Man in the Bear (1×4)

The Man in the Bear”

Episode 1×04

Written By: Hart Hanson and Laura Wolner

(Cause he gets it ^^^^^)

So B&B are given a case where human remains are found in a bear. Brennan is all smug because Booth was given the case because of his work with her….until Booth reveals they are being sent to Washington state to investigate. Brennan is not happy!


BRENNAN: Why is Booth the one who decides we go to Washington state? He gets the gun and the authority; he’s the one that people like.


GOODMAN: Firstly, he didn’t decide that you go to Washington state, he made a request. I am the one who decides where you do or do not go.

BRENNAN: And secondly?

GOODMAN: Secondly, it’s time to live a little Temperance, connect with other people.

BRENNAN: Are you suggesting I take this opportunity to have sex with Booth on a field trip?

GOODMAN: Good god, where is Dr. Freud when you need him?


BRENNAN: I don’t understand what you’re saying.

GOODMAN: Which is precisely why I am sending you to the Great North woods. Come on now, you’ve partially digested dismembered skeletal remains to examine, that should put a smile on your face.

Soon, B&B are bickering on their way to the crime scene. Booth is getting annoyed at the disparity in their work reimbursements.

BOOTH: You know being cooped up in crappy hotel in the middle of nowhere, with a fifty dollar per diem, is not my idea of a good time either, you know.

BRENNAN: You only get fifty dollars a day? How can you live on that?

BOOTH: OK, What do you mean, what do you get?

BRENNAN: I don’t have a limit, just give them the receipts.

BOOTH: Now, you have to have a limit, everyone has a limit, we work for the government.

BRENNAN. Yeah … I don’t have a limit.

BOOTH: But, it’s not fair. It’s not fair to the tax payers…you’re like one of those thousand dollars toilet seats.

BRENNAN: I imagine I am treated differently than you b/c I have an indispensable skill.

BOOTH: Indispensable … I do not need you.

BRENNAN: Oh, so you can determine the origin of the kerf marks as well as the sex and age of the victim?

BOOTH: You know you’re a smart ass, you know that?

BRENNAN: Objectively I’d say I’m very smart, although it has nothing to do with my ass.

BOOTH: You know what? I’ll tell you what … you can take me out to dinner. Put me on your tab.

BRENNAN: That doesn’t seem ethical.

BOOTH: You still want that gun now, don’t you? Hm?

BRENNAN: We’ll start with breakfast.

Their bickering turns serious when Brennan challenges him about town size and he reveals she’s not the only one who’s traveled around the world for her job.

BOOTH: Small town America; gotta love it.

BRENNAN: This is not a small town. Chiantla, Guatemala, 150 people, no running water. That’s a small town.

BOOTH: I said small town America, not small town Guatemala. And I’ve been there too, by the way.

BRENNAN: What took you to Guatemala? Eco-tourism?

BOOTH: I went down to shoot somebody through the heart from 1500 feet.

Soon, Brennan starts catching the eye of the men in the small town. Enter the UPS guy, Charlie.

CHARLIE: Hey, Temperance Brennan…I’m reading your book. It gave me a few ideas if I ever want to kill someone and get rid of the body.

A problem Brennan will have later, but moving on…

The sheriff tries to hit up Brennan as well:

SHERIFF: Can I help you?

BRENNAN: Yeah, thanks, I’m with him (points to Booth).

SHERIFF: Suddenly I wish I was FBI.

But Booth isn’t having it.

BOOTH: Oh, yeah, now that you’ve met Bones, you’re all about the inter-agency cooperation.

SHERIFF: Bones? Now I don’t think that’s anyway to talk to a lady.

BRENNAN: Thank you.

SHERIFF: Do you have dinner plans?

BOOTH: We’re working.

Meanwhile, Hodgins and Zach are going back and forth as usual at the lab!

HODGINS: How did a bear open up a suitcase?

ZACK: I saw a documentary once where a bear got into a car and drove away.

HODGINS: That was not a documentary, it was a cartoon.

