The Man in the Morgue (1×19)

“The Man in the Morgue”

Episode 1×19

Written by: Elizabeth Benjamin & Noah Hawley

Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.


Brennan finds herself in trouble after helping out post-hurricane Katrina. She is unsure of what happened to her as she speaks to the doctor and detective.

DOCTOR: Looks like someone stole your earring.  Ripped it right out of the lobe.

BRENNAN: I don’t know what happened to me. Detective Harding, I didn’t know who else to call.

DETECTIVE HARDING: I need blood samples on this clothing. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they won’t all come from you.  Still hazy on the details?

BRENNAN: I’m not hazy on the details.  I…I don’t remember anything.


BRENNAN: Um, Dr. Legiere knocking over a tray of instruments at the morgue.  Then…mm…nothing.

DETECTIVE HARDING: That was the day before yesterday.

BRENNAN: I requested a rape kit.

DOCTOR: No sign of sexual activity forced or otherwise.

Booth charges in, all his focus on Brennan.


WOMAN #1: Sir, sir, you can’t go in there.

BOOTH: Bones, you okay?


BRENNAN: Booth, I told you not to come.


BRENNAN: He’s FBI.  We’re sort of partners.

DETECTIVE HARDING: Guy flies down from D.C.?  You’re more than “sort of.”

Brennan shows Booth her missing earring.

BOOTH: You’re worried about an earring?  You should really be worried about losing a whole day.

BRENNAN: I know.  It’s stupid.  But these earrings were my mother’s.

DOCTOR: Amnesia caused by any traumatic event, injury or drug, can erase memories before the event, not just after.

BOOTH: Great, we’ll just wait for a tox screen.

DOCTOR: It’s gonna be at least 24 hours.

BOOTH: (getting upset) 24 hours?

DOCTOR: Well, most of the labs in the area were destroyed by the hurricane.

DETECTIVE HARDING: We’ll find out what happened.  You just take care of your…uh…partner.


Oh, he will.



The lab has been working on x-rays that Brennan doesn’t remember sending them.

BRENNAN: I sent you the X-rays of a murder victim?

BOOTH: How’d he die?

ANGELA: Is that Booth?


ANGELA: You’re hopping the Streetcar Named Desire with Booth?  Oh, I love this.

ZACK: Obviously, they’re working the murder of John Doe 361 together.

BRENNAN: Precisely.


BRENNAN: No.  And it’s a murder. Oh, I’m hungry.

BOOTH: Well, when was the last time you ate?

BOOTH: Oh, my bad.  You have amnesia.

(This appears to be the same set used for the Royal Diner in Washington, D.C., used in season 2.)


Brennan has memories of a voodoo connection. They investigate.

SAM POTTER: It’s a gris-gris bag.  It’s a mojo.  This one is meant to silence the dead so they can’t speak.

BOOTH: Well, usually dead people are pretty much silent on their own.

BRENNAN: Voodoo embraces the premise that spirits can speak to us from beyond the grave.


SAM POTTER: Voodoo is all about the balance of the forces.  That wind, the flood, this death – it’s all out of balance now.  Katrina was Armageddon for the ones who love balance.

SAM POTTER: Dr. Brennan, a lost day?  Perhaps a spell was cast on you as well.

BRENNAN: No disrespect, Sam, but it’s not my religion.

Then they discuss in the car…

BOOTH: Voodoo.  Who’s going to believe that stuff?

BRENNAN: It’s a religion.  No crazier than – well, what are you?

BOOTH: Catholic.

BRENNAN: They believe in the same saints you do, and prayer. What they call spells, you call miracles.  They have priests.

BOOTH:   We don’t make zombies.

BRENNAN:   Jesus rose from the dead after three days.

BOOTH:   Jesus is not a zombie.  All right?  Man.  I shouldn’t have to tell you that.



Back home, Angela is getting concerned.

ANGELA:   Why haven’t you come home?

BRENNAN: Pretty soon, Ange.

ANGELA:   Is Booth there socially?

BRENNAN:   No, of course, not.

ANGELA: All right, what’s going on?

BOOTH:   Okay, Bones has amnesia because a voodoo murderer put a spell on her to keep her from solving the murder of John Doe 361.

BRENNAN: That’s a huge supposition.

ANGELA: That’s fine if you don’t want to tell me.

A doctor Brennan worked with turns up dead. Booth spots her earring at the scene and swipes it. On their way out, the detective threatens them.

DETECTIVE HARDING:   I’m gonna tear this place apart.  If I find one piece of evidence that ties you to this scene, I will take you into custody.

Later, they talk.

BOOTH:   Can I make a lifestyle suggestion?

BRENNAN:   Go ahead.

BOOTH:   You know, vacation.  It’s from the Latin, “vacatio.”  It means, you know, “freedom” or “release.”  You might want to consider that next time.

(Booth displaying that hidden intelligence!)

BRENNAN:   Learning Latin?

BOOTH:   This is the opposite of vacation.  No wonder you snapped, went insane and totally lost your mind.

They conference with the Jeffersonian to chat about clues. Booth is feeling sassy.

ANGELA:   Uh, I tried to make a digital positive, but it didn’t work.


BOOTH:   Voodoo probably.

ZACK: That makes no sense.

BOOTH: Voodoo.  It’s probably voodoo.

ANGELA:   Voodoo?

BRENNAN: Okay, quit saying voodoo.

BOOTH:   Yeah, because, you know, it’s not a factor.


HODGINS:   There’s evidence of particles on the bones, but there is no way for me to know what they are.

ZACK:   Probably dirt.

HODGINS:   Yes, thank you, Zack.  But dirt is a meaningless word.

Say it with me guys “diatomaceous earth!!” haha

HODGINS:   Is it sandy?  Hm?  Silty, “humusey”?  Is it clay?  Is it more organic than mineral?  Is it soil?  Is it pulverized gravel?  What minerals are in it?  Are the minerals crystalline?  See, these are all details a person cannot get off an X-ray no matter how long he stares at it.

B&B are discussing the case.

BRENNAN: It could have been me.

BOOTH:   Do you remember that?

BRENNAN:   Look at it objectively.  Graham Legiere was killed between 11:00 p.m. Tuesday and 3:00 a.m. Wednesday.  Not only do I not have an alibi, I…I can’t even explain to myself where I was.  It could’ve been me.

BOOTH: No, it couldn’t.

BRENNAN:   Yes.  Wha…how do you know?

BOOTH:   I just know, okay?  I’d bet my professional career on it.  I already did.

BRENNAN:   What?

BOOTH:   Nothing.

BRENNAN:   What did you do?

BOOTH:   Bones!  Stop.  This is the last time and place that you want to be rational, okay?  Let’s just be wildly emotional and assume that you didn’t psychotically murder a coworker who invited you over for dinner.

The door bursts open and Detective Harding rushes in with several other policemen behind her also with guns. Booth instantly pulls his own weapon out.

DETECTIVE HARDING:   Put down your weapon, Agent Booth.

BOOTH: Put down your weapon.  There’s no threat from us.

DETECTIVE HARDING:   You’re holding a gun on me.

