The Grief in the Girl (12×8)


(aka the episode where Booth looks this good in that jacket)

This may also be known as the newest “Episode That Shall Not Be Named” if you’ve followed any spoilers…

Also, RIP Bones board on IMDB. End of an era. Glad I’ve found you guys on here and on our Bones IMDB Group on Facebook. Join one or both 🙂

Comment here on 12×8. Hopefully we won’t be too angry to type!





The Scare in the Score (12×7)

Booth is wondering…

*Will I ever balance my cosmic sheet?

*Will my wife ever kiss me again?

*Should I dig out the Cocky belt buckle for this one?

*What ever happened to my 1st son? Is he still in England?

*Do I need to start giving Aubrey “guy  hugs” so I can actually get some hugs?

*Why is the sky blue?

Post your episode comments/thoughts here! 🙂booth