Yanks in the UK (Part 1)

Episode 4×01 / (Production 3×19)

Written By: Hart Hanson & Karine Rosenthal

Directed by: Ian Toynton

Brennan is speaking in England. She shares how Booth has changed her methods a bit.


BRENNAN: Agent Booth is the intuitive humanist while I am the logical empiricist…What I’ve learned from Agent Booth is that we scientists must arm ourselves with something other than pure logic.

B&B talk with their British counterparts about a murder investigation.


WEXLER: Well, would you like to tag along? It is murder. Can’t promise anything but it is possible a famous heiress is involved.

BRENNAN: I’m keen as ketchup.

WEXLER: Mustard. Keen as mustard. Excellent effort at the colloquialism, though. Very impressive. Does your cowboy want to tag along?


Angela’s sort-of husband arrives. Angela jumps in his arms and kisses him. Because….Angela.

ANGELA: That’s the last bit of sugar you’re ever gonna get from me. I want my divorce.

B&B investigate a murder.

BOOTH: Me and Dr. Brennan will go talk to the family.

PRITCHARD: Together?

BOOTH & BRENNAN: That’s what we do.

Booth is made to be a complete buffoon to English culture to make stereotypical American jokes all episode.


BOOTH: God, I hate London! I hate England! I’m glad we had a revolution! Agh! And the weather it changes, it’s cloudy… And coffee! What is so hard about making a cup of black coffee…

Brennan gets an offer she can’t refuse.


BRENNAN: So… what now?

WEXLER: Well, I thought quick drink, back to yours for some sex, and then out for a late supper.

BRENNAN: I’m inclined to accept.

WEXLER: I’m ever so pleased.

BRENNAN: But Booth says I shouldn’t trust you.

WEXLER: And why is that? 

BRENNAN: Well, he says you like to rack ’em up.

WEXLER: Rack ’em up? How vulgar.

BRENNAN: Booth is very good at reading people.

WEXLER: Hmm. Well, in that case, how about we start with the supper, and then let the chips fall where they may?

BRENNAN: That would be an acceptable compromise.

Booth weighs in the next day.


BRENNAN: Well, I think Dr. Wexler is serious about having sex with me. Very interested.

BOOTH: Okay, news bulletin for ya, Bones. There’s not a guy in this country who wouldn’t want to have sex with you.

BRENNAN: Are you being nice about me or awful about British men?

BOOTH: Wexler is not special; you are.

BRENNAN: You think I’m special?

BOOTH: Of course I think that you’re special, yes.

BRENNAN: Thank you. I will take your romantic advice under advisement.

Angela and Hodgins strike a deal.

ANGELA: Can’t have you punching my ex-husbands.

HODGINS: Deal. So long as you don’t kiss your ex-husbands. For longer than 3 seconds. On the lips.


Wexler again tries to convince Brennan to hook up. Brennan sticks with her partner.


BRENNAN: Common sense says you don’t offend your partner for an hour of fun.

WEXLER: An hour. What? One hour? You underestimate me, Dr. Brennan.


BOOTH: I’m just here to bring a little luck.

BRENNAN: I don’t believe in luck.

BOOTH: What do you mean, you don’t believe in luck? Okay, well, how do you explain when good things happen out of nowhere?

BRENNAN: I call that a solipsistic perceptual response to the random nature of the Universe.

BOOTH: Well, tomato, potato. Call it what you want. You know what? It’s still luck.

BRENNAN: You are lucky I understand you when you say things that make no sense.

BOOTH: See, you just agreed with me that is was luck. You just agreed, right there, so I’ll take that.

BRENNAN: I did not agree!


B&B are bickering and miss the bridge opening. What do you think is the significance of that? Did it still bring them good luck? Just delayed a few years?



Season 4!!!!

Can you believe it?! We are 1/4 of the way through the series we love so much. Just wanted to stop and reflect. Even with the writers’ strike messing up the end of season 3, it was a good 3 seasons! Our fearless crime fighters keep up the good work and we’ve gotten lots of backstories and angsty looks between B&B.

What do you love most about the upcoming season? Which episodes stick out as your favorites? What moments stick in your brain, whether emotional or fun? Here are some pics to whet your appetite!!

The Pain in the Heart (3×15)

“The Pain in the Heart”

Episode 3×15

Written By: Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan

Directed by: Allan Kroker

The team is preparing for Booth’s apparent funeral.