BOOTH:   Yeah, well, you know, my finger here is not on the trigger.  It’s the best I can do under the circumstances.

DETECTIVE HARDING: Holster your weapons.

Don’t mess with Booth when he’s feeling all fierce!

The detective wants to arrest Brennan.

DETECTIVE HARDING:   Now, please.  Step away from my collar.

BOOTH:   I’m afraid I can’t let that happen.

Brennan gives herself up.

BOOTH:   Bones!  Geez!

BRENNAN:   It’s better if nobody else dies while we get to the bottom of this.

BOOTH:   Well, you know what, I wasn’t planning on dying.

BRENNAN: It’s not you I worry about.  Ow.  You’re welcome to the room.  It’s paid for.

ENTER CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JULIAN: I hope you’ve kept your mouth shut.

BOOTH:   Hey, Temperance Brennan, Carolyn Julian.  She’s your lawyer.  She’s from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  She’s the best there is.

BRENNAN:   I’ve told Detective Harding everything I know so far.

JULIAN:   She’s a fool.  You didn’t tell me she’s a fool.

BOOTH:   Look, she’s a brilliant forensic anthropologist.

BRENNAN:   Well, I have three degrees.  I’ve pioneered research in…

JULIAN:   Three degrees and still a fool. This interview is over, Rose.  I need to speak with my client alone before she gives herself a lethal injection.


BOOTH: Okay, Bones, what the hell where you talking to her for?

BRENNAN:   I was just trying to help.

JULIAN:   You sew those lips together, girl, because there is no such thing as “help” in the New Orleans Police.  They just want to close the case as quickly and easily as they can.  And you are making it Christmas time for them.

BOOTH:   Okay, listen, there’s no way that Bones could’ve killed Legiere.  I mean sh…it’s…it’s just not her.  I mean look at her.

JULIAN:   I am doing you a favor taking this case, Booth.  But as the lady cop says, I’m a prosecutor.  And as it stands now, I could try this case in my p.j.’s and still get a conviction.

BRENNAN:   Well, shouldn’t you get to know your clients before you make snap judgments.

BOOTH:   Bones!

JULIAN:   Fine.  Stop me when I get something wrong.  Trained in three types of martial arts, two assault charges, registered marksman with the N.R.A., hunting licenses in four states…

BOOTH:   You hunt?

BRENNAN:   Well, only for food.

JULIAN:   Shot an unarmed man.

BRENNAN:   Well, he was trying to set me on fire.

BOOTH:   All right, just…just arrange bail for us, Carolyn, so we can get out of here.

JULIAN:   Sure.  Sure.  Don’t want to get this one mad at me.

I’d watch a spin off with just Caroline and Booth.


BRENNAN:   How’d I get away?  You know, Graham got killed.  I got away.  How’d I do that?

BOOTH:   You know, Bones, all those things that Carolyn mentioned, you know, the…the martial arts, the shooting, the…uh…the assaults…  It’s just…you’re the type of woman that fights.  Maybe they didn’t expect it.  Maybe they thought some kind of magic could hold you.

BRENNAN:   I don’t believe in magic.

BOOTH:   Exactly.  You’re a surprising woman.  Sometimes that’s enough for getting away.

BRENNAN:   Why are you nice to me?

BOOTH: Because.  Because they think they get away with it.

BRENNAN:   What?

BOOTH:   They burn their victim, they blow ’em up, they toss ’em in the ocean, they bury them in the desert, they…they throw ’em to wood chippers.  Sometimes, you know, years go by.  They relax.  And they start living their lives like they didn’t do anything wrong.  Like they didn’t spend somebody else’s life in order to get what they got.  They think they’re safe from retribution.  But, you make those bastards unsafe.  That’s why I’m nice to you.


BRENNAN:   I couldn’t do that without you, Booth.

BOOTH:   Yeah.  So…uh, you should be a little nicer to me, huh?

BRENNAN: I really should.

BOOTH:   Yeah.


JULIAN: I walk in on something?



BOOTH:   Nah, I don’t care what it looks like or how you’re reading the evidence, Carolyn.  She didn’t do it.

JULIAN:   Could be that’s true, Seeley.  You vouch for her, that’s good enough for me.  But, chéri, this looks bad.

Brennan calls into the lab, and ends up scaring the squints with her update.


ANGELA: You know what?  This whole state of affairs where Brennan just runs around fighting crime?  It’s stupid.  It’s nuts.  Don’t you agree?

HODGINS:   Brennan will be fine, Angela.  She got bail and the murder charge won’t stick.

ANGELA:   What is going on with her?

HODGINS:   Angela. She started to change the day she met you.


ANGELA:   What?

HODGINS:   She sees how you do it.  All fun and involvement and pizzazz.  Big, you know?  Big life.  Booth came along and gave her the opportunity, but she got the idea from you.  Brennan wants a big life like yours. That’s how it looks to me anyway.  But what do I know?  I’m a bug guy.  Bug and slime.  And, you know…dirt.

ANGELA:   Yeah.

HODGINS:   So…okay.


ANGELA:   Hmm.

It’s the beginning, y’all. Should we tell them about MSVH??!?!??!?!

B&B find out the twisted voodoo connections and killer.

BRENNAN:   There’s your killer.  I’d really like to go home now.

BOOTH:   Yeah, me, too.

RICHARD BENOIT: Dr. Temperance Brennan, you leave here, you go home, it does not matter.  There are powers, dark powers to whom distance makes no difference.


He starts to chant a spell at her but she pokes him in the eyes.

BRENNAN: I’ve noticed that very few people are scary once they’ve been poked in the eye.

They head home.

BRENNAN:   Benoit used Hurricane Katrina as a diversion to take the soul of a voodoo priest.

ANGELA:   And he killed his own daughter.

HODGINS:   Dark sorcerers suck, man.

BOOTH:   Oh, but, you know, he intended to bring her back to life.

ZACK:   There’s not really any such thing as spells and magic.

HODGINS:   What are you talking about?  He put a forgetting hex on Dr. Brennan.

BRENNAN:   But it wasn’t the spell that made me forget.  It was the drugs.  Rohypnol.

BOOTH:   Blood test didn’t find any.

BRENNAN:   Gamma hydroxybutyrate?

BOOTH:   Not a trace.

BRENNAN:   Sodium pentothal?

BOOTH:   Nope.

BRENNAN:   Severe emotional trauma.

ANGELA:   Honey, even I think you’re too strong-minded for that.

BRENNAN:   There were too many delays in doing my blood test.  That, plus the adrenaline of my escape.  The drugs were out of my system.

HODGINS: They put the voodoo on you, baby….I didn’t really mean to call you “baby.”

BRENNAN:   You guys, stop, now.  I mean it.

ZACK:   Do you believe in voodoo?  Because even if a small part of you believes in it, then it has a grip.

BRENNAN:   I do not believe.

BOOTH: Maybe just a little?


BOOTH:   Good.  Because, you know, if you have any doubts, we’ll just have Benoit send you back one of those little satanic mojo pouches from prison.

BRENNAN:   Booth, objects have no intrinsic power.  A person’s future does not depend on some…thing.  Things are just things.  They do not have magical meaning or powers.

