Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond (4×5)

“The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond”

Episode 4×05 / Production 4×01 (We finally have production in the same season it aired!!)

Written By: Josh Berman

Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc


There is a body found, and its purpley. Alos, they continue to “explain” the Zack/murdery storyline.

ZACK: As I’ve told you many times before Doctor Sweets, I do feel remorse.

SWEETS: But not for stabbing a man in the heart.

ZACK: No, for succumbing to the faulty logic that persuaded me that his death was desirable.

SWEETS: You know a sane person would regret murdering someone more than being taken in by a line of crap.

ZACK: Define ‘crap’.

SWEETS: Drivel, blarney, nonsense, uh, balderdash, twaddle, bull, bunkum, hooey. Like that.

ZACK: Now I realize it was drivel, blarney, nonsense, balderdash, twaddle, bull, bunkum, hooey. Then I perceived it as logic.

We are introduced to a cranky back-pain ridden Booth, and meet the new squintern, Wendell.

CAM: Doctor Hodgins, have you moved yet?

HODGINS: Nope. If you hand me those shoes, I can check for particulates.

BRENNAN: Where is Hodgins moving?

ANGELA: Oh, Cam thinks that Hodgins should move into Zack’s room.

BRENNAN: Oh. Cam’s right. I tell all of my grad students not to be distracted by the standard set by Zack.

WENDALL: I don’t know who that is.

ANGELA: You and me, Wendell, we need to talk.

BRENNAN: If your back doesn’t hurt, then why are you letting me drive?

BOOTH: Well, you know what? Don’t get used to it, okay? I heal really, really fast…Breaking in a new intern aren’t you?

BRENNAN: How did you know?

BOOTH: Well, because, you know, you always get overly precise… that’s how I usually know. Hey, so, you want me to uh, talk to them, break them in a little bit?

BRENNAN: No, Booth, you don’t need to fix everything for everyone all the time. You know? I can handle myself.

BOOTH: Partners watch out for each other.

BRENNAN: Well, if that were true, you’d let me fix your back.

BOOTH: My back is fine, alright? All I need is an aspirin, a hot bath, maybe a nice single malt scotch.

Meanwhile, there’s tension back at the lab.


HODGINS: I’m an entomologist. I have to hatch this insect egg in order to identify an important piece of evidence in a murder investigation. Where’s the funny in that?

CAM: I know you’re upset about breaking up with Angela, Doctor Hodgins, and I know you’re upset about losing Zack, but despite your personal problems, this is a workplace and your attitude leaves a lot to be desired.

HODGINS: Fine, if you want to make a change, you make a change. Otherwise, you let me do my job, and hatch this egg.

B&B & Sweets go to the victim’s home to search for clues. Sweets and Booth think a girl was involved.

BOOTH: Oh! Check the shoes.



BOOTH: Yeah.

BRENNAN: He’s not going to find it in the shoes. (Booth finds a piece of paper) Do all boys keep their masturbatory aids in their shoes, or is that particular to you?

BOOTH: Oh, that’s for me to know and you to find out.



Hodgins visits Zack.


Wendell misconstrues a case question from Brennan into thinking she was hitting on him. He talks to Angela.


ANGELA: She’s direct. And awkward. Now, you’ve got two choices here. You either answer the question, like me or Zack, or you tell her she’s being inappropriate, like Booth or Cam. Either way, she’s not going to hold it against you.

WENDELL: You’re sure about this.

Then Angela misconstrues Wendell owing people money to him owing the mob. He says its his neighborhood.


WENDELL: I don’t get you people. I’d like to work here but it’s like a minefield. Too many ways to step wrong.

ANGELA: I admit, it takes some getting used to. Good luck.

Zack sneaks out and he and Sweets discover the victim’s mother was his killer.


SWEETS: He was overcoming his disorder. Jared Addison was ready to take control of his professional life. He’d found love, and was ready to leave her house. It wasn’t just his patterns he was destroying. It was hers. And as a result, she suffered a psychotic break and murdered her own child.

Booth and Sweets bring Zack back to the institution. Booth gives Sweets and Zack an alibi to use.

SWEETS: Wait. What if he… I don’t know, what if he overpowers me or…

BOOTH: …Zack?

ZACK: I’m much stronger than I look.

SWEETS: He’s done it before. He killed a man.

BOOTH: Okay, Zack, promise you’re not going to kill Sweets.

