The Bodies in the Book (2×15)

Written By: Karine Rosenthal

Directed by: Craig Ross, Jr.


Brennan and Sully are together….so let’s get to the lab. Hodgins is giving Brennan’s publisher a tour of the lab. Booth arrives with a case.

BRENNAN: Uh, my partner, Seeley Booth. This is the publicist for my book, Ellen Laskow and her assistant Hank –

ELLEN: Hello. Now I see why Temperance writes those dirty little scenes in her books.

BOOTH: That – That’s not me –

BRENNAN: It’s not him.

BOOTH: Not me. No.

ELLEN: Right. You must let me get you that therapist’s number, dear.

BOOTH: Oh, no, seriously. She’s got someone.


B&B do that thing where they forget anyone else is there and bicker!

BOOTH: Well, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. He is kinda short.

BRENNAN: He’s not short. Just because he’s not freakishly tall like you are-

BOOTH: He’s short, okay.

BRENNAN: Didn’t you say you had remains for me to examine?

BOOTH: Oh, right. Come on. Let’s go.

BRENNAN: Well, thanks for the schedule, Ellen.


Booth realizes the case is like Brennan’s book.

BRENNAN: You read my book?

BOOTH: Of course. Anyhow, a guy docked the boat, saw something floating in the water thought it was a dead fish – it ended up being a decomposed hand. The dive crew just located the rest of the body.

BRENNAN: I didn’t think you’d have time to read my book.

BOOTH: You have time to write it, I have time to read it.


That statement just makes me melt. So sweet! But of course, Booth has to downplay it.

BOOTH: Besides, you can’t avoid the damned thing. Your book is everywhere.

Booth takes Brennan aside as they keep finding coincidences from the book.


BOOTH: Bones. How ya holding up?

BRENNAN: What do you mean? Fine.

BOOTH: Ya know, something like this, it’s understandable if you’re upset.

BRENNAN: It’s probably a coincidence.



SULLY: Hey, How’s it going?

BRENNAN: What? What are you doing here?

BOOTH: Uh, yeah.

SULLY: Well, I heard we had a copy cat killer using your book as –

BRENNAN: That hasn’t been established.

BOOTH: Yeah, I got it covered here, Sully.

SULLY: Well, two hands are better than one, Booth.

BOOTH: Well, last time I looked, I have 2 hands, see? Thanks.


ANGELA: Testosterone spill on aisle 4.

BRENNAN: I don’t need to be protected…

BOOTH & SULLY: (in unison) Yes. You do.

There is a second murder, just like the book.

BRENNAN: So we’re back to me.

SULLY: No. Your book.

BRENNAN: Well, I can only deal with what’s before me. Two discreet cases. Physical evidence –

BOOTH: Look, Bones-I know it’s probably easier for you to, uh, believe that the cases – they aren’t linked-

BRENNAN: No. There is nothing that would make the loss of two lives easier for me, Booth.

BOOTH: I’m sorry, but-


BRENNAN: Look, I’m not burying my head in the sand here. I wanna catch whoever did this as much as you guys do, but I have a method and the method doesn’t change. I’ll be back in my lab.


BOOTH: She wasn’t this emotional before you came in the picture.

SULLY: Ah, I thought you weren’t interested.

BOOTH: Ha. Alright, look, I don’t need that, okay? Believe me, okay? I’m gonna go talk to Sadie Keller’s husband and why don’t you just go back to your office there and, uh, sort through the fan mail, alright? Bye.

Zack and Hodgins work on getting evidence from the rats at the scene. Angela asks too many questions.


ANGELA: Now what?

ZACK: Warm water soothes them like a bubble bath, then-

ANGELA: Can’t we just wait ’til nature takes it’s course?

HODGINS: Do you have any idea how tight a rat’s rectum is?

ANGELA: Please tell me you don’t.

Sully profiles Brennan and her feelings. Brennan is not amused.

BRENNAN: You – you don’t know me as well as you think. We’re just having a fling, so don’t get carried away.

SULLY: When you can’t stop thinking about someone when they’re not around…that’s not a fling. When you remember their touch just like they were still right next to you? That’s not a fling. If you need to be alone with this, fine – but we both know what we have.


Brennan and Booth visit one of her stalkery fans who won’t let Booth in. He shoots the door knob.

BOOTH: Three. Two. One. Oh, my shrink is gonna be pissed.

Brennan and Angela catch up on the man drama.


BRENNAN: Sully asked Booth to double security for my book reading.


BRENNAN: No. I don’t need that kind of ‘hot’. Being treated like a damsel in distress?

ANGELA: Sully cares about you, honey. It’s a good thing.

BRENNAN: We’ve only been seeing each other for a month. You know, he doesn’t know me – not really.

ANGELA: And if he does he won’t like you?

BRENNAN: I’ve already given up too much to him.

BRENNAN: Most relationships end badly. I just think its important to – to be reasonable. To stay in control.

ANGELA: Don’t use your brain so much, sweetie. You have other organs that can give you far more pleasure.

BRENNAN: I’m just saying that the odds are not in favor of lasting relationships.

ANGELA: Look. It might end with Sully. Sure. But I don’t think you want to rush the process.


Sully attempts to protect Brennan again.

BRENNAN: I’m going to be late for my reading.

SULLY: Wait, there’s still potentially one more victim. I – I think you should cancel.