Booth reveals the earring.


BRENNAN:   Where’d you get that?

BOOTH:   What does it matter?  It’s just a thing, right?

BRENNAN:   My mothers’ earring.

BOOTH:   No, uh, magical power over your future.

ANGELA:   Does that prove something?

BRENNAN:   Yeah.  It proves something.


Something. 🙂



The Man with the Bone (1×18)


 **Had a hard time finding pics for this one!**


Episode 1×18

Written By: Craig Silverstein

Directed By: Jesús Salvador Trevino


BOOTH: Welcome to the dungeon.

BRENNAN: Why do the F.B.I. always stick their morgues in the most depressing basement they can find?

BOOTH: Don’t be such a snob, Bones, okay? Not everyone gets to play in a multimillion-dollar lab, you know, with skylights.

BRENNAN: It’s because as a society we feel the need to hide death away. The people who deal with the dead are … viewed as freaks.

BOOTH: I don’t know if it’s the basement thing but this guy you’re about to meet, Harry, he’s a little twisted.

BRENNAN: You probably think I get some kind of rush when I work, that I’m somehow titillated.

BOOTH: Ah, choice of words, Bones. Choice of words.


HARRY: Agent Booth.

BOOTH: Harry Tepper, meet Doctor Temperance Brennan from the Jeffersonian.

HARRY: I’ve read her.


HARRY: She’s good. Read your novel too. The heroine’s very aggressive.

They bring Bones in to figure out what a body is holding in it’s hand. It’s sent to the lab.

BOOTH: Tertiary syphilis. Whoa… Wow, that’s the worst.

HODGINS: It was a common ailment in the seventeenth century.

BRENNAN: Which is where the bone dates from.

BOOTH: Say what?

ZACK: We ran a radiocarbon dating test. The finger’s over three hundred years old.

When he finds out where the body was found, Hodgins is all over it.

HODGINS: That’s where the money pit is.

BRENNAN: Money pit?

HODGINS: Legend is … Assateague Island is where Blackbeard buried his treasure.

He thinks he has figured out where the old bone is from…

HODGINS: Pirate.

BOOTH: Pirate?

ZACK: Pirate?

HODGINS: It’s a pirate.

The guys get all excited about the possibilities…

BRENNAN: Why are you guys smiling?


ANGELA: It’s a guy thing, sweetie.

Brennan tries to understand the treasure hunters.


BRENNAN: Wha – people would do that? Sane people? Look for treasure?

BOOTH: Well, isn’t that what archaeologists do?

BRENNAN: Archaeologists are scientists who use evidence on which to base their explorations … not some pirate movie they saw when they were ten.

BOOTH: Yeah well, that, uh, 300-year-old bone that we just found sort of, uh changes things now, doesn’t it there, matey?

Bones interrupts the treasure hunters at the scene.


BRENNAN: F.B.I.! You’re all under arrest!

BOOTH: Come on, Bones, you don’t get to say that. I’m the one with the badge.

HARDEWICKE: The F.B.I.’s involved now?

BOOTH: Oh yeah, you know, murder on federal land. We like to, uh, poke around a little.

ROSE: Murder?

BRENNAN: *acting tough* Yeah. Murder.

Back at the lab, Hodgins is squeeing with joy at the prospects.

HODGINS: Blackbeard’s curse, man.

ZACK: A curse? We’re scientists.

HODGINS: Look at this. 1902. Two men disappeared while digging. Never found their bodies. Ho-ohhh, that’s very “curse-y”!

ZACK: So you believe in pirates.

HODGINS: Pirates aren’t Santa, Zack. They did exist, they did have treasures, and they did bury it.

ZACK: You know, I had an eye patch when I was six.

Hodgins offers to help them look for evidence.

HODGINS: I am a certified cave diver, which means I can go deeper than two hundred feet. I dove Mayan Blue, Dos Ojos, Tortuga …

BRENNAN: Ever dive Naharon?


BRENNAN: I named Naharon.

Drop the mic.

HODGINS: Well, then how can you say no to me?

Pick the mic back up. lol


BOOTH: You dive too?

BRENNAN: Yeah. I have the time because I don’t own a TV.

Drop that mic again and leave it!

Bones and Angela ponder the case.

ANGELA: So you believe there’s treasure?

BRENNAN: I believe there’s greed. That’s the real curse.

Hodgins dives and finds a complete skeleton.


BRENNAN: He suffered from scurvy as well as tertiary syphilis.

BOOTH: What’s with the “tertiary”? Isn’t plain old syphilis bad enough?

ZACK: Scurvy, syphilis…pirate.

HODGINS: There is anthropological evidence which supports the claim that Blackbeard executed his burial crews after they were done digging.

BRENNAN: Okay. Let’s … say it’s a pirate.


BRENNAN: This would be an extraordinary find.

The millionaire involved in the search is giving Goodman trouble about the investigation.

GOODMAN: This is going to be a headache. He has some very important friends.

BRENNAN: You know, I don’t understand why he’s so upset. It’s not like he needs the money.

BOOTH: But he has partners that do. Macy and Hardewicke were gonna split what they found.

BRENNAN: But Macy is dead.

BOOTH: Exactly. Leaving Hardewicke with a bigger piece of the pie.

Meanwhile, the bones go missing, leaving a furious Brennan.


BRENNAN: Bones don’t just disappear. I thought this was a secure facility. YOU assured me this was a secure facility. I could be working at Stanford, you know. This never would’ve happened at Stanford!

GOODMAN: We spend three-quarters of a million dollars annually on security.

BRENNAN: Obviously that’s not enough. I want my bones! (To Booth) Did you find my bones?

BOOTH: Oooh, maybe you just wanna, you know, chill a little?

BRENNAN: Chill??

BOOTH: Yeah, you know, take a pill?

BRENNAN: Listen, duuude … my lab was violated, my bones are stolen, so I think I’ll remain warm for a little while longer.

They find out the bones recovered from the water were not original to the site, but stolen and placed there.

CULLEN: Okay, let me see if I get this straight. The pirate bones you recovered came from the Jeffersonian to start with.

BRENNAN: Correct.

GOODMAN: 300-year-old bones stolen from our own pirate exhibit.

CULLEN: And then recovered by one of your own people?

BOOTH: Doctor Hodgins.

CULLEN: – who brought them back to the Jeffersonian … where they were stolen again?

BOOTH: Re-stolen … sir.

CULLEN: You got a security problem, Doctor Goodman.

GOODMAN: And when I find out who did this, you may have a murder problem.

Angela looks at the security tapes and finds a gap.


GOODMAN: Is there any way to tell if those tapes have been doctored?

ANGELA: Yeah. Since they’re physical magnetic tapes, not stored digitally.

GOODMAN: I always did like analog better. Now I know why.

ANGELA: My point is, is that I’m only an amateur at this, and I’m sure the security department is better equipped and trained –

What? She’s not an expert?! lol

The crew figure out one of the divers was the killer. But he has Hodgins back down in the cave.

BOOTH: Hey, Dane.

DANE: Oh hey … what’s up?

BRENNAN: We know it was you.