SWEETS: It’s Agent Booth’s funeral, Dr. Brennan. Losing a loved one is –

BRENNAN: A partner, Sweets. I lost a partner.

SWEETS: Someone close to you. The funeral allows you to grieve so you can come to terms with his death.

BRENNAN: The Arunta Aboriginal tribe in Australia grieve by burning down their village and – and moving to a new one. That seems no crazier to me than gathering around a hole in the ground.

ANGELA: Brennan…a word. Look. I know how you see things, and I respect that, but I need to ask you a favor. I have to go to the funeral. I’m not going to be able to get through this alone. I’ve been crying for, like, days. I really need your shoulder here. I need my best friend.

CAROLINE: I knew Seeley Booth. He was a good man who earned my respect and affection. And I don’t like many people. Booth had a selfless commitment to his work, first in the military and then the FBI. Two weeks ago, he made the ultimate sacrifice – giving his life to save his partner. And in the brave act, he showed us what greatness we are all capable of.

BRENNAN: That woman was aiming at me and I would have happily taken that bullet.


ANGELA: I know.


The weirdest plot description ever?

BOOTH: After I got shot, the Bureau faked my death so I could finally get that guy. Look, I drove him underground. He said the only way that we would ever see him again would be at my funeral, so…

Brennan, along with us, isn’t buying it.


BOOTH: Bones, I’m telling you. You were supposed to know that I wasn’t really dead. I swear! That’s why I thought you weren’t crying! I gave a list of people to the bureau to inform that I was not really dead. You know what? They didn’t tell you, it’s not my fault.

SWEETS: Dr. Brennan’s actually upset because she had to face strong emotions that she’d rather deny. Striking Agent Booth, indicated the depth of your feelings for him. It was a very passionate act.

BOOTH: Did you hear that? Passion!

BRENNAN: Yes, passion, because anger is a passion! Anger at being manipulated!

Brennan gets a very creepy package in the mail.

BOOTH: Bones, it’s Gormogon. Has to be.

CAM: Oh, god. Who has he eaten this time?

Brennan needs answers.


BRENNAN: I need to talk to you!

BOOTH: What the hell, Bones! I’m in my house, in my bathroom, in my bathtub! How the hell did ya get in here anyway?

BRENNAN: Well, that fake rock by your front door wouldn’t fool anybody. Why are you wearing a hat that dispenses beer?

BOOTH: Hot tub, plus cold beer equals warm beer. Hat? Equals solution. So why are you –

BRENNAN: You should have told me that you weren’t dead.

BOOTH: I already explained this to you. The bureau has to vet everyone when there is a security issue. I was just following protocol.

BRENNAN: Protocol!?


BRENNAN: We’ve been partners for three years, Booth, and you’ve broken protocol before – sometimes putting my life in danger. Which makes sense because you clearly don’t have any real concern for me. BOOTH: I took a bullet for you!

BRENNAN: Once! That only goes so far!

BOOTH: Fine. What is it that I should have done, Bones? Wha- what did you want me to do? The next time I die, I promise that I will tell you.

BRENNAN: I’ll look forward to that.

BOOTH: Me too.


As Zack and Hodgins work, there is an explosion.



Booth finds out important info.

SWEETS: Ah, tight grip you got there.

BOOTH: And it could get tighter. So go ahead. Tell her.

SWEETS: Tell her what?

BRENNAN: Tell me what?

BOOTH: Tell her now.


BOOTH: Fine. I’ll tell her. Okay? I sent my list to the bureau. They sent it to Sweets. You were the one who decided not to tell Dr. Brennan that I was still alive. He’s the one that you should have slugged, so do it. Go ahead and do it now.

BRENNAN: What? You choose not to tell me?

SWEETS: Yes, it’s true. Technically.

BOOTH: There’s gotta be other stuff going on here, right?


BOOTH: Come on! I mean, when I offer her a piece of pie you say it has deeper meaning.

BRENNAN: I don’t like pie, Booth.

\SWEETS: You know, I think it’s interesting, psychologically how Agent Booth’s constant efforts to persuade you to enjoy fruit pie could be interpreted as a kind of seduction.

Brennan sneaks a quick convo with Sweets.

BRENNAN: Not telling me Booth was alive? You wanted to quantify our reactions for your own research? You took advantage of us. Booth and I agreed to let you observe us. We did not agree to be used as lab rats, so you better cut it out.

