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Legit one of my favorite of these two ever. Jokingly making fun of Sweets together  “I think he likes us” with those big grins. I just love it!Screenshot_20180717-195926_Google.jpg


The Boy in the Time Capsule (3×7)

Written By: Janet Lin

Directed by: Chad Lowe

They open a time capsule at a reunion and find a body…the squint squad reminisces about their youth…


ZACK: I had a Michael Jackson glove. I’ve never mentioned that before.

HODGINS: I loved Chevy Chase. We all have our crosses to bear.

ANGELA: Oh my god. I’m getting flashbacks to braces and stirrup pants and a really, really bad side ponytail.

HODGINS: Certainly grew out of it. I wore Doc Martens that weighted more than I did.

BRENNAN: Apparently, Booth was fine. He was a football player.

ANGELA: Right. He was one of THOSE guys.

CAM: I remember getting grounded every weekend. So many rules to break, so little time.

HODGINS: You were the nerd fantasy.

ANGELA: I was all about Barbie.

HODGINS: She was my first anatomy lesson – was confused for years.

CAM: What about Ken? I felt so sorry for him.

B&B discuss it too.

BOOTH: What sort of teenager were you, Bones?

BRENNAN: He did have a series of odd jobs. Perhaps he procured the poison from one of them.

BOOTH: Come on. You have to at least had one good story before you pasted on the lab coat.

BRENNAN: I was busy. Studying.

BOOTH: And in all those hours of studying, you never came across one hormone?

BRENNAN: Fine. There was one boy. Andy Fluger. He was the Varsity Lacrosse captain.

BOOTH: Did you kiss the Varsity Lacrosse captain?

BRENNAN: I was weighing the pros and cons when he became my secret Santa.

BOOTH: I thought you hated secret Santa.

BRENNAN: Yes! Because he taped the gift to my locker. Everyone saw it. Teenagers can be cruel.

BOOTH: What was it?

BRENNAN: Doesn’t matter.

BOOTH: Come on, Bones.

BRENNAN: You promise not to laugh?

BOOTH: I promise! I’m your partner.

BRENNAN: It was a Brainy Smurf.

BRENNAN: What? It was deliberate. He knew I wanted Smurfette! Okay, it’s clear you find this amusing.

Time for counseling!


SWEETS: So, have any conflicts or issues arisen since our last session?

BRENNAN: Well – BOOTH: Bones and I are doing just great.

SWEETS: You look angry, Dr. Brennan.

BRENNAN: I told Agent Booth a private story about my childhood and he laughed.

BOOTH: What? No. I – I was appreciating it. Don’t get him involved.

SWEETS: You’re hurt, Dr. Brennan, because you feel you opened yourself up to Agent Booth and he betrayed that trust.

BOOTH: You’re talking about a Smurf.

BRENNAN: Smurfette.

SWEETS: Perhaps a way to bring this relationship back into symmetry is if you reveal a childhood story about yourself. Show your vulnerability to Dr. Brennan.

BOOTH: No. You know what? This is crazy. It’s – it’s not right. Tell him that it’s not right.


BOOTH: Oh! You’re on his side.

SWEETS: You were “that guy” weren’t you, Agent Booth. You were the golden boy who could get away with anything just by turning on the charm.

BOOTH: That’s ridiculous. You don’t even know who I am.

SWEETS: Could it be that you’re still holding on to that persona. That you’re afraid to reveal yourself?

BOOTH: I’m an FBI Agent. I get shot at every day. I’m not afraid of anything.

SWEETS: Okay, this is obviously very difficult for you but you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help.

BOOTH: Okay. Okay. I apologize. I do. I need help – with this case. So, while you review this, I will reveal myself to Bones. I know that sounded weird, but you know what I mean.


Booth shares his under-the-bleachers story.

BRENNAN: You’re laughing about it now. You enjoyed displaying your penis. It showed alpha male mastery. Only one other person knew about Brainy Smurf. It was my mother.

BOOTH: It’s cold. Okay. It’s was cold. Do you know what happens to a guy when it is cold outside?

Booth tries again with a asking-a-girl-to-prom story.

BRENNAN: This is your embarrassing story?

BOOTH: On the loudspeaker!


BOOTH: I got laughed at for weeks.

BRENNAN: Did she go with you to the prom?

BOOTH: Sure.

