*I love Hodgins and Zack’s experimentation and bro-time.

*Hodgins and Angela are just beginning to come together and its cute.

*Hodgins’ conspiracy theory expertise helped the case.

*Brennan is starting to lose her savviness about the world. She’s had plenty of hookups herself, but doesn’t understand when their suspect talks about having one.

*This case was kind of confusing.


4 thoughts on “The Girl in Suite 2103 (2×6)

  1. Thanks for posting the reflections….it’s much easier for me than having to rematch!
    Booth is definitely feeling guilty Cam on the other hand is enjoying her ‘power’. Cam is a major jerk in this one. She was always someone I never trusted, she’s shady in other eps. Then in later seasons she’s played to be such a honest person! Plez! LOL
    I certainly don’t remember Cam actually ‘touching’ Booth in many episodes. The picture of her hand on the back of his head surprised me. I remember in the ‘witch’ episode she pretends to be scared so she can grab Booth’s hand! LOL But thankfully after ep.5, there was little touching and/or kissing between them. HH just used the relationship as the issue to keep them apart in the first part of the season and then Sully brought up the rear!

    Hodgins and Zack definitely shine…..

    As usual the title plays on what’s going on with the characters….lots of white lies behind the scenes!

  2. “Booth is definitely feeling guilty Cam on the other hand is enjoying her ‘power’. Cam is a major jerk in this one. She was always someone I never trusted, she’s shady in other eps. Then in later seasons she’s played to be such a honest person! Plez! LOL”

    Agree NWChic!!! Brennan stated she doubts she can trust Cam after suggesting they falsify evidence.
    When an episode is not my favorite, I focus on the B&B moments or Booth’s hotness!

    -Cam touching Booth’s neck…not a fan!!
    -“Agent Sexy Shades” Always!
    -Love the pic of Booth in the blue shirt. Sad in later seasons he only wore white.
    -Love looks between B&B when Brennan says “You did the right thing” She loves that Booth is honest with integrity.
    -I always liked endings when B&B looked down on the platform of the lab together.

    Next up…
    S2, Ep7
    1 Nov. 2006 The Girl with the Curl
    When a girl’s body is identified as a missing pageant queen, the investigation focuses on her parents.

  3. Oh boy, I’m really struggling to watch these episodes where Booth and Cam are together…lol.

    Just a couple of observations about this one:

    – Brennan/ED look absolutely gorgeous in this episode. ED also had an unbelievable figure back then…very reminiscent of old time film stars.

    – When Brennan was telling Booth at the end that she didn’t know if she could trust Cam anymore but that he did the right thing, I just kept thinking about how in a later episode she said she preferred good boys. Booth is definitely her “good boy”.

    – At the end when B&B were standing on the balcony looking down and the lab, and the camera was behind them, it reminded me of when they were overlooking their bar “The Lab” in 4×26 “The End in the Beginning.”

    I will be really happy when we get past Booth/Cam!!!

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