SWEETS: Dr. Brennan, why are you talking so fast?

BRENNAN: Because if Booth hears why you did what you did? He’d beat you up.

B&B go to the diner.

BRENNAN: What, you’re just having coffee? Don’t you want pie?

BOOTH: I’m fine.

BRENNAN: But you always have pie.

BOOTH: Can we stop talking about pie?

BRENNAN: Is it because of what Sweets said?

BOOTH: I’m just going pie-less. Okay?

SWEETS: Can we talk for a minute? I have a profile of someone I feel could be Gormogon. No pie? You always eat pie.

BOOTH: Enough with the pie, will you just sit down?

Brennan figures it out about Zack.

BRENNAN: Zack lied.


BRENNAN: He – he took the teeth from bone storage and he made Gormogon’s dentures.

BOOTH: Zack has complete access to the lab. He arranged for the explosion himself.

BRENNAN: It’s Zack. He’s the killer, Booth. It’s Zack.

BOOTH: Cam. I’m gonna need the room.



Sweets argues that Zack should go to prison.

SWEETS: No, that won’t stand up. Zack isn’t actually insane. What?

BOOTH: Sweets? You’re gonna give this one to Bones. You understand?

SWEETS: I understand.

BOOTH: Good.

Brennan struggles with what she has given/done for Zack that was meaningful to him. Booth helps.



BOOTH: “Dear Mr. Addy. It is my pleasure to offer you the post of my intern in Forensic Anthropology. I choose you from hundreds of applicants because of your knowledge, your desire to learn and because I feel you will find a home here.” I think you gave him something great, Bones.

*What do you think about the whole Zack thing, especially in hindsight of the end of Bones? Did they “fix” it, are you OK with this plot point?

*What do you think about Sweets’ experiment on B&B? What do you think about Brennan pretending to agree with Sweets, then giving him a secret talking-to? Why did she protect him from Booth’s wrath? Because she actually did agree with Booth being angry at Sweets… Hm. Was she giving Sweets a second chance to keep working with them? If so, why?

The Wannabe in the Weeds (3×14)

“The Wannabe in the Weeds”

Episode 3×14

Written By: Josh Berman

Directed by: Gordon C. Lonsdale

We find B&B at a crime scene. Booth is affected by the weeds.


BRENNAN: Particles from the cut grass are causing his mast cells to release inflammatory mediators.

BOOTH: It’s just allergies Bones.

BRENNAN: I know. That’s what I said.

They interview the victim’s neighbor who gives important clues.

BRENNAN: Must you call her ‘Fat Pam’?

MATTHEWS: That’s what he called her! Hey, it’s not like Tommy was the nicest guy who ever lived. She wasn’t really all that fat either.

BRENNAN: You mean overweight. Fat is a deposit found underneath the skin. It consists of lipids-

MATTHEWS: Okay. Sure.

Sweets helps.


SWEETS: She has body image issues, which are not congruent with her actual appearance. She’s someone who’s slightly large, who believes she’s a very large woman, who can convince people she’s only slightly large. And the way people treat her convinces her that she’s right.

BRENNAN: That’s interesting.

SWEETS: See, you’re only pretending that’s interesting. It means very little to you.

BRENNAN: That’s true.

SWEETS: You have an irrational prejudice against psychology, probably because of emotions that are too complicated for you to deal with. And I poke, and I prod at them which makes them real. And painful.

BRENNAN: And yet I feel no pain. Just a sort of… disinterest.

They watch Booth question Pam.


PAM: Who’s going to love me now?

BOOTH: I’m sorry.

SWEETS: No no no don’t touch her-


PAM: Thank you Agent Booth.

They continue to investigate. Zack decides to share that he also can sing.

ZACK: Did you know that I sang too? My parents felt that singing lessons would help integrate me socially.

HODGINS: Really.

ZACK: Yes. I was quite good. I received acclaim and a new stature amongst the parents of my peers.

HODGINS: What about your actual peers?

ZACK: My mother said they were jealous, and not to worry about it.

HODGINS: Jealous… of your singing. Yeah, I’m trying Zack, but I just, I can’t see it.

ZACK: “Love is a many splendored thing! It’s the April rose that only grows in the early spring…”


Brennan dismisses the singers’ search for fame.

BRENNAN: The need to stand out from the crowd is innate.

BOOTH: It’s obnoxious!

BRENNAN: You were the best sniper when you were in the army!

BOOTH: I was just doing my job, okay?