BRENNAN: What? The – the killers not after me, Sully. If he is using the book that makes me the object of these actions not the target. I mean, you’re the profiler, right?

SULLY: I’m just trying to help.

BRENNAN: What?! You’re making this – this personal! You got yourself assigned to this case just because of me!

SULLY: Absolutely! What? You’re gonna give me more crap because now because I care about you?

BOOTH: Be over here making a few calls…

SULLY: A little help, Booth. Do you think she should go alone?

BOOTH: No, no. Not at all. But there seems to be other stuff going on here, I don’t wanna get involved –

BRENNAN: No. You agreed with him. You are involved.

SULLY: Alright, so let Booth take you and that way it won’t be personal between us.


SULLY: Fine.


SULLY: Fine.

BOOTH: Fine.

Booth scares away a fan that gets too close to Brennan at the signing.


BRENNAN: Was that necessary?

BOOTH: Just doing my job, okay Bones? Are you gonna come at me like you came at Sully?

BRENNAN: What is that supposed to mean?

BOOTH: Look, far be it for me to stick my nose into your bedroom but I’ve known Sully a long time and believe me, he’s one of the good guys.

BRENNAN: Well, I know Sully, Booth.

BOOTH: And I know you. Alright, somebody gets too close, you just wanna push them away.

BRENNAN: I think you’re taking your therapy a little too serious…

BOOTH: Maybe, maybe not. Come on, let’s go.


They find the 3rd body at the signing and look for a connection between the three victims.

SULLY: Hey, uh, how is Brennan holding up?

BOOTH: Why don’t you ask her yourself?

SULLY: Um, I’m not sure she’s exactly receptive right now.

BOOTH: Listen. Don’t let her bully you into leaving, man. Alright?

SULLY: Yeah.


SULLY: Any more leads off the third vic?

BOOTH: Yeah, I’m working on it. Brennan called. The publicist took a shot to the back of the neck. She thinks we have three separate killers.

SULLY: That’s a hell of a coincidence.

BOOTH: Or one hell of a conspiracy. You know, she sounded pretty certain and I trust her when she’s all calm and relaxed.

SULLY: Well, I’ll remember that.

They figure out there is a conspiracy with three killers all killing for each other.

BOOTH: Tell ya something, alright? Sales of your book are gonna sky rocket after this.

BRENNAN: The only problem is our ending is a lot better than the one I wrote in the book.

BOOTH: What, are you kidding me? Huh? Kathy Reichs and the FBI guy in the back of the AMG?

BRENNAN: The arrest.

BOOTH: Oh, yeah. There’s that.

Sully interrupts their post-case wrap-up chat.


BOOTH: Yeah, you know you really should apologize. I mean, you were really ragging on the guy. He seemed a little frail.

SULLY: Eh, I’m a lot strong than I look.

BOOTH: Oh, you were –Hey, Sul.

SULLY: Hey. So, congratulations. You guys, make a great team.

BOOTH: Mmhmm. It’s true. So true.

BRENNAN: Thanks for your help.

SULLY: Sure.


BOOTH: You know, I should run. Bones, ya know, I – I got stuff. See ya at work, Sul?

SULLY: Yeah, I’ll see ya man.

BRENNAN: I –I did feel responsible, Sully. Do.

SULLY: And you thought if I saw you, vulnerable, needing me- that I’d run.

BRENNAN: I’ve been alone my whole life. It’s all I know.

SULLY: Eh, don’t worry. You’ll learn fast.

Don’t worry, Sully. She did.



*I think Sully is important in the Bones universe. I think he showed both Booth and Brennan that a relationship between B&B was possible, with an FBI agent into psychology and a hard-nosed scientist. And I liked that Booth had this guy work friend person he could talk to, which they did not give Booth much of over the series. Since we know that Sully isn’t the endgame, he doesn’t bother me. Although, I don’t go out of my way to add their pictures all over the place lol




The Man in the Mansion (2×14)

“The Man in the Mansion”

Episode 2×14

Written By: Christopher Ambrose

Directed by: Dwight Little

B&B are sharing (in their own special “partner” way) at the crime scene again. Brennan asks about Booth’s therapy, then notices his wardrobe.


Brennan: What is that?

BOOTH: What’s what?


BRENNAN: Your tie. It’s staid.

BOOTH: Staid?

BRENNAN: Yeah. Boring. It looks like J. Edgar Hoover picked it out.

BOOTH: Look, it’s something’ I’m working on, okay?

BRENNAN: In therapy?

BOOTH: Gordon Gordon says that the … you know, the wild socks and the fancy ties are all just, ya know, quiet rebellions, helping me suppress other impulses.

BRENNAN: Isn’t that good?

BOOTH: You’d think so, right? But, you know, apparently all the other issues just have to rise to the top.

BRENNAN: Why do you call your psychiatrist “Gordon Gordon”?

BOOTH: ‘Cause that’s who he introduces himself. You know: “Hi, I’m Gordon. Gordon Wyatt”.

Cam also notices Booth’s different attire.


CAM: We’re over here. And you might want to tuck your pants into your socks. The flies get into everywhere.

CAM: What, no cartoon characters on the socks?

BOOTH: Never had cartoon characters on the socks. They were just … um … never mind, okay? What have we got here?

They discuss the scene and Brennan let’s a secret slip.

BRENNAN: You know, you should ask your therapist about your issues with rich people.

CAM: You’re in therapy?

BRENNAN: You’ve seen the socks.

Hodgins has a strong reaction to the victim’s identity.

ZACK: We have a match. Confirmed. Terrance Bancroft.

HODGINS: He knew his killers?

CAM: Are you alright?

HODGINS: Yes. Yeah, absolutely. I’ll … I’ll get on insect analysis right away.

Hodgins then jeopardizes the investigation when he hides the picture of himself at the crime scene. 

Sully wants Brennan to cheer for him at basketball. She’s not getting it.


SULLY: You suck hugely at being a girl. Okay, okay … anthropology … anthropology. Oh, okay … think of it as a social ritual in which I impress you with my manly prowess during a game of basketball.

BRENNAN: You want to impress me?

SULLY: I’m traditional that way.

BRENNAN: Why don’t you just bonk me on the head with a giant club?

 Hodgins further jeopardizes the investigation by talking to his ex.


HODGINS: If my bosses were aware that I knew the victim, or his wife, they’d remove me from the investigation. And I would really like to help catch whatever son of a bitch murdered my friend.

CLARISSA: So if someone introduces us…

HODGINS: …Nice to meet you, Ms. Bancroft, and you too, Dr. Hodgins.


Angela and Brennan have girl time.


ANGELA: What is not to like? Go watch Sully play basketball.

BRENNAN: But – he still hasn’t made a move on me.

ANGELA: How many times have you gone out?

BRENNAN: Four … or six. Depending on how you define “go out”.

ANGELA: Right. Bumping into each other at the diner does not count as going out.


ANGELA: Four, huh? So the question is … is Sully damaged goods, or is he just very respectful?

BRENNAN: What? Those are my choices?

ANGELA: Damaged goods, you run away; very respectful, you hang in.

BRENNAN: I should just make the first move.

ANGELA: No, Brennan! For once can you just pretend that you’re the girl?

BRENNAN: Why is everyone so anxious for me to be a girl?

ANGELA: Listen. Go to the basketball game. Let him show off for you, and see what happens.

BRENNAN: I don’t know. It sounds so … passive.

ANGELA: Now you’ve got it.

And Booth gets manly bonding time…..sort of.

BOOTH: You just don’t get it.

SULLY: What! I’m asking for guy advice, you are a guy – what’s not to get?

BOOTH: First of all, guys, they don’t ask for advice. And secondly, I’m not going to help you get my partner into bed.

SULLY: Why not? It’s not like you want her.




SULLY: Unless … Do you want her?

BOOTH: Nah. Come on, Bones is, you know, my partner.

SULLY: That is why you need psychiatric treatment, because you have the hots for your partner!

Gordon Gordon gets to the point.


BOOTH: You know what, doc? I am not the kind of guy who’s got anything to hide.

WYATT: You know, I often find that when people declare what they are not, it almost invariably turns out that that’s precisely what they are.

 Brennan watches Sully play basketball.


SULLY: See, that’s why I wanted you to come, you know, to be impressed.

BRENNAN: Well, it was an impressive display of manhood.

SULLY:  Well, thank you.

BRENNAN: Athletics as an analog for battle. In fact, you were a warrior tonight.

SULLY: Wow. You really were impressed.

BRENNAN: There are quite a number of ways that men judge their relative maleness with respect to other men.

SULLY: Uh-huh.

BRENNAN: Muscles, income, cars, attractive mates, tolerance to alcohol, hair loss … and of course, the size of sexual organs.

SULLY: Whoa! Save something for us to discuss at dinner.

Booth figures out Hodgins’ deal.

BOOTH: How’d you know Dr. Hodgins’ first name?

CLARISSA: You introduced us.

BOOTH: I never said his first name.

HODGINS: Just tell him, Clarissa.

Booth is frustrated.

BRENNAN: Good job, Hodgins.

BOOTH: No, no … not “good job Hodgins”. He might have blown the whole case.

HODGINS: I told him it is not a problem.

BRENNAN: What happened?

BOOTH: I don’t care what he does in his time off, but when he screws around with evidence to get in the pants of an old girlfriend on one of my murder cases? That is a problem.


CAM: Obviously you’re off the case.

BOOTH: Should be off the job.

BRENNAN: That is not your decision, Booth.

HODGINS: I apologize. I will deal with this however you see fit.

 Caroline kills it during the trial, of course. 


Booth and the good doc chat again. Dr. Wyatt tries to help Booth see from a different perspective.

WYATT: …the way things are, as defined by a working class lad from Pittsburg.

BOOTH: That’s right. Pittsburg, where I’m from, all right? From the streets. Where you get a sense of how the world really is.

WYATT: Yes, I’m sure that’s true. But has it occurred to you that without the distortion of reality provided by a privileged upbringing, there’d be no such thing as the Sistine Chapel, the Taj Mahal, the Three Rivers Stadium, home of your beloved Steelers…The point is, you rebel in your way, your friend rebels in his. We all of us have to overcome our upbringing, rich and poor alike. You know what? I’m going to ask you to go back to your bilious socks and your ostentatious ties, and your provocative belt buckles.

BOOTH: Hey, Doc, Doc, Doc … um … why is it that the belt buckle is provocative?

WYATT: Oh, it’s a modern day codpiece. It forced the eye to the groin.

Caroline sums it up with this case and this trial. 

