Judas on a Pole (2×11)

Written By: Hart Hanson

Directed by: David Duchovny


Zack is in the middle of a presentation, but there are other pressing matters. Enter Booth.

BOOTH: Hey, Bones. Come on. We’ve got a body, went up like a roman candle. Hey, Zack! How’s it going?

ZACK: So far, they don’t like me.

BOOTH: Shocker. Come on. Let’s go.


Brennan and Booth check out the body.


BRENNAN: Male. Middle – aged.

BOOTH: What was with Zack back there?

BRENNAN: Defending his dissertation, last step before he gets his Doctorate. I think these are what’s left of his intestines.

BOOTH: Is he gonna make it?

BRENNAN: No. He’s very dead.

BOOTH: I mean Zack.

BRENNAN: Uhh. 50/50.

BOOTH: He’s a stoolie.


BOOTH: Our victim. Ya know, he’s a rat. Snitch.

BRENNAN: What makes you say that?

BOOTH: His guts got spilled. Alright, Spill your guts.

BRENNAN: Very literal.

BOOTH: Yeah. Hang up there like a scarecrow on a rooftop of a hotel used to house witnesses, it’s a warning.

BRENNAN: Oh look.  There’s something jammed down his trachea.

The squints look over the body.

CAM: There’s something metallic here. This is going to turn out to be some freaky, weird ritualistic thing, isn’t it?

HODGINS: Oh man, I hope so.


Meanwhile, Russ is in town.

BRENNAN: Dad called you? You sure it was him.

RUSS: He said “You and your sister are in danger” and he hung up.

BRENNAN: I spend half my time with a sniper-trained FBI Agent. I feel safe.

RUSS: Tempe. I know someone is watching me.

BRENNAN: What’s your evidence?

RUSS: I can feel it on the back of my neck. You spend some time in jail, you develop a sixth sense.

BRENNAN: Maybe you should stay with me for a few days.

RUSS: No, Tempe. I have work and I have, I have Amy and the girls…

BRENNAN: What about your sixth sense?

RUSS: Hey!


RUSS: You can’t not believe in something one second and then use it against me in the next.

BRENNAN: It’s a long drive. You can start fresh tomorrow and I’ve got cold beer in the fridge.

(Booth enters)

BOOTH: No, Don’t drink the Moroccan Beer, it tastes like earwax…how you doing, Russ?


RUSS: Okay Booth. You? Good.

BOOTH: Yeah.

RUSS: Good.

BOOTH: I still make him nervous, don’t I? Come on, let’s go.

BRENNAN: Wha…What? Why do I always feel like you’re abducting me?


BOOTH: Yeah, it turns out our corpse is a former FBI Agent.

Booth and the squints talk over a possible conspiracy regarding an old case.

BOOTH: Great. Who else knows about this?

HODGINS: Us and you. That’s it.

BOOTH: Let’s keep it that way.

HODGINS: I’ve seen this movie. I get killed on the way home.

BOOTH: Then don’t go home.

HODGINS: You serious?

Brennan realizes how this case connects with her family.

BRENNAN: My parents robbed that exact bank just days after Gus Harper was killed. They were looking for that evidence. That has to be why Delaney was stalking Russ.

BOOTH: You go home and you be with your brother, alright?

Brennan and Russ talk. Brennan realizes their dad is involved.


BRENNAN: Columbus – shot a man in the head, hung him from a pole, gutted him and set him on fire. And Columbus – is our father.

RUSS: Dad had it under control. I mean, for 15 years, everything was fine – until…

BRENNAN: Until what?

RUSS: Dad left you a message, he said stop looking. You didn’t.

BRENNAN: Uh. So this is my fault?

RUSS: Well, consequences aren’t the same as fault. My parole officer if very philosophical.

BRENNAN: Well, all we have is a voice tape of Dad saying “Back Off” and a little silver dolphin that I found at Mom’s grave. That’s as far as the investigation has gone.

RUSS: According to Booth.

BRENNAN: What? Booth and I are partners.

RUSS: Tempe. He’s FBI. You aren’t. You’re the daughter of a career criminal and the sister of a loser on parole.

BRENNAN: What? I wouldn’t let anyone else call you a loser, Russ. What makes you think you’re allowed?

RUSS: I love you too.

Enter Caroline!!


CAROLINE JULIAN: What you’re asking is the kinda thing that destroys careers. From the time I was a little girl, I dreamed of putting bad men in jail (Booth steals a donut hole) Put that back – which is why I became an Assistant United States Attorney.

BOOTH: Okay, look, you don’t have to help me…

CAROLINE: Of course I have to help you. Marvin Beckett is still a hero to a lot of African Americans. Some of us never believed he killed this FBI boy. Now you buy me breakfast, tell me you found a way to clear his name, release him out of wrongful incarceration after 30 years? I cannot walk away – which you already know.

BOOTH:  Maybe you should have some more coffee…

CAROLINE: Of course I want more coffee. We have to come up with our plan of attack.

BOOTH: Okay, Well I was thinking Judge Moran.

CAROLINE: We should exhume Gus Harper. See if your genius, scientist partner, can ascertain whether he died in the manner the FBI said he died 30 years ago.

BOOTH:  Moran’s got a long….

CAROLINE: No. We want Kemper.

BOOTH: Hang ‘em high, Kemper?

CAROLINE: Hey. I’m ruining my career, I’m doing it my way. Understand? Now. Take a donut hole. I’m offering.

BOOTH: Thanks.


Brennan gets a visitor.


RUSS: Tempe. This is a friend of dad’s. Father Coulter. It’s Toby Coulter. Train trestle guy.

BRENNAN: Ah, yeah. I remember that story, when dad and his friend accidentally blew up a train trestle.

BOOTH: Come on. How do you “accidentally” blow up a train trestle?

FATHER COULTER: Well, we were hired by a farmer to dynamite the ice off a stock pond. Anyway, we get this competition going – who’s gonna slide the dynamite farther across the ice before it blows.

BOOTH: You know it’s a Federal offense to blow up a train trestle, Father, even if it is accidental.

BRENNAN: Father Toby Coulter. Meet my partner, Seeley Booth.

RUSS: Careful, he’s FBI.

FATHER COULTER: Well, I’m innocent. It was Max’s toss that, uh, brought the trestle down.

BOOTH: Max Keenan’s best friend grows up to be a priest.

FATHER COULTER: I’m sure your people have that fact on file somewhere.

RUSS: Tempe, Father Coulter has a message from Dad.

FATHER COULTER: It’s a private message. “Back off.” That’s the message. He’d said you’d understand.