BRENNAN: And that set you apart from the others.

BOOTH: Bones, we’re talking about singing some nightmarish Broadway songs.

BRENNAN: Booth, It doesn’t matter. Whoever is best has the status and power… and becomes the superior mate.

BOOTH: Yeah, well I tell you that some of those people are not going to be mating, that’s for sure.

BRENNAN: But they will have the power and prestige. You enjoy it because you are a superb agent.

BOOTH: You think?


“You are a superb agent”/”I admire your expertise”= I LOVE YOU

BRENNAN: Yes, of course. Since I am the best in my field, it would be self destructive for me to work with someone who’s beneath me.

BOOTH: Oh. Okay. Well that’s good. ‘Cause, um, you know, I have to be honest here. Sometimes I think that you think you’re better than me.

BRENNAN: Well, objectively, I am more intelligent…

BOOTH: There you go…

BRENNAN: In certain areas, and in others… I understand my limitations, and I… admire your expertise.

BOOTH: Huh. You admire me?

BRENNAN: …In certain areas of expertise.

BOOTH: Well, I admire your expertise.

Brennan also divulges a singing past.


BRENNAN: Until I was thirteen, I wanted to be the next Cindy Lauper.

BOOTH: I’d say you’re kidding, but I don’t think you know how to kid.

BRENNAN: The other girls and I referred to her as ‘rad’.

BRENNAN: My mother said that I sang just as well.

BOOTH: Well as Cindy Lauper?


SWEETS: Mothers do that. It’s healthy.

BRENNAN: No, this wasn’t just flattery. My mother told me that I sang ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ better than she did.

SWEETS: It was an expression of affection, Dr. Brennan. Not an objective evaluation of your abilities.

BRENNAN: Well, I think you’re wrong.

They discover the murderer was the neighbor all along. Shocker. Booth surprises Brennan.

BRENNAN: What’s going on? Why did you call me here, Booth?

BOOTH: Your need to sing in front of a live audience, it’s innate Bones.

BRENNAN: No way…

BOOTH: Hey, I’ve got the music, the frivolity. What else do you need?


Booth admires Brennan, then makes the ultimate sacrifice as Pam returns. Brennan epically takes Pam down.


*One of my biggest Bones regrets of all time is the quick appearance and departure of Fat Pam. I loved how creepy she was and she could’ve been a great recurring character. Missed opportunity.

*(Pam also has a cameo in The Office as a pleasant receptionist and it’s so weird! She was so nice! lol #acting)

*I love how the team rallied around Brennan to help her sing and that Booth set the whole thing up.

*I especially love how Brennan just takes Pam out with one shot, Booth style. Awesome.

*The case, another forgettable one for me, but I loved the Pam storyline and the ending. Fantastic.

The Verdict in the Story (3×13)

“The Verdict in the Story”

Episode 3×13

Written By: Christopher Ambrose

Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc


B&B are at another crime scene. Brennan laughs at Booth’s rolled-up carpet theory. Caroline arrives.

CAROLINE: I did not know she could laugh.

BOOTH: What are you doing at the crime scene?

CAROLINE: Dr. Brennan is suspended from all crime-related duties.

BOOTH: What?

BRENNAN: What? For laughing at Booth?

BOOTH: That really doesn’t bother me.

CAROLINE: We have a date for your father’s murder trial. Booth is the arresting officer. You can’t work together until it’s over.

BRENNAN: This is not necessary.

BOOTH: They don’t need to separate us.

BRENNAN: I’m very compartmentalized.

BOOTH: Very compartmentalized.

B&B break the news to Sweets at the diner that the partnership is splitting up.

BOOTH: Well, Sweets. I’m – I’m gonna miss you. It was a real pleasure working with you.

SWEETS: Really? You are?

BRENNAN: I, too, find him intriguing in a non-rigorous, pragmatically irrelevant kind of way.

BOOTH: I agree with what she said.

The Brennan/Keenan’s discuss the trial. Enter Clark who will testify.

BRENNAN: This is not Clark’s first trial.

MAX: Oh, he’s a full-grown scientist?

CLARK: I shave sir. I have a driver’s license. I’ve won a couple fist fights. I’ve saved a life. I’ve lain with woman. I’ve been hustled at pool. I’ve defied my father’s wishes. I have broken hearts and I have been heartbroken. So, by all the markers of this society, I am a grown man.