ZACK: I promise.

BOOTH: There you go.

Zack reveals to Sweets that he did not physically commit murder and tells Sweets to keep it quiet for the next 10 years until the finale season. Then, B&B have a super important partner chat.

BOOTH: What are you doing?

BRENNAN: Throwing out my book.

BOOTH: It’s still on your hard-drive, right?

BRENNAN: Nope, not any more it’s not.

BOOTH: You erased it?!


BOOTH: Woah. Woah, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, stop.


BRENNAN: But I don’t want to be a writer any more.

BOOTH: Oh, why? Because of what that publisher said? He was an idiot, did you see his glasses?

BRENNAN: But I don’t wanna be a sexy scientist.


Too late, he already thinks you are!

BOOTH: Well that’s like me saying I don’t want to be a sexy FBI agent. We can’t change who we are. …Temperance Brennan leads the pack. Anthropology has never been more exciting.

BRENNAN: You memorized my reviews?

BOOTH: Angela can scan these, and get them back on your computer.

BRENNAN: You know my reviews, Booth, but do you read my books?

BOOTH: Every single word.


Agent Andy

BRENNAN: You never said anything.

BOOTH: Well I figure you know, I’m all over your real world, why would you want me in your fantasy world too?


Oh, she does, Booth. She does.

BOOTH: It’s give and take. We’re partners, huh?

BRENNAN: Except you won’t let me fix your back.

BOOTH: Oh, come on, my back is fine, it’s just-

BRENNAN: Oh really?

BOOTH: Okay, how do I know you’re not gonna like, paralyze me or make it worse?


BRENNAN: I also help you by explaining a lot of things to you.

BOOTH: Yeah, well you know, I explain things to you just as much as you explain things to me.

BOOTH: Ah, the way you really help me is, is, you let me be a guy.

BRENNAN: I help you be a guy?

BOOTH: Yeah, you know, it’s a guy’s thing to fix things and make them right. When I fix things I feel like I am one with the universe. Oh! Ah. Woah! God! That’s amazing. How’d you do that?


I’m sure she’s just checking his lower vertebrae 😉

BRENNAN: See? We help each other. Quid pro quo.

BOOTH: I know what that means, quid pro quo.

BRENNAN: I’m sure you do.

BOOTH: I know a lot of things.




*In hindsight, how do you feel about the Zack/strike season storyline. Is it better or worse with time?

*Why does Booth resist Brennan’s back help? Is it just fear of more physical pain, or fear of letting her touch him? Or just fear because she’s not a chiropractor?

*Why is Brennan so quick to throw her own novel away because a guy thinks she’s attractive?

*First impressions of Wendell?


The Finger in the Nest (4×4)

“The Finger in the Nest”

Episode 4×04 / Production 3×17

Written By: Lyla Oliver

Directed by: Jeff Woolnough


Booth attempts to have father/son bonding time over a football toss….but Parker finds something in a bird’s nest…


CAM: Did he completely freak out?

BRENNAN: Booth said Parker wanted to put it in his pocket and take it home.

SWEETS: A human finger?

BOOTH: Yeah, a human finger, alright? Look, is my son going to be suffering from some kind of post-traumatic stress, you know like suppressed feelings, memories, all that hooey?

SWEETS: Well, a child’s brain can’t process death as an end. You know, that’s why we tell children that their deceased loved ones are looking down on us from heaven.

BOOTH: Which they are.

BRENNAN: When I was five years old, I went next door to visit our neighbor, Mrs. Walkey, and she was dead; sitting at the kitchen table. And I’m alright.

BOOTH: You spend your life with skeletons. It’s just a matter of time. He’s just a kid. He’s gonna realize that he had a dead finger in his hand. He’s gonna freak out.

BRENNAN: Are you afraid you’re going to get into trouble with Rebecca?

BOOTH: There’s a chance that he might not say anything to her.

BRENNAN: So, yes.

B&B investigate and find out a dog killed the victim. They go looking for the dog. Booth sees some big dogs and hesitates to get out of the car.

BRENNAN: Is that why we’re not getting out?

BOOTH: No, it’s the country, Bones. They got a different way of doing things.

BRENNAN: You’re afraid of the dog.

BOOTH: No, I’m not. What you do in the country is you sit in your car and you wait. It’s rural-polite.

Booth expresses concern about Parker being affected by the finger. Brennan shrugs it off.

