Two Bodies in the Lab (1×15)

Yay!!! Finally time for one of my favorites of the series!

“Two Bodies in the Lab”
Episode 1×15
Written By: Stephen Nathan
Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Brennan is cyber dating:


<Firsttimer34551>: It’s been two weeks of typing; I think we’re ready to have a meal, if only to give our fingers a rest.


<Doc206>: I’m enjoying the anonymity.

<Firsttimer34551>: Oh God, don’t tell me your picture was a fake.

<Doc206>: Just carefully lit. How about yours?

<Firsttimer34551>: I Photoshopped out my third eye. I’ll meet you at 7 at Nolita’s on K Street.

<Firsttimer34551>: Still there?

Dr. Goodman: Temperance.

Brennan: Oh…

Dr. Goodman: I startled you…

Brennan: Yeah, I was just chatting with a friend online.

Dr. Goodman: Sorry but we have a new delivery, top priority. Sounds like a good friend.

Brennan: Yes, it’s fascinating how interests and intimacy can be cultivated online.

Dr. Goodman: So you’ve never met this friend?

Brennan: I’ve done enough Googling to schedule a dinner. You said there was a delivery?



Goodman is not amused.


The team examines a new body in the lab. Zach examines the bones.

Zach: Yeah, I can have them ready about eight tonight.

Brennan: Uhhh, can’t work tonight. Tomorrow morning is fine.

Angela: You have a date tonight.

Brennan: It’s not a date, it’s a meal.

Hodgins: With a man?

Angela: Did you meet him on the website I told you about?

Booth: You’re dating online?

Brennan: Well it’s a practical way of objectively examining a potential partner without all the game play.

But Booth is more romantic about it…

Booth: You know, what ever happened to seeing someone across a crowded room, eyes meeting, that old black magic gets you in its spell…

Brennan: There’s no such thing as magic.

Booth: Oh–there’s magic.






But they have more pressing matters, a new body.


She gets a call from her date at the scene.


Brennan: You disapprove?

Booth: I said great.

Brennan: With attitude.

Booth: Don’t go overboard with psychology. It’s not your thing.

Brennan: Look, I am an adult Booth. I see men. I go out with them on occasion. I sleep with them.
Booth: Hey, you know what? That’s cool but you don’t even know who this guy is that you’re meeting.

Brennan: I have trekked through Tibet avoiding the Chinese army. I think I can handle meeting someone for dinner.

Booth: Fine, you know what? You have fun with Dick431 or whatever his handle is.

Brennan: Yeah I will.

Booth: Good.

Brennan: Thanks.

Booth: Fine.

Brennan waits for her date.

Brennan: David, hi. Yeah I’m here well I guess I’m two doors down. No, I know the traffic on the beltway can be brutal. Okay. Bye.



Extreme dating-dodging bullets!



Booth: Bones! What the hell are you doing?

Brennan: Working. Why does everyone find that so odd?

Booth: Why? Oh, I don’t know. Why? Because maybe an hour ago someone tried to kill you. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to continue to work these cases.

Are we just “partner worried” Booth??? Hm………..???????


Brennan: This is what I do Booth.

Booth: Alright look, whoever killed these victims wants to make sure you don’t finish your investigation.

Brennan: Hundreds of criminals would like me to stop what I do. Are you suggesting that I just give up my career?

Booth: Just be reasonable.

Brennan: Fine. Logic suggests that the shooter is involved in one of these cases so I should find out who killed them before he tries to shoot me again. Did Forensics recover the bullets that were meant for me?

Booth: Kenton is pulling all the files on the case on all mob activity six years ago. Brennan there is one other person we have to look at, your date.

Brennan: Well I spoke with him, Booth. He was in his car in traffic and why would he want to kill me?

Booth: Why would somebody want to kill your victim over there? Look Brennan, I know it’s hard for you to admit you’re wrong about something but I really don’t care about your feelings right now, I’m more concerned with your life. So they’re bringing your date in for interrogation, grab your coat.

Brennan: I’m working.

Booth: Brennan! I’m not letting you out of my sight until I find out who is trying to kill you.

Say it with me now guys! Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

They bring in Brennan’s date for questioning. It turns into Booth being like the dad protecting his daughter from her date!!


Booth: Excuse me, I’m special Agent Seeley Booth. I’ll be asking the questions. You want to sit down?

David: Sure, I mean I didn’t see anything. When I got to the restaurant I saw the cops but I had no idea that it had to do with you.

Booth: You’re an investment banker, good looking guy but yet you find your women online.

David: Excuse me?

Booth: Can’t you find any woman at work?

David: Well she was online too and she’s a great looking doctor. Your picture doesn’t do you justice by the way.

Brennan: Thank you. Yours either. The resolution must not be very good online.

Booth: Bones!

Booth: So this whole online thing, how long does it last because if it’s just a way to, hook up. I gotta tell you. It’s pretty low.

David: You know one of my partners met his wife online.

Brennan: You’re kidding?

David: No, they’ve been married for five years.

Booth: Doesn’t mean it’s not creepy.



These two. I mean, honestly.


David: Okay, I’m sorry. Did I miss something cause I don’t want to get in the way or between…

Brennan: What? Uh, no.

David: Well then maybe we could reschedule dinner?

Booth: No.


Angela: Hey. The victim was Penny Hamilton, nineteen. She was a student at American who disappeared walking back to her dorm. She was about to go to Haiti to work at a medical clinic.

Brennan: Booth is going to think that this is his fault.

Angela: He knew her?

Brennan: The killer has done before. Booth couldn’t get the evidence he needed. The guy promised Booth he never would.


Angela: So how do you like David? It’s not often you can interrogate a guy on a first date.

Brennan: I like him. Booth still doesn’t approve but I told him to mind his own business.

Angela: Hey, Booth is a big strong hot guy who wants to save your life. I mean you actually have a knight in shining FBI standard issued body armor, so cut him some slack.

Zach: I cleaned the bones Dr. Brennan. You could eat off them.


They gather clues and have suspects and then we are back at Brennan’s.


Booth: No you’re squints can handle it. You haven’t slept in over a day, Alright? You need to get some rest. I’ll sleep on the couch.

Brennan: You think you’re staying here with me?

Booth: Yeah. Nice place by the way Brennan.