BRENNAN: Okay, this is merely another story of victory and sexual conquest.

Another accidental murder…

GIL: It was an accident. It was just a jab. He held his neck and he went all white.

BRENNAN: The wound severed both his jugular and his carotid. He would have died quickly.

GIL: He did. I-I held him and I told him I was sorry. He knew that I didn’t mean it.

Booth tries again with a humiliating story.

BRENNAN: Okay, is this going to be another story where you think you were humiliated, but you actually were not?

BOOTH: Just listen to me. This kid. Junior year. Harlan Kinney. He was one of those real superior types, always talking out of a thesaurus, and one day he came up to me and a bunch of my buddies and he called us a bunch of Philistines. You know what that means, right?

BRENNAN: Yeah. A Philistine is a smug, ignorant person who is antagonistic toward higher thought and intelligence.

BOOTH: Yeah, well, I didn’t know what that meant till I looked it up. I told Kinney, “Look, I’m not Philistine. I’m Catholic.”

BRENNAN: That’s pretty close to humiliation.

BOOTH: No, that’s embarrassing, that’s not the humiliating part.


BOOTH: My buddy picked Kinney up and dangled him over the stairway. You know, he begged and cried, and everyone laughed.

BRENNAN: How is this about you?

BOOTH: I laughed.

BRENNAN: I don’t understand.

BOOTH: I could’ve stopped it. I could’ve stepped in and helped the kid out. Instead I-I didn’t. Chose my side, and it was the wrong side.

BRENNAN: So you were humiliated because you didn’t act like a hero?

BOOTH: Fine. Fine. You know what? I’m perfect. My life was perfect.

BRENNAN: It’s a good story, okay? But it’s a bad one. I – it’s both, I guess. I mean, I get it.

BOOTH: Yeah?

BRENNAN: What is that?

BOOTH: Nothing.

BRENNAN: Well, you evolved. And evolution is very impressive and that is definitely not nothing.



BRENNAN: You did bring that for me to charm me in case I didn’t find your humiliation story impressive, but I did, so …

BOOTH: Aha! So I did impress you.

BRENNAN: That’s what impressive means, dummy. You’re such a Philistine.

BOOTH: I’ll tell you what. You can hold on to this, and it will remind you how far I’ve come.


BRENNAN:  I forgive you for snorting, Booth.

BOOTH: Evolution is a long, long process. It takes hundreds of years.

BRENNAN: Thousands.

BOOTH: Why do you have to always correct me?

BRENNAN: To help you evolve.


*I feel that EVERYONE misunderstood Booth in this episode, even Brennan, though she says she sort of gets Booth’s feelings at his final story. Everyone thinks Booth was just this macho, jock guy and clearly there is more to him than that. I feel like even the “sensitive” Angela and Sweets pigeon-holed Booth into that jock mold and I thought it was unfair.

Personally, I thought his final story showed his soft spot for the kid being bullied and helps explain Booth’s cosmic balance sheet and sense of fairness and justice. 


The Intern in the Incinerator (3×6)

“The Intern in the Incinerator”

Episode 3×06

Written By: Christopher Ambrose



The victim is someone who worked at the Jeffersonian, whom Angela knew. Cam weirdly wants to set up Booth as her pretend boyfriend.

BOOTH: You never told them we broke up?

CAM: You wanna’ make a man miserable on his sixtieth birthday?

BOOTH: You want me to pretend that I’m your boyfriend?

CAM: Yes, between six-thirty and ten on Thursday.

BOOTH: Camille, you’re an adult. You can’t live your life afraid of what your family thinks!

CAM: Seeley, it’s not going to be like this forever. One day he’ll die!

We get a new name with the “widow’s son” case.

TYLER: The spinner appears to be Masonic in origin: bloodstone, gold. What’s interesting is, in the center, instead of the traditional “G” for God, there’s a skull.

BRENNAN: Gormogon iconography.

TYLER: Strange, huh?

BOOTH: Gormogon? Okay, what’s that?

BRENNAN: It’s an eighteenth century . . .

TYLER: It’s an extinct group dedicated to eradicating the influence of the Free Masons and Illuminati in Europe in the eighteenth century. That could be the largest collection of Gormogon artifacts in the world.


BRENNAN: If Gormogon killed her, then Gormogon is one of us, somebody who works at the Jeffersonian.

BOOTH: You went there.