BOOTH: Okay, yeah. I get it. You saw a whole lady’s corpse when you were a little girl, and you were fine.

BRENNAN: Yes. Although, for some reason that I do not understand, I kept staging my own death. Pretending that I drowned in the bathtub, faking electrical shock. It really freaked my parents out. And then once when Russ found me hanging he had to go see the school psychologist.

BOOTH: But otherwise you were fine?


The team finds evidence of a dog fighting ring. B&B investigate.

BRENNAN: It’s not his fault. He’s actually a very nice dog, aren’t you? He reminds me of you.


BRENNAN: He’s got warm and reassuring brown eyes, and he’s capable of great violence.

BOOTH: Hey, great. Thanks a million.

Hodgins admits he has a problem to Sweets.


HODGINS: I don’t know how to do this.

SWEETS: Mostly you just tell me what’s on your mind.

HODGINS: Mostly on my mind is I hate everyone.

SWEETS: Everyone?

HODGINS: To varying degrees, but, um… yeah, yeah everyone. Angela…the most. Because we, you know, had something great, uh, and now it’s dirt, Zack…for being such an idiot, Brennan for bringing us all together, Cam for making us efficient, Booth for giving us a mission, you for pick, pick, picking at me… Should I go on?

SWEETS: No, no. I get the point.

HODGINS: I just hate everyone. So, what? Intense therapy, heavy medication?

SWEETS: Nah. I’m good with the hate.

HODGINS: Are you serious?

SWEETS: Yeah, I am. You’re doing fine.

HODGINS: Um… I hate everyone.

SWEETS: You’re coping. It’s a coping technique. Coping’s good.

HODGINS: Did you get your degree on the internet? Let me see your diploma.

SWEETS: You’re working. You’re living a life of purpose. You haven’t turned your back on your friends.

HODGINS: Except I hate them all.

SWEETS: You’re independently wealthy, right? You don’t have to work. And yet you choose to stay with the people you hate.

HODGINS: Which makes me completely nuts.

SWEETS: No, you’ve… you’ve replaced one way of seeing the world-paranoia-with another: misanthropy. Soon you’ll replace misanthropy with something nicer. But for now, temporarily, I’m satisfied with your coping technique.

HODGINS: My coping technique of hate?

SWEETS: Correct.


Brennan makes a decision and Booth has to share some news.

BRENNAN: Well, I’ve decided to adopt Ripley.

BOOTH: Bones…

BRENNAN: I’ve already contacted a dog walker and a doggie day care place, and my dad will take him when I leave town. I got a little tag. See? Ripley Brennan.

BOOTH: He was put down.


BOOTH: I’m sorry. You know, he killed someone and they had to put him down.

BRENNAN: It wasn’t Ripley’s fault. People made him do what he did.

BOOTH: I know. I’m sorry.

Booth helps Brennan cope.

BOOTH: Talk to the universe… or God or Ripley.

BRENNAN: Well, I don’t believe in God.

BOOTH: Well, God spelled backwards is “dog”.

BRENNAN: And Ripley is dead. Plus he’s a dog, with, you know… limited vocabulary skills.

BOOTH: Bones, just… speak from your heart.

BRENNAN: On behalf of humankind, universe, I’d like to apologize for what happened to Ripley. He was born a cute little puppy and then the people who adopted him wanted to kill him because they were too stupid to realize that he would grow into a big dog.

BOOTH: That’s good.

BRENNAN: Ripley was a good dog. He didn’t wanna fight. But he did it to please his master. Y’know, he didn’t want to attack a human being, but he did it to please his master. You know, it wasn’t Ripley’s fault that his master was cruel and selfish. Like all dogs, Ripley only saw the good in people. Dogs are like that. People should take a lesson…Is that enough?

BOOTH: Yeah. As much as any good dog could hope for. Even with limited vocabulary skills, okay?



Who planned this scene set up….because its GORGEOUS!

Take aways:

*Sweets is being utilized as part of the team, helping in personal matters (Parker, Hodgins) as well as criminal cases

*We get to see a bit more of Booth as a father, which is nice!



The Man in the Outhouse (4×3)

“Man in the Outhouse”

Episode 4×03 / Production 3×16

Written By: Carla Kettner & Mark Lisson

Directed by: Steven DePaul

Booth stops to get his partner, but she is…busy.


BRENNAN: What do you want, Booth?

BOOTH: My partner. Got some pre-breakfast remains for you.

They go to the crime scene, an outhouse. Booth is squirmy.

BRENNAN: Your aversion to feces is irrational. It’s three-quarters water.

BOOTH: Don’t mention that to the guy who almost got his ass blown off.

We meet new squintern, Daisy. Booth and Brennan argue morality.


BRENNAN: Anthropologically, 83 percent of societies are polygamous.

BOOTH: Now you sound French, okay? Look, being faithful is what separates us, you know, from the chimps.

BRENNAN: No, actually, it’s a gene called HAR1F.

BOOTH: We’re talking about the Ten Commandments here, Bones. “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” One down from your personal favorite, “Thou shalt not kill.”

Brennan tells Booth that she is dating two men at once.

BRENNAN: No, I didn’t dump Mark, I’m seeing both of them.

BOOTH: At the same time?

BRENNAN: Mark and I have a physical connection. The botanist, while brilliant and fascinating, just…just doesn’t appeal to me in that way.

BOOTH: Okay, so all that stuff you said about monogamy being unnatural, you’re just making excuses.

BRENNAN: I do not make excuses. Only people who are ashamed make excuses.

BOOTH: Bones, two guys at the same time, it’s not right. I mean, that’s why they invented dueling.

Sweets gives his perspective.

SWEETS: Okay, okay. Um, most of the cheaters were essentially cowards, seeking alternate sexual experiences because they’re too afraid to confront the problems in their own lives.

BRENNAN: Just because someone seeks an alternative sexual outlet doesn’t mean that they’re a coward.

BOOTH: She has issues.

BRENNAN: I do not have issues.

BOOTH: Case in point: Deep-sea welder and a botanist.

SWEETS: What, did they go into a bar?

BOOTH: Huh? What? No. Brennan’s two boyfriends.

Brennan attempts girl talk.


BRENNAN: He should be happy that I’ve found a way to satisfy myself. It just happens to require two men.

ANGELA: I’ve done that. I miss college.

CAM: And the botanist, no biological imperative?

BRENNAN: He’s flirted with the intent to become intimate, but Mark keeps me quite sated sexually.


ANGELA: You really got to learn some girl talk, sweetie.

DAISY: Brennan, I’m Daisy Wick, your new grad assistant.

BRENNAN: I’d rather not learn your name until I’ve assessed your work.

DAISY: Oh, of course. I’m the same way. We’re two of a kind. You’re like a hero to me.

BRENNAN: Hero worship exposes a lack of independent intellectual examination.


Both of Brennan’s boyfriends show up at the same time and meet each other and figure out she does different things with each guy. Then they notice Booth.


MARK: What do you do with this one, Temperance?

The case unfolds but honestly, I lost interest in this one again. Oops.

Brennan later divulges that both men broke up with her during a talk with Sweets.

BRENNAN: Since the murder, I’m considering the argument for monogamy.

BOOTH: Write that one down, Sweets. I have a positive influence on her.

BRENNAN: No, you don’t.

BOOTH: Yes, I do.

SWEETS: Is it typical for you two to discuss your love lives?

BOOTH: Well, I mean, only when she has naked men in her apartment.

SWEETS: Does it seem that your partnership provides a surrogate relationship, making it more difficult to form other bonds?

BRENNAN: A surrogate relationship wouldn’t necessarily be such a bad thing because then I could avoid the sting of rejection, which, however fleeting, is still uncomfortable.

BOOTH: Right. Okay, look, I’m sorry. You know what? If Mark and Jason don’t know how lucky they are, they don’t deserve you in the first place.

BRENNAN: All relationships are temporary.


BOOTH: No, that’s not true, Bones. You’re wrong. Okay, there is someone for everyone. Someone you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. All right? You just have to be open enough to see it. That’s all.



Sweets is all of us, watching these two!

BOOTH: Come on, I’ll buy you dinner. Hey, I can be fun in a strictly conversational setting.

SWEETS: See? Surrogate relationship.

BOOTH: Surrogate nothing. Okay? It’s a meal. With drinks. Just strictly conversational.

SWEETS: I can come, too.

BRENNAN: Actually, our partnership does make it difficult to form other bonds– no offense.

SWEETS: Our session isn’t over yet…

*So we get the beginnings of Sweets and Daisy.