Brennan: No, I’m locked in here, Booth. I’ll be fine.

Booth: Okay look I want you to stay away from your windows too, okay? A sniper has a clear shot from any of these surrounding buildings.

Brennan: I could have just stayed at the lab. The security is tight there.

Booth: Then you would have worked. You would have gotten tired and you would have been more vulnerable when you did go out. Trust me this is the best, alright? So, where’s the TV?

Brennan: I had one but it broke. I’m…I mostly just read and listen to music.


Booth: So let’s listen to some music. Huh?

Booth: Whoa, what’s this? Ha.

Brennan: What is it?

Booth: Nice.

Brennan: Booth.

Brennan: Uh, how did that get there?

Booth: Oh please everybody loves Foreigner.


Booth: Hot Blooded? Talk about a guilty pleasure. Check it baby.



Me thinks she finds the gentleman charming 😉


Poor Booth gets blown up!


At the hospital…


Booth: Did they gather all the evidence from the explosion?

Brennan: Yes.

Brennan: You’re sure?

Brennan: Yes. Booth, I was there. They were very thorough and I was very annoying….

You know on your x-rays, there’s a history of multiple fractures on your feet consistent with beating. It’s a common method of torture in the Middle East, beating the soles of the feet with pipes or hoses.

Booth: Yeah I know.

Brennan: And there are indications of injuries sustained while you were shielding someone.

Booth: How the hell can you tell something like that?

Brennan: The scaring shows that the rib cage spread in such a way that…

Booth: Yeah, okay. A buddy of mine, he lost his weapon and I uh, I tried. He didn’t make it. You know you shouldn’t be looking at my x-rays.

Brennan: Sorry.

Hodgins visits Booth in the hospital.



Don’t mess with a man’s pudding cups.


Booth: Why are you here? Is Brennan alright?

Hodgins: Sure, yeah no. She’s with your compadre. I came by to see how you are.

Booth: Oh.

Hodgins: No, I guess not or maybe your killer is getting sloppy.

Booth: That’s not like him.

Hodgins: Well it wasn’t like him to use explosives either. People change. It’s the wonderful thing about life. Now we can get him before he gets Brennan. Can I have this one?

Booth: Someone planted that evidence so that we’d find it. Someone who knew what we were up to.

Hodgins: Someone at the lab works for the mob. I can see it. There’s not much difference between a corrupt corporate government and organized crime.

Booth: You’re right.

Hodgins: Excuse me?

Booth: The only way that this could unfold is if someone on the inside was orchestrating things.

Hodgins: People never tell me I’m right. They only say I’m crazy. Love you, man.

Hodgins: What the hell are you doing?

Booth: You’re driving.

Hodgins: Cool.


So Brennan’s “protector” turns out to be the baddie:

Kenton: You don’t get rich working for the FBI. When I was undercover the Romano’s were very good to me. When you accept their generosity; you have no choice but to do what they ask.

Brennan: Is that how you live with yourself if you take choice out of the equation.

Kenton: It’s no different then Booth taking out someone from the other side when he was a sniper in the Gulf.

Brennan: That was a war. His actions saved lives.

Meanwhile, Booth is coming.

Booth: No, no, no. He hears noise; you know he could freak out and kill her. We got to be careful.

Agent: There’s no we, Booth.

Booth: Yeah, I’m going in with you.

Agent: You can barely stand.

Booth: I said I’m going with you. Give me my gun.lab24lab25lab26

Booth: Alright. Okay, Alright. Hold on. Oh, it’s okay. I’m right here. It’s all over. Okay. Shh. I’m right here, alright. It’s all over. Shh…alright.

Brennan: How did you get out of the hospital?

Booth: Hodgins gave me a ride. Maybe…maybe you could give me a ride back though, huh?


Back at the hospital…


Booth: Kenton is telling us everything. I mean I guess he figures there’s nothing to hide.

Booth: Yeah, I guess. You know, I let you down, Brennan. I’m sorry.

Brennan: You saved my life.

Booth: Yeah but you know, I shouldn’t …it shouldn’t have gone down like that.

Brennan: What a pair.


Brennan leaves but rethinks her decision…


Brennan: I rescheduled. My…my head still hurts.

Booth: Well you can watch TV if you’d like.

Brennan: Sure.


Booth: Bones, arm. Thanks.


I’m like obsessed with this episode. Probably in my top 5 episodes. Great plot. Interesting case and suspects with a surprise ending. The squints are getting developed and are fun. Booth is at his protective and charming best. Brennan is gorgeous and fierce but just the right amount of clueless at times.  Bones at its best, y’all.

The Man on the Fairway (1×14)


Brennan:    We’ll be meeting with agents from the FAA, the NTSB, and local police.

Zach:  Usually Booth handles those people.

Brennan:   Plane crashes don’t belong to the FBI.

Zach:  Why not? FAA stands for Federal Aviation Administration. The NTSB stands for National Transportation Safety Board. That sounds Federal to me and FBI stands for Federal Bureau…

Brennan:   Zach.

Zach:  This is the third time in a row we’ve investigated without Booth. I don’t like it.

Brennan: Why? He mostly ignores you.

Zach: Ignoring me is Booth’s way of acknowledging my presence. It’s a guy thing.


Is that like a “guy hug” or a “partner thing”?

Zach: What makes this one of our cases?

Dyson:   I beg your pardon?

Zach: We’re kind of special. We’re elite. We don’t sort though just any set of bodies.

Dyson:  It was a state department flight with a bunch of VIP’s on board. Is that special enough?

Zach:   I apologize if I have offended you. Usually we have an FBI Agent who mediates our interpersonal encounters.


Dr. Goodman:  The information that I’m about to tell you must not leave this room

Hodgins:    I am philosophically imposed to institutional secrecy in all its forms.

Dr. Goodman:   Fine, get out.


Booth:    Okay and I’m here why?

Brennan:   Dismemberment, little bits, it’s a murder.


Booth:   Well FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction at a golf course.

Brennan:    Well who does?

Booth:  don’t know. Try the PGA. Uh huh. You know you’ve done a couple of cases without me and you miss me.

Brennan:    Zach misses you not me.

Booth:        Zach and I don’t even talk.