BOOTH: You went there and you gave him a nickname!

B&B continue to investigate. They discuss interrogations.

BRENNAN: Why do you want me to interrogate Aldrige?

BOOTH: Because he thinks I’m stupid.

BRENNAN: You’re not!

BOOTH: Thanks, Bones, I know.


BRENNAN: Well, you’re the one that told me that personalizing the victim doesn’t work with sociopathic serial killers. They lack all empathy. You told me that!

BOOTH: We are not looking for gorgonzola today!

BRENNAN: Gormogon. Gor-mo-gon.

BOOTH: We’re looking for someone who murdered one girl and tossed her down an incinerator chute. Entirely different kind of a guy, so, inside.

BRENNAN: Don’t- tell me- Don’t- You are not bossing me. Stop it.

Later, they find their suspect hung in the vault, with a “suicide note”. Cam disputes that and calls it murder.

BRENNAN: Well, he was hung up in the vault. It all circles back to the vault.

CAM: It all circles back to the authentications department who happen to be working in the vault.

BRENNAN: Why don’t you and Booth think that Gormogon is behind these murders?

CAM: Because, as far as we know, he only kills males, and snacks on them. Plus, there are far too many other reasonable suspects.

The team comes to the head honcho with their investigation so far and hit a snag.

CAM: Dr. Bancroft, it’s our professional opinion here in the forensics lab, that Dr. Aldrige was murdered.

BANCROFT: Fine. Prove it. But watch your backs. Because if I’m wrong and you’re right that means that there’s still a serial killer out there. And if I were the killer, you’d be next Ms. Montenegro.

ANGELA: Why me?

BANCROFT: Well, you identified the Reardon girl, you figured our this hologramatic impalement scenario. Be careful.

ANGELA: I feel like I was just threatened.

Booth and Brennan argue passwords.

BRENNAN: Wait, you have a password?

BOOTH: Yeah, Cam’s. What? She won’t mind.

HODGINS: Well, Kristen Reardon worked on a lot of sixteenth century Baroque wood carvings.

BOOTH: I know your password too. It’s daffodil.

BRENNAN: I never told you that!

BOOTH: What? I got eyes. I mean you guys aren’t exactly CIA material.

HODGINS: Daffodil?

BRENNAN: What? They’re pretty.


BOOTH: Daisy?

BRENNAN: How did you know?

BOOTH: It’s your second favorite flower. I know you Bones. Try a planet…..Jupiter!

They decide to set a trap for the suspect and wait in a stakeout.


BOOTH: Little game there, Bones – who shows up for the Iraqi Bambi?

BRENNAN: There are a number of possible candidates.

BOOTH: Come on, I mean, it’s a stake out. Play with me. Speculate. My money’s on Bancroft.

BRENNAN: The head of the Jeffersonian? Why?

BOOTH: He’s a doughy.

BRENNAN: You think he’s a murderer just because you don’t like him?

BOOTH: Bones, it’s a game.

BRENNAN: Well, there’s no way it’s Bancroft, he has a doctorate.

BOOTH: Dr. Kevorkian has a doctorate.

They find out it was another doctor who ran a secret smuggling ring at the Jeffersonian and wrap it up.

BOOTH: Okay, don’t take it so hard.

BRENNAN: I’m not taking anything hard. What are we, Russian?

BOOTH: Nostrovia. Yeah. I’ll tell you what else I know. What you’re taking hard is, uh, the fact that it happened in your house.

BRENNAN: It’s not my house!

BOOTH: Not where you sleep! Okay, your favorite place, the house of reason, the Jeffersonian.

BRENNAN: No. It’s not my favorite place.

BOOTH: Yes, it is.

BRENNAN: What, no it’s not- how do you know?

BOOTH: Daffodil. Daisy. Jupiter. Okay, I’ll tell you what else I know, you were hoping that it was gorgonzola.

BRENNAN: Gormogon.

BOOTH: Ah! So you admit it!

BRENNAN: Accidentally! Does- does that count?



BRENNAN: Nonetheless, I shall be vigilant.

BOOTH: “Nonetheless”?

BRENNAN: I’m not gonna’ have a headache tomorrow, am I?

BOOTH: Well, we’re gonna’ find out. Hodgins and Jack, they do their experiments. We do ours. To Gorgonzola.

BRENNAN: Gormogon.