*We learn about Brennan’s multiple boyfriends, which is jarring after the Yanks episodes, but the production numbers show that it was filmed before them and then aired after them. So they tweak the Bones universe timeline, which kind of makes Brennan look like she didn’t “learn the lesson” about scaling Everest, when in fact, it should have been before Yanks. Anyway….

*What do you think of Brennan’s reconsideration of monogamy? Was Booth right to stick his nose into it? Was Sweets correct in his “cowardly” perception of people having the multiple relationships as well as B&B’s surrogate relationship?

*I love how they mess with Sweets at the end. I love the light hearted, banter-y moments so much in this show.

Yanks in the UK (Part 2)

“Yanks in the U.K. Part II”

Episode 4×02 / Production 3×20

Written By: Stephen Nathan & Scott Williams

Directed by: Ian Toynton

(I’m skipping all the Grayson/Angela/Cam nonsense, and starting with B&B preparing to leave England!)


BOOTH: You know, I’m glad to be heading home, but I think America dropped too much of the uh, English stuff back in 1776.

BRENNAN: Like what?

BOOTH: You know, like, uh, royalty.

BRENNAN: Meaningless title. No real power.

BOOTH: What, you never wanted to be a princess when you were a kid?


BOOTH: Even now—a castle, the moats, knights in shining armor. You know what? I risk my life for the United States government every day. I wonder if I can get Congress to pass something like…knighthood. “Sir Seeley Booth.” It just sounds right. (his phone rings) Booth.

BRENNAN: I get my worth from my intelligence and accomplishments. From actual achievements. I don’t need a title.

BOOTH: It’s Dr. Wexler.

They arrive at the scene where Dr. Wexler has been found.


BOOTH: I’m sorry, Bones. Pritchard, I can only imagine how difficult this is, losing a partner.

PRITCHARD: Look, we don’t suspect foul play. We just want Dr. Brennan to give us a definitive identification. Oh, perhaps even British resolve takes a knock when one loses one’s partner.

BRENNAN: There’s evidence of trauma to the frontal bone. This was not an accident, Inspector.

Cam spills the beans to Sweets.

SWEETS: You slept with Angela’s ex?

CAM: Shh! A little discretion, please?

SWEETS: I might say the same to you.


Brennan adorably sticks up for her partner.

BOOTH: You know, I think we should talk to Sid and Nancy first.

PRITCHARD: A reminder, Agent Booth. There is a proper chain of command and I’m the lead on this investigation.

BRENNAN: Why are you talking to him like that? You asked us to stay.

PRITCHARD: Well, I feel it’s important to be clear.

BRENNAN: You gave him a gun and everything.

BOOTH: Bones, it’s okay.

Cam takes Sweets’ advice to be honest about her hook up with Angela’s ex. Then insults him.

CAM: I really have to thank you. That was excellent advice.

SWEETS: You’re welcome. It’s always best to be honest.

CAM: Good. Then I can tell you it was touch to take you seriously at first. I mean, you don’t even look old enough to drive, so I thought, “How could you possibly have any valid insights?”

SWEETS: I have two doctorates.

CAM: I know, but doctorates don’t teach you about sexual matters. And being so young, I—

SWEETS: I get it, Dr. Saroyan.

Clark’s face  is also me, during this nonsense:


Brennan and Pritchard talk it out.

PRITCHARD: So why didn’t you sleep with him then?

BRENNAN: Because of Booth.

PRITCHARD: Ohhh, you know, I suspected that you two might be more than just partners.

BRENNAN: Oh, no. That’s incorrect. Booth advised me not to sleep with Ian because Booth didn’t want me to be another notch on Ian’s bedpost.

PRITCHARD: See, I rather saw it as climbing Everest. Of course it’s been done before but the experience is still breathtaking.

BRENNAN: You have a strong sexual appetite and you’re not hamstrung by social moralizing. I can empathize with that.

PRITCHARD: Thank you.

BRENNAN: Well, why didn’t you tell us you had a relationship with Wexler?

PRITCHARD: Because I thought I’d be taken off the case. I mean, if Agent Booth was murdered, wouldn’t you do anything in your powers to make sure that you found the killer?

BRENNAN: Yes. But I don’t sleep with Booth.

PRITCHARD: Word to the wise, Dr. Brennan. I’d encourage you not to forego Everest.

BRENNAN: Well, it’s too late. Ian’s dead.

PRITCHARD: Oh, yes, of course. To whom else would I be referring other than Ian?






In this midst of the case, the weirdest, dumbest, un-explainable break-up of all times.

ANGELA: You don’t trust me.

HODGINS: Saying that means you don’t trust me.

ANGELA: How can two people who don’t trust each other get married?

HODGINS: I thought we did trust each other.

ANGELA: Yeah, I did too. Two people who don’t trust each other shouldn’t be together at all.



They solve the case, with a kind of convoluted archaeological site bribe situation. Angela calls Brennan and gets her voicemail.

BRENNAN’S VOICEMAIL: Technically, you have not reached Temperance Brennan. But if you leave a message, it will reach her-me-Temperance Brennan.

Case wrap up time!

BOOTH: You know, Wexler was kind of like a Robin Hood kind of a character-steal from the rich.

BRENNAN: I turned down my chance to sleep with Robin Hood?

BOOTH: Sometimes you just take the oddest leap.

BOOTH: Hey, Pritch. Cheerio, mate.

PRITCHARD: “Hello” is fine. On behalf of her Majesty the Queen of England I dub you Sir Seeley Booth, Knight of the Realm.


BRENNAN: “Official Junior Knight”

BOOTH: Eh? Look at that. Wait a second. That’s from a toy store.


PRITCHARD: It doesn’t mean you’re not Sir Galahad.

BOOTH: Thanks.

BRENNAN: I’m sorry about Ian.

PRITCHARD: Me too. It was a real honor working with you both.

BRENNAN: Come on. We should go before someone else gets killed.

BOOTH: Yeah, you’re right. Here we go. Oh! My arm?

BRENNAN: Thank you. Thank you Sir Seeley.

BOOTH: Ah, pleasure, Lady Temperance.


BRENNAN: You sound Australian.

BOOTH: I don’t sound Australian!


*Well, what is your take on Part 2? The Grayson/Angela/Cam/Hodgins mixture is getting weirder, neither B or B hooked up with their willing British counterparts because of things they won’t admit yet, and we get a cute wrap up scene.  There are some good moments in this episode, but lots of weird ones. This one is a Stephen Nathan sans Hart Hanson write up, which might explain some of these issues. But classic Bones director, Ian Toynton got some good B&B moments captured, and of course, David and Emily can look at each other which is better than any words on a page!!! Thoughts?

Yanks in the UK (Part 1)

Episode 4×01 / (Production 3×19)

Written By: Hart Hanson & Karine Rosenthal

Directed by: Ian Toynton

Brennan is speaking in England. She shares how Booth has changed her methods a bit.


BRENNAN: Agent Booth is the intuitive humanist while I am the logical empiricist…What I’ve learned from Agent Booth is that we scientists must arm ourselves with something other than pure logic.

B&B talk with their British counterparts about a murder investigation.


WEXLER: Well, would you like to tag along? It is murder. Can’t promise anything but it is possible a famous heiress is involved.

BRENNAN: I’m keen as ketchup.

WEXLER: Mustard. Keen as mustard. Excellent effort at the colloquialism, though. Very impressive. Does your cowboy want to tag along?


Angela’s sort-of husband arrives. Angela jumps in his arms and kisses him. Because….Angela.

ANGELA: That’s the last bit of sugar you’re ever gonna get from me. I want my divorce.

B&B investigate a murder.

BOOTH: Me and Dr. Brennan will go talk to the family.

PRITCHARD: Together?

BOOTH & BRENNAN: That’s what we do.

Booth is made to be a complete buffoon to English culture to make stereotypical American jokes all episode.


BOOTH: God, I hate London! I hate England! I’m glad we had a revolution! Agh! And the weather it changes, it’s cloudy… And coffee! What is so hard about making a cup of black coffee…

Brennan gets an offer she can’t refuse.


BRENNAN: So… what now?

WEXLER: Well, I thought quick drink, back to yours for some sex, and then out for a late supper.

BRENNAN: I’m inclined to accept.

WEXLER: I’m ever so pleased.

BRENNAN: But Booth says I shouldn’t trust you.

WEXLER: And why is that? 

BRENNAN: Well, he says you like to rack ’em up.

WEXLER: Rack ’em up? How vulgar.

BRENNAN: Booth is very good at reading people.

WEXLER: Hmm. Well, in that case, how about we start with the supper, and then let the chips fall where they may?

BRENNAN: That would be an acceptable compromise.

Booth weighs in the next day.


BRENNAN: Well, I think Dr. Wexler is serious about having sex with me. Very interested.

BOOTH: Okay, news bulletin for ya, Bones. There’s not a guy in this country who wouldn’t want to have sex with you.

BRENNAN: Are you being nice about me or awful about British men?

BOOTH: Wexler is not special; you are.

BRENNAN: You think I’m special?

BOOTH: Of course I think that you’re special, yes.

BRENNAN: Thank you. I will take your romantic advice under advisement.

Angela and Hodgins strike a deal.

ANGELA: Can’t have you punching my ex-husbands.

HODGINS: Deal. So long as you don’t kiss your ex-husbands. For longer than 3 seconds. On the lips.


Wexler again tries to convince Brennan to hook up. Brennan sticks with her partner.


BRENNAN: Common sense says you don’t offend your partner for an hour of fun.

WEXLER: An hour. What? One hour? You underestimate me, Dr. Brennan.


BOOTH: I’m just here to bring a little luck.

BRENNAN: I don’t believe in luck.

BOOTH: What do you mean, you don’t believe in luck? Okay, well, how do you explain when good things happen out of nowhere?

BRENNAN: I call that a solipsistic perceptual response to the random nature of the Universe.

BOOTH: Well, tomato, potato. Call it what you want. You know what? It’s still luck.

BRENNAN: You are lucky I understand you when you say things that make no sense.

BOOTH: See, you just agreed with me that is was luck. You just agreed, right there, so I’ll take that.

BRENNAN: I did not agree!


B&B are bickering and miss the bridge opening. What do you think is the significance of that? Did it still bring them good luck? Just delayed a few years?


Season 4!!!!

Can you believe it?! We are 1/4 of the way through the series we love so much. Just wanted to stop and reflect. Even with the writers’ strike messing up the end of season 3, it was a good 3 seasons! Our fearless crime fighters keep up the good work and we’ve gotten lots of backstories and angsty looks between B&B.

What do you love most about the upcoming season? Which episodes stick out as your favorites? What moments stick in your brain, whether emotional or fun? Here are some pics to whet your appetite!!

The Pain in the Heart (3×15)

“The Pain in the Heart”

Episode 3×15

Written By: Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan

Directed by: Allan Kroker

The team is preparing for Booth’s apparent funeral.

SWEETS: It’s Agent Booth’s funeral, Dr. Brennan. Losing a loved one is –

BRENNAN: A partner, Sweets. I lost a partner.

SWEETS: Someone close to you. The funeral allows you to grieve so you can come to terms with his death.

BRENNAN: The Arunta Aboriginal tribe in Australia grieve by burning down their village and – and moving to a new one. That seems no crazier to me than gathering around a hole in the ground.

ANGELA: Brennan…a word. Look. I know how you see things, and I respect that, but I need to ask you a favor. I have to go to the funeral. I’m not going to be able to get through this alone. I’ve been crying for, like, days. I really need your shoulder here. I need my best friend.

CAROLINE: I knew Seeley Booth. He was a good man who earned my respect and affection. And I don’t like many people. Booth had a selfless commitment to his work, first in the military and then the FBI. Two weeks ago, he made the ultimate sacrifice – giving his life to save his partner. And in the brave act, he showed us what greatness we are all capable of.

BRENNAN: That woman was aiming at me and I would have happily taken that bullet.


ANGELA: I know.


The weirdest plot description ever?

BOOTH: After I got shot, the Bureau faked my death so I could finally get that guy. Look, I drove him underground. He said the only way that we would ever see him again would be at my funeral, so…

Brennan, along with us, isn’t buying it.


BOOTH: Bones, I’m telling you. You were supposed to know that I wasn’t really dead. I swear! That’s why I thought you weren’t crying! I gave a list of people to the bureau to inform that I was not really dead. You know what? They didn’t tell you, it’s not my fault.

SWEETS: Dr. Brennan’s actually upset because she had to face strong emotions that she’d rather deny. Striking Agent Booth, indicated the depth of your feelings for him. It was a very passionate act.

BOOTH: Did you hear that? Passion!

BRENNAN: Yes, passion, because anger is a passion! Anger at being manipulated!

Brennan gets a very creepy package in the mail.

BOOTH: Bones, it’s Gormogon. Has to be.

CAM: Oh, god. Who has he eaten this time?

