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The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

Ok, so I didn’t get any feedback from yesterday, so I’m gonna assume we are all in a Easter candy sugar coma….so we will push back the Pilot review till next Tuesday if that works for everyone? Meanwhile, let’s wake up with some Boothy swagger and some Brennan back cracking 🙂

So to set the scene, Brennan is in her office, frustrated and throwing her book away.

pond1pond2 - Copypond3

Booth’s “someone needs help” radar perks up and he is ready to support/defend/love/partner her…

pond4pond5 - Copypond6pond7 - Copypond8 - Copypond9

He tells her they are both sexy and they can’t help it and while she ponders that, Booth recites her book reviews to her to prove she’s awesome.

pond10pond11 - Copypond12

I love her sweet expression. She totally gets what he’s trying to do (before she became completely clueless in later years) and appreciates his efforts.

pond13 - Copypond14 - Copy

Writing inconsistencies aside, Booth helped his partner regain some confidence, so in return, we get part 2, “quid pro quo”. Brennan reciprocates by helping Booth with that pesky back problem.


But pretty instantly, Booth realizes this is gonna be a major problem for his peace of mind…


Meanwhile, Brennan lets herself get a quick peek before he turns around 🙂


Hey girl, buy a ticket for that ride already!!


How can you resist that face?!

Thankfully we get a couple meaningful glances from the partners as they realize they help each other in different ways. Complimenting AND complementing each other. Sure, they are “partners”. In a lot of ways!


And with a bit of Boothy charm and dancing, our adorable crime fighting duo fight off the attraction for another day.


Meanwhile, I’m gonna stare at this pic for a little while longer…


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Full scene study here: https://bonestheory.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/scene-study-the-perfect-pieces-in-the-purple-pond/

*If you were a regular Bones Theory poster, scroll down for the comments, its fun to read what you wrote a few years ago 🙂


21 thoughts on “The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

  1. “Ok, so I didn’t get any feedback from yesterday, so I’m gonna assume we are all in a Easter candy sugar coma….so we will push back the Pilot review till next Tuesday”

    Yeah, busy busy this weekend! I am going up north also this weekend for 4 days.
    Carry on!!

  2. Those looks in the early seasons!!! The way Booth looks at her in photos 3 and 7, and the looks he is giving to the universe in photos 17 and 18…wow. I think he loves her. Did he love her then? Debatable (although I say yes), but he definitely felt a lot of things for her that went way, way beyond the bounds of partnership or even friendship. One consistency they managed to achieve — Booth *never* looked at any other woman the way he looks at Brennan. Ever. Not Rebecca, not Cam, not Tessa, not Hannah. Only Brennan gets those looks.

    The same is true for Brennan — she didn’t look at any other men the way she looks at Booth. I love her slightly shy, hesitant looks towards him, as well as that bemused, questioning look as if to say…”who/what is this guy, and what am I going to do with him…”

    Also, let the record show that Brennan snuck just as many peaks at Booth as he did of her!

  3. Oh, I’m in the “love” camp right there with you. That’s why he invented that partner nonsense. Had to have a reason to share those things with her even though he wasn’t WITH her. lol

    Just those looks of almost horror on his face when she was touching him, he’s thinking “keep it together, keep it together, keep it together”….I bet he was reciting a bunch of saints too. 🙂

    And were those looks behind him scripted Brennan looks, or unscripted Emily looks? Either way, she’s a lucky girl 🙂

  4. Wasn’t this the episode where Wendall thought Brennan was hitting on him? I have to do a re-watch. Oh, the horror…..

    If I remember correctly, this was also about Booth being really defensive on Brennan’s behalf. I think there was a smartass tech at the original crime scene that he threatened? I guess I’m really going to have to watch again now. *lol*

  5. “And were those looks behind him scripted Brennan looks, or unscripted Emily looks?”

    Not sure, but let’s just say that I don’t think Emily minds looking at DB. She also doesn’t mind touching him, hanging on him, etc…

    Same goes for DB with Emily.

  6. “. Did he love her then? Debatable (although I say yes), but he definitely felt a lot of things for her that went way, way beyond the bounds of partnership or even friendship.”