BOOTH: When’d you see him?

FATHER COULTER: In confession.

BRENNAN: We’re not Catholic.

BOOTH: Well, the sanctity of confession is extended to all. Um, did he ever call you on your cell phone, Father?

FATHER COULTER: Two days ago.

BOOTH: Can I see your phone?

FATHER COULTER: You wanna trace the call?

BOOTH: Yeah. So uh, Max Keenan. He, uh, come to you for absolution?

FATHER COULTER: Well, I’m sure you know the requirements for confession.

BOOTH: Contrition and intent – not to repeat the sin.

FATHER COULTER: Your father loves you.

BRENNAN: Is that part of Dad’s message?

FATHER COULTER: That’s a personal observation.

Booth and Brennan discuss.

BRENNAN: You must be annoyed.

BOOTH: Yeah. Ya know what? I am. And I don’t like finding out there’s a dirty FBI Agent in this building. Here’s what I think happened. Delaney goes to your Father; he asks him to hand over the evidence. He doesn’t do it; he kills you or Russ.

BRENNAN: Dad calls Russ to warn him…and then…kills Delaney.

BOOTH: Guts him, burns him. Leaves a calling card. “Don’t mess with Max Keenan’s kids”

BRENNAN: Am I supposed to like that?


BOOTH: Ya know, Bones. I’ll take a stand up crook over a crooked cop  any day of the week.

CAROLINE: Booth. I got us a meet with the judge, let’s go. And you get back to your lab, in case we’re successful.

BOOTH: Ya know. I find it best to do what she says.

Don’t we all, Booth! Caroline and Booth ask permission to exhume the body in the old case.


BURRIDGE: The FBI would like to do their own, in house analysis before proceeding.

CAROLINE: Of course they would. They’re the ones that did the framin’ 30 years ago

BURRIDGE: I take exception to that.

CAROLINE: Why? You weren’t even born 30 years ago.


CAROLINE: Not like me and Judge Kemper who got to see firsthand what Marvin Beckett was really like.

KEMPER: Ms. Julian, did you bring this to me because I knew Marvin Beckett personally?

CAROLINE: Did you? I – I wasn’t aware of that, Your Honor. We’re you aware of that Agent Booth?

Caroline is just the best ever.

Booth and Russ meet up at the diner.


BOOTH: Russ.

RUSS: Okay. I’m here. What’s up?

BOOTH: You know, you’re an idiot, Russ. I like you but – you’re a real idiot.

RUSS: What’d I do?

BOOTH: I got a call from your parole officer today.

RUSS: Why?

BOOTH: Why? Because you crossed state lines without informing him. I just told him you were aiding in an FBI investigation.

RUSS: Thanks.

BOOTH: You’re slipping, aren’t ya?

RUSS: Look. I wanna marry Amy and raise her kids. One of them is sick, that costs money. I’m a felon on parole, I work part-time as a mechanic. You tell me what job am I gonna get that lets me be the man I need to be to raise a family.

BOOTH: You got this sick little girl depending on you, I get that. But you go back inside and you cross that line, you’re not helping anyone out–

BOOTH: Everybody down!


Booth and Brennan discuss the shooting.

BRENNAN: Lucky you were together. Why were you together?

BOOTH: Oh, ya know. A man’s gotta eat.

Booth gets suspended.

BRENNAN: Can they do that? Just kick you out without any warning?

BOOTH: Well, the two guys standing behind me, with the guns, seemed to think so.

ZACK: As you can see, Harper’s ribs and sternum were practically obliterated by the two shots to his torso.

ANGELA: Zack, Booth got fired.

BRENNAN: Suspended, not fired.

CAM: Suspended is FBI speak for fired.

BOOTH: Ah. You know what hurts the most?  They took the car. Got no wheels.

ZACK: The bullets themselves, removed from the body – of course, but Hodgins found some very small fragments –

HODGINS: Copper, lead, polymer. This is a conspiracy, baby.

CAM: Guys. What we’re dealing with here is that – Booth – won’t be working with us anymore.

BOOTH: Well, I got my own gun, it’s just – god, why did they have to take the company car….

ZACK: I assume the only way Booth can get his car back, would be to solve the case on his own and that we’d help.

BOOTH: Oh, no. No, no. I can’t let you guys do that.

BRENNAN: Anyone that wants to help Booth, raise their hands.


They all raise their hands.  Booth is touched!

Aw, they’re Booth’s people after all!

B&B speak with “Father Coulter”.

BOOTH: Guess you being a priest didn’t have much of an effect on him.


FATHER COULTER: Son, I spent my whole life trying to turn Max’s life to Jesus. He knows exactly one Bible verse. Numbers 35:19.

BOOTH: “The revenger of blood himself shall slay the murderer. When he meeteth him, he shall slay him”.

**NIV Version of the Bible: The avenger of blood shall put the murderer to death; when the avenger comes upon the murderer, the avenger shall put the murderer to death.**

BRENNAN: What’s that mean?

BOOTH: That’s the Law of the Jungle.

BRENNAN: Father Coulter, if my father makes contact with you again, please tell him he needs to trust me. His way got my mother murdered and almost got Russ killed. It’s time he tried my way.

B&B talk.

BOOTH: Why are ya mad at me?

BRENNAN: I need a gun.

BOOTH: No, you don’t. You got me. I’m your gun.

*Motile sperm count28.8 million. I could start my own country.* 


BOOTH: You want equipment, here have these, alright. New division of labor. I shoot ‘em, you cuff ‘em.


BRENNAN: Why didn’t you tell me you had Father Coulter under surveillance?

BOOTH: It is my job to find your dad and put him in prison.

BRENNAN: And you don’t think I’ll help?

BOOTH: What? He’s your father. I really don’t think I should have to ask you to help.

BRENNAN: He abandoned me, Booth. And that’s the best thing you can say about him.

BOOTH: Your father lives by a certain code, and part of that code is defending his family by whatever means necessary.

BRENNAN: You mean killing people and setting their corpses on fire.

BOOTH: Any means necessary sorta covers that.

BRENNAN: You respect him?

BOOTH: I’m just saying, in his world, he’s a very honorable man.

BRENNAN: That’s ridiculous. There’s only one world; it’s this one.

BOOTH: Would that be the one world where you’re mad at me for trying to catch your father or the other world where you actually want him caught?

BRENNAN: Neither.

BOOTH: Well, you have to pick one.

Russ is in danger. B&B race to Brennan’s house. Brennan sees a pool of blood.

BRENNAN: Russ? Oh, my god. Booth?

BOOTH: What?