CAROLINE: Listen up you people. The verdict is gonna come down any minute. Maybe we’ll win, maybe we’ll lose. But this I do know. You people have got to get your sand together, do you hear me? Booth, and you scientist android brainiacs – you got something very special here, but you are losing it. Dropping serial killers off balconies, and blabbing suspects names to vengeful fathers. Cuttin’ into heads before their times, getting’ poisoned, getting’ blown up because you go grabbing for things you shouldn’t ought. Taking photographs from frames.  Gettin’ a perfectly good car smashed to bits for no good reason. Get it together! Start using your oversized heads. This is the real world. Now, I know bug man here handed in his resignation. My official Justice Department recommendation is the following: We win the case, he gets his job back. We lose, Booth shoots him.


B&B chat for closure of the case and relationships of course.

BRENNAN: I slept with Sully last night.

BOOTH: Oh. I thought you already, uh …

BRENNAN: No. Last night.

BOOTH: Ah. It’s really none of my business.

BRENNAN: Except we’re partners.

BOOTH: Yeah, there’s that-

BRENNAN: And you…told me about your socks.


BOOTH: Mhm. Sex. Socks. Pretty much the same word.




The Girl in the Gator (2×13)

*Disclaimer* Could not find many pics online to go with this episode, so pull out your DVD’s or fire up your YouTube to see the whole thing 🙂

Written By: Scott A. Williams

Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Soooo….this happened.



Brennan must travel to Florida without Booth.

BRENNAN: I thought you said you’d be down on the next flight?

BOOTH: Well, I haven’t met with the shrink yet.

BRENNAN: What shrink?

BOOTH: Well, the department psychiatrist has to sign a piece of paper saying, you know that I’m not nuts before I get my gun back. So, I got an appointment tomorrow.

BRENNAN: Great. Now I have to break in this…Agent Sullivan?

BOOTH: Wait, Sully’s a great guy, okay? And for your information, you never broke me in.

Bones and Sully head to Florida to find that gator has eaten a body. Brennan of course wants the whole gator sent to the lab. Sully says he wants to check out a boat while Brennan arranges transportation.


BRENNAN: A boat? Booth helps.

SULLIVAN: Cause Booth can’t relax.

We meet another important figure to the Bones universe!


BOOTH: Doctor Wyatt?

WYATT: Ah, Agent Booth, is it? Yes. Gordon, Gordon Wyatt.

BOOTH: Right. You’re the shrink?

WYATT: Uh, shrink, yes, meaning psychiatrist.

BOOTH: That’s great, Doc. How’s about you just sign my piece of paper here and I’ll get back to work.

WYATT: Do you mind if I ask what exactly it was that you did?

BOOTH: Yeah, I shot a truck.

WYATT: Ah, full of terrorist, no doubt? Or plutonium, or fleeing felons, was it?

BOOTH: No. It was an ice cream truck.

WYATT: Do you have a good reason for firing on it?

BOOTH: Yeah, the music… it was bothering me.

WYATT: I suggest you cogitate on the underlying reasons you shot that clown while I make us some tea.

Apparently Cam and Sully are also besties.

CAM: Sully!

SULLIVAN: Cam, look at you! In charge of moon base alpha here.

CAM: And you’re still a g-man, what happened to that restaurant you were going to open? Or was it a petting zoo?

SULLIVAN: Well I am keeping myself open for the perfect opportunity. I tried out a beautiful boat in Florida.



BOOTH: You are ‘really’ English.

WYATT: Oh, I don’t know. I think I’ve assimilated quite well. Typical American house right down to the white picket fence, truck that’s the, uh what is, the heartbeat of America. But tea, tea is uh, sacrosanct. Thank you very much.

BOOTH: Me, I’m a coffee drinker. Hey listen pal –

WYATT: You know, in an effort, to understand your culture better I’ve been trying to embrace this very American practice of preparing meat in the garden.

BOOTH: Barbecue

WYATT: Hmm… it’s a delightful word, isn’t it? Barbecue. I think it’s from the Caribbean, bar-ra-bi-cue, which means some sort of sacred fire pit. You know the Latin for hearth is focus? Isn’t that revealing? It’s quite literally the focal point of every household. The hearth – the heart. Uh? Interesting.

BOOTH: I told the ice cream guy I was sorry, alright? I… I… even bought him a new clown head! So just sign the paper!

Wyatt offers to let Booth work through the shooting in his head and the reasons for why he did it by working on manual labor building a barbecue for him. Booth is mad that Dr. Wyatt won’t sign his paper.

BOOTH: Hey buddy, when I aim at something… I hit it.

We know.


Brennan is not yet a Sully fan. They interrogate a Spring Breaker who says the victim had been meeting guys.

BRENNAN: Hooked up? Hooked… up? Oh… with uh, anyone in particular?

ABBY: We met so many guys, you know how it is.

SULLIVAN: I’m guessing that she doesn’t.

The good doc comes to check on Booth.

WYATT: Ohhhh splendid! So’s your father who taught you to read plans, was it?

BOOTH: Wrong tree doc! Dad and I were tight.

Booth is a smart one doc, watch out!

WYATT: No, it’s just that earlier you said that you weren’t used to drinking tea with men. Which suggests to me that you’re usually pretty rigid with your assignment of gender roles.

BOOTH: What? No, no! My partner is a woman, kay? A woman who needs my help.

WYATT: But are you currently involved with anyone?

BOOTH: Just broke up with someone, okay? ME! And I ended it.