BOOTH: Bones, please.

BRENNAN: Why? You have a gun. What’s he got?

BOOTH: He’s got somebody in the shaft.

HODGINS: How far down am I?

DANE: You good enough to take that shot before I cut this air hose, ranger?

BOOTH: Pretty good.

BRENNAN: What? Just pretty good?

BOOTH: Please. I’m working.

HODGINS: (still underwater) Oh, my God. Can you see this, Dane?

DANE: What is it?

BOOTH: Why don’t you take a look?

DANE: Yeah. I do and you’ll shoot me.

HODGINS: Dane! Can you see this, man?

BRENNAN: It’s a gold coin.

DANE: Yeah. It’s, uh, probably something else they stole from the museum and threw in there.

HODGINS: This is real! It’s a big –

Booth shoots the monitor.

BRENNAN: You want to see it, you’re going to have to bring Hodgins up. Please. He’s down there because he believes. He’s no different than you, no different than your brother.

BOOTH: Bring him up.

BRENNAN: Do it for your brother.

Back at the lab, they wrap up the case and the boys go past to playing pirate.


ZACK and BOOTH: Arrgh!

HODGINS: Arrrgh, matey!


Not an epic episode as far as character development or major changes, but we get to see Hodgins’ obsessions in a cute and fun way, not so much angry conspiracy ways. We get to see everyone gel as a team. B&B are still feeling each other up–I mean, out–when they are out in the field.  I think is a pretty solid ep overall.




Happy Labor Day!

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As I have been out and about doing family things as well as starting a new job (!!!) I think I’ll push Bones Tuesday to Bones Wednesday this week! 🙂

However, I will leave you with one picture that always makes me think of America!



Much love and Bones memories to you all 🙂

The Skull in the Desert (1×17)

Written By: Jeff Rake

Directed by: Donna Deitch


HODGINS: Who vacations in the desert? It’s like lunching at the dump.

The team has a body in the lab but get distracted by Angela’s vacation pictures.

ZACK: Who’s the guy?

HODGINS: Her boyfriend Kirk.

ZACK: Angela has a boyfriend?

BRENNAN: Every year for three weeks, Angela has a boyfriend and a vacation.

HODGINS: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Playing house in a post-boho rustic artist’s cabin in the desert with her overpaid pseudo-celebrity photographer boyfriend—that is not a vacation.

ANGELA: Hey, Brennan, could I talk to you in private, please?


ANGELA: You’re gonna think I’m crazy.


BRENNAN: What’s up? Boyfriend trouble?

ANGLEA: No, I, I’d just send it to you, but the sheriff won’t let me.

BRENNAN: Send what?

ANGELA: Somebody left a human skull in a box on the sheriff’s porch. He says it was probably a Navajo who respects the dead, but doesn’t want to get pulled into the whole white justice system. The thing is is that Kirk went out into the desert five days ago on a photo shoot, and he hasn’t come back. Nobody can find him or his guide.

BRENNAN: You think the skull’s Kirk’s?

ANGELA: No, no. Kirk’s always going out into the desert for days at a time.

BRENNAN: You’re really sending me mixed messages, Ange.

ANGELA: Yeah, well, I’m freaking out, I guess. I’m sorry. Look, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called. Pretend I didn’t call. I’ll just, I’ll talk to you when Kirk gets back. Sorry.

Of course, Brennan rushes out to help her bestie anyway.


GOODMAN: You’re taking a vacation in the desert with no notice?

HODGINS: I don’t get the attraction. I really don’t. Snakes, scorpions—

BRENNAN: It should only be for a few days.


ANGELA: I mean, it’s not like I actually think that the skull is Kirk’s. But, I mean, if you could just look at it and just tell me it isn’t, then I could stop worrying about him being dead and just be mad at him for being a flaky artist.

ANGELA: You won’t get anything out here. We’re about a hundred miles past where Jesus lost his sandals.

BRENNAN: I assume that’s a way of saying we’re extremely isolated.

ANGELA: Yeah. That’s why we come out here every year. It’s like you stand still, and the whole universe just comes at you.

BRENNAN: At 110 degrees.

ANGELA: You know, Kirk was out with a good guide. Our friend Dahni. I mean, he said he’d be back. He said we’d go out for nachos and beer. And this is a man who’s serious about his beer.

ANGELA: Brennan, if you hug me and you be all caring it’s because you think Kirk is dead or because he was sleeping with Dahni.

BRENNAN: No, it’s because…I’m sorry that my friend is upset because someone she loves is missing.

ANGELA: All right. I can buy that.


Brennan realizes its time to get help from her partner.

BOOTH: Okay. Booth.

BRENNAN: How far are you from Dulles?

BOOTH: As far as your office is from Dulles.


BRENNAN: Why are you in my office?

BOOTH: I need your findings on the Richmond case. Listen, Zack, he won’t tell me where they are unless you give him permission.

BRENNAN: There’s a 9:15 flight to Denver. Then there’s an 11:35 flight to Santa Fe. You’ll have to run to make the connection.

BOOTH: Forget it.

BRENNAN: Booth, please. Angela’s boyfriend is missing, maybe dead. It—it took all of my charm—

BOOTH: All of your charm? Oh, boy.

BRENNAN: Just to get the sheriff to let me look at the skull. When I asked him to let me send the skull to the Jeffersonian he told me that I am not a cop and that I don’t have any jurisdiction.

BOOTH: Which is true. Okay, what, what do you want me to do?

BRENNAN: I want you to get federal on his ass.

Enter the tough FBI Agent:




BRENNAN: What tougher questions can we ask without Angela being here?

BOOTH: Well, you know, things like, did her boyfriend run off with the model, guide, whatever.

BRENNAN: Angela and I discussed this. She said it couldn’t happen.

BOOTH: Okay, no offense to Angela, but she doesn’t even really know this guy. She’s only with him what, only three weeks out of the year?

BRENNAN: No offense to you, but you are a stodgy traditionalist when it comes to relationships, buddy.


BOOTH: Stodgy? Stodgy? Okay, okay, here’s the deal—

BRENNAN: Yes, stodgy.

HODGINS: DNA results are in. The skull is definitely Kirk Persinger.

BRENNAN: Poor Angela.

BOOTH: I will call the F.B.I. office in Albuquerque and I will officially take over the investigation.

BRENNAN: I wouldn’t do that.


BRENNAN: Desert dwellers are very insular. Mongolians, Bedouins of the Sahara, the Himloa of Kanana. Good hosts, but extremely distrustful of outsiders.

BOOTH: Bones, this is the United State of America. It’s not Outer Mongolia.

BRENNAN: The only reason Sheriff Dawes talks to us at all is because we know Angela. Alex Joseph held a gun on us.

BOOTH: I admit I’ve met friendlier people.

BRENNAN: If a bunch of outsiders come in from Albuquerque, led by an outsider from D.C. I promise you, the people here will close ranks and shut up until we go away. Then they’ll take care of it in their own way.

BOOTH: Okay, who are you, Dr. Phil?

BRENNAN: Who’s Dr. Phil? Some kind of expert?