Then the cute delivery girl gives them a new competition, because Hodgins swoops in and takes delivery of the box meant for Zach…


ZACK: You bogarted my package.

HODGINS: You panicked and froze my man, thus the package came into play. Also incorrect use of verb bogarted.

You know how Angela needed to hear her job description by Goodman’s deep voice? Apparently Brennan likes a Native American voice…

SHERMAN: Ever hear of the Bone Gatherers? Collecting bones so that the dead can make the journey to the next world?

BRENNAN: Not even sure I believe in the next world.

SHERMAN: Doesn’t matter what you believe in. You’re a Bone Gatherer, that’s a good thing helping the spirits move on.

BRENNAN: Thank you. That’s probably the best job description I’ll ever get.

Of course, Charlie is still trying to put the moves on Brennan:

CHARLIE: Do you do all the stuff the girl in your book does?

BRENNAN: I’m slightly uncomfortable discussing that with you.

CHARLIE: No, I’m not talking about the sex…I’m talking about the running, and the shooting. I mean, if you do all that other stuff that’s great too for you and…uh…whoever you’re doing it with.

Sorry Charlie, it will take a good six seasons before they do ALL the stuff from her books!

Brennan displays her great social conversational skills…

SHERIFF: Have you ever…?

BRENNAN: I’ve never been offered human flesh before.

BOOTH: Maybe if you’ve had?

BRENNAN: It’s an interesting question. I would have to measure my own social inculcation against objective scientific inquiry.

BOOTH: Ok, that’s sick.

It’s not going any better at the lab, though…

ZACK: Yes, and these drag marks is where the flesh was ripped right off the bone.

ANGELA: Ugh, it’s like a zombie movie.

HODGINS: Where is my bear poop?

And the King of the Lab jostling continues-

HODGINS: She likes me more than she likes you.

ZACK: She said I was sweet.

HODGINS: I made her laugh. We have a tentative coffee date.

ZACK: She said she wanted to eat me up.

Just as Booth gets territorial over the Washington guys and his Bones, Brennan doesn’t like her friend making any moves on her FBI agent!

ANGELA: Hey Booth, I’ve got a thing for tattoos, you got any?

BRENNAN: (stern voice) Angela.

As the case progresses, Angela is able to focus on the important things…

ANGELA: So, did you catch the guy?

BRENNAN: No, Booth lost him in the woods.

BOOTH: Whoa, wait a second, I didn’t lose him.

BRENNAN: You didn’t catch him.

ANGELA: So you two have the night free?

BOOTH: Give me the phone.

BRENNAN: It’s not safe to drive and talk on the cell phone.

ANGELA: Are you two fighting?

BOOTH: Professional pride, tell her. Please tell her that.

BRENNAN: Booth wants you to know that he lost the guy because his flashlight died.

BOOTH: And because he’s an Indian and he’s a park ranger and he’s very very familiar with the territory, tell her that.

BRENNAN: Did you hear that?

ANGELA: Yeah, something about Indian territory?

BOOTH: Give me the phone…hold on… (takes phone from Brennan)


BOOTH: Plus you know what? It wasn’t even my flashlight ok? It was the Sheriff’s flashlight and his batteries they ran out, ok?

BRENNAN: Good night Angela.

ANGELA: Hey, you have to take that man for a drink…and have a little fun yourself.

Of course, Brennan is the belle of the ball in this small town bar. Every suspect gets a turn around the floor with her until Booth cuts in…I’m sure for ONLY professional reasons…


BRENNAN: What happened to your shirt?

BOOTH: Well, we’re in a bar, it’s a look.

BRENNAN: Everybody is pumping me.

BOOTH: Sorry?

BRENNAN: For information on the case.

BOOTH: Bones, they’re only pretending to be interested in the case.


BOOTH: They’re hitting on you.

BRENNAN: Are you sure?

BOOTH: Yes, I’m sure. You’re the hottest thing this town has seen in a long time.

That makes two of you, Booth.


And Hodgins is feeling it back at the lab.