BOOTH: Ahhh, that’s it! I shot the clown because I can’t let go of the women in my life! Ah, thanks doc! Now I can go back to work, and you can sign the paper!

WYATT: Excellent theory, but quite wrong and you’re out of time. Tomorrow, all right for you?

After interrogating suspects about the girl in the gator, Sully tells Brennan about his business ideas and life plans.

Sullivan: Or maybe I’ll manage a band. They could play on the boat too.

Brennan: You, you don’t like being an FBI agent?

Sullivan: Nah, sure I do. I just don’t want it to be the only thing I ever was. You’re telling me, you’re just going to be a bone lady your whole life?

Brennan: I spent years studying anthropology.

Sullivan: I got a degree, but I’m not going to let it ruin my life.

Brennan: I’m going back to the lab.

Booth shows up unexpectedly at the good doctor’s home.

Booth: Uh, listen… I really need to get back to work, so why don’t you just give me one of those clown restraining orders and sign my paper.

Wyatt: Have you had an insight as to why you shot at that clown?

Booth’s cellphone rings.

Booth: Yeah, you know what I have some insight. It’s right here it’s my Bones calling, my partner. Right. Yeah? Bones.

Aw, “my Bones” and she is his insight. Awwwww!

Brennan wants Booth to come back. Booth gives her insight about Sully.

Booth: Listen, Bones, Sully he lost his partner about a year ago, all right. Something like that happens, you hear that clock on the inside ticking just a little bit louder. So you know what, you’re in good hands.

Booth tells Dr. Wyatt about Epps.

Booth: All right, me and my partner caught up to this serial killer named Howard Epps, and he died.

Wyatt: And who’s fault was that, yours or your partner’s?

Booth: No, no, he jumped over that balcony maybe cause of her. Sometimes I think he had the right idea.

Wyatt: Mr. Epps was dangling from your arm before he fell at which point he was no longer dangling but falling. Attached to you, he was alive, no longer attached, dead.

Booth: I don’t feel guilty about that. I mean Epps is a serial killer, tried to kill my partner and threatened my son. I was glad when he hit that pavement.

Wyatt: Do you think about suicide, often?

Booth: Suicide? Me? No, no, never.

Wyatt: And yet you sometimes feel that Howard Epps had the right idea about jumping off that balcony.

Booth: It was a joke. Okay? It was a joke.

Wyatt: Yes, you do that a lot, don’t you?

While Sully and Brennan talk to creepy dudes in Florida, Booth and the doc meet back up.

Wyatt: You tend to do things well, don’t you? Make coffee, build barbecue machines.

Booth: It’s not really a machine.

Wyatt: Solve crimes, raise a son, love women, leave women. Whatever you aim at, you hit.

Booth: That bad?

Wyatt: Except it is indicative of a need to control your environment.

Booth: Again, I ask, is that bad?

Wyatt: No, of course not, no! Except-Except when you shoot a clown.

Booth: You know, you make it sound like it was walking making balloon animals.

Wyatt: For the most part, your rebellions are small.

Booth: Rebellions?

Wyatt: The colorful socks, the funky belt buckle, there a mechanism, quiet rebellions, a way of asserting your personal control over a homogenizing organization like the FBI. But shooting a clown is not a quiet rebellion.

Brennan and Sully wrap up the case. Basically Girls Gone Wild related creepers. And the victim’s dad, carrying out justice for his daughter.

Brennan: There should be a sense of satisfaction after solving a case but most of the time I feel drained.

Sullivan: Yeah, that’s why you can only do this job for so long. Murders, death, corpses, you do that your whole life, there’s gotta be more, y’know?

Sullivan: So what do you and Booth usually do now? Is there a bar you got to, a restaurant, pilates class?

Brennan: There’s a diner. Booth says the pie is the best.

Sullivan: Can I buy you a slice?

Brennan: Sure.

Sullivan: I guess we’re not working together anymore.

Brennan: Yes.

Sullivan: And since we have no professional obligations to each other, I can ask you out? Theoretically.

Brennan: Theoretically.

Sullivan: Perhaps after a twenty-four hour waiting period.

Brennan: Why?

Sullivan: So the brain can adjust to alternate perceptions of each other.

Brennan: I actually don’t need it. My brain adjusts quite quickly.

Except for every single time she meets a “shiny bauble” aka “Booth lite”. lol

Booth and the doc meet up again. Booth has finished the barbecue.

Wyatt: You know, according to the FBI reports there was no way you could save Epps’ life. Your partner’s report says the same thing. An FBI snipe from the opposite roof saw everything through his scope. According to all witnesses you have nothing to feel guilty about.


Booth: Yeah, so?

Wyatt: So, why, in a fit of pique did you endanger innocent people in a public thoroughfare by discharging your firearm?

Booth: I’m a good shot. I didn’t put anybody in danger.

Wyatt: Your file shows your a military sniper. How many people have you killed?

Booth: Lost count.

Wyatt: Oh you can remember a hundred and eighty bricks, but not how many lives you’ve taken?

Booth: Epps makes fifty

Wyatt: Fifty what?

Booth: Fifty kills.

Wyatt: But Agent Booth you didn’t kill Epps. You tried to save him, remember? Or perhaps I better put it as a question, did Howard Epps slip from your grasp or did you release him? Oh come now man, it’s a simple enough question. Was he indeed your fiftieth kill or did you just happen to be there when he died?

Booth: I don’t know.

Wyatt: A man like you in control of every situation and you don’t know?