Brennan needs answers.


BRENNAN: I need to talk to you!

BOOTH: What the hell, Bones! I’m in my house, in my bathroom, in my bathtub! How the hell did ya get in here anyway?

BRENNAN: Well, that fake rock by your front door wouldn’t fool anybody. Why are you wearing a hat that dispenses beer?

BOOTH: Hot tub, plus cold beer equals warm beer. Hat? Equals solution. So why are you –

BRENNAN: You should have told me that you weren’t dead.

BOOTH: I already explained this to you. The bureau has to vet everyone when there is a security issue. I was just following protocol.

BRENNAN: Protocol!?


BRENNAN: We’ve been partners for three years, Booth, and you’ve broken protocol before – sometimes putting my life in danger. Which makes sense because you clearly don’t have any real concern for me. BOOTH: I took a bullet for you!

BRENNAN: Once! That only goes so far!

BOOTH: Fine. What is it that I should have done, Bones? Wha- what did you want me to do? The next time I die, I promise that I will tell you.

BRENNAN: I’ll look forward to that.

BOOTH: Me too.


As Zack and Hodgins work, there is an explosion.



Booth finds out important info.

SWEETS: Ah, tight grip you got there.

BOOTH: And it could get tighter. So go ahead. Tell her.

SWEETS: Tell her what?

BRENNAN: Tell me what?

BOOTH: Tell her now.


BOOTH: Fine. I’ll tell her. Okay? I sent my list to the bureau. They sent it to Sweets. You were the one who decided not to tell Dr. Brennan that I was still alive. He’s the one that you should have slugged, so do it. Go ahead and do it now.

BRENNAN: What? You choose not to tell me?

SWEETS: Yes, it’s true. Technically.

BOOTH: There’s gotta be other stuff going on here, right?


BOOTH: Come on! I mean, when I offer her a piece of pie you say it has deeper meaning.

BRENNAN: I don’t like pie, Booth.

\SWEETS: You know, I think it’s interesting, psychologically how Agent Booth’s constant efforts to persuade you to enjoy fruit pie could be interpreted as a kind of seduction.

Brennan sneaks a quick convo with Sweets.

BRENNAN: Not telling me Booth was alive? You wanted to quantify our reactions for your own research? You took advantage of us. Booth and I agreed to let you observe us. We did not agree to be used as lab rats, so you better cut it out.

SWEETS: Dr. Brennan, why are you talking so fast?

BRENNAN: Because if Booth hears why you did what you did? He’d beat you up.

B&B go to the diner.

BRENNAN: What, you’re just having coffee? Don’t you want pie?

BOOTH: I’m fine.

BRENNAN: But you always have pie.

BOOTH: Can we stop talking about pie?

BRENNAN: Is it because of what Sweets said?

BOOTH: I’m just going pie-less. Okay?

SWEETS: Can we talk for a minute? I have a profile of someone I feel could be Gormogon. No pie? You always eat pie.

BOOTH: Enough with the pie, will you just sit down?

Brennan figures it out about Zack.

BRENNAN: Zack lied.


BRENNAN: He – he took the teeth from bone storage and he made Gormogon’s dentures.

BOOTH: Zack has complete access to the lab. He arranged for the explosion himself.

BRENNAN: It’s Zack. He’s the killer, Booth. It’s Zack.

BOOTH: Cam. I’m gonna need the room.



Sweets argues that Zack should go to prison.

SWEETS: No, that won’t stand up. Zack isn’t actually insane. What?

BOOTH: Sweets? You’re gonna give this one to Bones. You understand?

SWEETS: I understand.

BOOTH: Good.

Brennan struggles with what she has given/done for Zack that was meaningful to him. Booth helps.



BOOTH: “Dear Mr. Addy. It is my pleasure to offer you the post of my intern in Forensic Anthropology. I choose you from hundreds of applicants because of your knowledge, your desire to learn and because I feel you will find a home here.” I think you gave him something great, Bones.

*What do you think about the whole Zack thing, especially in hindsight of the end of Bones? Did they “fix” it, are you OK with this plot point?

*What do you think about Sweets’ experiment on B&B? What do you think about Brennan pretending to agree with Sweets, then giving him a secret talking-to? Why did she protect him from Booth’s wrath? Because she actually did agree with Booth being angry at Sweets… Hm. Was she giving Sweets a second chance to keep working with them? If so, why?