ANGELA: Want to get something to eat?


ANGELA: Ah, you’re expecting a delivery tonight.

HODGINS: Zack is.

ANGELA: And you’re going to zoom him.

HODGINS: Like the Indy 500 baby!

And apparently B&B parted ways at the end of the night, because Booth is cranky this morning about it!!

BOOTH: You didn’t come down for breakfast Bones.

BRENNAN: Wasn’t hungry. Sorry you had to pay for your own meal.

BOOTH: Called your room, there was no answer.

BRENNAN: Why the sudden interest in my morning habits, Booth?

BOOTH: Well, I just thought we were going to get something to eat. And, you know…so I waited and my eggs got cold. Cold eggs.

B&B are learning that everyone in this town is crazy…

DENISE: We consume or we’re consumed. We’re consumed by greed, by ambition, lust, jealousy… Even, just regular love is a form of cannibalism. I mean the whole perfect idea of love is that two people become one…now that’s a kind of consumption. And let me tell ya, if I ate Adam, there wouldn’t be anything left.

**So, did B&B “consume’ each other? How does Denise’s theory hold up?**

BOOTH: And the whole rant thing the vet lady had about people consuming each other, that was wacky.

BRENNAN: Yeah, but kind of true, don’t you think?

**Hm….why does Brennan agree? Is it because at this point, she is so anti-permanent relationships? Does she secretly want to become one with a person like that? Is this what scares her off of the whole thing till season 6??**

No time to consider these things, because Brennan figures out it’s the doctor who is the cannibal.

BRENNAN: Rigby didn’t miss it …moments like this is why I need a gun. (Booth stops and bends down to unstrap a gun that is against his ankle) Where else do you keep them?

BOOTH: That is for self defense, so you don’t just go blasting away in there.

BRENNAN: What if I have to shoot? What part of the body should I hit?

BOOTH: The part that isn’t me…just stay back.

Brennan ends up clocking Dr. Rigby with a bedpan lol

Back at the lab, Angela can’t wait to see who is King of the Delivery Girl…

HODGINS: What are you doing here?

ANGELA: You kidding? It’s like watching the clash of the horny titans.

But the delivery gal surprises them by picking Angela. Hodgins is not disappointed, but Zack is.

HODGINS: That is so hot!

ZACK: Why, why is that hot? It’d be hotter if she chosen me.

We end with a B&B wrap-up convo. Brennan ponders her version of the chicken-and-the-egg conundrum:


BOOTH: The guy is nuts.

BRENNAN: Yes, but is he nuts because he got a brain disease from eating human flesh or was he already nuts the first time he ate flesh or did he just lick his fingers after surgery?

So Brennan doesn’t take the opportunity to get to know Booth better on this trip (in the way Angela and Goodman were hoping!) but she does take the easy route and talks to non-risky UPS guy Charlie:

BRENNAN: You know, I’m going to come back up here this winter. Charlie says the skiing is great.

BOOTH: Oh, so it’s Charlie.

BRENNAN: Yeah, the overnight guy.

BOOTH: Yeah, I know who he is.

BRENNAN: I bet he’s a great skier…his hips and thighs are perfectly developed for strength and maneuverability.

BOOTH: That’s good…I’m done.

BRENNAN: What? Not good? Want some cornflakes? Want some?


No, Brennan, he doesn’t want your cornflakes. He wants to have little Boothy babies with you. But, as we know, everything happens eventually! 🙂



Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?







A Boy in a Tree (1×3)

Summary: Booth frantically tries to keep control over his job and life while the squints basically disrupt all of it. (Oh, also a fancy prep school kid is found in a tree and it appears to be suicide, except for it isn’t.)

We open up on Zach and his lady problems with Naomi from Paleontology (which sounds to me like Jake from State Farm lol). Naomi and Zach hooked up but she’s not talking to Zach anymore. Hodgela assists.

Zach: She said take a hint but when I asked ‘what hint?’ Naomi said if she told me what hint that it wouldn’t be a hint anymore it would be a statement. I understood the individual words but I do not comprehend her meaning.