Booth: I don’t know. I had him, and then I lost him, and then something happened in between. I don’t know.

Wyatt: I believe you, because for a man like you to admit that you don’t know, to relinquish control. That could indeed argue a disruption in your self-view that was large enough to motivate you to shoot a clown.

Brennan and Sully. Booth and Gordon Gordon. What do you make of it?

Also, since I have to remember Brennan and Sully together, I need a little something extra:


Ugh. The way he looks at her. #letitmelt



The Man in the Cell (2×12)

Written By: Noah Hawley

Directed by: Jesús Salvador Treviño


BOOTH:  It’s Booth.  I need you to close off a 30 mile radius of the Bayview Federal Penitentiary.  Howard Epps escaped.

The squints are reading about themselves in a newspaper article. Zach says that Hodgins looks short.


ANGELA:  Did you really call me “the heart of the operation?

HODGINS:  Yeah.  It was before you called me short.

ANGELA:  Hey, Zack called you short.  I think you’re just the right height.


ANGELA:  Short men have better leverage?

ZACK:  I’m feeling uncomfortable.


B&B interview Epps’ wife who refuses police protection.

BRENNAN:  What– You can’t let her go!  She’s not safe!

BOOTH:  Well, I can’t force her to take protection, alright?  I’ll have the local police drive her house every couple of hours and make sure she’s safe.  And you know what?  You’re not safe either.

BRENNAN:  But I’m not unhinged.  I can take care of myself.

BOOTH:  You and Epps– Okay, it’s personal.  You’re everything that he hates.

BRENNAN:  And what is that exactly?

BOOTH:  Well, you know, you’re a smart, strong, confident woman. And, uh, figured him out.  You made him feel powerless so he’s gonna want to, uh, prove that, uh, you’re weak and inferior.  So, you are not to go out on your own, ever.

Booth beefs up security at the lab.

CAM:  You think Epps is gonna come after Brennan?

BOOTH:  I can’t rule anything out when it comes to Epps.

CAM:  I’ll take care of it.

BOOTH:  Look, I-I don’t want you to be alone either.

CAM:  Are you inviting me over?

BOOTH:  I’m just thinking that everyone should just stay here at the lab.

Backs away from that quickly doesn’t he? LOL

Angela and Brennan talk about what to do.

ANGELA:  How do you deal with the fear?

BRENNAN:  I . . . have this.


ANGELA:  Oh, my God.  That– That thing is huge.  Whoa, wow.  That’s like, movie huge.

BOOTH:  Where the hell did you get that?

BRENNAN:  The mall.

BOOTH:  The mall?


BRENNAN:  Yeah, it’s pretty big, right?  Bigger than the one you have.

BOOTH:  Excuse me.  It’s not the size that matters.  It’s how you use it.

BRENNAN:  Well, I think size is pretty important.

BOOTH:  The point is that you shouldn’t have a gun in the first place!

ANGELA:  If you do have one, bigger is always better.

BOOTH:  You’re not helping!

ANGELA:  Right, yeah.  This does seem like a private conversation.

So much double meaning here!

Epps calls Brennan and then gets busy, sending Angela a human heart.


BRENNAN:  He’s coming after me through my friends.

CAM:  What?

BRENNAN:  He told me whatever happened would be my fault.

CAM: Then we’ll make sure nothing else happens.

B&B realize Epps left them a clue and find his wife’s head.

CAM:  I’m seeing some kind of white powder in her hair.  Hodgins can tell us what it is.  Why just leave her head?

BOOTH:  To get us all involved.  I mean, the less we have to work with, the- the more we’re all drawn in.

BRENNAN:  Epps told me to use my head.

BOOTH:  Everything he says is a clue.  Could it be inside the head?

CAM:  It’s too early to tell. Okay.  That’s terrifically disturbing.

BOOTH:  What?

CAM:  Massive blood aspiration to the soft tissue of the neck.

BOOTH:  Meaning?

CAM:  Caroline Epps was alive when Howard cut her head off.

BRENNAN:  Now he’s torturing his victims.

BOOTH:  So let’s torture him.


BOOTH:  Bring his mother in.

CAM:  I thought Epps hated his mother.

BOOTH:  His FBI profiler believes he was emotionally attached to her.  His prison logs show that he wrote to her almost every day.

CAM:  Well that’s sick.

BOOTH:  But helpful.  I mean, if he feels responsible for his mother being in jail we can knock him off his game.

B&B visit Epps’ mother.

BRENNAN:  You’re son murdered his wife yesterday, beheaded her.

MRS. EPPS:  And you want to blame me?

BRENNAN:  You made your son bathe in ammonia.

MRS. EPPS:  The women he would go out with, they were loose.  Not the right kind for a God-fearing son! Wanted him to wash their scent off.

BOOTH:  Is there anything else that you can tell us that might help us find your son before he kills again?

MRS. EPPS:  It’s not my fault what he did.

BOOTH:  Yeah.  Okay.  Um, that’s all for now.  We’ll have an agent escort you back to your cell.  Um, of course you have the right to an attorney.

MRS. EPPS:  I should’ve been harder on him, beat him more regular.  I’m a nice person.  Too nice.  That was my problem.  Too nice.


Yeah, she was too nice. That’s it.

Booth attempts to explain to Brennan that this all is not her fault. Cam calls.

