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The Girl with the Curl (2×7)


Written By: Karine Rosenthal

Directed By: Thomas J. Wright

BOOTH: They found the victim in the filtration system. Just, you know, some bones, and nobody knows what to make of ’em.

BRENNAN: I mean, look at this. Millions of tax dollars are spent to clean and treat tap water and yet people spend billions on bottled water.


BOOTH: Well, it’s cleaner. Look, it comes from a clean mountain stream.

BRENNAN: Yeah, which contains fecal matter from animals.


Good point, Brennan.

The team investigates. The victim appears to be a child but with fake teeth and bleached hair.

ANGELA: I hate working with kids. Childhood should be all about swings.


ZACK: Swings?

ANGELA: Yeah.  You know, how high can I go? If I twist the chains, how fast will I spin?

HODGINS: What if I try to jump off before the swing stops?

ANGELA: Exactly.

HODGINS: I miss that feeling.

ANGELA: Yeah, me too.

BRENNAN: I miss organic chemistry class. Those were good times.


ZACK: I miss my first microscope.


BOOTH: Great. Yeah. And I miss normal people. Can we go on?


The team finds out it was a beauty pageant girl who’d gone missing. Hodgins brings Angela some evidence but that’s not all he wants to say…

HODGINS: Listen … Angela.

HODGINS: We’ve been … dancing around this for months now … like two pieces of neodymium caught in a magnetic field.


ANGELA: Is that good?

HODGINS: Yeah. But if the field weakens, they fly apart. Which is why I thought they should go on a date.

ANGELA: Hodgins —

HODGINS: You can’t say that you don’t feel it.

HODGINS: Come on, we owe it to ourselves to give it a try.

ANGELA: I — I just don’t think it– would be a good idea.

ANGELA: I mean, we work together, Jack.

HODGINS: Angela …

ANGELA: I’m sorry.


                    Meanwhile the team discusses the things people do for beauty.                                                                 

BRENNAN: People have done much worse for beauty — neck stretching, foot binding …

BOOTH: Okay. And you’re saying that makes it okay.

BRENNAN: Well, of course not. Any major alteration of our underlying architecture demeans us. You know, we all have aspects of ourselves we might wish were different.

ZACK: Yes. I wanted larger biceps before I became comfortable with my mental acuity.



Brennan tries her hand at interrogation with the victim’s mother.

BRENNAN: Did you ever think to tell Brianna that she didn’t need to alter her physical appearance in order to be loved?

BOOTH: Did Brianna disappoint you somehow?

JACKIE: No. She was a perfect angel. She won every competition, even her first one. And after that, it was music and dance classes. She was a real competitor.

BRENNAN: And when she won, it reflected well on you. That way you wouldn’t have to deal with your own physical identity.

JACKIE: I don’t like her.

BOOTH: Whoa.

Angela and Brennan talk about boys (aka Hodgins).

ANGELA: Hodgins asked me out.


BRENNAN: Is that why you’re hiding in here?

ANGELA: I’m not hiding. I need advice.

BRENNAN: What — on a personal matter?


BRENNAN: From me?



BRENNAN: But romance is sort of — This is like me asking you advice on phylogenetic systematics.

ANGELA: Phylogenetic systematics. I have no idea what that is.

BRENNAN: Exactly.

ANGELA: Well, I can’t ask Cam.

CAM: Can’t ask Cam what?


BRENNAN: Oh, Hodgins asked Angela out on a date.

ANGELA: Brennan!

BRENNAN: What? Was it a secret? It was a secret.

ANGELA: Wait. You can’t pretend you didn’t hear about this.

CAM: Fine. What’d you tell him?


CAM: Why?

BRENNAN: Because it would be a disaster.

ANGELA: All of a sudden, you have an opinion on this?

BRENNAN: You should never indulge in a romantic relationship with someone you work with.

CAM: Why not?

BRENNAN: Well, anthropologically…

ANGELA: There’s an anthropological answer?

BRENNAN: An efficient workplace is predicated upon a simple hierarchy. Romance undermines that hierarchy. This is like when I had an affair with my thesis supervisor in college.

CAM: Don’t think we have time for that. I say go.

ANGELA: What about this hierarchical-sexual … ?

CAM: Won’t be an issue. It’s always fun to flirt in the workplace. But out there, when fantasy becomes a reality, it’s a drag.

BRENNAN: What? The date will be bad?