Angela: Did you tell Naomi that?

Zach: Yes. She said ask your friends, if I have any.

Hodgins: Get out there and bring us home a case, buddy.

Poor Booth is stuck driving with his newly acquired squint squad to a crime scene, which he really regrets when Zach asks him for love advice:


Zach: Successful with woman, right? I mean they like you? If a woman said, to you, take a hint, what would that mean?

Booth: Could we just concentrate on the job?

Zach: You call after every sexual encounter, Right? Because that’s the good thing to do.

Booth: Look, this is a work mode. This is a work zone. Do not talk sex at work. All right, look, we’ve got about a forty-five minute drive. What do you say we pass it in quiet meditation.

[After arriving]

Zach: Can I talk now?

Booth: No.

Brennan: That’s not fair.

Booth: My car, my rules. Period.


Booth tries to reestablish dominance in his introduction…

Booth: FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth and a forensic anthropologist. 

…but they don’t let him…

Brennan: Dr. Temperance Brennan from the Jeffersonian institute. 

Zach: Plus one crack assistant.

Booth talks to the headmaster and sheriff about what they know and says,

Booth: Gentleman, give my forensic anthropologist some room.

Brennan: Your forensic anthropologist? 

Give it up Booth. LOL.

Booth: I want my own card. 

Brennan: Well, I want my own gun. 

Booth: Last time you had a gun you shot someone. 

Zach: He was a bad guy. 

You know when your coworkers are getting on your last nerve and you feel a migraine forming behind your eyes? And its only 9:30 am? Yeah, I’m getting that feeling from Booth right about now!

Booth: Let it go Bones, move on. 

Brennan: Don’t call me Bones!

Don’t worry, Dr. B, you’ll grow to love it. 🙂


Meanwhile, B&B are exasperating the others in the case:

Booth: Well, I would like to declare it a murder just to shake those little bast… 

Brennan: I’m not gonna declare it a murder so you can shake things up.  

Santana: [sighs] 

Goodman comes in with some science humor.

Santana: Look, you’re very experienced within your field with bones and such, right? Doesn’t your gut say suicide? 

Brennan: I don’t actually use my gut for that, Sir. 

Booth: She really, really doesn’t. 

Goodman: Like all of us at the Jeffersonian, Dr. Brennan prefers science to the digestive track. 

Booth: My gut says it stinks. 

Dr. Goodman: If he smells with his gut what does he use his nose for? 

Brennan: [laughs] 

I think at this point, Booth is regretting this whole partner thing very much… Early Brennan, though slow to understand social situations, is able to reason out Booth’s dislike for this fancy school.

Brennan: What’s with you and the private school? 

Booth: I thought we understood each other. 

Brennan: Oh it’s that bad? 

Booth: I don’t…I don’t like people who think they’re better than other people. 

Brennan: Some people ARE better than other people. 

Booth: All men are created equal either you believe that or you don’t. 

Brennan: Some people are smarter than others there’s no use being offended by the fact.                       

Booth: We tell them that their son was found dead. We’re looking into it. Sorry for your loss and we are. 

Brennan: What? 

Booth: Sorry for their loss. It’s sad. Try to remember that.

 Brennan: Uh, I’m not a sociopath. 

Booth: You’re bad with people, okay. No use being offended by the fact. 

Boom. Roasted. Good one, Booth.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, Hodgela is still helping Zach with his lady problem.


Zach: What did Naomi mean when she said take a hint? What did I do wrong? 

Hodgins: It’s not what you did wrong. It’s what you didn’t do. 

Zach: Where do you learn this stuff? 

Hodgins: There are some things you learn by doing… riding a bike, driving a car, pleasing a woman. 

Zach: I can’t ride a bike or drive a car. 

Hodgins: Or apparently please a woman. 

Zach: I need specific instructions, a list of techniques to implement or a sequence of moves. 

(Zach, read Brennan’s books!)

Hodgins: I’m not really the guy to talk to about that. 