BOOTH: Alright, just take it easy. Alright, we don’t know that for sure.

BRENNAN: That’s too much blood. Nobody could survive tha- that much blood loss. Nobody.

BOOTH: Alright. Okay. It’s alright.

BRENNAN: Oh my god.

BRENNAN: That had to be Russ’s blood.

BOOTH: You got a sample, right? We’ll check the DNA at the lab. Until then, hey –  who’s the one that always says ‘don’t jump to conclusions’?

BRENNAN: Yeah, you’re right. Thanks. I wish you wouldn’t keep letting me hug you when I get scared.

BOOTH: Hey, I get scared and I’ll hug you. We’ll call it even.


I’ll take that deal, Booth!

Brennan meets with the priest.


FATHER COULTER: Well, first, I want to tell you that your brother, is uh, with his father.

BRENNAN: You mean with God?

FATHER COULTER: No, his earthly father. Your father.

BRENNAN: Are you certain?

FATHER COULTER: Saw it with my own eyes.

BRENNAN: Oh, thank god – which I use only as a figure of speech.

FATHER COULTER: Well, I mean, you have to start somewhere. You know, you’re – you’re very much like him.

BRENNAN: I’m – nothing like my father.

FATHER COULTER: Black and white, the two of you. You always saw the world in black and white. Your mother wasn’t like that, neither is Russell.

Brennan figures it out.

FATHER COULTER: Wham! You took that doll and you wound up and you hit your brother so hard you knocked him flat as a pancake. I said to your mother, “No one, no one will ever jump out at that girl again.” And your mother said, “just like you Max. She’s just like you”

BRENNAN: Hair color…plastic surgery…colored contact lenses, chin and cheek implants…fifteen years older. Still…I should have seen it.

BRENNAN: Russ knew it was you all along?

MAX: Yeah.

BRENNAN: You talk to Russ, but not to me?

MAX: You know. To tell you the truth, you do – you do better without me and Russ does worse. Take this.

Russ arrives.

RUSS: Dad! Come on.

MAX: I gotta go.

BRENNAN: Wait. I can’t let you go.

MAX: Oh, I love you too.

BRENNAN: No. I mean I can’t let you go. I’m sorry.


MAX: Ooh. I must be getting old. I let you get the drop on me.

BRENNAN: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just can’t let you get away.

MAX: I’m sorry. Listen to me. If you find somebody that you can trust, you hang on to ‘em. Remember that.


RUSS: Dad! Let’s go!

MAX: I’m proud of you, I love you.

Booth arrives.


RUSS: Dad, get in.

MAX: You take care of her.


BOOTH: FBI. Stop or I’ll shoot.


BOOTH: You okay?


Booth follows up with Brennan at a celebration for Zack getting officially hired.

BRENNAN: What happened?

BOOTH: Uh, the uh, Attorney general took one look at the uh, evidence your father provided and you know, he reinstated me.

BRENNAN: I’m glad.

BOOTH: Listen, we uh, found another burned body. Same place, same setup.



BOOTH: I’m pretty sure it was Kirby’s blood in your apartment.

BRENNAN: Dad’s still trying to warn people – “leave me and Russ alone”.

BOOTH: No, Russ…he’s safe with your father. They’re warning people to stay away from you. You know what? I’m sorry…that you had to go through it again. Watching your family drive off, leaving you behind. I’m sorry.

BRENNAN: My Father is, is—

BOOTH: He’s your dad, and he loves you.

BRENNAN: Ya know. I’m just…I’m just one of those people who doesn’t get to be in a family. That’s —


Again, it’s just not fair how gorgeous she is!!

BOOTH: Listen, Bones, hey. There’s more than one kind of family… Well, hell, Zack got the job, right?

BRENNAN: Come in and congratulate him.

BOOTH: Nah, you know he’s your squints, not my squints.

BRENNAN: No, Booth…we are all of us, your squints.


And once more, for the road…



Thoughts? I must confess, I was conflicted about Max in the early days. I was mad that he was involved in crime in the first place, I was mad he abandoned his kids, I was mad that Brennan learned he stayed in contact with Russ only. I, like Brennan, didn’t think murdering people was a loving gesture.  What do you all think about it if you were in Brennan’s shoes?



The Headless Witch in the Woods (2×10)

“The Headless Witch in the Woods”

Written by: Karine Rosenthal & Stephen Nathan

Directed by: Tony Wharmby



Booth and Brennan are taken to the woods to look at a body. The park ranger tells them about a legend of a ghost that cuts people’s heads off. Brennan has the body sent to the lab.

BOOTH: I checked missing persons. A film student from UVA went missing in the woods last year. He was making a documentary on the Maggie Cinders legend. Graham Hastings, 21, 5’10”, 176 pounds.

CAM: That explains the video camera.

ANGELA: I, um, I got something from the videotape.


LORI: Where’s Brian?! Where’s Brian!


GRAHAM: Lori, wait where are you going? Lori, stop! Stop, Lori!

LORI: Brian! Bri-!

Brennan notices Cam grab Booth’s band as they watch. Don’t think she likes it.


GRAHAM: Oh, God. The noises are getting closer. I’ve lost Lori and Brian disappeared. Oh God. It’s her. I can hear her. She’s here. She’s here! Oh God, she’s here! Lori, where the hell are you?! Lori! Oh my God. Help! Help me, oh God! Oh God, somebody help me! Somebody help me, please!


CAM: Victim’s preliminary tox screen came back negative. No drugs.

HODGINS: That’s too bad.

CAM: Why?

HODGINS: Because drugs would explain the writings I found inside Graham’s backpack. I’m cleaning them and taking mud samples, but I think Booth should show them to a profiler. They’re handwritten, scrawled. So far all I can make out is: “Maggie came to me again, calling me“.  And last but not least, “They will scream for air, but their lungs will fill with blood.“

CAM: I’ll – redo the tox screen.

BRENNAN: I may be alone in this, but I think one of us should remain a rational human being during this investigation. Got it. Comminuted fracture to the ulna, professionally set.

ZACK: From the degree of callous formation, that’s a childhood injury.

BRENNAN: One that could give us the ID we want. I’ll call Booth. Tell him to contact next of kin. Zack, place some garlic around the remains and chant the Hmong ritual for preservation of souls.

ZACK: Really?


BRENNAN: This is going to be a long case.


CAM: Hacking off someone’s head is more like cutting down a small tree than splitting a log.

ZACK: I find your imagery both colorful and accurate.

CAM: Thank you. Let me know when you’ve narrowed down the weapon category.

ZACK: Dr. Saroyan? When you say your mother visited you…?