CAM: It will be awful. You’ll both realize it’s not meant to be. There’ll be a couple of days of awkwardness, and then everything goes back to normal.

BRENNAN: If I were you, I’d go with Cam on this one.

CAM: Why?

ANGELA: Phylogenetic systematics.


B&B investigate the victim’s dance class.

BRENNAN: I always wanted to take dance, but I was so … gawky and uncoordinated.

BOOTH: What? You?


BRENNAN: Later I understood that the gawkiness was caused by an asymmetrical development of the iliac crest.

Oh yeah, that.

Hodgins and Angela reunite.

HODGINS: Hey. Don’t come around again looking for a second chance. That was a one-time offer, baby.

ANGELA: Really. Hmmmmm.

HODGINS: No. What?

HODGINS: No. N-no, no. Not — not really. I mean, it never occurred to me that y-you would — — Okay, now you talk.

ANGELA: I accept — going on a date — with you. Soon.

HODGINS: Tonight?

ANGELA: Wow. That is soon.

HODGINS: I don’t wanna give you time to change your mind. What do you wanna do?

ANGELA: You asked me. Figure it out.

HODGINS: Thank you.

Meanwhile, Brennan is bonding with the little girls in her own Brennan way.


MEGAN: Is that a real skeleton?


BRENNAN: Yes, of a twelve-year-old from the Bronze Age. These bones show she’d already had children.

MEGAN: What killed her?

BRENNAN: Having the children.

LIZA: She should’ve waited to be married before she had sex.

MEGAN: You said “sex.”

Brennan asks about the victim.

MEGAN: Brianna was kind of mean. She said Liza had cankles.

BRENNAN: What are cankles?


MEGAN: Where your calves and your ankles are the same thing.

MEGAN: You had to be friends with her.


LIZA: Because Brianna was the queen.

BRENNAN: So yours was a cultural structure predicated on the equation of beauty with power. You instinctively align yourselves with someone who holds the greatest potential for societal supremacy. It’s … a Darwinian pressure you’re too young to bear.


BOOTH: Okay. Come on, Bones. Up you go. There you go.

MEGAN: You have huge muscles.


BOOTH: Thanks.

BOOTH: Learn anything?

BRENNAN: Yeah, I learned about cankles. How about you?

Hodgins and Angela go on a walk.


HODGINS: Here’s the thing, Angela. I know you’ve been out with a lot of guys.

ANGELA: Hey, you have a different girlfriend twice a month.

HODGINS: Yeah. So imagine the pressure to come up with a date that neither one of us has ever been on before.

ANGELA: So what’s up? We here to walk a dog or something?

HODGINS: I remember what you said … about how you used to feel on a swing.


Brennan wants Booth to feel up a suspect to get evidence.

BRENNAN: Okay, I need to know if her hips are even.

BOOTH: Is that slang, or do you really mean “even”?

BRENNAN: Just stand behind her; place your hands on her hips. Then, move your hands up to her ribcage, gauging if it’s an equal distance on each side.


BOOTH: That’s … so not gonna happen.

Zack and Brennan figure out a way to check via video.

BRENNAN: You might as well let her go, Booth.


ZACK: She has very nice symmetrical buttocks.


Brennan attempts to check the pageant girls for scoliosis.

BRENNAN: Excuse me. It’s okay. I’m a scientist.

PAGEANT CONTESTANT: Molester! Molester!


BOOTH: Bones!

BOOTH: What are you doing?

BRENNAN: I’m — I’m not a molester. I’m a forensic anthropologist.

BOOTH: Okay. FBI business. Everybody just simmer down.


PAGEANT CONTESTANT: She touched me on my rear!

BRENNAN: No, back and rear have totally different connotations. Point of clarification. I touched her back.

SECURITY GUARD: Look, scientist or not, FBI or not, she can’t just … go around feeling little girls.

BRENNAN: What? I wasn’t feeling like that. That makes me sound like a pervert.


BOOTH: Look, she was just — she was just touching. That’s all.

BRENNAN: I was just … well, examining, really.

BOOTH: Examining, see? Okay, listen, bud, we’re after a murderer here, okay? Doctor Brennan just got a little overly excited …

SECURITY GUARD: How does feeling little girls solve a murder?

BRENNAN: One of them is the murderer.

BOOTH: Okay, look, I know that’s hard to believe.

SECURITY GUARD: You know what? It’s really not.

B&B figure out which girl pushed the victim and wrap up the case. Hodgins and Angela talk.