Zach: Why not? You’ve slept with like, ten thousand women.

Oh, really?


Ok, yeah, I could buy that. lol

Hodgins: Because our relationship is all about what’s up here. What you need to do is talk to someone more earthy.

Gee, I wonder who he means?!

So mid-investigation, Booth introduces Brennan to Sid (RIP!) which is kind of a big deal…however, the rest of the squints trail in…

Booth: You know this is kinda my little getaway place. You know? 

They ignore him.

Booth: Please everyone. You know come on just sit down. 

Poor Boothy.

Back at the case, Brennan gives the deceased’s mom her most solemn vow.

Brennan: I promise you I will find out the truth. 

And Booth is learning you can’t keep Brennan out of the way out in the field:

Booth: Stay here. 

Brennan: Yeah right, that’s gonna happen. 


And she not-so-helpfully helps Booth question suspects:

Headmaster: Given your hostility. It’s time we bring in a lawyer to advise us.

Booth: Or you take my advice. If you don’t answer my questions, I’ll take you down to FBI headquarters in hand cuffs.

Brennan: He’ll do it. He doesn’t like you. 

And B&B are still feeling each other up. Out.

Brennan: You’re the least objective person I have ever met. 

Booth: Thank you. 

Brennan: It’s not a compliment. 


Back the lab, Zach is still struggling with Naomi but knows just the right “earthy” person to ask!

Zach: Sometime when you’re not busy, I wonder if I could ask you a few questions about sexual positions. 

Booth: If you even try, I will take out my gun and shoot you between the eyes. 

This is not Booth’s day.

But to make it worse, Brennan is not supporting his murder theory.

Brennan: This finding is congruent with suicide. 

Booth: I do not accept that. 

Brennan: It’s a fact; you can’t not accept a fact.  

Booth: Then you’ll stop my investigation. The school trying to cover up a murder and you’re helping them. 


But Angela steps in to talk it out with Brennan.

Angela: Honey, did you ever just believe something, despite the evidence, just know it was true? 

Brennan: No, I’ve hoped things. I will always know the difference between hope and fact. I’m the only one who cares about the truth of what Nestor’s life came to in the end. Good or bad, and I know the truth is more important than anything else. 

Angela: You know or you hope it’s true? 

Brennan: Suicide is the most rational, logical explanation. What I believe doesn’t matter. What makes me sad doesn’t matter. 

Angela gets real with Booth too:

Angela: That cynicism you affect Booth–it’s your way of hiding your deeply romantic nature. 

We find out that it was a fellow student who committed the murder, somehow getting the victim up in a tree by herself ????

Brennan: Nestor was going to go to the headmaster and expose you so you dosed him with Ketamine and hauled him up into the tree. The DNA traces in the rope will prove that. 

Brennan then tells the mom her son died doing the right thing, and Booth is pleased. When the partners are working together…. it works!


Back at Sid’s, Booth is hoping Sid will kick the squints out but he doesn’t. He still tries to exert some sort of ownership:


Booth: Okay fine, new rules that counter is mine. That booth is yours everything else around here alright, mine, alright, mine…M-I-N-E, mine.  

Brennan ignores him but reveals she is starting to notice something intriguing about him:


Brennan: I’ve been thinking about your whole ‘something stinks’ aptitude. I think you have a subconscious knack for reading body language, stress in the voice, other subtle but discernable indicators. It’s not mysterious but it is impressive and in the future, I will try to record it in an appropriate degree of objective worth. 


Booth: Thank you Temperance. Appreciate that. So, uh, what part of ‘this is mine’ did you not understand? Do I have to say it in Latin? 

LOL, Booth you are so much of a goner already and you don’t even know it yet.

Brennan: [Places a Jeffersonian ID on the bar] Abset invidia. (no offense)


Booth: Nice. 


…or maybe he DOES know he’s a goner already.



Episode trivia:

*Soon after this episode aired, Fox ordered a full season of Bones due to the fact that the first three episodes of the show consistently ranked #1 among key demographics in the Tuesday 8:00 p.m. timeslot.