BOOTH: You missed.



Take aways:

-“Camille” and “Seeley” are awkward

-Gormogon enters our lexicon

-So Brennan…out of all the Jeffersonian people/squints that might betray her, who she’s truly concerned about is Booth betraying her.

-Booth knows her favorite things and her passwords!!!! That is just speaks to the intimacy of their partnership and how observant Booth really is 😉

The Mummy in the Maze (3×5)

Written By: Scott Williams

Directed by: Marita Grabiak


Booth and Brennan are called to investigate a real mummy found in a haunted house. Brennan and Booth visit a pastor who shockingly gets into a debate with Brennan.

Brennan: What if the children that you save from abortion grow up to be usurers and sodomites?

Pastor: I don’t respond to mocking semantics, Dr. Brennan.

Booth: Nor do I, but she’s serious.

Pastor: In that case, my serious answer would be that in being given a chance to live a life, the aborted soul will have a multitude of opportunities to repent for their sins and live bathed in the Holy Spirit.

Brennan: Thank you.

Booth: Thank you?

Brennan responds well to logical, serious conversations, Booth! Well, in the earlier days!

Angela and Hodgins meet a private investigator to find her mystery husband.

Amber: Angela Montenegro is not your birth name. You changed your name on your 18th birthday because it came to you in a dream.

Angela: Um… Hodgins’ eyes widen as he looks at Angela.

Hodgins: You never told me that.

Angela: I never told anybody that.

B&B continue their discussion.

Booth: Didn’t that pastor guy make you mad?

Brennan: No.

Booth He’s a fundamentalist.

Brennan: I appreciate consistency.

Booth: Oh what, the consistency of trying to scare kids into Christianity?

Brennan: How do we keep kids from smoking? We tell them it gives them cancer.

Booth: It does give them cancer.

Brennan: According to science.

Booth: You know, that’s all you care about is science.

Brennan: In the end, even someone who believes in empiricism and science has to take a leap of faith.

Booth: What?

Brennan: I believe in what I can hear, taste, see, touch and measure. You believe in what you feel. Pastor Jonas believes that God speaks to him through a sacred book.

Booth: Yeah, well, I feel like we’re on the wrong side of the argument here.

B&B are called to a haunted place with a creepy clown. Booth is freaked out.

Brennan: Coulrophobia.

Booth: Huh?

Brennan: The fear of clowns. Coulrophobia. May explain why you shot that clown last year.

Booth: Look, I have no problems with clowns. I can stand right here. See?

Brennan: Uh-huh….

Booth: The maze victim disappeared from here. So we just go right past the clown. I can walk right past the clown, like she said. Just right…

The team finds out that the two bodies are connected, and they appeared to have been tortured.

Brennan: Ephedrine is synthetic adrenaline.

Hodgins: Most of those are heavy stimulants.

Zack: Their metabolisms would race. Heart rates would accelerate dangerously.

Cam: Spiders, live burial, drug-induced panic… is our murderer literally scaring girls to death?

Costume time!


Booth: Wow!

Brennan: How do I look?

Booth: Good. Wonder-ful. Get it?

Brennan: Yeah.

Booth: ‘Cause you’re Wonder Woman.

Brennan: I know. What are you supposed to be?


Booth: Oh, I’m a nerd squint. You see, what is the rationale behind that conclusion?

Brennan: That’s not what they look or sound like.

Booth: You mean “we.” That’s not what ‘we’ look or sound like.

Brennan: Okay.

Booth: You see what I did right there? I corrected you, you know, in character… as a squint!

The real squints get together to find the missing girl who may still be alive.

Brennan: I’d like to assume that the automotive particulates arrived with the blowing air.

Hodgins: Heated underground parking lots.

Zack: How is that not guessing?

Brennan: Einstein referred to such assumptions as acceptable “intuitive leaps.”

Zack: I acknowledge Einstein as a scientific authority.

BOOTH: You’re sure about this?

Brennan: Not at all.

Booth: Because you guessed.

Brennan: But we do not guess.

Booth: I think you did. I dare you to put that lasso of truth around you.

B&B go in. Brennan pulls out her giant gun and wants to shoot the padlock. She fires and it bounces into Booth’s leg. Brennan shoots again, causing Booth to drop her.


Brennan: Ugh! My head.

Booth: Just stop shooting at things, Bones.