CAM: She appeared. In my room. It was early evening.

ZACK: And you were frightened?

CAM: No, I felt – loved.

ZACK: Dr. Brennan says that’s impossible.

CAM: What do you think?

ZACK: I think it would be wonderful if it were possible.



BRENNAN: I – I wonder what my life would have been like if Russ had raised me.


BOOTH: Well, you know, since he was a petty thief – you know, in and out of jail all the time – I’d – I’d imagine it wouldn’t have been very good.

BRENNAN: If he’d accepted responsibility for raising me – I’m romanticizing. It’s foolish.

BOOTH: Everyone does it, Bones, okay? It’s normal.


BRENNAN: It’s a useless fantasy, no different than the childish legend about the headless woman. I mean, look at Will. He sacrificed everything for his brother and still couldn’t save him. By walking out, maybe Russ gave me my life.

BOOTH: But you know what Will said, he was right. You turned out okay.

BRENNAN: I’m going to have coffee with him.

BOOTH: Mmm. That was quick.

BRENNAN: He understands something no one else I know does. People need connection, Booth. Even me. Obviously, you have one with Cam. So –

BOOTH: What?

BRENNAN: I thought you’d mention it. I mean, isn’t that what partners do? Tell each other about their lives?

BOOTH: Wait a second. Look, Bones, I-

BRENNAN: Sorry. I’m sorry. I forgot how self-conscious you are talking about sex.

BOOTH: I am not- I’m-



Haha, she got you, Booth!

Question: Did Brennan accept the date with Will BECAUSE she saw Cam grab Booth’s hand? Did she think if he can have a side thing I can? Maybe subconsciously?

Booth and Brennan interview the other people in the video.

BRENNAN: Well, I’ll ask Will what type of relationship Graham and Lori really had when I have coffee with him.


It is not fair how pretty Emily is. 

BOOTH: Whoa. Wait a second. You know, we’re investigating his brother’s death. I mean, don’t you think that can get a little messy?

BRENNAN: I can compartmentalize. Same as you.


Exhibit A



Booth, she is all over it. Nice try, dude.

Brennan has coffee with Will and reports back to Booth.


BRENNAN: Lori was not Graham’s only girlfriend. He had lots of girlfriends, but he somehow managed to keep them secret from each other.

BOOTH: So what would happen if a very jealous Lori found out?

BRENNAN: I don’t know. That’s, that’s more your territory.

BOOTH: What? What? What, am I cheating?

Brennan: I just meant that you use psychology. You’re very touchy. Perhaps because of all your skulking around.

BOOTH: I am discreet, okay? It’s different. A gentleman is discreet, okay?

ZACK: What are we talking about?

BOOTH: Nothing that concerns you.

ZACK: But I’m quite literally in the middle of the conversation and it seems very interesting. However, your glaring indicates that I shouldn’t press for further information.


B&B continue to investigate. A second skull is found. B&B learn there is evidence hidden in the woods. Booth sends out a team.

BOOTH: Did you hear that, Lou? Yeah, south-southwest. Yeah, I know it gets cold when the sun goes down, Lou. Well, you should’ve brought your blankie. Alright, just call me when you find her clothes. Man. What? He was being a baby.

BRENNAN: I didn’t say anything.


BOOTH: But you’re looking at me like – I’m in trouble and you’re a teacher.

BRENNAN: You’re very touchy lately, Booth.

BOOTH: Look, Bones. I don’t know why I didn’t tell you about Cam.

BRENNAN: Did I mention Cam?

BOOTH: I just didn’t want it to get weird, I guess.


BOOTH: We’re partners, you know? Together all the time, right? You’re a woman and I’m a man and I never had a relationship like this where we were – like two guys, except you’re not – ya know – a guy. Yeah.


Gorgeously confused.

BRENNAN: No. No, I’m not. Should I feel odd about – wanting to hang out with Will?

BOOTH: No, of course not. You know, because essentially – I mean – you’re a guy like me. But not really.

BRENNAN: That would mean that, to me, you are essentially a woman. I can see that.

BOOTH: No, no, no. I’d – I’d prefer not to be a woman, if you don’t mind.

BRENNAN: I’m merely trying to follow your reasoning, Booth.

BOOTH: Okay, fine. What do you say we just, you know, we’ll drop it for now Yeah, it’s Booth. They found the clothes.

BRENNAN: That was fast.

BOOTH: Yeah, well, good work, Lou. All right, now you can come home before all the monsters get you. I- Hung up on me. I thought it was funny.

The team finds out a scene was staged in the woods to help kill the victim with a stolen skull and cow’s blood at the scene.

Brennan meets up with the victim’s brother again. She spills all.

WILL: The teacher killed Graham for a script?

BRENNAN: Make his career. Brian’s, too. I’ve seen people murdered for a lot less. Uh, it’s not certain yet. We’re just looking for evidence that links one or two of them to the remains.

WILL: With all this going on, when I’m with you – I feel like everything’s gonna be okay.

BRENNAN: I’d like to see the world the way you do.

WILL: Then you would be looking at a very beautiful woman.


Booth and the squints realize that the evidence is pointing to the victim’s brother.

BOOTH: Wait, Graham’s brother. He’s a firefighter.

ANGELA: He’s also about six-foot-one, right? And, he has a head.

CAM: That explains why it looks like there was only one blood source. Siblings share so many of the same chromosomes.

BOOTH: Will Hastings killed his brother.

CAM: That certainly explains my result.

BOOTH: Brennan. Wait, she’s with him now.

Booth arrives at the restaurant.


BRENNAN: Booth. What are you doing here?


The “I’m sorry I have to hurt you” face

BOOTH: I’m sorry. You’re under arrest for the murder of your brother, Graham Hastings.

WILL: What?

BOOTH: You have the right to remain silent.

BRENNAN: What is this, Booth?

BOOTH: He did it. Cam found his blood on the axe and Hodgins found chemicals that only a firefighter would have access to.

WILL: I didn’t kill Graham. We fought, that’s all.

BRENNAN: You were out there in the woods that night?

WILL: Please don’t look at me like that. Please. I was just helping my brother. He said the film was going to make him famous.

BOOTH: So you got the animal bones, the blood, and you made the chopping sound with the axe.

WILL: He wanted me to stay out of sight. But the girl, Lori, he slipped her drugs and she was screaming and I said I wasn’t going to help anymore. And I said I wouldn’t throw the blood on her, so he did it, and she went crazy and you saw her. Graham did that to her.

Brennan: Will.

WILL: I had to stop him. Okay? I can’t be responsible for raising a monster like that.