CAM:  Something was inserted in Caroline’s ear.  Epps made an incision in Caroline’s left ear canal, inserted a token for a kid’s ride from a place called Hillside Park.

BOOTH:  Oh, God.  My son plays there every day after school.


MAN:  Here you go.

BOOTH:  Parker comes here every day at 4 with his nanny.  Rose!  Rose, where’s Parker?

ROSE:  On the merry-go-round.  He was just there!

BOOTH:  Parker!  Parker!

BRENNAN:  Parker!

ROSE:  Parker!

BRENNAN:  Over there.

BOOTH:  Parker.  Parker!  Parker!


PARKER:  Daddy!

BOOTH:  Hey.  Oh, God.  Alright.

PARKER:  Look.  A man bought me ice cream.

BOOTH:  Alright.  Alright.

PARKER:  That was my favorite.

BOOTH:  I’ll buy you another one, okay?  Just listen to me.  What did this man look like?

PARKER:  A man.  He said he was your friend.

BOOTH:  What did he say to you?  Did he say anything else to you, Parker?

PARKER:  To use my napkin.

BRENNAN:  Booth.  “My name is Parker.  Ask me how I can solve this case.”  Alright.  What else did he tell you?

PARKER:  Nothing.  He was just nice.

BOOTH:  Okay.  Just listen to me, Parker.  Alright?  This man is trying to hurt Daddy’s friends, okay?  So I need you to think.  What else did he say to you?

PARKER:  I didn’t do anything wrong.  He said he was your friend.

BOOTH:  You never talk to strangers, okay?!  You never!  I’m sorry, buddy.  It’s okay.  Alright?  I’m sorry.


Booth pushes for Cam to skip protocol.

BOOTH: Have you opened the head yet?

CAM:  I just finished telling Zack . . .

BOOTH:  Listen, Epps just went after my kid, Cam.

CAM:  Parker.

BOOTH:  You know there’s something there.  He told us.  It’s something we need.  He wants us to find it.

CAM:  Get me the number two saw. I found some bruising to the back of her head.  I’m gonna cut below it so I don’t disturb the area.

ZACK:  I hate this part.

CAM:  Me too.


ZACK:  Dr. Saroyan.

CAM:  Protocol.

ZACK:  Biological containment.  Uh-unknown hazardous material.  We need an emergency medical team at the autopsy lab ASAP.

The team scrambles to find out what happened. Brennan attempts to empathize.


BRENNAN:  Considering the relationship between you and Cam, I’d like to say the right thing, Booth . . . I don’t know what it is.  Usually I’d-I’d ask you or Angela.

BOOTH:  You just said it.  Thanks.

Hodgins and Zach work but disagree.


HODGINS:  No particles on her clothing.  Zack, it had to be a gas.

ZACK:  It wasn’t.  Are we having an argument?

HODGINS:  Of course.

ZACK:  Why?

HODGINS:  Because Cam’s dying, and I should be with Angela.  And because there are no particles.

ZACK:  On the clothing?

HODGINS:  That’s right.

ZACK:  What about the glass parts still left in the head?

HODGINS:  I’m not angry at you anymore.

Booth visits Cam.


BOOTH:  I’m- I’m . . .  I’m so sorry, you know, that I put so much pressure on you to hurry.  I didn’t, uh-

CAM:  Not your fault.  Epps did this to me.

BOOTH:  Hey.  Your family’s coming.

CAM:  Oh, God.  And I thought poison . . . was my biggest problem.

Epps calls to try to intimidate Brennan. It doesn’t work as he thinks. Brennan is too smart for him!

BRENNAN:  Now will you tell me the poison?

EPPS:  The body knows what the head can’t say.

BRENNAN:  Caroline’s body or your mother’s body?

EPPS:  My mother?

BRENNAN:  Yes.  We have her in custody.  Didn’t you know?

EPPS:  On what charges?

BRENNAN:  What poison, Howard?

EPPS:  You had no right.  My mother’s not part of this.

BRENNAN:  You tell me about the poison and I will tell you about your mother.

EPPS:  You don’t run the game.  I run the game.  You’re gonna be sorry.

Zack has an idea.

ZACK:  Booth?

BOOTH: What?

ZACK:  We’ve endowed Epps with intelligence he does not have.  His clues are unsophisticated word games.

BOOTH:  Yeah?

ZACK:  Uh, “my name is Parker.  Ask me how I can solve this case.”

BOOTH:  I already asked Parker.  He doesn’t know anything.

ZACK:  It doesn’t have to be your son.  It can be something else named Parker.  Something to do with leather goods or drywall.  Do a Boolean search.  Okay, right.  You don’t know what that is.  Boolean is . . . I won’t explain.  I’ll just do it.

BOOTH:  I am walking out of here.  You try and stop me again, I will shoot both of you.

ZACK:  Mmmm…  Ummm…


ZACK:  I really need him to come back.

HODGINS: BOOTH! Whatever you got better be worth dying for.

ZACK:  Uh, there’s a Parker & Parker Leather Goods owned by the Parker brothers on Parker Street in the town of Parker just outside of Arlington.  That’s a lot of Parkers.


BOOTH:  Yeah, okay.  Let’s go.

Zack gets booby trapped and Booth coaches him how to jump away.


FEMALE REPORTER:  The explosion occurred as FBI agents searched the shop for escaped serial killer Howard Epps.  At least one person was killed in the blast.  Dr. Zack Addy, a forensic anthropologist who was working with the FBI, died at the scene.  Special Agent Seeley Booth remains in critical condition.