This is one of my favorites! haha

Booth goes to get the baddie, an EMT dressed as a clown, who is counting Booth’s remaining bullets.

Geller: Which is how I know you’re carrying the 50-caliber 500. Well, that’s five shots. And by my count… you only got one shot left.


Booth: One shot. One hell of a shot.

Hodgela’s private investigator tries to convince Angela to return to her first husband. Angela refuses.


Amber: But in this case, in my opinion. I don’t think she’s going back to her husband.

Hodgins: Even after you practically threw him at her?

Amber: Exactly. Aren’t you glad I did? Now you can sleep like a baby because of my thorough approach.

Hodgins: Thank you.

Amber: That’s right, “thank you.”

B&B wrap up the case still in costume. They debate if they should attend the  company Halloween party.


Brennan: I’m sorry you had to kill someone. I know you hate that.

Booth: Yeah, he had it coming.

Brennan: You hate it. I’m sorry that happened to you.

Booth: We saved the girl. That’s a pretty good date.

Brennan: Except not really a date.

Booth: I know. It was…

Brennan: … work. Not a date.

Booth: Really, really hard one.

Brennan: And we’re not really Wonder Woman and Clark Kent. We’re Brennan and Booth.

Booth: Look, you’re the one who brought up the date analogy.

Brennan: You hungry?

Booth: Yeah.

Brennan: Me, too.

Booth: Okay, let’s go grab a bite to eat.


Booth: What the hell are you doing?

Brennan: Nothing.

  • I love the humanity that Brennan shows. She is able to have a rational conversation with a man of faith, and dress up whimsically as a superhero, complete with spinning!
  • I love that Booth’s version of a superhero is the squints, whom he clearly has come to admire.
  • The ending is interesting, coming off of the “coffee” conversation of last episode. Brennan does use the date analogy first, then backs off really quick….hm…!!
  • How do you think Wonder Woman and Clark Kent’s NON-date went after the camera turns off?? What did they talk about??

The Secret in the Soil (3×4)

“The Secret In the Soil”

Episode 3×04

Written By: Karine Rosenthal


We meet a new key player in the Bones Universe…

SWEETS: Okay, Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth. Together. A little closer. Okay, yeah, that’s perfect. Beautiful. Now keeping your back straight, I want you each to lean forward.


SWEETS: Excuse me?

BRENNAN: Come on, Booth. I’m sure this is just one of those meaningless exercises meant to illustrate the importance of supporting each other.

BOOTH: We agreed to see another therapist, not be action figures for a 12-year-old.

SWEETS: I’m 22, Agent Booth. I have a doctorate in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where my dissertation on the effects of job stress was published.

BOOTH: That’s great. I’m sure your mother is really proud of you, Sweets.

Sweets attempts to explain his presence (due to Booth arresting Brennan’s dad) and Booth gets sassy.



They find a strange, extra warm, body at a crime scene and investigate.

BRENNAN: There’s no evidence here to suggest cannibalism…no bite marks.

HODGINS: No condiments.


They investigate but have to do another session with Sweets.

SWEETS: No, no, no, this is good, let’s talk about conflict. When you guys argue, how do you come to a resolution?

BRENNAN: We don’t argue.

SWEETS: Come on, remember, zone of truth, right here.

BOOTH: Fine. We might bicker a little bit, but that’s not arguing.

BRENNAN: Bicker? I don’t bicker.

BOOTH: No? What about the whole environmentalism thing?

BRENNAN: That was a discussion.

BOOTH: You pretty much told me my penis was going to shrink if I didn’t eat organic food.

BRENNAN: That’s not bickering, that’s being a good friend.

BOOTH: My penis is just fine, thank you.




B&B bicker again about the case, this time in front of Angela.

BRENNAN: One of the other farmers also said that he just switched. And he has a key, he could’ve dumped the body the middle of the night.

BOOTH: I’m sorry, but whose side are you on? Uh, don’t say the facts, because that just annoys me.

BRENNAN: You want us to base our actions on your gut again?

BOOTH Yes. You have your shiny machines, I have my gut.

ANGELA: Is it always like this when you two are together?

(Together) BRENNAN: Yes. BOOTH: No.

ANGELA: It’s kind of hot.

B&B find out it was another case of “accidental murder” and mistaken identity. Time for a wrap up!

SWEETS: So, case finished?