Brennan:    He seems to think it’s a male bonding ritual.

Booth:        Maybe he’s right?

Brennan:    No he’s not.

Booth:        Could be?

Brennan:    You told him that so you wouldn’t have to talk to him.

Booth:        Well it was nicer then shooting him.

Brennan:    Mmmm. Goodman has ordered me to investigate the other extra body.

Booth: Well then you better get on that. Next time you know, you miss me pick up the        phone call me we’ll do lunch or something.

Security Guard: Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth, you have a visitor.

Booth:        You miss me.

Brennan:    No I don’t.

Booth:        You miss me. You miss me.



Angela:       I have a theory.

Hodgins:     Femme fatal assassin.

Zach:           Unregistered flight attendant.

Angela:       Young, beautiful girl, doesn’t appear on the in flight manifest, group of high  powered politicos.

Hodgins:     Oh.

Zach:           Wait. What? What?

Brennan:    Someone on that flight might have been doing his daughter or girl friend a favor.

Angela:       Ugh, you’re so sweet, honey. You really are.

Zach:           Oh, you think she was the in flight entertainment.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh, Early Zach, you crack me up!

Zach:           You want us to defy Dr. Goodman.

Hodgins:     I’m in.

Brennan:    Not defy per say, do both jobs but keep one a secret.

Hodgins:     I’m in.

Angela:       We get it. You’re a rebel.

Hodgins:     Has anyone noticed that I was the first to offer help and apparently I’m useless.

Brennan:    Not true. You are the one that’s going to keep Goodman from finding out.

Hodgins:     I’m in.



King of the Lab


Meanwhile B&B are out in the field…

Brennan:   Well how much money are we talking about?

Booth:   I say we go visit  Ms. Anderson and we’ll know pretty fast if she’s a suspect.

Brennan:    How?

Booth:        How? Subtle psychological indicators, Brennan.

Brennan:    I looked those up on the internet, body language, sweat, tonal quality, shifty eyes.

Booth:   Hey you know what? I don’t go poking around your bone stuff, okay. Just leave  the human stuff to me.


Booth:        Bones, tell Jesse what happened to the victim.

Brennan:    Really?

Kane:          What?

Brennan:    It’s just that usually you tell me not to tell people.


Brennan:    You ignore Zach to make him think that you’ve got some special bond.

Booth:        Yeah but it works doesn’t it? I’m happy. He’s happy.

Brennan:    It’s not the truth.

Booth:        But it works.

Brennan:    Zach wants to fit into the real world more then anything. You’re not helping.


Booth:        I’m going off my gut. I mean what…what’s persuading you?

Brennan:    The bone fragments at the golf course, they didn’t come from Max Kane.

Booth:   That’s great. You knew that when you asked me what I thought. You testing out    my instincts, Bones?

Brennan:    Poking and prodding. I learned from the best.


Brennan, who has bonded with a suspect who’d lost his parents, has a final convo with him.

Kane:   How do you live with it?

Brennan:    What, the disappearance of my parents?

Kane:          The fact that nobody’s looking.

Brennan:    I never thought about it that way until I met you.  There’s a Zen Koan, it says that if you want to find something, you have to stop looking.

Kane:   I can’t do that. My dad’s watching and I don’t want to disappoint him again. Even if you don’t believe it, I know your parents are somewhere proud of what you do.

Brennan:    It’s not rational but, I love the thought of that.


Can you imagine Season 8-12 Brennan doing this? Feeling this?


Brennan goes to visit Booth at Wong Foo’s.

Booth: How did Jesse take it?

Brennan:    Like an orphan. What?

Booth: That’s just, that’s a little poetic for you.

Brennan:    I didn’t mean it that way… I want to ask you another favor.

Booth:        Oh geez, another favor.

Brennan:    I wonder if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at this.

Booth:        The file on your parents? Yeah okay.

Brennan:    Do you want to think about it? It’s a pretty big favor.

Booth:   You’d do it for me.

Brennan:    Yeah I would.

Booth:        I’m proud you asked, Temperance.

Brennan:    You’re back to ignoring Zach?

Booth:  Alright look, I know you don’t approve but you know, it works for us; it worked for   him so…

Brennan:    Yeah I get it and it, it’s kind of sweet.

Booth:        Hey, you know, your people are my people.

Brennan:    What I have people? Hey, I have people.




Then one of the great music people of Bones choose this song to play over the exit scene:

’There now, steady love, so few come and don’t go

Will you won’t you, be the one I always know?

When I’m losing my control, the city spins around

You’re the only one who knows, you slow it down”

Woman in the Garden (1×13)




Booth says, prepare for a lot of photos on this one!


“The Woman in the Garden”

Episode 1×13

Written by: Laura Wolner

Directed by: Sanford Bookstaver

B&B arrive on the scene of another crime…


BRENNAN: Why’d they call in the FBI to Little Salvador?

BOOTH: Well, the car’s got Virginia plates, crossed the state line. Then there’s a suspected gang member.  Then there’s RICO to deal with.  What, Bones, do you really wanna know?

BRENNAN: No, I was just using it as an excuse to make conversation and reestablish our connection.

BOOTH: What??

BRENNAN: I read a book about improving work relationships. It’s not fair to expect you to tell me everything.

BOOTH: I appreciate the effort Bones.

They find a body recently dug up in the suspect’s trunk. Of course it is sent to the Jeffersonian.


But our duo has to duck a hail of bullets first!


BRENNAN: Make a sketch of the face. I’m not sure we’ll find a match, she might have been undocumented. Goodman is an expert in religious iconography, maybe he’ll be able to determine where this rosary was made.

BRENNAN: She was religious; she should’ve had a casket, a proper burial with her name on a headstone. We are going to find out who she is, and we are going to give her that.

Booth interrogates scary-looking gang types while the squints work on the body. Booth joins them with info.

BOOTH: K, I have it on good authority that the guys who shot at our killer were doing it so he’d have a chance to escape.

BRENNAN: The victim was pregnant when she was hit over the head.

BOOTH: Pregnant?

BRENNAN: Yeah, five weeks along.

HODGINS: I ran samples from the body, shovels and burlap through the gas chromatograph and it all came back full of organic compounds. Plant detritus, root remnants, fertilizer.

BOOTH: Sounds like stuff you’d find in a cemetery.