BOOTH: So you hit him with the axe.

WILL: He was just lying there, and I was waiting for him to move. And I’ve never – I never even hit him before, no matter how difficult he got.

BOOTH: And then you chopped off his head and you buried him to make it look like some witch did it.

WILL: No. She did it. She did it. Maggie Cinders was out there that night and she made me do it. She told me never to tell anybody. Maggie Cinders made me cut off his head. That’s the only way it could happen. You know me. He was my brother. I could never kill my own brother. It was her.

BRENNAN: What are you waiting for, Booth?

Angela and Hodgins are looking at more footage from the videotape.


ANGELA: The FBI needs me to finish cataloging the restored footage.

HODGINS: It’s cool. I don’t have anywhere else to go.

ANGELA: You’ve been great today, Hodgins.

HODGINS: No, no. I haven’t seen that piece.

ANGELA: Yeah, I was working on it before. I just finished rendering.

They see a ghostly white image on the screen.

ANGELA: Um, uh. Could, could be a reflection.

HODGINS: Had to be. Or some moonlight.

ANGELA: Yeah. Uh, moonlight sounds right. Can I stay at your place tonight?

HODGINS: Sure. No problem.

Time for a case/life drama wrap up with B&B:


BRENNAN: I sure know how to pick ’em, don’t I?

BOOTH: Well, you know. Our perceptions are always colored by what we hope and what we fear, what we love. We do the best we can.

BRENNAN: I’m afraid my best isn’t good enough. I can read bones, not people.

BOOTH: Well, you had no trouble seeing through me.

BRENNAN:  It’s a good thing I like being alone.

BOOTH: You know what? Bones, you’re not alone. Okay? Come here.


BOOTH: Hey, you’re my partner. Okay? It’s a guy hug. Take it.






Bonus Booth with his gambling chip photo:


Aliens in a Spaceship (2×9)


Written By: Janet Tamaro

Directed by: Craig Ross, Jr.


Editorial comment: This is one of my favorite Bones episodes OF ALL TIME. It literally has everything. Intrigue, an interesting case, everyone working together as a team, Booth running in slo-mo, a religion discussion at the end. It’s so Bones. It’s the best of Bones all working together. Sigh. Ok, back to business.

BRENNAN: Oh God. What – What happened? Where am I?

BRENNAN: Ugh. Oh god.

BRENNAN: Hodgins. Hodgins. Are you all right? Can you talk? Your legs. What happened to your legs?

HODGINS: Where are we?

BRENNAN: We’re buried alive. He must have got us.


BRENNAN: The Grave Digger.

(48 Hours Earlier)

B&B are called to the scene of two boys buried underground. Local police think it’s aliens. Brennan identifies them as humans and Booth finds out they are twin brothers who had been missing.

KIM: The Kent boys were The Grave Diggers third victims.

SANDERS: Third of the six we know of. Uh, all together, four paid the ransom and lived.

BRENNAN: ..and the other one that didn’t?

KIM: Never found him.

SANDERS: That’s why they call him The Grave Digger. Uh, he takes people and he buries them. You pay the ransom and he tells them how to dig them up. You don’t — and uh — you never see them again. You won’t catch him.

BOOTH: All due respect, uh — Agent Sanders – uh, we have the beer vat and the human remains.

KIM: What are two dead bodies gonna tell you that four live victims couldn’t?

BOOTH: Dr. Brennan. She’s pretty good at uh, making dead people tell her things.

Booth knows our girl can do it!

JANINE: You know. Most kidnappers are caught because they start negotiating the ransom. The Grave Digger, simply won’t play.

BOOTH: Really not looking to help you write another book, ya know. Capturing The Grave Digger.

VEGA: Agent Booth. I have seen what this guy does to families. Upclose. Ya know what, dislike me as much as you want but I’m still gonna help ya because.. I want this bastard caught.

BRENNAN: You were kinda mean to them.

BOOTH: Yeah. Thanks.


B&B talk to the grieving father. Brennan shows compassion. They let the father know there was nothing he could have done differently and it wasn’t his fault.


KENT: God, there’s no way that they deserved suffocation. Is it – painful?

BRENNAN: Like falling asleep.


BRENNAN: Mr. Kent, The Grave Digger lied to you and the FBI.

VEGA: That’s unlikely. He doesn’t play games.

BRENNAN: Mr. Kent, is there any way you could have put together the ransom in 12 hours?

KENT: No way in the world.

VEGA: Which is exactly why The Grave Digger provided Mr. Kent with 24 hours.

BOOTH: His sons only had enough air for 12 hours.

KENT: Oh, my god…

BOOTH: Even if you had ignored the FBI and listened to Mr. Vega, you still wouldn’t have been able to save your sons.

VEGA: You’re backstopping for the bureau.

BRENNAN: There were two of them in that vat. They used up their oxygen twice as fast. The Grave Digger miscalculated.

VEGA: No, he doesn’t do that.

BRENNAN: Then it was never his intention that these boys survive.

BOOTH: He just didn’t care, Mr. Kent.

KENT: So my decision to listen to the FBI – to not pay the ransom…

BRENNAN: If you’d paid the ransom, your sons would still have been dead by the time you got to them.

BOOTH: There is nothing you could have done, Mr. Kent. You are in no way responsible for the death of your sons.

Time for a good ol’ B&B religion talk.


BRENNAN: Had it occurred to you that God, is a lot like The Grave Digger?

BOOTH: Wha…What?

BRENNAN: He lays down the rules. Not way to question him or negotiate. Then it’s almost as though he doesn’t care how it works out. Either you do as he says – make some sacrifices and they’re delivered or you don’t and you end up in hell.

BOOTH: You know what? I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say things like that because I really don’t want to get struck by lightning.

BRENNAN: Do you go to church every Sunday?

BOOTH: Yes, I do.

BRENNEN: Can I come with you?

BOOTH: No. You can’t.

BRENNAN: Why? It might help me to understand.

BOOTH: I am not going to help you disrespect God in His own house. Okay, if you want to do some kind of , ya know, anthropological study – turn on the religious channel.

The team puts together the scenario of the crime.

ANGELA: The leg damage. The fractured pelvis..

BRENNAN: These injuries are classic human vs. car.

BOOTH: Ryan interrupts the kidnapping of his brother…

BRENNAN: ..and The Grave Digger runs him down.

BOOTH: It was a mistake. The Grave Digger is not God, Bones, because God does not make mistakes.

ANGELA: Hmm. I don’t know. Putting testicles on the outside – didn’t seem like such a good idea.

And a touch of that Bones humor!

