Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House

As our Bones Theory queen Sarah has given us permission to re-dissect her amazing scene studies and BT posts in general, let’s start this off with this fabulous black shirt…


I’ve never wanted to be a shirt so badly…


The B&B bickering that was actually cute, and flirty, and revealed the attraction to each other that they wouldn’t actually acknowledge…


But of course, everyone else always assumes they are together.


Now this post is more of a whole episode study, so it is a bit long, but in includes LOTS of fun pictures. Like this bromance one…


And of course, don’t forget THE END SCENE.


Earlier in the ep, Brennan says she and Sully had gone to the restaurant before (which I had forgotten about that Sully reference!)….but it’s Booth who gets the personally made mac ‘n’ cheese, made with “loving” as their murder victim called it. And Booth totally knows it. 🙂


At this point in the scene, I think I’ve died. That. Face.



They are so cute there that I can’t even stand it. We keep talking about their old connection. This is what we are missing!!! Anyway, click here for the rest of the episode study and B&B looking at each other: