The Widow’s Son in the Windshield (3×1)



Written By: Hart Hanson

Directed by: Ian Toynton

We meet the new guy, Clark Edison, the first squintern to step in for Zack.

BOOTH: This the guy Bones is checking out to replace Zack?

CAM: Clark Edison, meet Special Agent Seeley Booth.

EDISON: Hey what’s up? Bones? Hey that’s funny. That’s what all my friends called me back in college.

BOOTH: Yeah, I like him.


Booth and Brennan head to the crime scene.

BONES: Why am I here?

BOOTH: Y’know, you used to like come out to the field.

BRENNAN: No car fires, no tanker barrels …

BOOTH: You used to insist to me…

BRENNAN: … full of acid. No explosions…

BOOTH: … you were insistent…

BRENNAN: … Don’t tell me you brought me out here for a car accident…

BOOTH: …Now you’re just anxious to get back, y’know, I can barely get you out of your lab coat.

BRENNAN: Well, with Zack gone, I’m needed at the Jeffersonian.

BOOTH: Yah, I’m just saying. I mean, you at the lab; me at the field – we are not working at our full symbiotic potential.


BRENNAN: Late teens or early twenties. Completely devoid of flesh or odor.

BOOTH: It just seems like, maybe you don’t want to work with me anymore?

BRENNAN: I work with you.

BOOTH: You know what I mean, Bones.

Meanwhile, Angela tries to explain this mysterious husband guy.

DOYLEY: So your husband signed his name to the marriage license with an “X”.


DOYLEY: So you married a guy without knowing his name.

ANGELA: It was Fiji, okay? I was on vacation.


Angela tries to figure out why Brennan won’t choose a Zack sub and get back to the field.

ANGELA: And when you don’t hire him it just prolongs this lame excuse for you not to go out in the field with Booth.

BRENNAN: Why would I do that?

ANGELA: Because when Hodgins and I ran away from our wedding, we left you and Booth standing at the altar, and that iconic image totally freaked you out.

BRENNAN: No, it didn’t.

ANGELA: Sweetie, this is not one of those things where you try to keep a secret and I ferret out the truth. This is where I tell you something that’s true so you can catch up to your own reality.

BRENNAN: Angela, I have no idea what you are talking about.

ANGELA: Which actually proves my point. I really I love you to bits and pieces, sweetie. I know, you love me back. We’ll talk again when you catch up.

Meanwhile Cam tries to figure out the same thing with Booth.

BOOTH: No, no, but it is. You’ve given Bones enough time. Just hire the guy.

CAM: Usually when you get all blustery, its ’cause you think something’s your fault.

BOOTH: Yeah, well. You know… I did arrest her father for murder. She could be having trouble with that.

CAM: Yeah. Exposing a parent to the death penalty can have a chilling effect on a partnership.

BOOTH: Well look, I asked Bones if, if, if that was a, a problem; she said no.

CAM: Well, I gotta wonder if deep down anybody is that rational.

BOOTH: You’re not reassuring me here, Camille.

CAM: If you are looking for reassurance, find someone who’s not such a good friend, Seeley

Brennan and Hodgins discuss the evidence in the case.

BRENNAN: Send the details to Booth.


BRENNAN: Hodgins, the reason that I’m not going out in the field with Booth is that I haven’t found a replacement for Zack.

HODGINS: There was no replacement for Zack. I mean, you know, he was good with bones. Excellent at math. He was pretty brilliant in making contraptions. And when our experiments blew up it was easy to pin the blame on him. In my book, all that makes Zack irreplaceable.

BRENNAN: Exactly, which is why I’m stuck on the lab. Not some other reason.

HODGINS: They only thing you can do is forget about replacing Zack. And find somebody who can just, just help out around here.

Booth finally figures out how to get Brennan into the field.

BOOTH: Look, I want you to come with me.

BRENNAN: I’ve got work to do here.

CAM: Uh, Dr. Brennan, if this building has been used for some sort of ritual cannibalistic killing as indicated by a skull which has been gnawed upon, a trained anthropologist’s eye could be crucial to the case. Rationally speaking.

BOOTH: When I put your old man in jail, you said you understood.

BRENNAN: Don’t start again, Booth. We’ll be together as soon as I replace Zack.

BOOTH: Yeah, how’s that going by the way?  Maybe you’re mad at me sub-consciously.

BRENNAN: What? I don’t believe in that.

BOOTH: Look, something’s changed between us. You can at least admit that so we could figure it out.

BRENNAN: Yeah, I would. Yes, if I actually believed anything had changed.

They enter a hidden bank vault and Booth reacts to a blinking light and beeping sound.


BRENNAN: Why are your eyes closed?

BOOTH: I thought we were going to get blown up.

BRENNAN: It’s just a transmitter. I’m curious. In an explosion, how would shutting your eyes help?

BOOTH: Huh? It just does. Okay, Bones. It just does.

Well, you all know what this skeleton means!


And….surprise, Zack returns!


Brennan wants to get involved in the investigation.

BRENNAN: I’d like to be in on it when you interrogate him. What?

BOOTH: You would?

BRENNAN: Why are surprised?

BOOTH: Wait, are you serious? I, I’ve been trying to get you out of the lab since Zack left.

BRENNAN: Well Zack’s back, so here I am.

BOOTH: That simple?

BRENNAN: Why? Did Angela say something to you?

BOOTH: No. Angela? Why? What?

BRENNAN: I told you, that this wasn’t about psychology.

BOOTH: Fine, fine, hah. Hey, you know what I say, huh? Welcome home Zack!

B&B interrogate their suspect who admits to cannibalism. Cam chats with Zack.

CAM: Have you been to bed yet?

ZACK: Iraq is from a different time zone. I can’t seem to sleep right now.

CAM: Why did they send you back from Iraq?

ZACK: I failed to assimilate. Despite my accomplishments, I was detrimental to a military team approach.

CAM: You’re very good for our team approach.

ZACK: The army psychiatrist told me that I should question why the Jeffersonian is the only place that I can fit in.

CAM: All due respect to the army psychiatrist, but that’s a helluva lot more than what some other people get. Go home, Zac-a-roni, get some rest.

B&B get to the heart of the matter.

BOOTH: You know, you weren’t upset because Zack was gone.

BRENNAN: Yes, I was!

BOOTH: Okay, yeah, but you were more upset over the fact that I didn’t stop him from going in the first place. I mean, look I could’ve said to him, Zack, ‘Iraq is no place for a guy like you’.

BRENNAN: And he’d never have left. You could have stopped him. Why didn’t you do that?

BOOTH: Whatever Zack’s deal is- okay his weirdness – whatever you want to call it…

BRENNAN: I call it genius.

BOOTH: He’s a… man. He’s a, um, he’s a strange man, but he’s a man who wanted to serve a larger purpose.

BRENNAN: This is some alpha male rite of passage?


BRENNAN: You mean, go to war?

BOOTH: Wrong. No. Zack needed to leave the nest. The same way you did when you wanted to leave the lab and see the world for the first time. And I helped you do that. How could I stop Zack from doing the exact same thing in his own way?


B&B classic wrap up time.

BOOTH: Look, there’s something else I gotta know, and it’s important. We solid?

BRENNAN: You and me? Yeah!

BOOTH: No, not just you and me. Squints, too. Zack is back for good. Angela and Hodgins have their head back in the game. Cam, she’s locked in.

BRENNAN: Why are you asking me this?

BOOTH: Because. You and me – the center.

BRENNAN: And the center must hold.

BOOTH: Right. So, are we gonna hold?

BRENNAN: Yeah. We’ll hold. We’re the center.

BOOTH: The center.



**So much to unpack in this season opener!

*First of all, what in the world was up with Angela and the weird husband guy?

*Second, Cam was actually kinda helpful with both Booth and Zack…and not pushing Brennan on making a new hire!

*Third, Brennan is pretty insistent that the Booth/field thing was merely due to Zack gone…but was Angela at least partly right? Was it a convenient excuse for Brennan to avoid Booth post-wedding? Was Angela right, but Brennan totally unaware that was in her subconscious?

*Fourth, Gormogon is here y’all.


Discussion Break: Personal Bones moments?

So y’all. We finished Season 2! How does it feel? Is everyone enjoying this format of going episode by episode? I think it’s nice because it helps us remember little moments that we liked in the episodes that we overall didn’t love so much.

Anyway, I wanted to share something with you all. So some of you know a started a new job in social work. It’s been…interesting. Lots of ups and downs. I got smacked in the head with a big blow on Friday. Cried a lot over the weekend. Yesterday, I woke up…and felt better. So you know what that made me think of, right?

“I heard one of these lectures about an experiment where they give guys a pair of glasses that make them see the whole world upside down. But after three days, guess what? They see everything right side up. And then they take off their glasses, and they see everything upside down again. For three days. And then, eureka! Back to normal. Yes, it takes the brain three days to adapt. Well, it seems to me you can’t trust a brain that can’t make up its mind about something as basic as which way is up.”


Booth: You know, the last thing I want to do is hurt you, but those are the facts.

Brennan: I understand. I missed my chance. My whole world turned upside down. I can adjust.

Booth: I did.

Brennan: Yes, you did.


So yeah, I had a TOTAL Brennan epiphany. I still don’t know how my job will ultimately end up, but I do know that I can adjust. (And hopefully find a Booth of my own someday lol!)

So for this week’s discussion, I’m curious…has there been a particular Bones episode, moment, conversation, story line, that just jumped out to you, that you had a strong connection with? On Bones Theory I wrote a post about how the character of Booth reminded me of my father. So this has happened to me before! Link here: Booth: Sins of the Father?

Discuss in the comments! Hope all is well with you, Bones pals!

The Stargazer in the Puddle (2×21)

Written By: Hart Hanson

Directed by: Tony Wharmby

B&B are discussing the Hodgela proposal/nonproposal.

BOOTH: And she said?

BRENNAN: I’d like to marry you.

BOOTH: Kinda sudden Bones. Let me think about it.

BRENNAN: What? No. Booth, that’s what Angela told Hodgins…You’re joking.

BRENNAN: You know, a lot of psychologists say that jokes are the way that we manifest a lot of our hidden desires.


They find a girl’s remains and investigate. They note that she must have been looking up quite a bit of her time, due to her skeleton.

BRENNAN: Four to six hours a day? What did she want so badly?

MAX: Her father? Hey baby.


MAX: Booth.

BOOTH: Put your hand up.



MAX: I was hoping we could get a drink or something before this part.

BOOTH: Max Keenan, you’re under arrest as an escaped felon.

MAX: Oh, okay. Then I guess that’s no on the drink, huh?

BOOTH: Bones, grab the cuffs out of my back pocket there.


BRENNAN: Dad what are you doing here?

MAX: I heard you were getting married

BRENNAN: What? No, Angela’s getting married, to Hodgins, not me.

MAX: Oh, the bug guy. Oh, that’s great.


Booth questions Max.


BOOTH: Max you know I like you and I hate to hurt Bones, but it’s my job to catch you and I’m very good at my job.

MAX: Well you’d have to be to work with my daughter. What do you say? Shake hands with an old con. Or, or is that bad for the FBI image?

BOOTH: You abandoned her as a child, you don’t think she feels that? Every time you pop in and out of her life? Hmm?

MAX:  You’re just saying that so I’ll hit you. Then you got a reason to lock me up. Twenty years ago that would have worked.


Angela asks Brennan an important question.


ANGELA: Hey Brennan, I’d like to ask you a favor, well it’s not so much ask a favor as, as, as extend an honor. I mean I hope you see it as an honor, and you don’t think of it as some onerous duty, which I don’t think you will, but then again I’ve never done this before and of course-

BRENNAN: Angela, just ask.

ANGELA: Will you be my maid of honor? At the wedding?

(Brennan hugs her)

ANGELA: Is that yes?

BRENNAN: I’m completely, totally honored.

ANGELA: Really? I thought I’d have to tell you what a maid of honor-

BRENNAN: I don’t even care how awful the bridesmaids’ dresses are. I’m so glad you asked me.

(Don’t you miss these early seasons where Brennan had the capacity for human emotion?)

Brennan and Max discuss Russ.


BRENNAN: Did you come here just to tell me that Russ is okay?

MAX: No I, actually I have something for you that uh, belonged to your grandmother.

BRENNAN: I have a grandmother?

MAX: I know your mother and I told you you didn’t have grandparents but, try it on.


Did they ever discuss this grandmother again?

Hodgins has an important question for Zack.


HODGINS: I’d like to ask you to be my best man on Saturday. At my wedding. Saturday. To Angela. My best man.

ZACK: When do I have to decide?

HODGINS: You have to think about it?

ZACK: Yes.

Max and Brennan discuss their family again.


BRENNAN: What’s the truth?

MAX: Your mother’s the oldest of three sisters, and if you seek them out, they’ll know who you are and, accept you into the family.

Did Brennan ever seek out these sisters?

BRENNAN: What about on your side?

MAX: Your mother was the only family I ever knew, and you and Russ.

BRENNAN: You abandoned me for fifteen years.

MAX: I’m trying to make repairs.

Hodgins talks to Zack again. But Zack has news.


HODGINS: Zack I’m getting married on Saturday, two short day’s man, I need to know if you’ll stand up for me.

HODGINS: I don’t need a formal response, a simple yes…(Zack shows him a letter) Iraq? You can’t go to Iraq.

ZACK: The president is asking for me personally.

HODGINS: No, the president has a machine to sign for him. He’s probably talking to every forensic anthropologist in the country; you can’t go to Iraq. No, you stay here and be my best man.

ZACK: He says I’m at the forefront of my field, he says my country needs me.

HODGINS: Zack, you’re not going to Iraq. You going to be my best man or what?



ZACK: Because if I decide to do what the president wants and I get killed in Iraq you won’t be able to remember your wedding with happiness.

HODGINS: Okay, big assumption there buddy.

ZACK: Rationally speaking I’m not good at social ritual, you should ask Booth.

HODGINS: Everything isn’t rational.

ZACK: It should be.

Hodgins calls Booth.

HODGINS: Hey man will you stand up for me on Saturday?

BOOTH: Sure, against who?

I love that Booth’s immediate response is “Sure. I’ll help fight with you!”

HODGINS: No, no I mean be my best man?

BOOTH: Sure, wow.

HODGINS: Yeah I know, big honor.

BOOTH: No, no yeah that, but you didn’t give me much time to put a bachelor party together.

HODGINS: No, no. No Bachelor party.

BRENNAN: Is that Hodgins?

BOOTH: Yeah, he wants me to be his best man. Well if there’s no Bachelor party what do you want me to do?

HODGINS: Stand there, make a toast, hand over the ring, tongue kiss the maid of honor at the reception when people clink glasses.

BOOTH: Nice. Excellent. Okay. So who’s the maid of honor?

HODGINS: No idea, but most of Angela’s friends are really hot.

BRENNAN: Well, I’m the maid of honor. Why?


Brennan and Booth talk families.

BRENNAN: Do you like your father?

BOOTH: I love my father. (???)

BRENNAN: I think I love my father.

BOOTH: Well that’s normal.

BRENNAN: But he ran out on me and Russ, he robbed people, he’s a murderer, you know. He got my mother killed, how does he expect me to…

BOOTH: It’s hard to trust someone who’s abandoned you, especially a parent.

BRENNAN: Am I terrible for not wanting to care about my father?

BOOTH: Look Bones, your father is going to do something tomorrow that’s going to hurt you. How do you forgive that?

BRENNAN: I’m not a bad daughter? Bad person?

BOOTH: You’re not a bad anything.


Ok, that’s sweet.

Hodgins talks to Angela’s dad.


HODGINS: Well it occurred to me you might have a tradition, I mean you’re Texan and I mean really Texan. Guitars and Hot rods Texan so I figured I should ask you for your daughter’s hand in marriage. I mean as a sign of respect.

ANGELA’S FATHER: You’re making a huge mistake son.

HODGINS: You mean marrying Angela?

ANGELA’S FATHER: No, if Angela finds out that a man, you, asked another man, me, for her hand, or any other fine parts, horrible complications will ensue.

HODGINS: Didn’t think of that.

ANGELA’S FATHER: You could get us both killed.


Booth and Max meet up.

BOOTH: You’re not going to resist?

MAX: It’s your lucky day, I guess.

BOOTH: Okay great.


MAX: No you know what? I’m wrong, I can’t go quietly. It’s not my nature.

BOOTH: Max, I got a gun.

MAX: It’s not my nature. You’re going to have to shoot me. You understand?

BOOTH: Not your nature?

MAX: Call it a character flaw. Yeah. Shoot me. Shoot me, but in the leg if you don’t mind.


Brennan watches the video of her mom.

RUTH KEENAN: Remember you were loved in this world, cherished. What I did to you may have been wrong, but I did it out of love, I did it out of love.


The victim’s mother confesses to giving her daughter an overdose of AIDS medication.

B&B go to the wedding.

BRENNAN: How do I look?


ZACK: Does it hurt to get shot?

BOOTH: What?

ZACK: I’ve been blown up, that wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I’ve never been shot.

Booth comforts Brennan mid-wedding about her father.

BOOTH: No he didn’t run away because he felt if he abandoned you, he would have lost you forever. Just thought you should know.

BRENNAN: Thanks Booth


ANGELA: Um hi, I’d uh like to get married now.


An official interrupts the Hodgela wedding.

ZACK: Booth?

BOOTH: Yeah?

ZACK: Is there any sense in ducking when someone shoots at you?

BOOTH: Your body ducks whether it wants to or not…why?

ZACK: You can read this later, then explain it to everyone.

BOOTH: Why me?

ZACK: You know more about duty and honor than anybody else I know.


So Angela forgot to tell everyone, including her fiancé, that she was already married. Caroline offers advice.



CAROLINE: Run. Flee. Skedaddle.

HODGINS: I like it.


BRENNAN: What do we do now?



Thoughts, feelings? We got a lot of Max, including forgotten backstory elements for Brennan such as grandparents and aunts. Zach and Hodgins have bonded in their own ways with Booth. Booth struggles between wanting to help Brennan find her family, yet wants to protect her from getting hurt by them. Angela is at her flaky peak, demanding a large wedding in a short time, then forgetting she’s already married! At least in this “cliffhanger”, no one was shot, or in a coma, or on the run….so this is a rare thing! 🙂

The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House (2×21)


Written By: Stephen Nathan

Directed By: Caleb Deschanel


B&B chat at yet another crime scene.

BRENNAN: You know, Angela turned down Hodgins again.

BOOTH: What?

BRENNAN: Hodgins proposed. Angela turned him down.

BOOTH: You really wanna talk about that now.

BRENNAN: Why not? There’s been no confirmation of danger yet.

BOOTH: It’s just, you know, weird, you know, talking about uh, marriage when we’re, you know, trying to avoid radiation poisoning.

BOOTH: People fall in love and they get married. That’s what people do.

BRENNAN: I thought you didn’t want to talk about it.

BOOTH: Look, I’m just saying! You know, you believe in love, don’t you?

BRENNAN: I believe that dopamine and norepinephrine simulate euphoria because of certain biological triggers like scent, symmetrical features…

BOOTH: Symmetrical features.

BRENNAN: Yes, it’s an indication of a good breeder. You appear to be a very good breeder.


MAJOR: How long have you two been going out?


BRENNAN and BOOTH: We’re…We’re partners.

BRENNAN: That’s it.

MAJOR: Huh. Me and my partner talk baseball.


BOOTH: You might not want to admit it, Bones, but there are some things like love that just can’t be measured in your lab.

Booth helps Cam in the lab.


CAM: Do you think Hodgins is okay?

BOOTH: No, not at all.

CAM: Well, they seem to be jumping each other like rabbits.

BOOTH: Well, he wants more.

CAM: How sweet.

BOOTH: Oh, you think all a man wants is sex?

CAM: No, of course not. Beer too. Chips…salsa…

BOOTH: Aw, come on, Cam. I mean, when we were together, you didn’t think that we could, you know…

CAM: Get married? No.

BOOTH: Nah. Nah, me neither. I mean, but wasn’t there a moment, just a moment where you felt…

CAM: You want to know what I felt, Seeley? I felt… satisfied. Very satisfied. And grateful that I had my own place, my own single life… and you were too.

The team finds out the victim is a celebrity chef who is known for mac and cheese. They investigate. Brennan asks Angela about Hodgins.


BRENNAN: Are you still torturing Hodgins?

ANGELA: He loves it.

BRENNAN: Just tell him no. Put him out of his misery.

ANGELA: What if I want to say yes?

BRENNAN: You…get married?

: Sometimes your brain just shuts off, because you’re… in love.

BRENNAN: One can’t logically base a decision on momentary happiness.

ANGELA: Haven’t you ever just looked at a guy and said, “Screw it”? …Well, maybe not the best choice of words, okay, but… Like, when you were with Sully. Don’t you regret letting him go?

BRENNAN: I made a decision. Regrets serve no real purpose. If you want to be impulsive, why don’t you just say yes?

ANGELA: Because I’ve also got you in my head, telling me that marriage will hobble my personal and legal freedoms. You’re a very difficult best friend to have.

They find the victim’s friend alive in a car trunk and look for clues.

HODGINS: Ahhh. Unidentified particulates. The two sweetest words that I know.

CAM: I don’t even wanna think about your pillow talk with Angela.



ANGELA: Do you really think her husband killed her? I mean, it makes sense he would spare Abby…

BRENNAN: I don’t think I’m the person to ask about psychology of relationships.

ANGELA: Mm. You know, when I said before that… you were the difficult friend inside my head… it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

BRENNAN: Yeah, I know that sharing a strong emotional attachment with another human being can be a good thing. But there seems to be a disconnect between my mind and…

ANGELA: You know, I… I shouldn’t have brought up Sully before. I’m sorry.

BRENNAN: It’s just… If a relationship seems more than casual, I feel that I need to posit the potential problems. Probabilities of success and failure, or…

ANGELA: You get scared.


BRENNAN: But I miss so much, don’t I?


ANGELA: I want to say no, but… yeah. You do. And so does whoever you’re keeping yourself from.



BOOTH: Oh. You’re done with Angela?

HODGINS: No. But…Hey, I fell in love with a free spirit, and if getting married makes her feel trapped or something, then I’m… I’m just gonna have to deal with it.


BOOTH: Right, so you don’t wanna get married anymore.

HODGINS: Sure I do…

BOOTH: You know what? This whole ceramics stuff was making more sense to me…

HODGINS: …But Angela doesn’t. And I don’t want to drive her away like you did with Rebecca.

BOOTH: Whoa, I did not drive Rebecca away. We both agreed that it wasn’t right.

HODGINS: After you asked and she said no.

BOOTH: Well, when you say it like that it’s…

HODGINS: If it had been right, it wouldn’t matter if you were married or not, would it? Because you’d have a life together.

BOOTH Great. Then why not get married?

HODGINS: Because then we wouldn’t be able to be together, see this is all coming so clear now!

BOOTH: Not really.

HODGINS: You put on that macho front, but inside you understand.

BOOTH: I don’t understand

HODGINS: That which the mind can’t grasp…

BOOTH: Alright, you know, I’m just trying to catch a murderer, but you seem to have gone way past that.

HODGINS: It means a lot, knowing that you get it, man. Most guys… not secure enough to admit that.


BOOTH: Hmm. I have a headache.


B&B discuss the case.

BOOTH: You know, we’ll get him, Bones, alright? Don’t worry.

BRENNAN: We do this all the time. You know, I should be used to it. It shouldn’t bother me.

BOOTH: No, it should. Was she, uh, really gonna teach you how to cook?

BRENNAN: Yeah. I’ve always understood the basics of cooking, the physics of it, but… Carly said she was going to show me what it was really about. To her, she said that it was a way of… well, she said “loving,” but then, she was prone to hyperbole.

BOOTH: Well hey, I mean, that’s what family dinners are all about, right? Those are some of my, uh, my best memories.

BRENNAN: I’m not as cold as everyone thinks, Booth.


BOOTH: Okay, that was a leap.

BRENNAN: Just because I think marriage is an antiquated ritual doesn’t mean that I don’t want Angela and Hodgins to be happy. I have an appreciation and a need for emotional and physical intercourse, just like you.

BOOTH: Yeah. Sure. I mean, okay, good for you with that.

BRENNAN: Did I make you uncomfortable?

BOOTH: No. Not at all. I just wanna focus. Let’s just focus on the- on the case.

BRENNAN: I did make you uncomfortable.


They find out Carly’s friend Abby killed her over relationship drama.


Hodgins makes a romantic move.

HODGINS: Look, Angela. I’ve been thinking. You’re not like anyone I’ve ever known. And I don’t want that to change. So I’m taking you the way you are. No strings.

HODGINS: Close your eyes.



ANGELA: Yes. Yes. Let’s get married.

HODGINS: No. No, no, no, this is- this is not a proposal.

ANGELA: I know. That’s why I’m asking you.


ANGELA: What you said here… that we’re enough… just this, no pressure for more…that’s all that I ever wanted. Hodgins, say something.

HODGINS: You’re insane.

ANGELA: Is that a yes?

HODGINS: Absolutely! Okay. Okay. Um. Alright. How- how about, uh, Italy! Italy in the spring? Um, Umbria?!

ANGELA: No. Right away. Next week.

HODGINS: We cannot get a wedding together in a week.

ANGELA: We have to. One week.


ANGELA: I could change my mind. It’s up to you.

HODGINS: Okay, yeah, just a small little thing then.

ANGELA: No. Big. I want a big one.

HODGINS: Totally. Insane.


B&B meet up for some “Mac and Cheese” after the case.

BOOTH: Great. Mac and cheese! Wow! Bones! This- this looks fantastic!

BRENNAN: Yeah? Really?


BOOTH: Oh, I mean, you shouldn’t have, I mean, all this work just for me?

BRENNAN: What? No, I mean. It wasn’t that much.

BOOTH: Mmm. This is unbelievable.


BRENNAN: You like it?


BOOTH: I’d like to be alone with it.


BRENNAN: She said I could go with my instincts, so I put in a little fresh ground nutmeg.

BOOTH: Well, she taught you well. Thanks, Bones.

BRENNAN: Yeah, well, you know. We have to eat, right?

BOOTH: Yeah. Gotta eat. Always gotta eat.



**So what have we learned? B&B continue to tip toe around their real feelings while deepening their connection and partnership. Hodgela is moving towards Wedding #1.  Angela is completely and totally insane! 🙂 

Spaceman in a Crater (2×20)


Written By: Elizabeth Benjamin

Directed By: Jeannot Szwarc

B&B investigate a man in a crater. The squints are confused.


BRENNAN: This is–I want to say “anomalous”, but I’m going to go with “weird.”

CAM: What’s weird?

BRENNAN: These areas of radial lucency here and here.

ZACK: Extremely porous bones.

BOOTH: What’s that mean?

CAM: That means he was ill.

BRENNAN: His right femoral head shows significant demineralization. Zack?

ZACK: I’d put him at a hundred and thirty.

BOOTH: Hundred and thirty what?


CAM: Old?

BRENNAN: There’s an alternate explanation.

CAM: Then that’s the one we should go with.

ZACK: He was in outer space.

BOOTH: So he fell from outer space in a pair of loafers?

CAM: Hodgins left too soon.

B&B research astronauts.

BOOTH: Well, astronauts are regarded as viable terror targets. Their whereabouts are extremely confidential.

BRENNAN: I bet if you told the agency you were going to identify Colonel Howard to the press, they’d be a little more cooperative.

BOOTH: Yeah. You know, I have been a wonderful influence on you.

Meanwhile, Hodgins has a question for Booth.

HODGINS: Can I ask you a question?

BOOTH: Yeah.

HODGINS: What’s the deal on proposing to, you know, a woman?



HODGINS: I mean, what is the absolute proper way to do it?

BOOTH; I don’t know. The one time I did it, I got shot down flat.

HODGINS: Did you do it by the book?

BOOTH: Mm-hmm. Well, no. We were waiting for the stick to turn blue or not to turn blue and I realized I wanted to marry her if the stick was blue or not.

HODGINS: Yeah, that’s sort of what I did. Only without the sticks.

BOOTH: You asked Angela to marry you?

HODGINS: Apparently I didn’t do it right.

BOOTH: Do it again. Go all out this time, right? With the dinner and the gettin’ down on one knee, the violin. Forget the violin.

They find a strange thing on the body which confuses the team.

ZACK: The main obstacle to long-term space travel is bone demineralization.

BRENNAN: If the space program could overcome this one effect their funding would triple overnight.

HODGINS: Well, there you go. Experimental program for deep space fails and then the evidence has to be gotten rid of.

CAM: By tossing it from a plane? Why not just have the visitors toss him into the sun?

HODGINS: That is a good question.

CAM: No, it’s not. Sometimes when people try to cover things up it goes wrong. That’s all.

The Angelatron to the magical rescue.


ZACK: Every bone showed trauma.

ANGELA: His clothing before…and after he fell to Earth.

ZACK: Ripped. Every seam pulled apart.

ANGELA: If I make the clothing translucent, we can see that some of the clothing damage lines up with the trauma to his skeleton.

ZACK: And if you isolate the bone damage caused by a device capable of making robust cuts in a linear path…

ANGELA: The guy was chopped.

Hodgins pops in.

HODGINS: Ange, tonight, you and me, reservations at Les Deux Copains, 8:00.

ANGELA: Wow. Fancy.


HODGINS: Suit and gown fancy, baby. So leave your mukluks at home.

ANGELA: What’s the occasion?

HODGINS: Makeup, hair done, high heels. The whole enchilada. Only whatever’s French for enchilada.

B&B connect about the progress of the case.

BRENNAN: Somebody’s lying to us, right?

BOOTH: Yeah. Maybe everybody.

BRENNAN: Well, this is your strength. Reading people’s minds, telling when they’re lying.

BOOTH: My strength? Wait a second. The trouble is…no, no, you haven’t given me anything that I can spring on the suspect to see how he reacts.

BRENNAN: Like what?

BOOTH: Like a murder weapon. Or whether the poor bastard was dead before he hit the ground.

BRENNAN: Zack and Angela say he was.

BOOTH: Okay, well, that’s something. Dead how?

BRENNAN: Best guess right now, a broadsword.

BOOTH: Broadsword? Like King Arthur?


BOOTH: Broadsword? You know what, Bones? I like the whole alien thing much better. Broadsword? Where do you people come with this stuff?

B&B decide it was a propeller that cut the victim. They return to the hangar with a warrant.


BOB: Then why are your people looking at propellers?

BOOTH: Because the warrant includes anything that is in plain sight.

BRENNAN: “Plane” sight. Get it. It’s a pun.


They find it was another accidental murder.

JAMES: He fell back into the propeller.

BRENNAN: Why didn’t you just say it was an accident?

JAMES: I don’t know. We panicked. I mean, would they believe us? Would they understand?

BRENNAN: Would you ever get into space?

JAMES: It happened because my friend shared good news with me and because my wife loves me.

JAMES: I’m a blessed man.

Hodgins and Angela sit down to eat and Hodgins tries. He really tries.

HODGINS: How–how are you feeling?

ANGELA: What do you mean?

HODGINS: It’s a good meal. Nice bottle of wine. You feeling loving?

ANGELA: You didn’t need to do all of this to get me in a loving mood.

HODGINS: I don’t mean in that way. I am madly in love with you, Angela. And you–you are the most amazing woman that I have ever met. My life is so much better since we–


ANGELA: Oh my god.


ANGELA: Are you breaking up with me?

HODGINS: Why would I get you all dressed up for dinner just to break up?

ANGELA: I don’t know. Because you’re…I’m not thinking straight. Go ahead.

HODGINS: You know, I had this all laid out in my mind.

ANGELA: Mm-hmm.

HODGINS: You are an upsetting woman.

ANGELA: I’m sorry. Please. Go ahead.

HODGINS: I believe that if two people care enough for each other the rest of the world disappears to them. I feel that when I’m with you.

HODGINS: I’m prepared to put you ahead of me for the rest of my life. Angela Montenegro, will you marry me?

ANGELA: Dear man. Good heart. No.


HODGINS: Why? I didn’t do it right again. But…how…Oh, you’re not gonna tell me.

ANGELA: I don’t know, Hodgins. If I knew, I would tell you. But when you ask me, I have to have this…this feeling. It has to be…I’ll know it when it happens, and I hope you won’t stop trying.

HODGINS: I don’t know if I should laugh, cry, or punch out the sommelier.

ANGELA: I’m sorry. I hope that you choose laugh.

HODGINS: I don’t understand.

I don’t either, Hodgins. I really don’t.

ANGELA: I don’t either. Look, let’s just finish the dessert and go back to your place and make love, and maybe it’ll come to me.

HODGINS: While we make love?

ANGELA: I said maybe.

HODGINS: But…you love me?

ANGELA: More than you know.


Anyway, let’s send it to B&B to wrap it up!

BOOTH: Did you eat yet?

BRENNAN: I said I’d wait. (Edit: Ok, that’s precious!) How did you know that James would tell me?

BOOTH: Oh, man loves his wife. He may not be strong, but he has a conscience.

BRENNAN: See, I can’t tell that stuff.

BOOTH: And I can’t tell the difference between coral and bone, so I guess we make a great pair. Hey, speaking of marriage, Hodgins is gonna propose to Angela tonight.


BOOTH: What?

BRENNAN: I guess right now it looks to me like marriage is having someone who will slap your enemies and then toss their dead bodies out of airplanes.

BOOTH: Try not mention that to Angela.

What marriage looks like on Bones:

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Killer in the Concrete (2×18)

“The Killer in the Concrete”

Episode 2×18

Written by: Dean Widenmann

Directed by: Jeff Woolnough

After B&B bicker at the crime scene as usual, Angela and Brennan visit a grave.


BRENNAN: I’m really not good at this kind of thing, you know? I don’t – I don’t get the significance.


ANGELA: One year ago, today, you buried your mother. You laid her to rest, here. You’re marking the anniversary.

BRENNAN: Angela – I simply don’t believe my mother retained sentience beyond death.

ANGELA: Well, part of you is made up of your mother, right?

BRENNAN: In a manner of speaking.

ANGELA: So, honor that part of yourself. Visualize a memory of her. See what it brings up.

BRENNAN: I have very few distinct memories of my mother.

ANGELA: I’ll wait in the car.

MAX: Hiya, honey. I was hoping you might show up.


BRENNAN: I don’t- I don’t want to talk to you.

MAX: You’re standing here in front of your mother’s grave. Obviously, you’ve come for some kind of answer. Maybe I can provide ’em.

BRENNAN: You’re a killer. You burn people. Yeah. I’d like to report a sighting of Max Keenan at Eternal Spring Memorial Gardens. He’s a wanted fugitive.

MAX: I love you.

BRENNAN: (on the phone) Yes, I’m sure….Because he’s my father.

Booth asks Brennan about her dad.

BOOTH: So, did you talk to your dad at all before you called the cops?

BRENNAN: No. Why would I?

BOOTH: Well, I mean, I haven’t seen my dad in a long time and if I had the opportunity to talk – ow, god.

BRENNAN: Go to a dentist.

BOOTH: Well, I will if it doesn’t get any better.

Max reappears.


MAX: Don’t freak out.

BRENNAN: Oh! You broke into my house? That is not acceptable.

MAX: This, uh, little device here – it jams cell phone frequencies.

BRENNAN: That is illegal.

MAX: Unfortunately, illegal is what I do best. I’m not staying. I just want you to do something for me. I want you to look at my rap sheet.


MAX: Why? Because I want a chance to talk to you- actually talk to you – without you calling in the 82nd airborne.

BRENNAN: How is reading your police report going to change my mind?

MAX: Just do it.

B&B discuss the case.

BRENNAN: So – you think Ice Pick might still be alive.

BOOTH: As a friend of mine likes to say “Don’t jump to conclusions until all the evidence is in.”

BRENNAN: But if the facts are in, then it’s not jumping to conclusions. So I never said that.

BOOTH: I never said that the friend is you, okay?

Booth meets the bounty hunter at the diner.


VELESKA: I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping you’d keep me here a while, ask me some dumb ass federal questions, check me out.

BOOTH: How’s about I buy you a nice breakfast then?

VELESKA: A guy like you must be going crazy in the FBI.

BOOTH: What kind of guy is that exactly?

VELESKA: I’m a bounty hunter, sport. I read people fast or I die. You are not standard government issue. Take a walk on the wild side. I have more fun, fewer rules and a lotta money.

BOOTH: You know, you make a compelling case.

Brennan schools Cam on the proper nicknames of the case.

CAM: Coroner’s report said Kennedy’s leg was severed in the car accident.

BRENNAN: We don’t call him “Kennedy.” We call him “Ice Pick.”

Booth catches Brennan up on her dad’s rap sheet.

BOOTH: You know, I was going through your father’s criminal –


BOOTH: …criminal record, and he was right about one thing. Alright, he never ended anyone’s life who didn’t have it comin’ to ’em.

BRENNAN: He’s a sociopath.

BOOTH: Well, maybe, but at least he aimed in the right direction. Ow! God!

BRENNAN: Let me take a look at your tooth.

BOOTH: Alright, just – go easy. You promise?


Someone’s excited to do an “exam” lol


BOOTH: Alright?

BRENNAN: Open up.


BOOTH: In the Old West, he would have been considered a hero.

BRENNAN: Yeah, well, the Old West was a time of chaos –


BRENNAN: And violence that, anthropologically speaking, our country it still trying to recover from. Yeah. I was right. Anterior molar on the left side – it’s infected.

BOOTH: You know, your father never killed any hard working, tax paying citizens or honest cops. Ow.

BRENNAN: You still think that society should forgive him?

BOOTH: Well, I’m saying, if I have the opportunity to arrest him, I will. But you know who maybe should forgive him? His daughter. Oh. Look at that. Our small-town crime boss is here. Let’s go have a little chat with him, shall we?

The squints get on B&B’s nickname party.

ANGELA: Billy Ray McKenna shortly before he was known as “Cement Head.”

ZACK: I like nicknames. They’re universal mnemonic devices.

Max returns. Brennan is still not thrilled.


MAX: Hey, I haven’t committed a crime in over 15 years. I’m straight.

BRENNAN: Except for killing, gutting and burning the deputy director of the FBI.

MAX: He was tryin’ to kill Russ and then he was going after you. It is not a crime to protect your family.

BRENNAN: Well, some fathers do it without killing.

She does have a point!

MAX: Did, uh, you and Booth take a look at my, uh, rap sheet?


MAX: And?

BRENNAN: He’ll arrest you if he has the chance.

MAX: What else? So, these snicker doodles – Come on. You don’t remember? You loved them as a little girl.

BRENNAN: I don’t remember.

MAX: I’d come home and then you’d be jumpin’ around, you were five or six years old, and you’d say “Why don’t you put on the ‘trying song’? Put on the ‘trying song’.”

BRENNAN: The “trying song”?

MAX: It was my favorite song. I used to sing it. It was, uh, by Poco? The band?

MAX: “I’ve been thinkin’ about all the things you told me. I know you’re full of doubt cannot let it be. But I know if you keep on coming back for more, then I’ll keep trying. I’ll keep on trying.” It’s a good song.

Booth gets captured.


Brennan is distraught that he is missing. She calls in her dad.

BRENNAN: I want to do something but I don’t – I don’t know what.

MAX: Are you asking?

BRENNAN: You’d help find the man who’s going to put you in jail?

MAX: Well, Booth will – will do the best he can. I’ll do the best I can and we’ll see how it works out when we get there.

Brennan and Max go on the lookout for Booth. They find the bounty hunter…and a tooth.


MAX: What do you got?

BRENNAN: It’s a left anterior molar. It’s Booth’s tooth.

* Brennan punches the bounty hunter*

BRENNAN: Where’s Booth?

MAX: Temperance, honey.

BRENNAN: Kennedy has Booth, Dad. He’s got Booth!

MAX: Okay.

Booth gets tortured.


The squints band together to help.

ZACK: Definitely Booth’s tooth.

BRENNAN: I knew it.

CAM: Brennan. You’re not alone in this.

BRENNAN: I know I’m not alone.

CAM: We all want to find Booth.

BRENNAN: I know.

ZACK: This is one of those times when I have no idea what’s happening.

  LOL, Zack.

ANGELA: Brennan, wait.

BRENNAN: I have to go, Ange.

ANGELA: What’s goin’ on?

BRENNAN: I’ve got to find Booth.

ANGELA: I’m coming with you.

BRENNAN: I- I already have help, Ange.

ANGELA: From whom?

BRENNAN: From someone worse than Kennedy.

ANGELA: Are you serious?

BRENNAN: Don’t say it.

ANGELA: Your father is helping you?

BRENNAN: I have to go.


BRENNAN: Yes. This is Dr. Brennan at the Jeffersonian. I just received a call from Agent Booth that he’s being held at the Perdue Airfield in Oakville, Virginia. Send backup. I’m going in. (she hangs up)

ANGELA: You just lied your ass off to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

HODGINS: That is so hot.


Booth and Max meet up.

BOOTH Max Keenan, you’re under arrest.

MAX: Not if I get the keys.

BRENNAN: They’re in the ignition.

BRENNAN: Well, it’s not like I actually gave him the keys.

Time for “Diner Wrap Up”.

BRENNAN: Why didn’t you just – just tell them about Kennedy?

BOOTH: Well, ya know, I needed to give you time to find me. Ah, I’ve been tortured worse. So, uh, you hear anything from your old man?

BRENNAN: He left my car in the garage.

BOOTH: He’ll be back.

BRENNAN: How do you know?

BOOTH: Max Keenan does not strike me as the kind of guy who, uh, leaves things undone.

BRENNAN: Next time he shows up, what do I do? Do I call you? Do I knock him on the head? What’s my obligation?

BOOTH: Well, if I were you, Bones, I’d wanna know what he has to tell you about your mother, but, uh, that’s just me.

BRENNAN: There’s, uh, this old song. It’s called “Keep on Trying.”

BOOTH: Yeah. Poco.

BRENNAN: You know it?

BOOTH:  I’ve been drinking now, just a little too much. BRENNAN: Much.


BRENNAN: I can get in touch with you. BOOTH: You.

BOOTH & BRENNAN: And there’s only one thing for me to do.

BRENNAN: It’s to keep on tryin’ BOOTH: Tryin’.


BOOTH: Yeah, what about it?

BRENNAN: It’s a good old song, right?

BOOTH: Right.




This is one of my favorite endings of all time, even made more so by being able to see how they end up together and they do “keep trying” to get home to each other.  I like how Brennan didn’t just magically trust her dad, but that it’s a process, and she trusted him to get Booth back. I love Fierce Brennan and this episode gives us a lot of that.

Pic of the Day 4/23

Good morning y’all! I had to watch my grandma last week so I’m a little behind…but here’s a little prettiness to tide us over!


This might be one of my favorite Booth and Brennan picture of all time because it’s really a David and Emily picture behind the scenes. I love how it shows their connection and friendship. I love how she’s leaning on him…and their hands! Just adorable.

Have a great week everyone!