HODGINS: Well, I also found this. Fernaldia pandurata, otherwise known as loroco buds.

BRENNAN: Loroco is an edible flowering plant, it’s native to El Salvador. It’s grown in vegetable gardens, not cemeteries.

BOOTH: She was buried in a vegetable garden?


BOOTH: Ok, can you recognize this loco plant?

HODGINS: It’s quite distinctive. I’m also analyzing the dirt and particulates on the shoe you got off the suspect.  At first glance it matches the vegetation we’ve already found but with a couple extras I’m still checking out.

BOOTH: Ok, Hodgins, suit up, you’re coming with us. We’re going to the barrio.

HODGINS: Field work. Cool!  Do I get a gun?

BRENNAN: You can’t arm Hodgins and not me!!

BOOTH: What is with you people and the guns, huh?

B&B&Hodgins find evidence of two bodies buried in a community garden, instead of just one. B&B discuss:


BOOTH: Our gang unit’s gonna bring in the leader of Mara Muerte, see if we can identify the gangbanger that got away.

BRENNAN: Why would a gang leader cooperate?

BOOTH: I’m gonna ask him very, very nicely, Bones.

BRENNAN: You know that book I’m reading, about getting along with your coworkers? It says that sarcasm is never helpful.  I could lend it to you if you want.

HODGINS: I found Spodoptera, Ornithogalae and Tetranychus urticae on the suspect’s show and on the victim. I also found Notonectidae and Corixidae. It’s aquatic fauna typically only found in and around ponds and streams.

BRENNAN: There are no ponds or streams at the burial site.

HODGINS: Yeah, and here’s the kicker. There was also evidence of genetic material from a Franklinia alatamaha on his shoe.

BOOTH: You’re kidding. I’m in shock.  Frankie Alabama, you don’t say?

BRENNAN: Did you hear what I said about sarcasm?

HODGINS: It’s a rare flowering plant that hasn’t been seen in the wild since 1800. The only known specimen in this area outside a specialized botanical garden was given to Senator Alan Corman as a gift. Oh, I love going after senators.

BOOTH: Whoa, just simmer down there. We’re gonna check out the botanical garden first.

HODGINS: Fine.  It’s at the White House.


BRENNAN: Yeah! *high five*

BOOTH: Ok, you guys should do that even less than normal people.

HODGINS: I call shotgun.

Meanwhile in the car…


HODGINS: I called shotgun. What does it mean to a society when the niceties are no longer observed?

BOOTH: Ok, look, we got two bodies, alright? One unaccounted for.  We’ve been shot at, and now we know that there’s a gang member walking around a US senator’s place.  Any theories? Oh, come on guys.  Let’s think of it as a puzzle, and there’s a missing piece.

BRENNAN: I like puzzles, I find them relaxing. I just finished “The Anatomy Lesson”, Rembrandt.

BOOTH: You’re kidding, right?

BRENNAN: No. What do you find relaxing?

BOOTH: I restore vintage cars.

HODGINS: I know what I find relaxing.

BOOTH: Everybody finds what you find relaxing, relaxing.

The three amigos interview the Senator and his wife and see evidence of the second missing body.



I think it is interesting that Booth is the only one standing. Hm.



David and Emily are the masters of body language.


And David is the master of the face. LOL.

Then they find the body.


Back to the Jeffersonian where they find evidence of the woman’s origins. B&B head off to find clues and find a woman hidden in the walls of a home.

BOOTH: Do you wanna be deported? Do you wanna see your baby again?  Because if he was born here, he doesn’t have to go back with you.  We can keep him.

BRENNAN: Booth, stop. She’s frightened enough.

BOOTH: Bones, we have a double murder on our hands.

BRENNAN: But she didn’t do it.

BOOTH: Just tell her what I said, ok? Tell her we’re calling immigration.  Tell her we’ll get to Jose.

BRENNAN: No! She’s lived with terror and intimidation her whole life.  I’m not gonna add to it.

BOOTH: Alright, you know what, you’re acting like I’m gonna hurt her or something.  I was just trying to get a little information.

BRENNAN: I am asking you as a favor not to make me do this…to scare her. Please?



And he does as she asks.


At the lab. Zack, Brennan and Angela are examining the remains some more.

ZACK: This is interesting.

ANGELA: Interesting or horrible? Because sometimes, it’s the same thing with you.

BRENNAN: It’s a hereditary condition. The two victims were related.

ZACK: Based on their ages, father and daughter.

ANGELA: So father and daughter buried next to each other, right? Then dug up.  But then the father is reburied, why?

BRENNAN: This is the stuff that Booth is good at…the murky ways of the human heart.

ZACK: Yeah.

BRENNAN: All that.

ZACK: We work the hard evidence.

HODGINS: We’ve used up all the evidence.

BRENNAN: OK. Let’s just…you know what?  Let’s pretend we’re Booth, ok?

B&B try to talk to a man in the hospital, who they find is brother to the victim, but he won’t talk. They are not pleased.


Then, B&B attempt to interrogate a man in connection with the murder.

ORTEZ: You know what, lady? You think too much.  Maybe you need a man like me to get your mind off of things.  You know what I’m saying?  I can be your adoring Salvadoran. Look, I don’t know who killed Jose’s sister.  But I’ll tell you what, because I like you so much, if I find out who did it, I’ll kill him.


Afterward, Brennan runs into the man at the elevator.


ORTEZ: You’ve been waiting for me?  Push that button again, and we can go down together.

BRENNAN: You think you can intimidate people into doing what you want?

ORTEZ: Ok, I’ll push it myself.

BRENNAN: How do you handle someone who isn’t afraid of you?

ORTEZ: Just get out of my way. I said move your ass, man.

BOOTH: I wouldn’t …oh.


Brennan smashes his nose.

BOOTH: That’s gonna hurt in the morning.

ORTEZ: Bitch…

Brennan kicks him.


BOOTH: Feel better?

BRENNAN: Yeah. I really do.


Angela is not amused.


ANGELA: You beat up a gang leader?

BRENNAN: Booth told you that?

ANGELA: You did. You got into a fight with a gangbanger.

BRENNAN: You’re mad at me?

ANGELA: The guy’s a killer, Brennan.