RUSS: Is he gonna talk like that at dad’s trial?What about that genius kid at your lab?

MAX: The oversized eyes and the toaster head? That guy?

CLARK: I’m sorry if my normal sized head and eyes diminish your confidence.

BRENNAN: Zack is working for the prosecution.

MAX: Okay. Welcome aboard, kid.

The squints talk, and Zack is very Zack.


ANGELA: I hate this. I hate it.

CAM: What? Strangers on our forensic platform?

HODGINS: Ange doesn’t like that we’re on different sides.

ANGELA: All of us together and Brennan alone.

ZACK: Not alone. She’s with those African American people.



CAROLINE: I’m gonna say to you what I always say to you before a trial because this one is no different than any other trial.

ZACK: You’ve never said that before.


HODGINS: You’ve never told us that a trial is no different from any other trial.

ZACK: Which suggests that this one is different.

CAROLINE: Have you no control over these people?

CAM: None whatsoever.

Even a trial can’t break B&B’s connection across the aisle.


BOOTH: What?

BRENNAN: I could so be objective.

BOOTH: I know, Bones. Okay. Just shhhh.

JUDGE HADDOES: You two, please. Keep to your own sides of the aisle.



BOOTH: It might not be good coffee, but hey at least it’s lukewarm.

BRENNAN: We’re not supposed to talk.

BOOTH: We can’t talk about the case but we can talk about crappy coffee. Put the cup in front of your mouth when you talk.


CAROLINE: No. No. Ya’ll cut that out.

BOOTH: Good luck, Bones. Oh, and remember I’m the one who gave you this delicious coffee.


BOOTH: Why? Because I’m the first prosecution witness against your father.

Angela refuses to testify.

ANGELA: Friends don’t send friends’ fathers to the electric chair.

BRENNAN: Maryland uses lethal injection.

ANGELA: Well, the principle holds, sweetie.

B&B get back to whispering.

SWEETS: I obtained my undergraduate psych degree from the University of Toronto, Masters Degree in Abnormal Psychology from Temple University and my Doctorates in Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Analysis at Columbia University.

BOOTH: Doctorates? As in more than one?

SWEETS: I won simultaneous Fulbright and Rhodes scholarships to write my book, “The Art of Evolutional Profiling”-

BRENNAN: More than one scholarship too.

SWEETS: Which is what brought me to my current posting at the FBI.

BOOTH: No wonder Dr. Geeks can never hang on to a girlfriend.

SWEETS: There I do partners therapy and psychological profiling.

BRENNAN: It’s Dr. Sweets.

BOOTH: I know, Bones. I was just saying…Dr. Geeks as in geeks. Meet Dr. Geeks.

JUDGE HADDOES: Excuse me, Agent Booth? I would like you to switch seats with Dr. Saroyan. You, Dr. Brennan, please switch seats with your brother.


JUDGE HADDOES: You don’t whisper as quietly as you think you do.

BOOTH: Yeah, you know, you do whisper a little loud.

BRENNAN: You started it.

Sweets goes full-on imprinting.

SWEETS: I’m writing a book. Taking a clinical approach to efficacy and focused outcomes. You shouldn’t work well together, but you do. I’d like to study it further.

BOOTH: I don’t get it.

BRENNAN: He wants to study us.

SWEETS: Once a week, nothing changes.

BOOTH: Now why would we want to do that?

BRENNAN: I can’t think of a good reason.

SWEETS: Okay, see. That thing you do when you talk to each other while excluding the third party, namely me, its an adaptive mechanism for, uh, disparate entities to bond together against their own individual impetuses to dissociate. It’s, um, it’s what-

BOOTH: What does that mean for us?

BRENNAN: Nothing useful.

BOOTH: Tell you what. Why don’t we make a deal with him where we allow him to study us. In return, he gives us psychological profiling on demand.


BRENNAN: No, you like that sort of thing but I don’t see the point.


BOOTH & BRENNAN: He really likes us.

SWEETS: Alight, you know what. I’m sorry I made the offer. I take it back. Forget it.

BRENNAN: Sweets is pretty good in the interrogation room.

BOOTH: Yeah. Profiling on demand, interrogating back up…

BRENNAN: Well, and to be honest, I was impressed with his credentials.

BOOTH: I’ll tell him okay.

Booth provides support.

BOOTH: You liked the idea of him beating the murder charge.

BRENNAN: Yes. But he did it. We both know my father did it.

BOOTH: Bones, wanting your father to come home instead of going to prison, that’s- that’s okay.

BRENNAN: But what I do – what we do is put murders like him away.

BOOTH: Okay. You’re not Dr. Brennan today. You’re Temperance.

BRENNAN: I don’t know what that means.

BOOTH: The scientist part of you got sidelined, temporarily.

BRENNAN: I still don’t know what that means.


BOOTH: Bones, just, take the brain, okay, put it in neutral. Alright? Take the heart – pop it into overdrive.

BRENNAN: Sometimes I think you’re from another planet.

BRENNAN: And sometimes I think you’re really very nice.


BRENNAN: I have a way to lodge reasonable doubt in the jury.

BOOTH: We can’t talk about this.

BRENNAN: Please? You’re the person I talk to about things like this.


BOOTH: Brain and heart, Bones. Brain and heart.

They use Brennan to twist jurors’ thinking about Max. Booth takes the stand.

verdict-2 (1)

BOOTH: Could Bones have killed Kirby? Temperance Brennan – I’ve worked with this woman. I’ve stood over death with her, I’ve faced down death with her. And Sweets, he’s brilliant, he is, but he’s wrong. She could not have done this.


*Man we are at the height of Bones’ greatness in these episodes. So much to unpack and so much to love. How each squint processes the situation. How Brennan has to struggle to compartmentalize. How Booth supports his partner throughout. How, at the end, they just hug with no words. How Booth steps back to allow Brennan to hug her dad, but doesn’t take his eyes off her, and she with him. All. The. Feels.

The Baby in the Bough (3×12)

“The Baby in the Bough”

Episode 3×12

Written By: Karine Rosenthal

Directed by: Ian Toynton

(Be prepared for plenty of parallels in this recap!)


BRENNAN: What do you know about the Cayman Islands?

BOOTH: Great diving, you know? Lots of sea turtles. Why? Are you going?

BRENNAN: No. My accountant wants me to set up a tax shelter there.

BOOTH: Tax shelter?! Exactly how loaded are you?

BRENNAN: That is an offensive way to phrase the question. Quite loaded. I’m betting on a seven figure advance for my next book.

BOOTH: Seven figures. Wow. Without the decimal point?

B&B are called to the scene of the accident and find a special surprise!


BOOTH: Oh, look at him, Bones. He looks a little fussy there. Why don’t you pick him up and give him a cuddle?

BRENNAN: What? Just because I have breasts doesn’t mean that I have magical powers over infants. You’re the one with the son.

BOOTH: All right, fine. I’ll take him. Here you go. You have fun with the diaper bag. You look good. Come on, little man! Whoa-ho. Hi! Why don’t you say hi to your grumpy old Auntie Bones.

BRENNAN: No! I am not grumpy!

Booth leaves Brennan with the baby.

BRENNAN: Wait. Wait. Wait! Booth. There’s a baby! I don’t feel comforta-.Oh! No no! No need to fuss! Obviously something is upsetting you. Children have toys; you must have some. Let me see. You know, elephants are not purple. This is wrong.


Booth’s face. Lol!

Keeping the baby with them as “evidence” is a stretch, but this plot point/continuity point helps…

ZACK: Why is Doctor Brennan the official custodian?

ANGELA: She’s registered as a foster parent. Russ asked her to do it after he began his prison term.

CAM: Russ wants to make sure his step-daughters are taken care of if anything happens to Amy.

Baby fever hits the lab!


ANGELA: Get used to it. I want, like, a million of these.

HODGINS: Cool. What do you think she meant by “a million”? Two?




BOOTH: You know, you look very mom-like with that baby monitor

BRENNAN: I have a responsibility under state law as a foster parent. I’ve already bought him toys and clothes.

BOOTH: Ah, so you’ve bought him some clothes?

BRENNAN: Well, I sent an intern, who apparently loves bears, which in reality would devour a small child.

BOOTH: Are you gonna get him?

BRENNAN: I figured you’d get him.

BOOTH: Don’t you have a “responsibility under state law”?

BRENNAN: But you’re the baby daddy.

BOOTH: Baby daddy?!

BRENNAN: You have prior experience with pre-verbal infancy.

BOOTH: You can be the daddy mommy.

ANGELA: Okay, you two had better get your act together or I’m suing for custody.

B&B get evidence of the mother’s location and that it is an impoverished area. They discuss.