BOOTH: He likes to think so. Okay, look. I’ll take what you say under advisement. In the meantime, we need to go find out who supplied Kirk with his peyote.

BRENNAN: Well, how are we gonna do that?

BOOTH: Talk to his girlfriend.


BRENNAN: I’m so sorry, Angela. We both are.

ANGELA: I knew it was Kirk. That’s why I called you. We have to find out what happened to Dahni.

ANGELA: Three weeks a year. I mean, fifteen weeks in total. You think that’s crazy.

BRENNAN: No. It’s not typical, that’s for sure. And if he was yours, 100% yours for three weeks a year, that’s, that’s more than I’ve ever had.

ANGELA: Kirk’s photographs show the world is a more beautiful place than it is. A better place. He made me feel like it was my real home, that I belonged there with him. He’s the guy I compare all other guys to. Now he’s gone and I feel like I can’t even breathe, sweetie. I can’t even take a breath. You think it’s possible that Dahni’s still out there? Could she still be alive?

BRENNAN: I don’t know. There’s no crime scene and we’re not even sure where the rest of Kirk’s remains are.

ANGELA: Well, I wanna help you look for her tomorrow.

BRENNAN: You sure?

ANGELA: Yeah: Dahni was our friend. I have to help find her. Please.

ANGELA: I love the desert. Or I used to.

BRENNAN: Nothing looks the way it should. Stuff that’s far away looks near, stuff that’s near looks far away.

ANGELA: Yeah, well, you can’t trust you eyes out here. Not your eyes alone. You know, Kirk said that if you stood still long enough, that the desert would actually speak to you. Show you some kind of truth.

BRENNAN: That ever happen to you?

ANGELA: No. But, he really believed that.


BOOTH: Either of you two bring any water?

BRENNAN: Why? You worried?

BOOTH: Yeah.

ANGELA: About what?

BRENNAN: Because we are way past where Jesus lost his sandals.

BOOTH: And I don’t hear the truck anymore. Great.

BRENNAN: No cell phone service, no water. How long do you think we’ll survive out here if the sheriff doesn’t come back?

BOOTH: Three days max.

ANGELA: How far are we from the highway?

BOOTH: Five days minimum.

BRENNAN: I don’t like that math.

Say it with me guys, “But he likes watching her do the math”


They go out again later, and Angela senses something.


BRENNAN: You all right?


ANGELA: Dahni went that way.



BRENNAN: Ready to go home?



BRENNAN: You’re not coming back again, are you?

ANGELA: No. Never. He loved me.

BRENNAN: For three weeks a year.

ANGELA: No. He loved me all the time. I was the one who could only manage three weeks a year. I’m afraid that I—I’m just afraid that I don’t have a generous heart. I’m afraid that I won’t have the chance that I had with Kirk ever again.

BRENNAN: You will.

ANGELA: How can you be so sure?

BRENNAN: Because nothing in this universe happens just once, Angela. Nothing. Infinity goes in both directions. There is no unique event, no singular moment.

ANGELA: I don’t know what that means.

BRENNAN: It means you will get another chance.

ANGELA: You promise? From your heart?

BRENNAN: Better. From my head. And yes, Ange. I promise—

BRENNAN: From my heart. You will get another chance.


BOOTH: Well, Dawes and his deputies, they caught the counterfeiters. Dahni gave a statement saying that it was Kellogg who pulled the trigger on Kirk. Dahni knows that you saved her life. You pointed that helicopter in the right direction.

BRENNAN: Obviously, you subconsciously sifted through the rational facts of the case and processed the most likely scenario.

ANGELA: I’m sure that’s it.

BOOTH: Yeah, what else could it be?

ANGELA: Well it’s the only rational explanation.

BRENNAN: Are you guys making fun of me?

BOOTH: You know, let’s go back home, where there’s water, shelter, and living things. Come on!


One of my favorite songs on Bones played while Angela looked for her friend in the desert:

‘Rain’ by Patty Griffin

It’s hard to listen to a hard, hard heart/

Beating close to mine/

Pounding up against the stone and steel/

Walls that I won’t climb


The Woman in the Tunnel (1×16)

Written By: Greg Ball, Steve Blackman

Directed by: Joe Napolitano

Our heroes find themselves underground, looking at a body and a bunch of rats.


BRENNAN: May I borrow your gun?

BOOTH: Why do you want my gun?

BRENNAN: I’m not going to shoot anyone. I promise.

BOOTH: It’s not a hammer or anything.

BRENNAN: We’ve been working together for months, Booth. A little trust would be nice.



BRB. Swooning over this jacket.


BOOTH: Careful.

BRENNAN: Here. Hold this.

Brennan fires at some of the rats.

BRENNAN: Now they’ll eat each other and leave our remains alone.

BOOTH: You know, you do know I have to file a report with the review board each time I discharges a round from my weapon.


They find the victim was a filmmaker, studying underground “mole” people. Booth is skeptical of their leader, the “mayor” of the mole people, until they start to talk.

BOOTH: I know you have a distinguished military record, Harold. 10th Special Forces Group. You know, I was with the Rangers.


HAROLD: What, so, you… you gonna tell me, uh, “Harold, I know what you been through. I been there, too, you know? I know how you ended up how you ended up”. You telling me that?

BOOTH: Yeah. I’m telling you that.


HAROLD: I killed people.

BOOTH: You saved five of your men.

HAROLD: By shooting a pregnant woman.

BOOTH: She had a grenade in her hand.

HAROLD: She had a child in her arms. I shot her and… the grenade went off. She died right away. That kid…took awhile. He kept looking at me, but I…

BOOTH: You did what a soldier had to do.

HAROLD: Yeah. You know… I was a good soldier- I was a very good soldier-but a pretty bad human being. Pretty bad human being.

Angela takes Brennan to task for chasing a mole person at the crime scene.


ANGELA: Just that I wish you were a little more scared, Brennan.

BRENNAN: I’m careful.

ANGELA: Running after a murderer in the dark is not being an observer.

BRENNAN: Booth told you about that?

ANGELA: More and more of your work is outside of this lab, running after bad guys. Just promise me you’ll be careful.

BRENNAN: Every society has its fringe dwellers, and every society fears its fringe dwellers. Usually because they are the example of what happens when you fail in that society. But they are seldom dangerous in reality.

ANGELA: Brennan, I understand that this is what you do when things get too close to home. You get all analytical and academic. I just want you to know that maybe Marni Hunter did the same thing. And now she’s dead.


As they find suspects, they talk to Harold again.

HAROLD: People around me die. Marni died.

BOOTH: There’s always going to be casualties, Harold. The important thing is to recognize the enemy, and take him out so more people don’t get hurt.

BRENNAN: Can you take us down there, Harold?


BOOTH: Harold will know where that vault is.


BRENNAN: Okay, maybe you could try the “Hey, we’re brothers in arms” thing on him.

BOOTH: Okay, that, what you just said right there, Bones- that was cynical. It was glib and cynical.

BRENNAN: Really?

BOOTH: Yes, really. I know what that guy has been through.

BRENNAN: You killed a pregnant woman who was holding a child?

BOOTH: Look, if you really want to know what I’ve done, I’ll tell you, but you better be ready for the truth.

Brennan is clearly not ready.

BOOTH: Good choice, Bones.

Later, Brennan attempts to help Harold.


BRENNAN: You know, you don’t have to live down here. There are alternatives.

HAROLD: No, not for me.

BRENNAN: You’re hiding. You have to face your demons.

HAROLD: Living here, this is the only way I can pay so I won’t have to go to hell for what I’ve done.

BRENNAN: Harold, there are programs that help people like you.

HAROLD: And what are people like me?

BRENNAN: Mentally ill.

BOOTH: Whoa, Bones, simmer down, all right? You might want to just, you know, sidle up to the issue a little easier.

HAROLD: I like it. Someone’s honest, says the truth. You don’t lie, I guess.

BRENNAN: No, I don’t lie. Agent Booth and I would be glad to help you.

HAROLD: This is as far as I go.

BRENNAN: It doesn’t have to be that way.

BOOTH: No, Bones, he means this is the perimeter. This is as far as he agreed to take us.

HAROLD: Beyond this it’s not safe.

BRENNAN: How much farther to where you found the medallion?

HAROLD: You’ll see. It’s down there.

BOOTH: You stay here, all right? Between one soldier to another? You got my back.

HAROLD: I never left my men.

The squints realize that they’ve been learning “too much” from hanging out with Booth.


GOODMAN: Also Civil War vintage. The spread pattern suggests not a shotgun, but a muzzle-loaded pistol like a LeMat. If you don’t mind some conjecture.

BRENNAN: You’re the boss.

GOODMAN: This fellow knew something of value was being stored.

HODGINS: Came down with an accomplice. I apologize. I’ve been hanging around Booth way too much.

BRENNAN: It’s a valid hypothesis. No doubt one of many.

ZACK: They argued. One killed the other for the treasure. Doesn’t that mean the vault will be empty when we find it? Oh, my God, they got me, too.

Angela gets the task of making a sketch with Harold’s help.


BRENNAN: You nervous?

ANGELA: I’m not nervous. I’m scared. I don’t know how to talk to crazy people unless I’m dating them.

BRENNAN: I’m not sure he’s actually clinically insane.

ANGELA: Okay. I don’t know how to talk to people who live underground and who might have tossed a documentary filmmaker down a hole.

BRENNAN: Just be honest with him, Ang. Treat him with respect. You’re good at that.


Through Angela’s magic powers, they find the exact tunnel they need to search.



Hahahaha! Oh, Angela.


BRENNAN: Can I just have a gun at least until they get here? It’s not for shooting rats. It’s for psychos with climbing axes.


BOOTH: Bones, we go in there, you are responsible for whoever is on your left. Okay, you put your gun on him.



How do they not make out? Like, all the time?!??!


BRENNAN: Okay. How will I know whether or not to shoot?

BOOTH: Wondering whether or not to shoot, you shoot.

BOOTH: FBI. Hands in the air.

BRENNAN: Yeah, hands in the air.

LOL, Brennan.


DUKE: We’re not armed.

KYLE: Everybody relax. They don’t shoot people for trespassing.

BOOTH: They do for murder. Put your hands on your head. Do it.


KYLE: Murder?! What murder?

BOOTH: Kyle, I’m throwing you these restraints. Put them on Duke. Now.

DUKE How are we supposed to climb out of here in handcuffs?

BRENNAN: Would you rather go out in body bags? Put on the damn restraints. Let you do the talking. Got it.

KYLE: You think we killed Marni?

BRENNAN: She was killed with a climbing ax.

BOOTH: Duke, sit down. Bones, give me your gun. Take the restraints out of my belt, and put them on Kyle. That’s not cocked, is it? Because where that’s pointed…

BRENNAN: You’re safe.

KYLE: Marni was killed with a climbing axe?

BRENNAN: She knew about this treasure, she was going to put it in her documentary, would’ve cost you guys a fortune. So one of you killed her. Who’s left handed?

BOOTH: Bones, you know, it’s best to have this sort of explanation after the bad guys are incapacitated.


(KYLE lifts some heavy artifact and hits DUKE.)

KYLE: You killed her for this?

BOOTH: That’s why.

BRENNAN: Yeah, well, I’ll try to remember that for next time.

We end the episode, finding that Brennan did help Harold.


ANGELA: Harold’s being released.

GOODMAN: You found a place for him?




She’s so pretty when she’s helping people 🙂


They end up letting him just go back to his underground world, after providing him with a flashlight.


Two Bodies in the Lab (1×15)

Yay!!! Finally time for one of my favorites of the series!

“Two Bodies in the Lab”
Episode 1×15
Written By: Stephen Nathan
Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Brennan is cyber dating:


<Firsttimer34551>: It’s been two weeks of typing; I think we’re ready to have a meal, if only to give our fingers a rest.


<Doc206>: I’m enjoying the anonymity.

<Firsttimer34551>: Oh God, don’t tell me your picture was a fake.

<Doc206>: Just carefully lit. How about yours?

<Firsttimer34551>: I Photoshopped out my third eye. I’ll meet you at 7 at Nolita’s on K Street.

<Firsttimer34551>: Still there?

Dr. Goodman: Temperance.

Brennan: Oh…

Dr. Goodman: I startled you…

Brennan: Yeah, I was just chatting with a friend online.

Dr. Goodman: Sorry but we have a new delivery, top priority. Sounds like a good friend.

Brennan: Yes, it’s fascinating how interests and intimacy can be cultivated online.

Dr. Goodman: So you’ve never met this friend?

Brennan: I’ve done enough Googling to schedule a dinner. You said there was a delivery?



Goodman is not amused.


The team examines a new body in the lab. Zach examines the bones.

Zach: Yeah, I can have them ready about eight tonight.

Brennan: Uhhh, can’t work tonight. Tomorrow morning is fine.

Angela: You have a date tonight.

Brennan: It’s not a date, it’s a meal.

Hodgins: With a man?

Angela: Did you meet him on the website I told you about?

Booth: You’re dating online?

Brennan: Well it’s a practical way of objectively examining a potential partner without all the game play.

But Booth is more romantic about it…

Booth: You know, what ever happened to seeing someone across a crowded room, eyes meeting, that old black magic gets you in its spell…

Brennan: There’s no such thing as magic.

Booth: Oh–there’s magic.






But they have more pressing matters, a new body.


She gets a call from her date at the scene.


Brennan: You disapprove?

Booth: I said great.

Brennan: With attitude.

Booth: Don’t go overboard with psychology. It’s not your thing.

Brennan: Look, I am an adult Booth. I see men. I go out with them on occasion. I sleep with them.
Booth: Hey, you know what? That’s cool but you don’t even know who this guy is that you’re meeting.

Brennan: I have trekked through Tibet avoiding the Chinese army. I think I can handle meeting someone for dinner.

Booth: Fine, you know what? You have fun with Dick431 or whatever his handle is.

Brennan: Yeah I will.

Booth: Good.

Brennan: Thanks.

Booth: Fine.

Brennan waits for her date.

Brennan: David, hi. Yeah I’m here well I guess I’m two doors down. No, I know the traffic on the beltway can be brutal. Okay. Bye.