BRENNAN: Angela, relax. We were in the FBI building.

ANGELA: Look, I know you’re all about self-reliance and fighting your own battles and standing up for yourself, but now, as your friend, and knowing how much you hate psychology here, you need therapy.

BRENNAN: I’m sorry I upset you. It’s just that I’ve dealt with him before.

ANGELA: With who?

BRENNAN: People who get what they want through fear. Gangbangers, members of death squads…

ANGELA: I know it’s psychology again, but you said “him”, like one guy.

BRENNAN: I didn’t mean Ortez specifically, I meant people like him. On my last trip to El Salvador…

ANGELA: Yeah, I remember, I tried to get you to go to Italy with me.

BRENNAN: I was in a tent set up by one of the grave sites. I was working with the remains of a young girl, maybe 13.  She’d been shot in the head and dumped into a well.  This cop shows up and he might’ve been a solider…it’s not easy to tell.  I thought he was there to guard me, but he told me to stop.  When I refused, he called in two others.  They put a bag over my head and tossed me into a cell with a dirt floor and no windows.

ANGELA: For how long?

BRENNAN: Later I found out it was three days. But, I thought it was a week, maybe more.  He came in every day and made me believe I was going to die.  He said that he’d shoot me and toss me into a well and that no one would ever know who I was or what became of me.  I promised myself if I ever had the chance, I’d get even. That doesn’t mean I need therapy.

They find out that the murdered girl was a maid involved with the Senator’s son. The manager of the house accidentally killed her while pulling her off of a ladder, mad at her for getting involved with the boss’ son.


Ah, the Brennan necklace!


Back at FBI office, another agent approaches Booth in the hallway.

AGENT: Booth?

BOOTH: Yeah?

AGENT: Message from the Gang Task Force Unit. Mara Muerte has put a hit out on your lady scientist.

BOOTH: Oh, man.

AGENT: You got a response?

BOOTH: Yeah, just tell ’em…tell ’em I got the message and tell ’em thanks.

AGENT: Sure.


There is a funeral for the dead man and his daughter.


ANGELA: This is nice of you, not many people would pay for a funeral like this.

BRENNAN: Where’s Booth? He said he’d come.



ORTEZ: Are you crazy? This is my neighborhood.

BOOTH: You put a hit out on my partner?

ORTEZ: She’s not FBI.

BOOTH: I never said anything about FBI. She’s my partner, ese.  And if anything happens to her, I will find you and I will kill you.  I won’t think twice.  Come here, look in my eyes. Look at my face.  If anything happens to her, I will kill you.  This is between you and me, and nobody sees, nobody knows.  You got nothing to prove, understand? You understand?


ORTEZ: Yeah.

BOOTH: Yeah, I thought so. Ok, now if you don’t mind, I’ll leave first because I have somewhere I have to be.

Back at the funeral, which has ended, Booth joins them.


BOOTH: Am I in trouble?

ANGELA: You’re late for a funeral, of course you’re in trouble.

BOOTH: Sorry. I apologize, I…everything ok here?

BRENNAN: Where were you?

BOOTH: I had something to do.

BRENNAN: More important than a funeral?


BOOTH: I thought so at the time.



So…when did Booth tell her about this? Did he ever tell her? How much did he tell her?

Lots to discuss in this episode….thoughts?

Superhero in the Alley (1×12)

“The Superhero in the Alley”

Episode 1×12

Written By: Elizabeth Benjamin

Directed by: James Whitmore Jr.


BOOTH: Okay. So did he jump, or was he pushed, Bones?

BRENNAN: That’s what we have to figure out. We can take the skeleton in. Give you a report, maybe after next week.

BOOTH: No you don’t have to solve the whole case. Just tell me if I’m looking at a murder. Maybe, you know, pull a quick I.D.?

BRENNAN: Don’t use your charm smile on me.


BOOTH: What? It’s a mark of respect. That’s all.

We find out it’s a young man with a comic book found on him at the scene.


BOOTH: It’s Warren Granger, age 17.

BRENNAN: 17, small for his age.

BOOTH: Yeah. Well, he was homeschooled. G.E.D. obtained last summer. Mother and stepfather reported him missing from this very block two months ago. Hey, listen. Bones, you know, if you want, uh, sit this part out, hey I know you got some ancient Chinese bones waiting.

BRENNAN: No. I’m on this now.

BRENNAN: Looks like every other house in the neighborhood.

BOOTH: Every family has its secrets, Bones.

Well, ain’t that the truth.

WARREN’S STEPFATHER: He was always by himself. No friends. No enemies. Spent all his time up here with his comic books and toys. He was a lonely kid. Died before he even had a life. I really thought he had just run away. We tried. Tried to get him out of this place into some kind of real life. I even got him a job at the bowling alley. But… he just spent all his money on this… stuff.

BOOTH: Unbelievable. It’s quite the collection of comic books.


BRENNAN: Hodgins said that the cellulose mass was a graphic novel. He sent it to Angela for analysis and recovery.

BOOTH: Sweet.


BOOTH: This is Batman number 127, featuring the hammer of the Thor. This is worth about 300 bucks.

BRENNAN: Booth, are you a nerd?

BOOTH: First of all, you mean “geek”. And no, I’m not. Okay? It’s quite normal for an American male to read comic books.

BRENNAN: I find it hard to believe you have anything in common with Warren Granger.

BOOTH: Oh, you mean isolated with an inner secret life? No. I’d say you were more like Warren.

Solid burn there, Booth. 10 points. lol

BRENNAN: Zack discovered some significant hairline parry fractures on the right and left ulnae. That’s arms.

BOOTH: I know ulna means forearm. I pay attention. I also know that parry fracture means that the kid fought back, Bones.

BRENNAN: Small stature, a geek, and he fought back.

BOOTH: Yeah. He also got thrown from a roof.

They find out that the victim was writing his own comics.

GOODMAN: As you know, being a writer yourself, Dr. Brennan, Warren Granger’s comic book could be infused with his real-life fears and conflicts.

BRENNAN: Especially in the case of an adolescent writer.

They go out into the field to talk to people who knew him.

BRENNAN: Do any of you people know Warren Granger?

Girl: Something happened to Warren, didn’t it?

ELLIS: Warren’s dead. He was murdered.

