Harbingers in the Fountain (5×1)

“Harbingers in the Fountain”

Episode 5×01

Written By: Hart Hanson and Pat Charles

Directed by: Ian Toynton

Are you guys even ready for this episode?


We meet Avalon Harmonia. Although, Brennan kinda already knows her in a way…


Brennan is back from a long trip and definitely not into the card reading.


AVALON: Ok, I see a sick man in a hospital. He takes refuge in a dream life. You’re there in the dream and you’re helping him to create that dream life by telling him a story. You’re both so happy in the story, so happy it’s almost sad when he wakens. The man whose life you saved is really excited to see you again.

BRENNAN: No, I don’t save lives. People are already dead when I get to them.

AVALON: I’m pretty sure you saved somebody’s life. A man with a heart of a lion.

ANGELA: Booth has a lion heart!

Booth is reinstated! Though Sweets has concerns.


Gun in pocket > or = to shoulder holster??

SWEETS: Do you miss anything about the alternative life you experienced while in a coma?

BOOTH: Yeah. The clothes. Mm, I miss those clothes. They were great clothes.

Brennan arrives back at the lab. Apparently not knowing Booth was still recovering.

BRENNAN: What did Booth do while I was gone, solve boring normal murders?

CAM: He hasn’t been reinstated yet.

BRENNAN: The doctors told me that he’d be fine in a couple of days, that’s why I went.


So many hugs!

HODGINS: Oh, I’m happy personally and professionally. Unsolved murders have gone up a thousand percent since you’ve left.

BRENNAN: Well, I find that hard to believe.

HODGINS: Rough estimate. Welcome back!

They are reunited!


The end of that hug though…


Joy. Partner hugs. Arm veins. What?



BOOTH: Look at that, I’m reinstated on the day that you come home. That’s the weirdest coinkidink ever.

BRENNAN: No, it’s not even the weirdest coinkidink today.

Angela tries to get them to dig deep…but nope.

ANGELA: That’s interesting because Avalon says that you two were linked in a very profound and spiritual manner…she also says that in your weirdo alternate shared life experience thing that Brennan was pregnant. It’s odd that neither of you mentioned that.


They decide to investigate when Angela’s psychic talks of hidden bodies.


BRENNAN: Sweets said that your dream was nothing more than your comatose brain processing what I read to you from my book.

BOOTH: Wait, the point is how did the psychic know that if she isn’t psychic?

Booth questions Avalon as they investigate.


AVALON: You’re worried you lost something…You never lost anything in that coma, Agent Booth. You gained something.

Booth confides in an old pal his ongoing concerns.

CAM: First drink since the brain operation?

BOOTH: Yeah, since uh, you know getting back to work.

CAM: I’m honored. An auspicious occasion. So what do you want?

BOOTH: Just wanna share a drink, you know, with one of my closest and dearest friends who, you know, I can trust um with certain things…


After the investigation on the bodies continues, Avalon admits her sister has been missing for years.

ANGELA: Avalon told me she had no family.

BRENNAN: Obviously telling the truth her sister’s been dead for ten years.

ANGELA: Yeah it’s just you’d think that was something that would show up in the cards.

Booth calls on Angela to help.

BOOTH: Exactly. And you know what, Angela is going to get to work on the Internet and find out all that information for us now.

ANGELA: Yes, sir, on my way, you bet.

BOOTH: Hey look, I’m sorry, Ang. You know, it’s first case back, you know, it’s been a long day. Maybe I got something to prove. I’m sorry, you look, you look beautiful.



They continue to investigate. Avalon remains a suspect, but Booth listens to Avalon about Brennan and runs to save her.

AVALON: Let the neurosurgeons have your brain. They know about your brain. They don’t know jack about your heart.

AVALON: She’s in terrible danger. You gotta go to her now.



Ugh, this episode is literally so good.


I truly love Caroline.


And oh, oh. Oh….


The socks are back, but is the full cockiness really back?


They get the bad guy, but everyone ends up settling. For now.

BRENNAN: I’m sorry we couldn’t get him for killing your sister.

AVALON: Sometimes you gotta just settle for the second best situation.

AVALON: You two are going to keep doing things as usual.

BOOTH: Sometimes you gotta settle for second best.



Ok, I didn’t get everything. I know that. But man, what a jam-packed epsiode!!! Thoughts?!

I’m still aching for Booth, healing alone and desperately trying to get reinstated, and having to withhold his feelings as Cam and Sweets tell him to be super careful, and then he’s so careful, he takes back the “I love you” way too fast and…I’m aching for Brennan who knows Booth isn’t 100% but wants to help him get back to himself and then gets told “I love you” but she doesn’t get to fully react on that and it’s gone. 