HODGINS: You haven’t figured out the stun gun, then I am this weeks “King of the Lab”, cause I found something huge.

ANGELA: You compete – to be “King of the Lab”?

HODGINS: No….Hey Angela. I, I didn’t know – that you were – this sucks. I’m gonna go, catch Brennan then bolt for the night.

ANGELA: She just left.

ANGELA: Hey.  Could you stop being so weird? Please? It’s making me very uncomfortable.

ZACK: You should give him a chance.

ANGELA: Excuse me?

ZACK: I apologize. I didn’t say anything.

ANGELA: mmhmm.

Love that Zach and  Hodgins lab bromance.


CAM: What do you say we go to New York for the weekend?

BOOTH: Yeah, I don’t know.

CAM: Come on! We’re two adults with no obligations. Let it go to voice mail. We’re not cheating. We’re not hurting anybody, Seeley.

BOOTH: Then why are we keeping our relationship such a secret, Camille?

CAM: Because we work together and we’re professionals and it’s nobody’s business. That’s all. So come to New York. We’ll go to a musical

BOOTH: Talking and singing and talking and dancing and more singing. Ya know, if you want to stop what we’re doing – just say so.

CAM: You can fantasize about pulling out your gun and shooting everyone on stage. You know you like that. Seriously, we’ll do something you like. Like, climbing the outside of the Empire State building or swimming the East River…or…….What? What happened?

THE GRAVE DIGGER: Temperance Brennan and Jack Hodgins have been buried alive. Wire transfer $8 million to the following Grand Cayman account or they will suffocate to death.

Now the situation is critical! Find Brennan and Hodgins!

VEGA: Why is The Grave Digger demanding so much money? It’s doesn’t make any sense.

JANINE: Well, he’s always been reasonable at knowing how much people can raise within the time limit.

VEGA: Has – uh – Dr. Brennan made that much money from her books?

BOOTH: It’s Hodgins. He’s the sole heir to this thing called The Cantilever Group

The team springs into action.

CAM: How are we gonna get our hands on $8 Million?

ZACK: Hodgins is rich.

CAM: He is?

ZACK: “Rich squared to the power of ten times four” is how he describes it.

ANGELA: You’re gonna pay the ransom, right?

BOOTH: Yes. FBI standard ops, they won’t work. Grave Digger operates outside statistics.

CAM: They’ll fire you.

BOOTH: Ah, that’s cool. One less reason to wear a suit.



Cam and Zack discuss the evidence.

ZACK: I did figure out how Ryan Kent died.

CAM: Let’s hear it.

ZACK: He killed himself. He punctured his own carotid artery, which explains the amount of blood we found in the vat. He used a pen. There’s a nick on the inferior angle of the mandible. I don’t know why he did it, I don’t really do “Why”, I just do “How”.

CAM: He did it to give his brother more air – so his twin would survive. That’s why we found them holding each other.

ZACK: How does that help?

CAM: When we tell Mr. Kent that one of his son’s gave his own life in an effort to save his brother, it’ll mean something, Zack.

Brennan performs a procedure on Hodgins to help with his legs. He wakes up to find Brennan tinkering with a phone and the car.


BRENNAN: Hotwiring the phone to the horn so we can send a message.

HODGINS: From underground?

BRENNAN: We get radio reception.

HODGINS: Direct current 12 volt will burn out the circuits in a 4.2 volt cell phone in a microsecond. Better jerry-rig a resistor.


HODGINS: Might work long enough to send a single burst transmission.

BRENNAN: Very short text message. Booth can trace it to a cell phone relay tower.

Brennan decides to use the pricey perfume to help them get out. Hodgins hesitates.


BRENNAN: Hodgins, I will split the cost when we get out of here.

HODGINS: There’s something you don’t know about me. I’m rich.

BRENNAN: Me too.

HODGINS: No. No. You’re – well off. My family owns The Cantilever Group and there’s not many of us left alive. One to be exact. Me.

BRENNAN: Okay. I won’t split it with you.

Back on the surface, Booth is OVER IT with the Grave Digger “expert”.

VEGA: Are you nuts? I hate the son of a bitch.

BOOTH: Why? He’s made you rich.

VEGA: You know what? You just need to deal with the facts. That if you can’t put the ransom together in the time he gave you, your partner is dead.

BOOTH: Here’s the deal, all right. You have a relationship with this guy, what they call symbiotic – you benefit from each other – hmm. So know this. That deadline comes around, and my partner is still underground – I will end you. You understand? Yeah? Three hours to live. Better hurry.


He’s so handsome when he’s threatening people for his partner. Aw. 

Brennan and Hodgins’ message gets through.

BOOTH: Does it mean anything to anybody?

CAM: They’re getting low on oxygen.

ZACK: Hypoxia leads to mental confusion.

BOOTH: It’s Bones. It means something.

ANGELA: Did you try just dialing the number?

BOOTH: I tried all the dumb guy, normal stuff. Okay, that’s why I’m here talking to the Brain Trust. All right. Think! Eggheads. Work it!

CAM: Booth. They’re not cops!

BOOTH: We’re running out of time.

ZACK: Minor correction. Dr. Brennan and Hodgins run out of air in….4 seconds. We are out of time.


Hodgins and Brennan get extra air from the trunk. Hodgins is losing hope.


HODGINS: If the ransom was paid, we’d be out by now. Why prolong the inevitable?



Booth is NOT giving up. He has faith, baby.

ZACK: You’re forgetting something. Brennan and Hodgins are out of air.

BOOTH: Great. You wanna give up, huh? This is Bones we’re talking about and Hodgins. You really think they didn’t find a way to extend their air supply! Hell, they found a way to send us a message to ask us for help and you want to give up because of math.

Brennan has one last idea.

BRENNAN: Airbags.

HODGINS: They aren’t actually bags of air.

BRENNAN: I’m not looking to extend our survival underground. I’m looking to blow our way out of here.

HODGINS: Using the explosives from the air bags? That could definitely kill us.

BRENNAN: So will doing nothing.

HODGINS:  Anyone you wanna say goodbye to?


The team can’t figure out the text message.

CAM: Can I make a suggestion? See, this is exactly why I was sent here. You guys are brilliant, but you won’t make intuitive leaps.

ZACK: You mean ‘jump to conclusions”

CAM: That’s exactly what I mean. This is a message from one of them to one of us. Specific. Focused. Who was it meant to get to?

BOOTH: Easy. Brennan’s cell to mine, right? The message was for me. We have an understanding, we work together.

ANGELA: We all work together. She’s my best friend. And Hodgins – Hodgins –

CAM: She’s right. We should assume the message is from Hodgins not from Brennan.


CAM: Because they’re buried alive…

ANGELA: And Hodgins is all about dirt.

BOOTH: Okay. Great. The message is about dirt, but who’s it to?

ZACK: Angela. Hodgins is all about dirt and Angela.

ANGELA: But it’s numbers, Zack. It’s for you.

They figure out the location and race to it. Brennan and Hodgins do their last idea.


HODGINS: Yeah. Dr. Brennan. It’s been a privilege.


I found this recap on thetvmouse.com and I couldn’t say it better, so:



Angela has a heart to heart with Hodgins.

HODGINS: He’s out there, Angela. He buries people alive. I have to catch him. If I can figure out the exact alloy of aluminum, then maybe I could – maybe we could. Plus the bit of –of – bumper sticker that Brennan found in my leg…

ANGELA: We’re gonna catch him, okay. I promise you. We’re gonna start tomorrow. All of us, together.


HODGINS: I can’t sleep, Angela.

ANGELA: I thought that they gave you something for that?





HODGINS: Okay. You know I’m good for that crutch money.

Booth has allowed Brennan to accompany him to a church.


BRENNAN: What did you ask for?

BOOTH: That’s between me and a certain Saint. Although, I did ask for a little help finding The Grave Digger.

BRENNAN: Good move. What’s that smell?

BOOTH: The candles. And I said thanks. You should try it sometime.

BRENNAN: If I were going to pray, I would have done it just before we set off the explosion.

BOOTH: And you didn’t?

BRENNAN: No. See, if there was a God – which there isn’t –

BOOTH: Shhhh. Do you see where we are?


BRENNAN: And if I were someone who believed he had a plan…

BOOTH: …which I do…

BRENNAN: Then I’d be tempted to think He wanted me to go through something like I went through because it might make me more open to the whole….concept.

BOOTH: Mhmm. It obviously hasn’t.

BRENNAN: I’m okay with you thanking God for saving me and Hodgins.

BOOTH: That’s not what I thanked Him for. I thanked Him for saving…all of us. It was all of us. Every. Single. One. You take one of us away, and you and Hodgins are in that hole forever. And I’m thankful for that.


BRENNAN: I knew you wouldn’t give up.


BOOTH: I knew you wouldn’t give up.

This is a glorious episode. Like, it’s perfection. I even like Cam in it because it shows where someone in her position really would be an effective boss. I like everyone’s interactions with each other. There is humor woven within the very serious events happened. Hodgins and Angela get together. B&B have their moment at the end. Everyone gets to show off their strengths.


What do you all like about this episode?!




The Woman in the Sand (2×8)

“The Woman in the Sand”

Written By: Elizabeth Benjamin

Directed by: Kate Woods

We open on a desert crime scene. B&B are bickering as per usual.


BOOTH: Woah. So, I dragged out one of the top Forensic Anthropologists across the country on the word of a prostitute?

BRENNAN: What difference does her profession make?

BOOTH: I’m backing you up.

BRENNAN: What? You’re judging.

BOOTH: I wasn’t judging. I had your back.

BRENNAN: Yes, your voice was judging.

BOOTH: I had your back.


Brennan spots circling vultures and discovers a new victim nearby. They discover the victim had been beaten. They assume abuse and investigate. The investigation leads them to a casino in Vegas.

BOOTH: Okay, just uh…give me a moment.


BRENNAN: Oh my god! I completely forgot! You can’t be here Booth. You’re a degenerate gambler.

I love how she looks out for him at that moment.

BOOTH: Former gambler, okay? Not degenerate, I been through the program, okay, and you know what? He’s on the move.

BRENNAN: Okay but what if you got a sudden urge to gamble while you’re here? I mean it’s like sending an alcoholic to a distillery. Do you need to sit down?

BOOTH: No. I’m fine it’s just, you know, the sound of the winning. It’ll…it’ll pass.


Booth leaves Brennan to observe the culture of the casino while he questions a suspect.


He comes back to find Brennan busy.

Black Jack Dealer: Nineteen’s a winner.

BRENNAN: Yes! Yes.

BOOTH: Uh, hey, Bones!

BRENNAN: Oh, Booth! Have you ever played this game before? It’s basic math. You just count the cards and then you know what the dealer has left.

BOOTH: Yeah, uh, ixnay. Ixnay.

BRENNAN: And the most common card is a ten, because of the face card, so if you just always assume the down card’s a ten-

PIT Boss: I’m sorry. I’m afraid you’re gonna have to-

BOOTH: We were just about to leave. Thanks. Come on.

BRENNAN: But I was just getting good.


BOOTH: …at cheating, Bones. That’s what counting cards is.

BRENNAN: It’s not cheating! It’s strategy.

BOOTH: Not to them, it’s not.

BRENNAN: Well, what is the fun in that? I mean, the odds are completely skewed in the dealer’s favor.

Back at the lab, they figure out the victim was not abused, she was boxer.

 Brennan meets a pal of Booth’s in Vegas.


BOOTH: Good old Frankie boy huh? How’s Karen?

FRANKIE DANIELS: Nah…nah. It’s over, ya know. She ran off with some loser stockbroker. Ya know, it’s just as well. I don’t need that.

BOOTH: Oh, come on, Frankie. You alright? I mean, you don’t need any-

FRANKIE DANIELS: Don’t start with that, huh? It’s been too many years. I’m getting by alright?

BOOTH: Yeah. Guys like Lou Mackey?

FRANKIE DANIELS: Yeah, well ya know, minor, uh, minor occupational hazard.

BRENNAN: Have you considered medication?

BOOTH: Oh, Bones…

BRENNAN: An anti-depressant might raise your nor-epinephrine level. It could help control the impulsivity.

FRANKIE DANIELS: What are you, a drug rep now or something?

FRANKIE DANIELS: Hey, uh, think you can spot me a couple of bucks? I think I forgot my wallet at the house today, you know?

BOOTH: Yeah.

It’s undercover time!


BRENNAN: Hey, what do you think?

BOOTH: I have enough Bibles, thank you, but try next door.

BRENNAN: You said I could be a school teacher.

BOOTH: Not the spinster kind who lives with his sister but ya know – the hot one who makes the boys crazy. Here, put on the one – that I picked out. Alright?

BRENNAN: Ok, but don’t be so bossy.

BOOTH: We’re newlyweds, I said. Takin’ Sin City by storm. Ready for action.

BRENNAN: But you know, marriage is such an archaic institution-

BOOTH: Listen Bones, I know what I’m doing. Okay? I’ve done this before. Just stop arguing.

BRENNAN: I’m not. It’s just, you know, I don’t need a piece of paper to prove my commitment.

bones wedding

BOOTH: Fine. We’re engaged.

BRENNAN: Why would I be okay with engagement?


BOOTH: Whatever, Bones, alright? We’re a loosely committed couple of hot high rollers. See, with money to burn. Cause that is what’s gonna get us in the door.

BRENNAN: Like this?



BOOTH: That’s hot.

Forgot that you were on the phone, eh Booth?


ANGELA: Hot? Wait a minute, what’s hot?

BRENNAN: Ah, nothing. Vegas. Vegas -is hot. It’s – very hot here.

B&B head off in their new duds to investigate.


Dang, they look GOOD.

BRENNAN: Oh, yeah! My man’s in great shape. Believe me.


BOOTH: Easy there, honey.

NICK: Let’s see it, Army. Show us those moves that made you so famous.

BRENNAN: Yeah, go ahead tiger!


BOOTH: Yeah, maybe I will, okay? Just a little.

JOE: Yeah, come on, tiger!

BOOTH: Alright, let’s see Joe. A little, you know tap, you know, juke to the body, with a hard right, followed by a whole bunch of these-

BRENNAN: So much for my ‘has been’ army fighter.

JOE: What’s your name?

BOOTH: Tony Scallion, here’s my fianceé, uh, Roxanne.

BRENNAN: We’re more ‘’engaged to be engaged’’

BRENNAN: Ah, what did I tell you, Tony? That guy was just trying to hit on me.

JOE: Well, I do know a number you can call. Not that I’d give it to just anybody.

NICK: Oh, come on, Joe. They seem like such nice people.

BRENNAN: Yeah, we’re nice people.

JOE: Thousand bucks. Each.

BOOTH: Whoa. That’s a little steep-

BRENNAN: No, Tony, come on! We only live once and I want to see a fight.

NICK: Nothing like being a kept man, huh?

BOOTH: Yeah, I don’t know what I’d do without her.


BOOTH: That was amazing! What got into you?

BRENNAN: It’s from when I used to watch old movies with my dad. He really liked Clara Bow.

BOOTH: Clara Bow was a silent film star, Bones.

BRENNAN: Yeah, but – but I guess that’s how I always imagined she sounded.

BOOTH: Just like you imagined she carried around a wad of cash?

BRENNAN: Oh, that. Well, I couldn’t sleep last night, so I snuck off to play a little crap.

BOOTH: Craps, Bones. Plural. And I can’t believe your beginners luck.

BRENNAN: Don’t say that! You’ll jinx it.

BOOTH: Since when do you believe in jinx’s?

Brennan reverts from Roxie to Dr. Brennan.

BRENNAN: I suppose, from an anthropological standpoint, this taps into the nihilistic part of the human psyche fascinated by blood and gore.


I think this taps into BRENNAN’S fascination too 🙂

BOOTH: It’s human cock-fighting.

BRENNAN: More like lesser surrogates engaged in battles on behalf of the elite lords who don’t have the courage to fight themselves.

BOOTH: Alright, you know what?  Come back to me Roxie, huh?

BRENNAN: Ewww, look at all the sweat!



Booth gets in the fighting and wins, with medical advice from Brennan.

BRENNAN: So we were right. Billie bet on herself, which is why I bet on you.

BOOTH: You bet on me?

BRENNAN: Yeah, With Nick, the guy from Nolan’s gym. It was one of two reasons, actually, but when I heard the odds I couldn’t-

BOOTH: My odds?


BOOTH: What were they?

BRENNAN: You were a 20-to-1 underdog, So I bet with Nick figuring that-

BOOTH: Wait. 20-to-1 against? Really? Did I look that bad?

BRENNAN: If Nick pays me, he’s not our guy. But if he doesn’t pay me, it may not prove he killed Billie, but it’ll put him in a strong contention.

BOOTH: At the very least. Very smart, Bones. What was the other reason?

BRENNAN: Come on. I have winnings to collect.


Brennan and Booth get told they don’t get their money. Booth and Brennan reveal their identities and tell Joe they suspect him of the murders. Joe says he merely helped dispose of them.

JOE: That’s what happens when your luck turns in this town. You keep hoping it’s going to turn around again. Hoping you’re going to get back to even. But you never do.

B&B begin packing up to go home.

BOOTH: So what was the, uh, second reason?


BOOTH: Uh, you never told me the second reason why, uh, why you bet on me.

BRENNAN: Yeah, it was…silly.

BOOTH: Well, come on. Try me

BRENNAN: Beginner’s Luck. I haven’t lost at anything since I’ve been here. So, well, I – I figured if I bet on you, then-

BOOTH: I couldn’t lose.

BRENNAN: Sounds silly, right?

BOOTH: It sounds familiar. Thanks

BRENNAN: You’re welcome.

BRENNAN: You ready?

BOOTH: Yeah, let’s go.


There’s a lot to like about this episode. B&B going undercover. Brennan being careful to not threaten Booth’s addiction. Booth getting distracted by Brennan’s extra hot ensembles and attitude.  B&B allowing themselves to kind of act on their feelings. And they are both so GORGEOUS. *swoon*



Happy New Year!

Guys, can you believe it has been almost a YEAR since Bones ended? I’m super thankful we have an outlet to still talk and share our favorite things about the show most of us watched for over a decade!!! You guys are awesome! Just wanted to share a quick pic to get us through till regular recaps resume next week!



Bones Christmas Moments #6

Sigh. And finally, this lovely episode with so much backstory goodness, and Booth as high as a kite. And Wong Foos. And Parker. And DB and ED are just pure perfection.


We have already recapped this episode on this site, link below.

Boots & Blazers Fallout Shelter Recap

To read Sarah’s take on the ending scene, link below.

Fallout Shelter-Wong Foos-Bones Theory


Have a merry, merry Christmas my Bones friends! 🙂


Bones Christmas Moments #5

Ok, this one is one of my favorites, as it is nearest and dearest to my heart. Santa in the Slush–and the that KISS–was my first episode of Bones EVER. What a high bar this show set for my expectations!!


Yeah. I’m with you Booth. I was stunned.

But just as good is the follow up conversation the dynamic duo has with Sweets in the diner where they talk about the kiss as well as the “lying to children” aspect of Christmas.


Ah, the leaning in towards each other..


Booth thinks Sweets is full of it…


But Brennan considers his words…


And you gotta love that body language 🙂

And because I cannot do this justice the way Sarah did on Bones Theory, here is the full and complete awesomeness:

Santa in the Slush-Sweets Conversation