BOOTH: No. I never said anything about him being murdered. Neither did the press.

JEREMY: Well, obviously, if you’re the F.B.I., he was murdered. You guys don’t investigate people getting hit by a bus.

Meanwhile, the squints are learning more about the victim through his writing.

GOODMAN: Writer was in pain. And I don’t think it was purely the adolescent angst of the outsider. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it wasn’t mere psychological pain. He’s afraid of actual physical death.

ANGELA: Can you really pull all that information from a comic book?

GOODMAN: Absolutely. All writers reveal more of themselves than they intend on every page.

BOOTH: You know I gotta tell you, I never bought all that English 101 stuff. Sometimes a river is just a river.

BRENNAN: All due respect, but my writing, for example, is pure fiction.

GOODMAN: Dr.Brennan, I fear you reveal much more of your worldview in your writing than you realize.

BRENNAN: Such as?

GOODMAN: Such as “Archaeologists make good administrators because they enjoy tedium”.

ANGELA: Such as “Artists are doomed to a life of loneliness because they aren’t able to think beyond instant gratification”.

BOOTH: Such as, you know, F.B.I. guys are hot, and Angela here wants to have sex with me.


So much information being shared!!

Zack is reading comic books for the first time…

ZACK: Invulnerability, superstrength, heightened senses, telekinesis… I would love to have some of those powers.


ZACK: I- I don’t really know. Is it an odd desire?

BRENNAN: Why fantasize? You’re smart.

ZACK: In some ways my intelligence is a handicap. Well, for one thing, I’m weird. For another, I tend to make people feel stupid, and they resent me for it.

BRENNAN: I suspect it’s the same for superpowers.

ZACK: I’ll clean the bones and try to match a weapon to the damage done.

BRENNAN: Which will make you a real hero in a real world.

The following scene ought to remind you of a much more recent episode…


BOOTH: You smell that?

BRENNAN: Yes, I do.

BOOTH: You know what that is, Bones?

BRENNAN: Wax, popcorn. Feet, deodorant.


BOOTH: That, is America, Bones.

BRENNAN: Keep your bowling ball in the car?

BOOTH: Oh, you know, I figure we ask a few questions about Warren Granger, maybe bowl a few frames… You know, nothing like a little sport to, uh, take the edge off of-

BRENNAN: This is not a sport.

BOOTH: How do you figure?

BRENNAN: There’s no physical benefit. So it’s really like golf. It’s not a sport, it’s an activity.

BOOTH: You know, could you please, Bones maybe just for once try not to piss everyone off around you?

BRENNAN: Yeah. Sorry. Are you good at this… sport?

BOOTH: Well, my average was over 200, less than 2 opens per game. One match I had 211 strikes out of 431 shots. 29 opens in 39 games.

BRENNAN: What does that mean?

BOOTH: Means I won some bowling awards.

BRENNAN: I won the Marshall H. Dixon Award for my paper on George John Romanes and physiological selection.

BOOTH: My God, it’s like we lead parallel lives.




“This is Wanda, the bowler, at the bowling tournament, bowling…”


BRENNAN: You told her that her son didn’t tell her about being sick to make her feel better.

BOOTH: Mm-hmm.

BRENNAN: You don’t really believe that.

BOOTH: People don’t actually do that.

BRENNAN: So you told her to make her feel better?

BOOTH: Right.

BRENNAN: So you just did what you said people don’t do. I wonder why he didn’t tell his mother.

BOOTH: Well, maybe he was all caught up in the romance of being a dying superhero. You know, adolescent angst, all that.

BRENNAN: What do you really think?

BOOTH: The truth is I think the boy was looking to be a man. All on his own without any help. He was doing the best that he could.

BRENNAN: Heroes don’t whine about being sick.

BOOTH: Something like that. Poor kid.

Brennan starts thinking on what Booth said earlier.

BRENNAN: You said before that Warren reminded you of me. You think I’m just like him, that he hid from life by immersing himself in a fantasy world where he fought crime. And I do the same thing, only I don’t have superpowers. I… I have science.

BOOTH: No, Bones. You do fight crime. It’s not a fantasy. As far as any normal person is concerned, you do have superpowers.

BRENNAN: You’re just saying that to me.

BOOTH: No, I don’t do that.

BRENNAN: Yes, you do. You lied to Warren Granger’s mother to make her feel better. That seems to be your superpower…This is an arm bone. Has anyone we’ve seen on this case been favoring her arm?

BOOTH: Not that I’ve noticed.

BRENNAN: That’s because you’re not an anthropologist… with superpowers.

BOOTH: Ha. That’s good.

They figure out who Warren was protecting and why.

BOOTH: That’s not that damsel part that matters. It’s the distress that appealed to the kid. You know? I mean, look. It wasn’t about the sex or the romance. It never was.

BRENNAN: He wanted to make a difference in the world before he died. I told you he was more like you than me.

B&B confront the married couple at the bowling alley. The wife defends her husband.


BRENNAN: Well, Warren was right-handed, so the wound would be on your husband’s left arm.

LUCY: Oh my God.

BOOTH: Bones.


Brennan approaches Ted and hit his upper left arm with her elbow. A blood stain appears.


BOOTH: I got him. I got him. I got him. All right. Aw, hell, Bones. Looks like you opened up an old wound there. All right let’s go. You know what? You’re under arrest. I really hate a wife beater. I really do. Almost as much as I hate someone who kills a dying kid.


They speak to Lucy.

BRENNAN: Warren wanted to rescue you.

LUCY: Oh, my God.

BOOTH: He probably just wanted to intimidate your husband, stop him from attacking you.

Back to the cemetery, Booth approaches the casket. He takes off the Sharpshooter medal that was on his suit jacket and places it on the casket.


Angela finishes Warren’s comic.




The epic crime-fighters with hearts of gold.





Woman in the Car (1×11)

“The Woman in the Car”


Writer: Noah Hawley

Director: Dwight Little


STACIE: I’m Stacie Goodyear and joining me on Wake Up, D.C. is Dr. Temperance Brennan.  She is the Author of the best-selling mystery novel “Bred in the Bone” and she’s also, now tell me if I get this wrong, an anthropologist who works with the F.B.I. to solve crimes?

