Boots & Blazers Poll


No, not THAT kind of pole, get your mind out of the gutter, Seeley Joseph Booth!

So…we’ve talked about recapping Early Bones episodes. Do we want to do this? I think it would be fun since I didn’t start Bones blogging till season 5/6.

If so, do we want to start from the Pilot and go in order (maybe doing about one a week?) or just agree on some *important* epsiodes?


Season 13 Predictions/Wishes


Share your thoughts/hopes/wishes/predictions for a “Season 13” of Bones! With all the TV revivals lately (Gilmore Girls, Will & Grace, Fuller House), it is a possibility. I’m guessing either Bones TV movies, or seasons via Neflix/Hulu. Guess we’ll have to see how David’s new show goes 😉 Hopefully those three crazies above will see our ideas and get inspired!

Bang! Mama Bones!

Ah, the memories of Booth and Brennan right when they were becoming “official”…


Who could forget how bickering B&B could give us a glimpse of the future?! This time, of course, they are bickering about what to give MSVH. Of course, Booth doesn’t quite understand what he’s getting into…


David Boreanaz uses his magic skill of making strange dialogue sound normal with “Bang! Mama Bones!” while Emily Deschanel gives us plenty of “I don’t know what that means” looks while looking very pretty herself.


Our innocent Bonehead universe could not even comprehend what was in our future! I was just getting into hardcore Bones blogging and literally FREAKED OUT when we found out they were in fact writing in Emily’s pregnancy!! I think we had just invented the Bones Viewing Kit then and I used every bit.

At the end of this scene study, Sarah shares a bit of connection with this scene and the end of Change in the Game, how B&B were so connected in the waiting room while Angela was giving birth.

But of course, Sarah says it best:

‘She looks at Booth to see what his reaction is, and her looking at him was very…natural. Back when the series started, she would look at him to study him and gauge his reaction. If she thought something was funny, she would look at him to see if he laughed, etc, etc. You know the way you can be so in tune with a person that you just know when they even walk into the room? Even if you tell yourself “Do NOT look over there”, you still just can’t quite not look? It’s that underlying connection between two people, and B&B have that, and in that moment, Brennan (I think) wasn’t even thinking “I wonder how Booth feels about this”; it was more that because he was in the room, she naturally just turned toward him for his reaction.

And he was already looking at her …

You know…in that way he would always just be looking at her? To gauge her reaction and wonder what she was thinking, and the ‘even though we’re in a room of a lot of people, even ones we like a lot, this is still a moment between you and me’ kind of way? “THAT is what made me think, “Okay…okay. Everything is going to be just fine.”

Thoughts on “Bang! Mama Bones!” or anything to do with Booth and Brennan actually getting together and pregnant on the show? Did they do it well?

General cast updates

Feel free to post any news about our beloved Bones cast members, photos, new shows, projects, and fun facts 🙂

*David has a new pilot, waiting to see if it’s picked up

*Emily is taking a break to mourn Bones

*”Cam” has a new show

*”Fuentes” has a new show