SWEETS: Congratulations.

BOOTH: Yeah.

SWEETS: You don’t seem too happy.

BOOTH: Well, because sometimes, if you win, you end up with somebody else’s pain and screwed-up life. You work for the FBI, you should know that.

SWEETS: Must be a challenge for you to access those feelings.

BRENNAN: Okay, stop. You don’t know Booth. You don’t know me, you have a limited view of us based on superficial data you’ve accumulated on a standardized questionnaire, and a subjective analysis from talking to us that is not at all scientific, so back off.



Did she really just say those nice things about me?!

Aw, standing up for her man!

SWEETS: Are you normally this protective of him, Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN: We are partners. Our lives depend on being protective of each other.

SWEETS: And you feel the same way, Agent Booth?

BOOTH: Sweets, I can only hope that one day you know what a real partnership is.

SWEETS: You two are very close, that was evident in your superficial, standardized questionnaire and my unscientific observations.


SWEETS: You complement each other…I have observed some underlying issues that need to be addressed….There’s clearly a very deep emotional attachment between you two.


How does he know that already!?!?

BOOTH: We’re just partners.

SWEETS: And why do you think I would have thought otherwise?

BOOTH: ‘Cause you’re 12.

BRENNAN: Don’t read into anything that Booth said. We’re professionals. There’s a line that doesn’t even need to be there.

BOOTH: Not at all, I mean, if there were no more murders, I would probably not even, you know, see her.

BRENNAN: That’s very true.

BOOTH: Might have coffee.

BRENNAN: Probably not.


I think Booth’s heart just skipped like 5 beats here.

BOOTH: What?



Genuinely has NO clue what “bad” thing she said

BOOTH: You wouldn’t even have coffee with me?

BRENNAN: Well, in your scenario, we wouldn’t even know each other because there are no murders.


BOOTH: Were. I said “no more murders.”

BRENNAN: Then fine. I mean, we could have a coffee. So that’s clear, then? I mean, we’d have coffee and that’s our relationship? Coffee.

BOOTH: Yeah, let’s move on.



Body language: left (before conversation) right (after conversation)

So, Sweets is here! What do you all think of this one? Besides Sweets stumbling on the opportunity of a lifetime to study these two!!

Do you think Brennan realized the implications of what she said about not meeting Booth for coffee, after she thought about it? Is she imagining an actual world where she never met Seeley Booth and how boring her life would be?

Do you think Booth realized he intimidated Sweets (after Sweets’ comment to him about it?) Do you think Booth is realizing he’s more emotionally damaged than he himself realized?

So many things to unpack here. What are your thoughts?

Death in the Saddle (3×3)

Episode 3×03

Written By: Josh Berman

Directed by: Craig Ross, Jr.


They find a gruesome crime scene, but we have bigger problems.

HODGINS: Angela is going to be hypnotized.


HODGINS: She’s going deep into her subconscious to remember her husband’s name. So we can find him, divorce him, get married ourselves, and live happily for all eternity.

BRENNAN: You won’t live for eternity.

The victim was into some interesting stuff.


BRENNAN: Well, this isn’t about the horses. It’s about a dominant versus submissive balance of power, a variation on sado-masochism.

BOOTH: Those people are eating from troughs…Do you think that’s sexy?

BRENNAN: Fetishism is a way of indulging in sexual activity, without actually engaging emotionally with the other person as a fully formed human being.

BOOTH: Okay, sex is all about engaging. You don’t wanna engage, you just stay home, and… you know.


BOOTH: Aristotle also thought that the purpose of the human heart was to solve math problems.

BRENNAN: I’m surprised you know that.

BOOTH: Well, turns out I’m smarter than a fifth grader.


BOOTH: When you turn someone into an object of sexual pleasure, it’s wrong.

BRENNAN: How do you know?

BOOTH: It says in the Bible.

BRENNAN: It does not!

BOOTH: Then it got left out by mistake.


BOOTH: This is not normal, okay, it’s uh…

BRENNAN: It’s what, Booth?

BOOTH:…You’re not interested in, uh…

BRENNAN: Pony play?! No, but I’m the first to admit that in sexual situations, I have indulged in… role-playing.

BOOTH: ‘Kay, you know what, it’s getting a little warm out here, what do you say we go back-

As B&B investigate, Angela and Hodgins continue to track down Angela’s first husband. The internet doesn’t seem to have any photos of this. Stop and go watch the episode right now! 🙂

Then, we get our traditional wrap up scene!