    I remember we did discuss this in the IMDb board, or was it BT board? We were trying to figure out when did Booth realize he was “in love” with Brennan. According to Booth, “I knew. Right from the beginning” So I am going with that. 🙂
    I think his love for her initially may have been infatuation, but definitely became real love as time went on.

    Here is what I was thinking of- from the BT Board!

  7. Oh I definitely thought he loved her here! I’m in the camp that Booth knew back in s2 that he could get very ‘lost’ in Brennan. But I do think he was confused and scared in s2 and as time went on it got easier and easier to blur those lines.
    Here they were toying with each other. Kinda testing the bounds of how far they could go without really ‘going there’! It was like watching them tango……HH was so mean! LOL

  8. This scene highlights one of the traits I love about Vintage Brennan – she was allowed to be vulnerable in a way that was honest with the woman we already knew. Yes, she could be brusque and off-putting at times, and her confidence in her own talents and abilities was sometimes over-the-top but what she *wasn’t* was totally clueless to anything beyond her own borders.

    Like here. She knows she writes well. She knows she already has a bestseller in her CV. She knows her publisher wants her to keep writing. But she allows one reviewer to get to her, to push her buttons enough that she’s tossing months of hard work away. And because Booth is Booth and he knows Brennan probably better than he knows himself, he sees that vulnerability and the pain behind the wounded pride and, because Booth is Booth and she is Brennan, he can’t let that slide without trying to fix it for her. (I’m in the ‘he definitely loved her, even if he didn’t want to acknowledge it to himself’ camp.)

    And I think she totally knew what he was doing and allowed him to talk her off the ledge, so to speak. Booth needed to make Brennan feel better. Brennan needed to let Booth make her feel better. They both got something out of that exchange (not to mention, Brennan got some touchy-feely time with the back thing, too, so she scored twice).

    One of the things that irritated me the most about S8 and S9 was the overwhelming number of Brennan Learns A Lesson episodes. I don’t know who to blame for that (although I think HH had mostly checked out by then), but that woman was not the same woman we saw in S1-5.

  9. I really don’t understand how some fans can say (in the last few years) that Brennan has never changed, she’s always been like that….umm….not true. The woman that went to Cleo’s funeral, bonded with baby Andy, & cried over Ripley the dog is not the same woman who we ended up with. It just isn’t. Early Brennan was just hyperfocused on work, but was still able to function in the real world and express emotions. Early Brennan commented on her brilliance and beauty, but as statements of fact, not realizing how it came across. Later Brennan bragged, purposefully and often, about how brilliant she was while demeaning those she worked with. It got to the point when I’d cringe when she’d open her mouth. I agree her character really took a beating over the last few seasons.

    So its fun to watch Early Brennan and see that fierce anthropologist/author once again. Man, Brennan was a fun and awesome character. Very unique. Major part of the success of the show for sure 🙂

  10. The later seasons with all the new writers lacked much sophistication. But I always felt that while Brennan was book smart, she lacked a lot in the emotional bonding area. Brennan had a passion for the truth and justice early on that they didn’t always show in the later years. That desire, I always felt, sprung from her not knowing what happened to her own parents. She could identify with that particular hurt of losing someone you love. They usually had more compassionate stories early on. (Later years, the finding of the body became a bigger farce of some sort. A Laurel and Hardy find and the cases were often lacking bodies were goopy for the ‘goopiness’ of it all.)

    The early years were about her learning lessons too, but also about B&B discovering things about each other. Those were always fun! I saw those moments, bonding with Andy and crying over Ripley as moments when she allowed Booth (and often only Booth) see her vulnerable and opening up. Those times were her sort of experimenting with the emotional side of life. How about when she checked to make sure no one was looking and then started kissing Andy on the belly.
    While I agree, the later writing was lacking, I never expected Brennan to have smooth sailing once she ventured into a real relationship and truly had to compromise with someone and adapt to new ways of doing things.

    I saw it all as part of the dance. When did each character really fall in love. How much was put on for show and how much was a facade to protect the heart on both their parts?

    I mean tell me a man standing out in the snow with a christmas tree attached to his cigarette lighter isn’t in love! LOL Those what’s ours is ours moments……..