*Toby Hemingway who plays Tucker Pattison went on to appear in 8 of the 13 episodes of the short-lived Bones spin-off The Finder (2012) .

*The episode was written and filmed prior to “The Man in the S.U.V“, which was aired as the series’ second episode.

Pic of the day 5/4

I just googled Booth and Brennan and this popped up. I just think Brennan/ED looks really pretty here, and Booth is giving her his classic “exasperated but dazzled by her” look. Happy Thursday!


Man in the SUV (1×2)


We open up on a chaotic scene, an explosion that could possibly be tied to terrorism…and a very Boothy line to the security guard:

“These girls, they’re with me.”

But then he gives Brennan and Angela their proper credentials 🙂

We get a glimpse that Booth has been talking about Brennan around at the FBI, when the agent on scene says to Brennan: “We need to be sure. Booth says you’re the best” Which Booth himself backs up when Brennan makes some requests, “It’s okay, I trust you.” Even though they don’t always get along, they know the “truth” of each other!

Also get an early glimpse into just how dismal both of their jobs can be.

Booth: You know, its ok to be upset.

Brennan: I wish this is the worst thing I’d seen.

And we see that the squints all have issues with the type of bodies they are seeing now.

Zach: Smokey here had access to the President. Why would he attack a cafe?

Brennan: Smokey?

Zach: It’s how I deal with the stress.

Of course, Hodgins deals with it by working up a good head of steam about the government: “What—you trust the FBI? You realize those guys are going to suppress whatever they need to cover their asses.”

Booth: “You know I don’t enjoying having squints on my team anymore then you like me on yours but you know were supposed to be working together. Okay?

Hodgins: “Sure. So what do we do, group hug?”

Brennan does not like working with Agent Gibson. Booth tries to help her deal.

Brennan: I’m sorry but I don’t understand the advantage of compromise.

They argue about handling a terrorist attack.

Brennan: You’re making it personal. That doesn’t help.

Booth: It is personal…all of us die a little bit on one like this.

Remember how Early Brennan was able to adapt and get the situation? She starts off rattling facts to the victim’s wife, but adjusts when Booth touches her arm to get her to stop.

Brennan: “His body was fragmented by the blast. We’re still retrieving pieces (Booth touches her arm)….I understand how difficult this is not knowing. I’ll work as quickly as I can to get you what you need.”

Angela comes into apologize about not being helpful at the scene.

Brennan: “It’s okay. You see it. I don’t anymore. I don’t know what’s worse.”

And we get the famous saying in Bones history:

Angela:   And about this weekend…

Brennan: Angela, I don’t know.

Angela:   Oh come on.

Brennan: I don’t know.

Angela:   Brennan I know this great club, they play Hip Hop and Trance.

Brennan: I don’t know what that means.

Angela:   It doesn’t matter. We’ll grab Booth.

Brennan:  No.

Angela:  I think he likes you. God if I were you, I’d buy a ticket on that ride!

**Wouldn’t we all, Angela?**

Of course, Brennan makes a work excuse but Angela isn’t having it.

“You know it’s not that scary Brennan. You have a few drinks. You move to the music. You might even smile.”

Back to the case, Agent Gibson is basically annoying the squints. He tries to take the case file.

Gibson: I’ll take it.

Brennan: No, I don’t think so. I work with Booth. That’s my deal.

Angela: [to Gibson] It’s best to just ride it out, like an earthquake.

Alright. It’s Tessa Time. #awkwardmoment


Tessa:  Oh, hi. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Brennan:  Really?

Booth:  Tessa’s an attorney.

Tessa:  Mmm, corporate, keeping the fat cats fat.

Brennan: I was just studying a cranial fissure on a corporate attorney last week. Of course he was dead so… 

**LOL, Brennan making small talk!**

 Booth: Okay, what is so funny?

Brennan:   I just never figured you’d be in a relationship.

Booth:  Why, do you think something’s wrong with me?