BRENNAN: Maybe you should consider going vegetarian, too.

BOOTH: I didn’t lose my appetite because you mentioned horse meat, I lost my appetite because you made me think about all those people parading around, pretending to be something they aren’t, just so they could have crappy sex.


BRENNAN: How do you know it’s crappy?

BOOTH: Gotta be, Bones, come on! It’s gotta be!



BOOTH: Why? I’ll tell you why. Here we are. All of us are basically alone, separate creatures just circling each other. All searching for that slightest hint of a real connection. Some look in the wrong places, some, they just give up hope because in their mind they’re thinking ‘Oh, there’s nobody out there for me.’ But all of us, we keep trying over, and over again. Why? Because every once in a while, every once in a while, two people meet. And there’s that spark. And yes Bones, he’s handsome. And she’s beautiful. And maybe that’s all they see at first… But making love? Making. Love. That’s when two people become one.

BRENNAN: It is… scientifically impossible for two objects to occupy the same space.


BOOTH: Yeah, but what’s important is we try. And when we do it right, we get close.

BRENNAN: To what? Breaking the laws of physics?

BOOTH: Yeah, Bones. A miracle. Those people- role-playing and their fetishes and their little sex games- It’s crappy sex. Well, at least compared to the real thing.


BRENNAN: You’re right.

BOOTH: Yeah, but- Wait a second, I just won that argument?



*So….Booth’s speech…it works better with all the flashbacks to people in the episode, Hodgins, Angela, Cam, Zach…so go watch it now. But on reflection, it sounds A LOT like Brennan’s book, doesn’t it? Hm. It’s one of those bordering on cheesy bits of dialogue that DB has the gift of making perfect.

*Is Booth right? Is Brennan agreeing with him because she truly gets his point, or is she just thinking about getting that “first hand experience” herself??

*And Emily deserves all the Emmys, because how she doesn’t just pass out when DB looks at her like that, I’ll never know.


The Soccer Mom in the Mini Van (3×2)


Written By: Elizabeth Benjamin

Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Shockingly, B&B are discussing personal business at a crime scene.


BOOTH: Look, Bones, all I’m saying is that Caroline went though a lot of trouble to get you private visitation with your father, now you don’t want it.

BRENNAN: The federal detention facility already has visiting areas.

BOOTH: Yeah, behind 2 inch glass. Now you’ll be able to give your old man a hug.

BRENNAN: I didn’t ask for special treatment, Booth.

BOOTH: That’s because you don’t have to because you are special. (AWW!!!) And you are gonna tell me – whoa – what happened to whatever the hell is melted to that steering wheel and everything else.

BRENNAN: Why do you care about my relationship with my father, Booth? You were only too happy to arrest him and put him in prison.

BOOTH: Alright, look Bones. Ya know what, it’s not about being happy, okay. It’s about doing my job.

Brennan has everything sent to the lab. Angela is still pretending that she can’t do full reconstructions with bone fragments. lol

ANGELA: Oh, great. Is this all I have to work with? I always hated puzzles.

CAM: How close are we to ID’ing the victim?

ANGELA: Well. This is the skull. I’m good, but I’m not that good.

Booth brings in a pretty FBI agent to help Hodgins. Angela gets sassy.


ANGELA: He’s Dr. Jack Hodgins. Angela. Montenegro. I do facial reconstructions – and him.

Brennan visits Max.


PRISION GUARD: Alright, Max. There ya go.

MAX: Ooh, gee. Real chairs. It’s nice to have an important daughter.

BRENNAN: This is Booth, not me.

MAX: Well, you thank him for me. I always liked Booth. Nicest guy that ever arrested me.

MAX: You’re upset.

BRENNAN: Yeah, of course I’m upset. My father’s a criminal.

MAX: No, outlaw. There’s a difference.

BRENNAN: Subtle distinctions like that are lost on me and, I imagine, your victims.

BRENNAN: And you walked out on Russ and me when I was fifteen!

MAX: But that was to protect you, people were after us.

BRENNAN: Because you were a criminal.

MAX: Outlaw. See, I knew you weren’t gonna understand.

Booth puts things into perspective for Brennan via the case comparing the soccer mom’s child with Brennan.