Extreme dating-dodging bullets!



Booth: Bones! What the hell are you doing?

Brennan: Working. Why does everyone find that so odd?

Booth: Why? Oh, I don’t know. Why? Because maybe an hour ago someone tried to kill you. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to continue to work these cases.

Are we just “partner worried” Booth??? Hm………..???????


Brennan: This is what I do Booth.

Booth: Alright look, whoever killed these victims wants to make sure you don’t finish your investigation.

Brennan: Hundreds of criminals would like me to stop what I do. Are you suggesting that I just give up my career?

Booth: Just be reasonable.

Brennan: Fine. Logic suggests that the shooter is involved in one of these cases so I should find out who killed them before he tries to shoot me again. Did Forensics recover the bullets that were meant for me?

Booth: Kenton is pulling all the files on the case on all mob activity six years ago. Brennan there is one other person we have to look at, your date.

Brennan: Well I spoke with him, Booth. He was in his car in traffic and why would he want to kill me?

Booth: Why would somebody want to kill your victim over there? Look Brennan, I know it’s hard for you to admit you’re wrong about something but I really don’t care about your feelings right now, I’m more concerned with your life. So they’re bringing your date in for interrogation, grab your coat.

Brennan: I’m working.

Booth: Brennan! I’m not letting you out of my sight until I find out who is trying to kill you.

Say it with me now guys! Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

They bring in Brennan’s date for questioning. It turns into Booth being like the dad protecting his daughter from her date!!


Booth: Excuse me, I’m special Agent Seeley Booth. I’ll be asking the questions. You want to sit down?

David: Sure, I mean I didn’t see anything. When I got to the restaurant I saw the cops but I had no idea that it had to do with you.

Booth: You’re an investment banker, good looking guy but yet you find your women online.

David: Excuse me?

Booth: Can’t you find any woman at work?

David: Well she was online too and she’s a great looking doctor. Your picture doesn’t do you justice by the way.

Brennan: Thank you. Yours either. The resolution must not be very good online.

Booth: Bones!

Booth: So this whole online thing, how long does it last because if it’s just a way to, hook up. I gotta tell you. It’s pretty low.

David: You know one of my partners met his wife online.

Brennan: You’re kidding?

David: No, they’ve been married for five years.

Booth: Doesn’t mean it’s not creepy.



These two. I mean, honestly.


David: Okay, I’m sorry. Did I miss something cause I don’t want to get in the way or between…

Brennan: What? Uh, no.

David: Well then maybe we could reschedule dinner?

Booth: No.


Angela: Hey. The victim was Penny Hamilton, nineteen. She was a student at American who disappeared walking back to her dorm. She was about to go to Haiti to work at a medical clinic.

Brennan: Booth is going to think that this is his fault.

Angela: He knew her?

Brennan: The killer has done before. Booth couldn’t get the evidence he needed. The guy promised Booth he never would.


Angela: So how do you like David? It’s not often you can interrogate a guy on a first date.

Brennan: I like him. Booth still doesn’t approve but I told him to mind his own business.

Angela: Hey, Booth is a big strong hot guy who wants to save your life. I mean you actually have a knight in shining FBI standard issued body armor, so cut him some slack.

Zach: I cleaned the bones Dr. Brennan. You could eat off them.


They gather clues and have suspects and then we are back at Brennan’s.


Booth: No you’re squints can handle it. You haven’t slept in over a day, Alright? You need to get some rest. I’ll sleep on the couch.

Brennan: You think you’re staying here with me?

Booth: Yeah. Nice place by the way Brennan.

Brennan: No, I’m locked in here, Booth. I’ll be fine.

Booth: Okay look I want you to stay away from your windows too, okay? A sniper has a clear shot from any of these surrounding buildings.

Brennan: I could have just stayed at the lab. The security is tight there.

Booth: Then you would have worked. You would have gotten tired and you would have been more vulnerable when you did go out. Trust me this is the best, alright? So, where’s the TV?

Brennan: I had one but it broke. I’m…I mostly just read and listen to music.


Booth: So let’s listen to some music. Huh?

Booth: Whoa, what’s this? Ha.

Brennan: What is it?

Booth: Nice.

Brennan: Booth.

Brennan: Uh, how did that get there?

Booth: Oh please everybody loves Foreigner.


Booth: Hot Blooded? Talk about a guilty pleasure. Check it baby.



Me thinks she finds the gentleman charming 😉


Poor Booth gets blown up!


At the hospital…


Booth: Did they gather all the evidence from the explosion?

Brennan: Yes.

Brennan: You’re sure?

Brennan: Yes. Booth, I was there. They were very thorough and I was very annoying….

You know on your x-rays, there’s a history of multiple fractures on your feet consistent with beating. It’s a common method of torture in the Middle East, beating the soles of the feet with pipes or hoses.

Booth: Yeah I know.

Brennan: And there are indications of injuries sustained while you were shielding someone.

Booth: How the hell can you tell something like that?

Brennan: The scaring shows that the rib cage spread in such a way that…

Booth: Yeah, okay. A buddy of mine, he lost his weapon and I uh, I tried. He didn’t make it. You know you shouldn’t be looking at my x-rays.

Brennan: Sorry.

Hodgins visits Booth in the hospital.



Don’t mess with a man’s pudding cups.


Booth: Why are you here? Is Brennan alright?

Hodgins: Sure, yeah no. She’s with your compadre. I came by to see how you are.

Booth: Oh.

Hodgins: No, I guess not or maybe your killer is getting sloppy.

Booth: That’s not like him.

Hodgins: Well it wasn’t like him to use explosives either. People change. It’s the wonderful thing about life. Now we can get him before he gets Brennan. Can I have this one?

Booth: Someone planted that evidence so that we’d find it. Someone who knew what we were up to.

Hodgins: Someone at the lab works for the mob. I can see it. There’s not much difference between a corrupt corporate government and organized crime.

Booth: You’re right.

Hodgins: Excuse me?

Booth: The only way that this could unfold is if someone on the inside was orchestrating things.

Hodgins: People never tell me I’m right. They only say I’m crazy. Love you, man.

Hodgins: What the hell are you doing?

Booth: You’re driving.

Hodgins: Cool.


So Brennan’s “protector” turns out to be the baddie:

Kenton: You don’t get rich working for the FBI. When I was undercover the Romano’s were very good to me. When you accept their generosity; you have no choice but to do what they ask.

Brennan: Is that how you live with yourself if you take choice out of the equation.

Kenton: It’s no different then Booth taking out someone from the other side when he was a sniper in the Gulf.

Brennan: That was a war. His actions saved lives.

Meanwhile, Booth is coming.

Booth: No, no, no. He hears noise; you know he could freak out and kill her. We got to be careful.

Agent: There’s no we, Booth.

Booth: Yeah, I’m going in with you.

Agent: You can barely stand.

Booth: I said I’m going with you. Give me my gun.lab24lab25lab26

Booth: Alright. Okay, Alright. Hold on. Oh, it’s okay. I’m right here. It’s all over. Okay. Shh. I’m right here, alright. It’s all over. Shh…alright.