But props to everyone on this episode. So. Many. Layers. And David & Emily continue to amaze me with how they can show so much with slight facial changes and body language. Bravo! Ugh. I need to rewatch this like 5 times in a row now. 🙂




The End in the Beginning (4×26)

“The End in the Beginning”

Episode 4×26 / Production 4×20

Written By: Hart Hanson

Directed by: Ian Toynton

**I watched this episode live with my parents when it aired. We were SO CONFUSED with that opening scene. We thought we’d missed an episode or ten! lol**

BRENNAN: Do you love me?

BOOTH: Yeah. Do you want me to prove it to you?

BRENNAN: Mmm, if you’re not too sleepy…


We get our murder case tie in, but do we even care? Our team is in bizarro world!


CAM: A body was found at your nightclub.

HODGINS: [narrating] She has never seen a dead body before.

HODGINS: [narrating] He was in the Army and has seen too many.

Our squints are still much the same though!


WENDELL: Zack screamed when he saw the body, so he’s off the hook, right?

ZACK: Yelped!

FISHER: He screamed like Slutty Girl #1 in a teen horror flick.

CAROLINE: From here on in you do not answer questions you don’t get asked!

FISHER: Consider me your top suspect. I’m a trained chef, alright. Finest schools in Europe. But my professional life consists of cooking chicken wings designed to make people drink more beer. I’m a man on the edge.

SWEETS: I’m a bartender, I’m practically a psychologist.


CAM: Wow, what they said about you was true!

BRENNAN: What’s that?

CAM: That you’re kind of a cold fish.

BRENNAN: Well if by cold fish you mean pragmatic and rational, then that’s what I am.

CAM: No I meant more like somebody when a human being is murdered cares more about reopening the club than capturing the murderer.

BRENNAN: Well, I have my job, and you have yours.

And, as in the real world, Brennan sorts out her feelings with her sounding board.

BRENNAN: Cam says everybody thinks I’m a cold fish.

BOOTH: Nah, what you are is Iceland. Cold to the touch, but underneath you’re all volcano.

BRENNAN: I don’t like people thinking that I’m a cold fish.

BOOTH: Look if you were really a cold fish, you wouldn’t care.

BRENNAN: You used logic on me. That’s sweet.


Didn’t your mind explode with this B&B cute coupliness?


Brennan and the team figure someone is using her to get to Booth.


MAX: Why didn’t you show this to the police?

BRENNAN: Because they’ll take it without telling me what it means.

MAX: What do you think it means?

BRENNAN: People know the best way to hurt him…

MAX: …is to hurt you.

MAX: Everyone serves somebody. Something you husband refuses to accept.

BRENNAN: I know he’s stubborn.

MAX: He’s a man of principle, and I mean that as a terrible insult.

Suspecting Brennan and Booth are behind this crime, “Jared” hits on some truth as he questions Booth.

JARED: …And then he threatens her, he sends this Worstenbach guy on the job, but you don’t see it, because you don’t use your head. You think that everything you feel is true…You need to grow up.

But Booth dismisses that and is still thinking with that lion heart. As Brennan remains logical!

BOOTH: Yeah, I’d feel if the energy was bad between the two us, I’d know. The same way that you would know that I couldn’t murder someone.

BRENNAN: I do believe that you would murder someone for me. And I believe that you’d lie about it so I wouldn’t have to carry that burden.


BRENNAN: You know, if this murder is any inclination, I don’t know how any homicide is ever solved. When everyone lies, everyone has a secret agenda.

B&B figure out Jared did it.

BOOTH: My brother killed a man to save my wife. What are we gonna do?

BRENNAN: Do? We thank him and shut-up.

Wrap-up time! (In the dream and real world!)

HODGINS: [narrating] You love someone, you open yourself up to suffering; that’s the sad truth.

Maybe they’ll break your heart…


…maybe you’ll break their heart and never be able to look at yourself in the same way…


Those are the risks.

BRENNAN: I have another confession.

BOOTH: What?




There we go!

BOOTH: You are pregnant! There’s a little baby boy, huh?

BRENNAN: Or girl…


How about both?! 🙂

BOOTH: Such a weird dream.

BRENNAN: Booth? Booth! You’re awake!


BOOTH: So real.

BRENNAN: You’re operation was a success, but you reacted poorly to the anesthesia. You’ve been in a coma for the past four days. What took you so long to wake up?

BOOTH: It felt so real.


I wouldn’t want to wake up either, Booth.

BRENNAN: It wasn’t real.

BOOTH: Who are you?

So many possible questions and thoughts.

How do you feel about this episode in hindsight, with the series over and complete. Hart wrote this one. How did it play for you? Does it make sense within the overall Bones framework? What did you like, what not so much? Have your feelings changed since it first aired?