BOOTH:  Chuckles.  Okay, that’s creepy.  Zack dead and me in critical condition, right?

ZACK:  But why?  It’s not true.

BRENNAN: You gonna be alright?

ZACK:  My doctor said most of my injuries didn’t come from the explosion but from being slammed into the floor.  Apparently, you’re extremely strong.

BRENNAN:  Did you have to be so rough on him?

BOOTH:  It was a bomb.  I was being, you know, heroic.

ZACK: I was heroic too.

BRENNAN:  Yes, you were.

BOOTH:  Somebody saved somebody.  That’s all I’m saying.


BOOTH:  I’m gonna go see Cam at the hospital. And you are gonna go home and get some sleep.

ZACK:  Why can’t I go home?

BOOTH:  Didn’t you just hear what they said on the news?  You’re dead.

BRENNAN:  What about Epps?

BOOTH:  I got an entire surveillance team outside your home, watching you.  Why does everybody question me, right?  I’m the hero.

Booth goes to Brennan’s apartment. Epps has gotten inside. Brennan was prepared for that with her gun.


BRENNAN:  You won’t let me shoot him, will you?

BOOTH:  You knew he was gonna be here, didn’t you?

BRENNAN:  It’s the only scenario that made sense.

BOOTH:  Oh.  What, you heading for the balcony, Howie?  Hope you can fly, cause that’s about a fifty foot drop, right?


EPPS:  How did you know?

BRENNAN:  Plaster dust in the poison.

BOOTH:  Renovations to the apartment next door.

BRENNAN:  You’re not all that smart, turns out.

EPPS:  One minute.  All I want is one minute alone with you.

BRENNAN:  Fine with me.

BOOTH:  Don’t provoke the lunatic, alright?  You got nowhere to go.

EPPS:  I’m not going back to jail.

BOOTH:  You see, that’s really not your decision, Howie.  Get your hands up.  Drop the crowbar.

BOOTH:  In the line of fire, Bones.  You’re not getting away, Howard.

EPPS:  Look who the killer is now, Agent Booth.


BOOTH:  A little help here, Bones?  I got nothing but dead weight here.  Help me.

BRENNAN:  Sorry.  Can’t reach.

BOOTH:  Grab the railing.

EPPS:  You’re gonna drop me anyway.  Just get it over with.

BOOTH:  You son of a bitch.

EPPS:  Are you saying you don’t want me dead?

BOOTH:  Yeah, I’m not you.

EPPS:  Oh, really?  You’re not thinking of the world with me still in it?  Going after Dr. Brennan, your son-

BOOTH:  I’m not you.


AGENT #1:  Unit on the ground saw what happened.  So did the sniper across the street.  You tried to save him.


BOOTH:  Yep.

BRENNAN:  No one could’ve helped him.

BOOTH:  Yeah.

AGENT #1:  You can take off now, Booth.  Department might want to assign you a shrink- on the job death like that.

BRENNAN:  You didn’t have your full strength.  Your wrist was hurt from pulling Zack away from the explosion.

BOOTH:  My wrist wasn’t hurt, Bones.

BRENNAN: I wish you’d let me shoot him.

BOOTH:  No, you don’t.

Brennan finds Booth at the park.


BOOTH: Hi.  How’d you know I was here?

BRENNAN:  Saturday morning.  How’s Parker?

BOOTH:  Yeah, I’m afraid I freaked him out the other day.  He’s really scared of this place.  Now I gotta put that right.


BRENNAN:  That’s you all over- putting things right.  Cam gets released from the hospital today?

BOOTH:  Yeah.


BOOTH:  You know, what happened to Cam happened because . . . we had a personal relationship.


BOOTH:  Yeah.  People who work in . . . high-risk situations they can’t be involved romantically because it leads to things like what happened.

BRENNAN:  High-risk situations.

BOOTH:  Every single day it’s with us.  There’s this line, and we can’t cross it.  You know what I’m saying?

BRENNAN:  Yes.  I understand. He seems okay now.

BOOTH:  Yeah, you know, it’s important to make things right.  I just don’t know how.  I don’t know how.

**I know, I know**



Pic of the day 2-19

So I’m reading one of those Buzzfeed lists today and found something that reminded me of Caroline! It’s a list of slang words from each state:

And Louisiana’s happens to be…



Awwww! Booth is a cute baby!

Bonus: what does Buzzfeed say your state’s slang word is? Apparently my state members are the only ones who call vacuum cleaners “sweepers”!! Lol


In Appreciation of Seeley Booth

In Appreciation of Seeley Booth

So, I think we all need a little pick-me-up. The world is tough out there. But we can at least think on the positives out there, and that is the awesomeness of this guy right here.


Please click on the link above. The website is “Head Over Heels”, and they pretty much get our favorite FBI agent.

Their intro: “Seeley Joseph Booth. My TV Crushes come and they go, but Booth remains a constant. He’s THAT guy, you know? He’s the Alpha Male who is a gigantic mushball. He believes in romance and fate and soulmates. He laughs at fart jokes and sexual innuendo. He’s dark and twisty and wrestles with his own demons. He loves strong and intelligent women who challenge him. He’s just…SO MUCH. And there are very few leading men on TV that are as well-rounded as he is, so let’s appreciate him, shall we?  — Kim”

Read and discuss! Love all my Bones pals out there! 🙂