Brennan: Not wrong. You just have alpha male attributes usually associated with a solitary existence.

Booth: What! Me? You’re solitary.

Brennan: No, no I’m private. It’s different and we weren’t talking about me.

Booth:  Well I was.

Brennan:  Well, I wasn’t. Look, I’m happy for you. Relationships have anthropological meaning. No society can survive if sexual bonds aren’t formed betw…

Booth: What the hell are you talking about??

**Methinks Booth is frustrated and maybe a little bit dazzled. Brennan will do that to you.**

Back to the case. Brennan is honest with the victim’s wife, in her Brennan way, but the wife appreciates her honesty.

**And props to Bones for hitting a hot button issue straight out of the gate. It is 2005. The terrorist attacks on the US are very fresh. And Bones went there.**

Brennan uses her anthropological facts for good here, she knows about Muslim law and remains and promises to do what she can do retrieve them. Meanwhile, Booth realizes the wife was having an affair by his gut and what he’s put together. Brennan gets mad.

“You are an insufferable….arrogant….man!”

Booth: “Oh! So only a woman could know a woman. I thought women wanted us to understand them!”

Angela: “Not really. A magician never wants to reveal her tricks.”

Brennan: “So you think you know women because you live with some sexy lawyer? Unbelievable.”

**Hm…..jealous much, Dr. B?**

Say it with me guys, “I hate psychology!”

Angela: “You live with a sexy lawyer?”

Booth: “She has her own place, ok?”

Angela and Booth proceed to agree on his hunch that the victim’s wife had an affair, which annoys Brennan to no end.

She returns to the lab to find Zach having problems with the skull. She sees something she missed and APOLOGIZES to Zach. Which stuns him. And, I’m surprised too, after seeing Brennan in recent seasons, I forgot she knew how to do that (and so did the writers!) Lol

After some case stuff (haha) we get back to the lab.

Angela: Bottom line, I still think Brennan has a shot with Booth.

Hodgins: But she says she’s not interested.

Angela: Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Zach: Maybe she protested just enough.

Angela: Puh lease. She’s been sleeping alone for months. She has enough pent up sexual energy to power a small mid-western city.

Which leaves Angela to stake out Tessa for her best friend, Brennan…who definitely would not want that!

Meanwhile Booth has problems of his own with his suspect:

Ladjavardi: “Have you ever been in the middle of a messy relationship, Agent Booth, or are you a perfect man?”

**Can we all say, FORESHADOWING???**

Also, Booth is getting stonewalled by his bosses and is not happy. Brennan senses his anger but doesn’t get why. Then we get some great bickering/conversation between B&B as Brennan seeks to understand her rather complicated partner. The quick subject changes remind me of their “Whoa. Horse.” exercise:

Booth: I’m a grownup. I’ll deal. You know that thing where you ask for the strength to change the things that you can and the wisdom to know the difference?

Brennan: Not really.

Booth: Well it’s a good thing.

Brennan: Who do you ask?

Booth: For what?

Brennan: For the strength and the wisdom?

Booth: God.

Brennan: And that works?

Booth: Can we talk about something else?

Brennan: Sure. Tessa?

Booth: Tessa!? No. Why do you want to talk about Tessa?

Brennan: What? Why? Why not? I’m sorry. We won’t talk about Tessa.

Booth: I prefer if we would just stay on point and talk about things that you like to talk about like dead people. Dead bodies?

Brennan: Sure, sure. You’ve killed a lot of people, right? When you were a sniper?

Booth: Maybe we shouldn’t talk at all.

Brennan: Right, cause you’re angry.

 Booth: Not angry. I’m not.

Brennan: We’ll find out who killed him, Booth. We’ve got Hamid’s body. You can always count on the dead.

As GGW says, Brennan can give him what only she can, and she learns early that she needs to build him up when he’s feeling down, and she can do that best by the evidence she finds. He knows she doesn’t lie about the facts.

Meanwhile back at the lab, Zach and Hodgins are already having some fun. They gave us so much in these early episodes! I had forgotten how early our Bones Lexicon got going!

Brennan: What is that?

Zach: We used the trace elements we recovered to try and build the bomb. It might give you another link.

 Brennan: Isn’t the FBI working on that?

Hodgins: Yes, this is just for fun.

Brennan: To see who’s better?

Hodgins: Maybe, a little. Yeah.

Brennan: Good luck.


Angela goes spying, and discovers Tessa reading an FBI book and bumps into her to get the scoop. She concludes Tessa is feeling insecure and that the relationship is not solid. She reports this to Brennan in front of the squints who have opinions. Zach says he hears “it’s been awhile” for Brennan as far as hooking up goes! Brennan calls the whole conversation over.

However, Brennan ends up bringing Tessa up again while trying to understand the love triangle in the murder. (I’m sure Sweets/GGW would have a field day with Brennan’s Tessa obsession in this episode. Say it with me again, “I hate psychology!”)

Booth: Tessa and I, that’s a bad example.

Brennan: Well you’re a couple in love, right?

Booth: Why do you keep bringing up Tessa? I mean why? What’s the big deal? Is it so odd for you that I have someone in my life?

Brennan: We were talking about couples. It’s a natural segue.

Booth: Alright, you know, you have to quit using the word segue and eschew. They sound French.

And there goes Booth, downplaying his intelligence to try to get what he wants. Doesn’t work with Brennan here!

Brennan: Keep changing the subject. I get it. You’re sensitive about you and Tessa.

Booth: Why aren’t we talking about you and your boyfriend?

Brennan: I don’t have a boyfriend.

Booth: You just said that as though it’s a good thing and you know what? It’s a very, very sad comment on your personal life.

Brennan: Look, you’re angry again.

As a wise townsperson said in the classic movie “Sweet Home Alabama”:

‘Look at them two. Welded together. Why do they fight it?’ 

Brennan and Booth track down the bad guy at the conference.

Brennan: There are too many ways in. Where are the reinforcements? Aren’t there always reinforcements?

Booth: Sure. They’re downstairs tying up the horses.


But then Booth has to do his least favorite thing, take a life. But he has to be sure.

“I need a face, I need a face!” he tells Brennan.

Brennan calls out Farid’s name, he looks up & tries to access his bomb, and Booth fires. Then, B&B have a post case conference.

Booth: You know I told them to tell the press is was an undercover operation.

Brennan: But it would be a rose garden ceremony. That’s an honor, right? I thought you FBI guys loved your medals?

Booth: There’s no pleasure in taking someone’s life. Nothing to celebrate.

Brennan: You saved so many people, Booth. Don’t forget that.

Booth: You want to get another drink?

Brennan: Shouldn’t you be getting home? Tessa will be worried about you.

Booth: Yeah. I guess I should. Thanks for your help, Bones.

Brennan: Sure.


Brennan goes back to the office to ID some bones, and Booth goes home to Tessa but doesn’t look thrilled.

And season 1 is truly off and running. Thoughts about this episode?


Homicide or Oregon Trail pioneers?


So I came across the above article this morning: “A fluke discovery of children’s bones protruding from a badger hole in southwestern Idaho has investigators trying to determine if they have discovered a double homicide or the disturbed grave of young 19th century pioneers who died going west on the nearby Oregon Trail, authorities said Tuesday…a forensic anthropologist determined that the remains are of a child between ages 4 and 6 and a teenager or young adult between the ages of 16 and 20….Carbon dating results expected in several weeks should help determine when they died, said Greg Berry, the undersheriff of Elmore County.”

My first thought was this:

Carol Ann has dysentery


It was probably dysentery.

And then I thought the forensic anthropologist must not be Brennan because they can’t instantly identify the body. No Angelatron to whip up a facial reconstruction in seconds? No Hodgins to identify the ONE particulate that reveals everything? No Oregon wagon display from the Jeffersonian used to see if the bones were crushed by a wagon wheel?

It’s fun to imagine the Squints figuring this out 🙂