BOOTH: Yeah. That could be why our victim was driving a junker. She couldn’t afford registration, insurance… You know, I don’t wanna sound insensitive here, but I’m telling you: real estate? It’s gotta be a steal. I mean, you could build yourself a beautiful house on the river. I could come out and fish. You could put in one of those media rooms. You know, I saw a one hundred and three inch flat-screen TV- BRENNAN: I don’t need another residence, Booth.

BOOTH: Just, you know, tryin’ to give you a little financial advice.

BRENNAN: Economies live and die just like any organism. When they expire, the logical thing to do is to move.

Fierce Booth comes out as they approach a potentially dangerous scene.

BOOTH: No no no no no no no no no.


BOOTH: No no no no. Look, the front door is open. You stay here.


BOOTH: Bones, there is a baby involved. If you hear gunfire, anything like that, drive away.

BRENNAN: Bu-I’m not leaving you.

BOOTH: Yes you will, because this is about the baby, not me. Promise me.

BRENNAN: I promise.

BRENNAN: We will find out what happened to your mother. I promise. You know, Booth is an excellent investigator and, I don’t like to boast, but I am the best in my field. What do you want? Ah. How, how about some visual and auditory stimulation? Okay. Let’s see. Um.

BRENNAN: Phalanges! Phalanges. Phalanges! Dancing phalanges. Dancing phalanges! Booth thinks bones are dry and boring, but- show me your phalanges.


Meanwhile back at the lab…

ANGELA: You don’t want kids?

CAM: Eh, screaming, crying, vomit…other bodily fluids. It’s like a day around here. It’s not worth giving up this body for that.


And she stayed true to that with adoption!

Brennan identifies with Andy’s situation and doesn’t want to give him up yet.

BRENNAN: His mother is dead and his father is a felon. I’ve been in his situation, Booth. I am not turning him over until I’m satisfied that he is somewhere safe where he’ll get the care he deserves.

BOOTH: Fine. He can stay with us, for now.

BRENNAN: Thank you.

Brennan pulls some strings.

BRENNAN: Well, then tell the congressman I’d appreciate a call back. Thank you.

BOOTH: Congressman, woah, what is Bones up to, huh?

BRENNAN: I’m just putting in a few calls. You know, I have contributed a great deal of money to numerous campaigns. I think these politicians owe me.

BOOTH: Bones, that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

BRENNAN: That is exactly how it does work, Booth. If the government fixed that bridge leading to Huntsville, they’d be back on the scenic route.

BOOTH: Okay, what about the “lack of fiscal resources” that you were talking about?

B&B figure out the tire plant manager embezzled from the company and the victim found out and was silenced. Cam reveals Baby Andy has a manageable, treatable condition.

BOOTH: Looks like our little guy’s going to be just fine. *The* little guy.


BOOTH: Andy’s going to be just fine.


B&B turn Baby Andy over to the victim’s neighbors who agree to raise him. They discuss.


BOOTH: You know, I’m gonna miss that little guy…And so are you, so don’t deny it.

BRENNAN: I’m not ashamed to say that I have developed a certain…affection for Andy. It’s a natural byproduct of care giving.

BOOTH: Yeah. So, what do you think, huh? Change your mind about having kids?


BOOTH: Okay, all right. You got some time. Not *that* much time…

BOOTH: You know, it’s a, it’s a shame.


BOOTH: No kids: who’s going to be proud of you?

BRENNAN: I don’t do it for that.

BOOTH: Yeah, okay. I know. I know. You know, with next year’s book, you should uh, you should get that second home in that town you saved. I mean, it only makes sense, right? Because every year, you know, plasmas, they go down, they get cheaper and cheaper-it happens all the time.

BRENNAN: Forget it.

BOOTH: What? I’m just saying. Andy’s going to miss his Auntie Bones. He’s going to want to see you. We could all go fishing, come back home, plop ourselves in front of that one hundred and three inch plasma screen of *heaven* and *football* and you can make the *five layer* dip.

BRENNAN: Seven layer dip.

BOOTH: Even better! Seven layers! Perfect! You can talk to Andy: hello Andy, little baby, little baby baby Andy…

One last parallel…sad baby time, happy baby time. David and Emily, the underappreciated experts of body language.


Thoughts? How do you appreciate this episode now in hindsight. Do the following seasons and storylines change your perception of it? How do you think each handled the Baby Andy situation?

I thought this episode had clever dialogue….great writing and directing! And acting!