BRENNAN: It’s not like I ever really had a father. Max was absent for years.

BOOTH: Well, here’s what I know. I know that Nash girl would give anything to spend one more day with her mother. I’m sure you’d feel the same way if something happened to your father.

Enter Caroline.


BRENNAN: You’re not supposed to be up here.

CAROLINE: Booth can shoot me later.

BOOTH: Caroline? Why are you here?

CAROLINE: June Harris was turning herself in. I arranged with her attorney for the surrender.

The soccer mom apparently had secrets.

CAROLINE: He was gonna deliver her on Thursday after she said goodbye to her family.

BRENNAN: What was the deal?

CAROLINE: 9 years.

BOOTH: 9 years for killing a cop?

Brennan brings Max some items for prison as he requested.

MAX: So the prosecutor’s gonna want to talk to you about me. It wouldn’t hurt if you, uh, had some good things to say about your old man. Might even offer to testify on my behalf.

BRENNAN: Is that why you finally apologized?

MAX: What?

BRENNAN: To use me? Maybe you’d like me to alter evidence now. That way I could join the family business.

MAX: How could you think that?

BRENNAN: I don’t know, Max. Maybe because I seem to pass in and out of your life when it’s most convenient. Maybe because you built a whole career using your considerable charm to manipulate people?

MAX: Wait, listen. I know that it’s hard to trust me, I know, and it’s gonna take some time to fix things, but we can –

BRENNAN: No. No. Some things break and you can’t put them back together again. That’s just the way it is. I was find on my own, Max. I was just fine.

Brennan butts heads with another investigator on the case.

SAM: Ballistics says that the bullet was NOT a match for Danny’s gun.

BRENNAN: Booth should have that report first. He’s the lead.

SAM: You know, Booth. She must be really good in bed because I can’t see any other reason you keep her around here.

BRENNAN: I am. Very good. But Booth has no direct knowledge of that fact.

BOOTH: Okay, okay. Let’s all stay focused here, people.

Booth checks in with Brennan about Max.

BOOTH: Ya know, look. I’m – I should never have gotten in the middle of all this, I’m – I’m sorry. I was just – I’m just trying to help.

BRENNAN: He wanted me to testify on his behalf. He just wants to use me.

BOOTH: Well, he’s s con man, Bones, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. He’s just looking for a little payback.

BRENNAN: Payback?

BOOTH: Yeah. He’s thinking that he got arrested so that he could spend some more time with you. I mean, you could at least return the favor by doing something nice for him.

BRENNAN: I’m not sure I want a father who’s always keeping score.

BOOTH: Yeah. Sounds like you are too.

BRENNAN: You know what? You’re right. This is none of your business.

BOOTH: You know what, Bones? You’re never gonna forgive yourself if you don’t cut the guy some slack just because you’re afraid to get hurt.

BRENNAN: Ugh, what the hell is taking Hodgins so long?

They solve the case, Brennan plays cards with her dad, Booth drinks with his FBI pal. B&B wrap it up.


BRENNAN: How much scotch did you drink?


BOOTH: Oh, just enough. You know, I would have invited you, but Reilly. He just – wow – he doesn’t like you.

BRENNAN: I understand.

BOOTH: I’m sorry. Was that rude?

BRENNAN: Not from someone who’s been drinking.


BOOTH: God, you know, I love this place. I love it. I love this country. You know, I tell ya something. If I was working law enforcement back in the day when they threw all that tea, alright, in the harbor – I’m good, alright, I’m – I’m good. I would have rounded everybody up and we’d still be English.


BRENNAN: Ya think?

BOOTH: Yup. Yup. Definitely.

BRENNAN: I saw my father.

BOOTH: Wow. I didn’t think that you were gonna – do that.

BRENNAN: As an Anthropologist, I accept change as the natural order of things – but with him I didn’t allow for transformation. Ya know, I predicated his behavior based on a set of outmoded preconceptions. It wasn’t rational.

BOOTH: Wow. I – I didn’t get any of that.

BRENNAN: If I was conducting an objective experiment on my father, observing his behavior, I’d have to conclude that he loves me.

BOOTH: Hmm. Why? What happened?

BRENNAN: We played cards.

BOOTH: Cool.

BRENNAN: I killed him.


BOOTH: Good for you.


Classic Bones. What a great ending, CGI and all 🙂