  11. I just saw Johnny Boyd tweet TJ and thank him for TJ letting Johnny stay at his house while he’s away. TJ responded saying he missed hanging with him! Johnny really made an impression on the cast! Makes me like Aubrey a bit more! (Though I never really had any problems with him anyway lol)

  12. Season2 episode 19 end scene:

    BOOTH: Did you eat yet?
    BRENNAN: I said I’d wait. How did you know that James would tell me?
    BOOTH: Oh, man loves his wife. He may not be strong, but he has a conscience. BRENNAN: See, I can’t tell that stuff.
    BOOTH: And I can’t tell the difference between coral and bone, so I guess we make a great pair. Hey, speaking of marriage, Hodgins is gonna propose to Angela tonight. (They walk out of Brennan’s office.)
    BRENNAN: Huh.
    BOOTH: What?
    BRENNAN: I guess right now it looks to me like marriage is having someone who will slap your enemies and then toss their dead bodies out of airplanes. BOOTH: Try not mention that to Angela. (They walk out of the lab as the scene fades out.) END

    Waiting for their date even then! I think the statement of Booth’s about marriage, is proof where his mind is when it comes to Brennan.

    I just can’t see how some didn’t think he wasn’t in love until the dream. The dream was so real because it was Brennan (writing without Angela’s assistance I may add) and it was like a mind meld for them. Brennan unloaded her inner most secrets, and they fit with what he too had been thinking but afraid to say out loud. Then Brennan ran away once he was awake and ok, so distance herself from the temptation and secure herself and he was left in a quandary. Leading to the season and a half of denial on both ends……and so much grief!

  13. “Waiting for their date even then! I think the statement of Booth’s about marriage, is proof where his mind is when it comes to Brennan.”

    Exactly! I’ll bet we could have a whole thread just discussing times when B&B discussed marriage. I seem to remember one time when Brennan brings it up (perhaps in relation to Hodgins & Angela) and Booth says something like “kind of sudden Bones, I’ll have to think about it” as if she was asking him. Anyone know what episode that was?

  14. That’s it!

    From Stargazer in a Puddle:

    “BOOTH: So, Hodgins asked, uh, Angela to, uh, marry him?
    BRENNAN: Twice.
    BOOTH: Oh and she uh, turned him down both times.
    BRENNAN: I heard all this from Angela.
    BOOTH: Yeah but did she tell you that he said that he wasn’t going to ask her to marry him? BRENNAN: (slightly annoyed) Yes.
    BOOTH: And she said?
    BRENNAN: (gesturing) I’d like to marry you.
    BOOTH: Kinda sudden Bones. Let me think about it.
    BRENNAN: (Looks at him in disbelief) What? No. Booth, that’s what Angela told Hodgins… (Trails off as she notices Booth laughing at her)
    BRENNAN: (Gets it) You’re joking.(Booth jumps over puddle and laughs)
    BRENNAN: You know, a lot of psychologists say that jokes are the way that we manifest a lot of our hidden desires.”

    Ummm, yes Brennan, I think Booth just expressed his not-so-hidden desire to marry you…lol.

    And another marriage discussion from 04×20 – The Cinderella in the Cardboard:

    SCHEER: Oh, um, Meriel Mitsakos. She wanted the surgery ’cause she was getting married. Had her eye on a pair of Christian Louboutin sandals, but her middle toes stuck out. I said it was an easy fix.
    BOOTH: What, you cut her toe off, so she could fit into a pair of shoes?
    BRENNAN: Self-mutilation for an antiquated ritual. It’s barbaric.
    BOOTH: Well, come on, marriage is very important to a lot of people, Bones.
    BRENNAN: It’s ridiculous. No one can guarantee how they’re going to feel about someone for life. We’re not a monogamous species.
    BOOTH: Marriage has been around since the beginning of time.
    BRENNAN: Women from Amazonian tribes expressed their love by spitting in their partners’ faces. I hope we’ve progressed past that.
    BOOTH: Okay, well, you know what? Sometimes love trumps logic.
    BRENNAN: Love is a chemical process which causes delusion. An intellectually rigorous person would never get married.
    BOOTH: Never say never.

  15. Cinderella was on Fox last Sunday night it was a nice surprise to find it on my dvr! I love that episode!
    Yes, the exchange from Stargazer is so classic! I love that episode too, hugging at the altar and the look the reverend gives them was like a cherry on top! Good stuff for sure. Like they both weren’t toying with the idea in their minds! Fun times.

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