BRENNAN: Yes, that’s correct.  I use the bones of people who have been murdered, or burned, or blown up, or eaten by animals or insect or just decomposed.

STACIE: Well that’s exciting…uh…Dr. Brennan your book has sold over 300,000 copies.  How do you juggle twin careers as a best-selling author and a crime-fighting scientist?

BRENNAN: Well, I do one, then the other.

STACIE:   And is the work enjoyable?  I mean, the part involving rotten bodies?

BRENNAN: Enjoyable?  Well, satisfying, yes.  Like cracking a code.  Bun in general, when you’re looking at someone who’s been brutally murdered . . . it’s complicated.

STACIE: Doesn’t leave you much time for a personal life, does it?


Right on cue, Booth enters the scene.


BRENNAN: It’s true I’m more focused on my career right now…


Smile, Brennan!




Can’t resist that charm smile!

STACIE: Most of our viewers are parents at home with their preschool-aged children. What will you tell your kids about the horrors that you see everyday?


BRENNAN: I’m not going to have any children.

STACIE: Really?

BRENNAN: Yes, really.


And….there goes the interview.


Off to the crime scene…

BOOTH: One burned backpack, child-size sneaker plus the right side of her seat belt went missing, sliced away.


BRENNAN: You think it was a kidnapping?

BOOTH: I have to act that way.  The first 48 hours after a child abduction are crucial.  That’s why you’re here.  You I.D. that victim, that tells me what kid I’m looking for.

Goodman comes in with a newcomer, of which Hodgins instantly dislikes.


GOODMAN: Miss Pickering will require a few minutes of everyone’s’ time to perform a routine security review.  I expect everyone to be cooperative…

HODGINS: I’m not swearing any damn loyalty oath.

GOODMAN: …And civil.

PICKERING: Didn’t I see you on television this morning, Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN: How could I possibly know what you watched on television?

GOODMAN: Maybe work your way up to Dr. Brennan.

Brennan tells Booth she has an idea.

BOOTH: You know if this works, I’m gonna buy you a puppy.

BRENNAN: That would be inadvisable…You never told me how I was this morning.  I asked, “How did I do?’  You said, “We’ll talk about it in the car.”  We never did.

BOOTH: Was it your first TV interview?


BOOTH: It was fine, you know, for your first interview.

BRENNAN: That was a qualified response.

BOOTH: What?  No.  It was lively.

BRENNAN: Lively?  What kind of word is that?

BOOTH: It’s an adjective. Though ironically, most works that end in a “Y” are adverbs, like “Ironically.”

BRENNAN: Okay, what did I do wrong?

BOOTH: Next time, tell a funny story. Oh, and never, never say you don’t like children.

BRENNAN: I didn’t say I don’t like children.  I said I don’t want any.

BOOTH: On TV it’s the same thing.

Booth and Brennan hit the field. Brennan notices a car seat in Booth’s car.


BRENNAN: Arrest someone really small lately? Car seat in back?

BOOTH: I had Parker for the weekend

BRENNAN: I don’t know how you do that.

BOOTH: Install a car seat in an F.B.I. vehicle?

BRENNAN: Bring a kid into this world, knowing what you know.  I’ll bet Parker was an accident, right? Because his mother wouldn’t marry you?  What?

BOOTH: It never occurred to you that might be a sensitive topic?

BRENNAN: Well, you could’ve gone with the very small felon story.



BOOTH: It’s better for Parker being in the world, someday you will see that.

BRENNAN: I won’t.

BOOTH: You’ll change your mind.

BRENNAN: I don’t do that.

BOOTH: You will.





Out in the field, they find a suspect who’s running away.



DRIVER: U.S. Marshals!

BRENNAN: Forensic Anthropologist!  That’s why no gun.



Back on the case…

BRENNAN: You believe the boy is already dead?

BOOTH: I have to assume that he isn’t.

BRENNAN: Why make that assumption?

BOOTH: Because it gives me something to look forward to instead of dread.  Given a choice, I avoid dread.

BRENNAN: Okay.  That’s logical.

BOOTH: Is it?

BRENNAN: Why dread something that hasn’t happened yet?

They watch a video of the missing boy and his father riding a bike.


BRENNAN: I’m just wondering what is the benefit from watching this video.

BOOTH: You put faces to names.  You get a sense of human beings.  Come on, Bones.  You’re the anthropologist.  What does this tape tell you?

BRENNAN: Learning to ride a bicycle is a kind of right of passage.  It has anthropological significance.

BOOTH: Really?

BRENNAN: It carries meaning beyond the simple mechanics of learning to ride a bike.

BOOTH: Are you being psychological?

BRENNAN: Definitely not.  Psychology is about the individual.  I’m speaking to a set of cultural proxies and mores.

BOOTH: What the hell are you talking about?

BRENNAN: The father is tight.  He’s holding his arms, touching his mouth—

BOOTH: So he’s nervous.  So what?

BRENNAN: Look at the boy.  He’s relaxed.  He’s not afraid.

BOOTH: So then, why was the boy stalling, huh?

BRENNAN: He’s not the father is.  The son understands that on some level, and he’s enabling his father to reach some level of comfort.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.

BOOTH: Relationship…that’s psychology.

BRENNAN: The boy trusts his father absolutely.  He’s confident.  The Father wishes he didn’t have to do this, but he’s accepted that he must in his role as a Father.  What?

Is Brennan reading emotions and body language? Isn’t that Booth’s thing? When did she lose this ability?

Meanwhile, Angela is getting questioned by the security person.


PICKERING: Twenty-five address in six countries in eight years.

ANGELA: That’s weird right?

PICKERING: What where you doing in all those places?

ANGELA: Different things.  Mostly looking.  I’m an artist.

PICKERING: When was the last time you saw your husband?

ANGELA: My husband?


ANGELA: Oh. Oh.  Wow.  You mean that actually took?  Really?  It didn’t seem legal.  We were in Fiji.  You know there was a fire dance.  You know how those things can go, right?

And Hodgins ISN’T being questioned…

HODGINS: Why aren’t you interviewing me?

PICKERING: It won’t be necessary.

HODGINS: I knew it.  They think my dossier is complete.  They think they know everything about me.  Well they’re wrong!

ZACH: Be happy they’re leaving you alone.