Brennan: How did you get out of the hospital?

Booth: Hodgins gave me a ride. Maybe…maybe you could give me a ride back though, huh?


Back at the hospital…


Booth: Kenton is telling us everything. I mean I guess he figures there’s nothing to hide.

Booth: Yeah, I guess. You know, I let you down, Brennan. I’m sorry.

Brennan: You saved my life.

Booth: Yeah but you know, I shouldn’t …it shouldn’t have gone down like that.

Brennan: What a pair.


Brennan leaves but rethinks her decision…


Brennan: I rescheduled. My…my head still hurts.

Booth: Well you can watch TV if you’d like.

Brennan: Sure.


Booth: Bones, arm. Thanks.


I’m like obsessed with this episode. Probably in my top 5 episodes. Great plot. Interesting case and suspects with a surprise ending. The squints are getting developed and are fun. Booth is at his protective and charming best. Brennan is gorgeous and fierce but just the right amount of clueless at times.  Bones at its best, y’all.

The Man on the Fairway (1×14)


Brennan:    We’ll be meeting with agents from the FAA, the NTSB, and local police.

Zach:  Usually Booth handles those people.

Brennan:   Plane crashes don’t belong to the FBI.

Zach:  Why not? FAA stands for Federal Aviation Administration. The NTSB stands for National Transportation Safety Board. That sounds Federal to me and FBI stands for Federal Bureau…

Brennan:   Zach.

Zach:  This is the third time in a row we’ve investigated without Booth. I don’t like it.

Brennan: Why? He mostly ignores you.

Zach: Ignoring me is Booth’s way of acknowledging my presence. It’s a guy thing.


Is that like a “guy hug” or a “partner thing”?

Zach: What makes this one of our cases?

Dyson:   I beg your pardon?

Zach: We’re kind of special. We’re elite. We don’t sort though just any set of bodies.

Dyson:  It was a state department flight with a bunch of VIP’s on board. Is that special enough?

Zach:   I apologize if I have offended you. Usually we have an FBI Agent who mediates our interpersonal encounters.


Dr. Goodman:  The information that I’m about to tell you must not leave this room

Hodgins:    I am philosophically imposed to institutional secrecy in all its forms.

Dr. Goodman:   Fine, get out.


Booth:    Okay and I’m here why?

Brennan:   Dismemberment, little bits, it’s a murder.


Booth:   Well FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction at a golf course.

Brennan:    Well who does?

Booth:  don’t know. Try the PGA. Uh huh. You know you’ve done a couple of cases without me and you miss me.

Brennan:    Zach misses you not me.

Booth:        Zach and I don’t even talk.

Brennan:    He seems to think it’s a male bonding ritual.

Booth:        Maybe he’s right?

Brennan:    No he’s not.

Booth:        Could be?

Brennan:    You told him that so you wouldn’t have to talk to him.

Booth:        Well it was nicer then shooting him.

Brennan:    Mmmm. Goodman has ordered me to investigate the other extra body.

Booth: Well then you better get on that. Next time you know, you miss me pick up the        phone call me we’ll do lunch or something.

Security Guard: Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth, you have a visitor.

Booth:        You miss me.

Brennan:    No I don’t.

Booth:        You miss me. You miss me.



Angela:       I have a theory.

Hodgins:     Femme fatal assassin.

Zach:           Unregistered flight attendant.

Angela:       Young, beautiful girl, doesn’t appear on the in flight manifest, group of high  powered politicos.

Hodgins:     Oh.

Zach:           Wait. What? What?

Brennan:    Someone on that flight might have been doing his daughter or girl friend a favor.

Angela:       Ugh, you’re so sweet, honey. You really are.

Zach:           Oh, you think she was the in flight entertainment.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh, Early Zach, you crack me up!

Zach:           You want us to defy Dr. Goodman.

Hodgins:     I’m in.

Brennan:    Not defy per say, do both jobs but keep one a secret.

Hodgins:     I’m in.

Angela:       We get it. You’re a rebel.

Hodgins:     Has anyone noticed that I was the first to offer help and apparently I’m useless.

Brennan:    Not true. You are the one that’s going to keep Goodman from finding out.

Hodgins:     I’m in.



King of the Lab


Meanwhile B&B are out in the field…

Brennan:   Well how much money are we talking about?

Booth:   I say we go visit  Ms. Anderson and we’ll know pretty fast if she’s a suspect.

Brennan:    How?

Booth:        How? Subtle psychological indicators, Brennan.

Brennan:    I looked those up on the internet, body language, sweat, tonal quality, shifty eyes.

Booth:   Hey you know what? I don’t go poking around your bone stuff, okay. Just leave  the human stuff to me.


Booth:        Bones, tell Jesse what happened to the victim.

Brennan:    Really?

Kane:          What?

Brennan:    It’s just that usually you tell me not to tell people.


Brennan:    You ignore Zach to make him think that you’ve got some special bond.

Booth:        Yeah but it works doesn’t it? I’m happy. He’s happy.

Brennan:    It’s not the truth.

Booth:        But it works.

Brennan:    Zach wants to fit into the real world more then anything. You’re not helping.


Booth:        I’m going off my gut. I mean what…what’s persuading you?

Brennan:    The bone fragments at the golf course, they didn’t come from Max Kane.

Booth:   That’s great. You knew that when you asked me what I thought. You testing out    my instincts, Bones?

Brennan:    Poking and prodding. I learned from the best.


Brennan, who has bonded with a suspect who’d lost his parents, has a final convo with him.

Kane:   How do you live with it?

Brennan:    What, the disappearance of my parents?

Kane:          The fact that nobody’s looking.

Brennan:    I never thought about it that way until I met you.  There’s a Zen Koan, it says that if you want to find something, you have to stop looking.

Kane:   I can’t do that. My dad’s watching and I don’t want to disappoint him again. Even if you don’t believe it, I know your parents are somewhere proud of what you do.

Brennan:    It’s not rational but, I love the thought of that.


Can you imagine Season 8-12 Brennan doing this? Feeling this?


Brennan goes to visit Booth at Wong Foo’s.

Booth: How did Jesse take it?

Brennan:    Like an orphan. What?

Booth: That’s just, that’s a little poetic for you.

Brennan:    I didn’t mean it that way… I want to ask you another favor.

Booth:        Oh geez, another favor.

Brennan:    I wonder if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at this.

Booth:        The file on your parents? Yeah okay.

Brennan:    Do you want to think about it? It’s a pretty big favor.

Booth:   You’d do it for me.

Brennan:    Yeah I would.

Booth:        I’m proud you asked, Temperance.

Brennan:    You’re back to ignoring Zach?

Booth:  Alright look, I know you don’t approve but you know, it works for us; it worked for   him so…

Brennan:    Yeah I get it and it, it’s kind of sweet.

Booth:        Hey, you know, your people are my people.

Brennan:    What I have people? Hey, I have people.




Then one of the great music people of Bones choose this song to play over the exit scene:

’There now, steady love, so few come and don’t go

Will you won’t you, be the one I always know?

When I’m losing my control, the city spins around

You’re the only one who knows, you slow it down”