HODGINS: We didn’t really get a chance to talk today.

ANGELA: Yeah. I was avoiding you.

HODGINS: That whole … swing thing — wasn’t — good enough, right? ’Cause I can do better.

ANGELA: It was perfect.

HODGINS: It was?

ANGELA: Maybe the best date I’ve ever had.

HODGINS: Really. Great. That’s great. Thanks.


HODGINS: That’s not great. How can a great date be not great?

ANGELA: Because it was supposed to fall flat. That way, we’d both know that this wasn’t meant to be …

ANGELA: … and we’d go back to the way we were before.

HODGINS: I don’t like the way it was before.

ANGELA: Look… Brennan is my best friend, and — Zack is  — whatever the hell he is, and — when this goes wrong, it — it pulls everybody else into it. And … what the great … date … tells us is … that when it goes wrong —

HODGINS:  It’ll go really, really wrong.


ANGELA: So we go back, right?

ANGELA: Friends.

HODGINS: Sure, friends.

HODGINS: Just one question. What if it doesn’t end that way? What if it doesn’t go wrong?

ANGELA: Friends.

B&B finish as they always like….with food.

BRENNAN: This is what happened when Rome fell.

BOOTH: What? Uh, people ate stale doughnuts?


BRENNAN: Objectification of women, beauty as self-esteem.

BOOTH: Well, I think, um, you know, some of those kids actually had a good time.

BRENNAN: The girl in the pink could really dance. But then again, Nero could really play the fiddle.

BOOTH: You know, Bones, I like to think that, um, someplace deep inside, people really know what’s important.

BRENNAN: It’s hard to believe when you see women trying to disguise or change themselves.


BRENNAN: I never understood that.

BOOTH: Well, I mean, no, of course you wouldn’t.


BOOTH: Well, it’s just, you know — someone who looks like … you — well, wouldn’t — Just because of the way you look.

BRENNAN: I don’t understand. What — way do I look?

BOOTH:  Well, you know, you’re — you’re structured — very well.


BRENNAN: As are you.


BRENNAN: You okay?

BOOTH: Yeah.

BOOTH: It’s just — whew. I just — I remembered that I had an appointment.



BRENNAN: Oh. So, um, I’ll see you tomorrow?

BOOTH: No. You know, you have all the paperwork for the case, right?

BRENNAN: No, I was — I was gonna stay…do it anyway, so —

BOOTH: No. No, I would — you know, it’s our case. I wanna help.

BRENNAN: You don’t have to, Booth.

BOOTH: Bones, just drop it, okay? I’m here to help.

BRENNAN: Well… what about your appointment?

BOOTH: Uh, it’s — you know, it’s no big deal. I’ll tell you what. How about I, ah, order some takeout and I ditch these doughnuts?



BOOTH and BRENNAN: Thai food?

BOOTH: This time, I’m ordering extra mee krob because you ate it last time. All of it.

BRENNAN: What? I thought you were done.

BOOTH: Oh, right. I was done?


BOOTH: You finished all of it.

BRENNAN: I did not. You were pretty focused on the fried rice.

BOOTH: Can we just order? Okay?


Good choice, Booth.





2 thoughts on “The Girl with the Curl (2×7)

  1. First, bnb, I give you so much credit for keeping up on the episode reviews! Lol, this time of year is so hectic, if you were late or to skip a week we would totally understand!

    -Love the interaction between Brennan & Angela about Hodgins. The early seasons really highlighted their friendship and both seeking advice from the other.
    -Haha, that pic of Brennan & Sweets dancing is hilarious!
    -“MEGAN: You have huge muscles.” Yes he does! Yummy. Love the pic.
    -HODGINS: “Just one question. What if it doesn’t end that way? What if it doesn’t go wrong?” Aww…sweet pics of Hodgela!!

    -The ending of this episode is ONE of my all time favorites (there are so many!) The chemistry and attraction between B&B can be cut with a knife! So glad Booth did not go with Cam *ugh*. Booth chooses Brennan. Haha, the first time seeing this ep. I knew this was the beginning of B&B and the end of Cam and Booth.
    -The looks between B&B says it all. They are attracted to each other. Classic line-
    BOOTH: Well, you know, you’re — you’re structured — very well.” BRENNAN: “As are you”
    Their way of saying they think the other is HOT!!

    Booth’s muscles again on display when leaning on the table. No wonder Brennan is all googly eyed!
    -Thai food! Next Thai massage!!

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