HODGINS: Harmless?  I’m harmless.

PICKERING: Yes.  You don’t pose a viable threat.

HODGINS: Well, that’s insulting.

PICKERING: If you want me to interview you I will.  But I’ll only discover what’s already been found.  You are benign.

HODGINS: I am not benign lady.  I’m not harmless. I’m malignant. I’m a loaded cannon…I know things that would make your blood curdle.  Including a formula that literally curdles blood!


Now it’s Zach’s turn-


PICKERING: Mr. Zach Addy I require your full attention.

ZACH: No you don’t, but I’ll give it to you.

PICKERING: I need to establish that you are not a threat to the security of this country.

ZACH: I’m getting a degree in forensic anthropology another in engineering.  What are you afraid of?  That I’ll build a race of criminal robots who’ll destroy the world.

PICKERING: Do you have that kind of fantasy often?

ZACH: Very often.

PICKERING: Does it concern you that such adolescent are a sign of emotional retardation?

ZACH: I’ve been told.  I’m working on it.

PICKERING: And can you understand why that concerns us?

ZACH: Not really.

PICKERING: Hypothetically, you have a piece of information.

ZACH: Secret and meaningful information?

PICKERING: Yes.  The security of the nation is at stake.  Could I bribe you to give it to me?


PICKERING : Threaten you?


PICKERING: What if I made a rational argument, very persuasive?

ZACH: Merely persuasive?

PICKERING: Irrefutable.  I make an irrefutable argument as to why you should give me this piece of information. Would you do so?

ZACH: Not without checking with Dr. Brennan or Angela first.  See what they’d say, maybe Agent Booth if he talked to me, he probably wouldn’t.  I’d check with Dr. Hodgins but he’d say it was all part of a conspiracy so I mostly only take his advice on women.

So when did Zach chuck all of that out the window to believe a creepy guy who makes teeth bombs?

Booth and Brennan are back on the case. Brennan gets playful.

BRENNAN: You just told me not to jump to a conclusion!

BOOTH: No offense intended.

BRENNAN: You were right.  I usually get to tell you that.

BOOTH: Well our relationship has taken a whole new turn.

With a new tip, they go out again in pursuit.

BOOTH: Secure the building, no one in or out.  Usually, I enjoy your company, Bones.  It’s times like these that you give me a little something else to worry about.

BRENNAN: You enjoy my company?

Relationship growth, awwwww….

They find the father and make a deal that he’ll testify if his son is found safe.

BOOTH: Mr Decker, you and Donovan, you have a code word?  Something to let him know that you sent me?

DECKER: Paladin.  Tell Donovan, “Paladin.”

CULLEN: Paladin.  Defender of the faith, protector.  Suits you Booth.

BRENNAN: You know what?  You tough guys are all very sentimental.

They get sent a finger in the mail.


BRENNAN: Who does this?  Cuts the finger off an eight-year-old boy.

BOOTH: Mercenaries.  Professionals.  They don’t feel a thing.

BRENNAN: I feel things Booth.

BOOTH: I never said you didn’t Bones.

BRENNAN: I’m a professional, too.  I do better work if I only see the finger and not the child.  It doesn’t mean I’m like them.

BOOTH: Look, I know that Bones.  But what I also know is that they made a big mistake sending us that finger.

BRENNAN: Why?  Because it made you mad?

BOOTH: No.  Because you’re going to use it to catch them.  So, you gather up your squint squad.  Let’s get to work.

The squints find some intricate evidence.

BOOTH: We’re looking for an abandoned gas station or mechanic shop.   You know you guys are geniuses.

ZACH: How do we find that?

BOOTH: I work for the F.B.I., idiot.

HODGINS: Way to go Zach.  We went from genius to idiot in 3 seconds.

That scene just cracked me up!

Meanwhile, Brennan is getting interviewed.

PICKERING: Can you tell me what you were doing in Cuba?

BRENNAN: Only if you tell me first.

PICKERING: I beg your pardon?

BRENNAN: I don’t know your security clearance.

PICKERING: Well, what is your security clearance?

BRENNAN: You should check with the state department.

PICKERING: I’m from the state department.

BRENNAN: Then that should make it easy for you.

PICKERING:When you were in Cuba, did you meet with a man named, Juan Guzman?


BRENNAN: Hello. It’s Dr. Brennan from the Jeffersonian.  You told me to call you if anyone asked about . . . you know, him.  Someone from the state department named Samantha Pickering.

PICKERING: Pickering. Yes sir.  Yes.  I’ll wait . . . I’ll wait here.


BRENNAN: Any more questions?

PICKERING: No.  Uh, no.  In fact the entire review has been suspended.  I’m to wait here for someone to come and destroy my notes.

Don’t mess with Brennan. Now, for some partner learning time.

BRENNAN: You can triangulate her position?

BOOTH: Yeah to within 75 square miles.  There was six abandoned gas stations in that area.  There were five urban one rural.  S.W.AT.’s team gonna check them all out but I think it’s the rural one.


BOOTH: Because I use to do this kind of work.

BRENNAN: What, rescuing people?

BOOTH: Or being the person they needed to be rescued from.


They are conversing with SWAT about what to do.


BRENNAN: What about me?

BOOTH: Wait outside.

BRENNAN: But I don’t wanna miss anything.

BOOTH: Bones these guys aren’t like anyone you’ve every come up against.  Please, just be someone you aren’t for the next ten minutes and hang back.  Please.

This time, Brennan agrees. Booth goes in.


They save the boy, and now its time to wrap it all up.


BOOTH: We’ll let the grand jury figure that out.  We did our job.

BRENNAN:   It’s not often I get to help save someone before they die.

BOOTH: Bones, every time you catch a murderer, you save his next victim.

BRENNAN:   This is different.

BOOTH: Yeah.  Still glad you don’t have any kids?

BRENNAN: Yeah. Why?

BOOTH: Looking at that boy and his dad.  I just thought you’d change your mind.

BRENNAN:   No.  Still glad you do have a kid?

BOOTH: Gladder today than yesterday.

BRENNAN:   Doesn’t make any sense.

BOOTH: Yeah, it’s complicated.


Atta boy/girl 🙂




This episode had a lot of Booth gun action. Here’s a bonus one from mid-episode: