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New discussion thread for Seal Team! 🙂


44 thoughts on “Seal Team Season 1

  1. Wow, I’m seeing some pretty negative comments about SEALteam online, with most predicting that it will be cancelled. Some even think CBS won’t air the rest of the season.

    This will be a surprising failure for DB…I think CBS really believe he had the “star power” to make the show a success, and I did as well.

  2. Hmm… I dvr’d this past episode and have not watched it yet. Surprised to hear that also since I thought the prediction was it was a shoo-in to be renewed.

    “This writer calls DB “primetime’s most valuable player” and says that SEALteam is a “shoo-in” for a S2 renewal.”

    Things changed that quick?

  3. Apparently things do change quickly. Last night’s episode tied series low ratings, although I read that in some parts of the U.S. basketball pushed the show to 1am or later. Also, some articles said that even with the low ratings CBS might renew it.

    I really hope so…I’d miss not seeing any Bones folks on TV. It looks like ED has dropped completely out of sight and I would expect that to continue for several years while she raises her kids…she might not ever come back. I wonder that DB will do if SEALteam is canceled?

  4. “I really hope so…I’d miss not seeing any Bones folks on TV”

    Me too! Lol, I don’t care much about the others, just glad DB is on every week!
    Again, ED is a luddite! She has dropped out of sight and likes it like that I assume.

  5. One thing that is troubling me about SEALteam is that DB’s character “Jason” has a much narrower range of emotion than Seeley Booth. As Booth, DB could go from serious and intense to romantic to goofball, sometimes in the same episode. As Jason, DB is intense almost all the time.

    One review I read of this week’s episode “Pattern of Life” said that DB’s acting was wooden and, regretfully, I think I agree. This episode was not a good one for DB being able to show his abilities as an actor. Half the time he mumbled his lines so quickly I could barely understand what he was saying.

    Onward to next week…hopefully the ratings will pick up!

    • To clarify, I’m not saying that I think DB is a bad actor. I loved him as Booth. I’m saying that I don’t think this role gives him the opportunity to shine like he did on Bones.

  6. “This episode was not a good one for DB being able to show his abilities as an actor. Half the time he mumbled his lines so quickly I could barely understand what he was saying.”

    I watched the episode the other night. I did enjoy it. It was suspenseful and kept me interested. Some things were a bit hokey, like the daughter magically waking up with a blood transfusion. Lol. I was surprised that the daughter was the terrorist. Didn’t see that coming.

    Did not like that DB was in full gear the whole episode. I think he took his helmet off once at the end of the episode. Not a lot of chance for DB to shine and show emotion.

    So, next week does look to be more emotional. Let DB shine!!
    Remember this? Convo with Pops about the box Booth’s dad left him-

  7. Minor issue, but I notice that some NE Patriots fans on Twitter and Instagram are getting upset with DB’s rantings about the how the Philadelphia Eagles will win the Super Bowl.

    Of course, DB is entitled to his private opinion but I’m kind of surprised that tptb at CBS are allowing him to attach CBS SEAL Team to his Eagles posts, such as this one “@philadelphiaeagles are @sealteamcbs approved…”


  8. Lol, I think it is silly! I’m sure DB got CBS approval first. But….The New England Patriots are favored to win. I will be rooting for the Eagles, but I think it is a long shot they will win. I am a LONG suffering Lions fans. We have never even been to the Super Bowl. Waah…Never know though!!

    Still watching Seal team and enjoying the episodes. Love seeing DB every week!

  9. There are multiple articles out today covering an interview with DB where he talks about the big twist coming for second half of SEAL team S1…the team will get deployed ahead of schedule and the remainder of the season will be with the team on deployment. There will be no more family shown the rest of the season other than FaceTime sessions between Ray and his wife, and telephone calls between Jason and Alana. Not sure why they won’t be showing Michelle McManus on FaceTime with Jason. Maybe the only hired her for half a season…lol?

    The other big news is that Jason will have TWO new love interests….Mandy (Jessica Pare) and another new woman who will be introduced on the show. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I had really hoped the show wasn’t going to go there. I wanted to see Jason and Alana work things out. Now we’ll get to see Jason having flings while away from home.

    The show is free to go down that road, and DB may just love the challenge of this role, but I don’t have to watch it. I’ve loved seeing DB on my screen each week, but not sure I can stomach this.

    I guess I’m like Brennan…I like good boys!

  10. Hmm…I went back and reviewed the articles and now I can’t find where it said Jason would have two new love interests. Maybe i made it up in my own head.

    What they do say is that Jason will have a new love interest and will get close to both Mandy (Jessica Pare) and a new woman character who will be introduced on the show.

    They also say that Jason’s relationship with his wife will come to some resolution before he deploys. I’m guessing she says she want to move forward with a divorce, which I suppose gives him an out on getting a new love interest.

    All I can say is…this new show ain’t Bones…:(((

  11. I also read that Estella. I could tell they were building up to something happening between Jason and Mandy. The looks she gave him, Jason looking on his phone one time to call her. Don’t see much chemistry there however.
    Jason and his wife…it was clear he wanted to make it work and move back home. She is sending him mixed signals. My guess is she tells him she wants a divorce. I don’t like her anyway!!
    Waaaahhh!! “this new show ain’t Bones…:(((
    Lol, imagine this is Christine as a teenager.

  12. So, I watched the last Seal Team episode the other night. I thought it was their best one yet. It focused more on the families before deployment. Also the death of another seal team was heartbreaking. Are Jason (DB) and Alana getting a divorce? Not so sure. She is having doubts however. She is afraid for him!

    These pics of DB during their relationship discussion…heartcrushing! I hope they post!

    • This episode was better than I thought it would be. My guess is DB has a romantic fling while in Afghanistan (sound familiar???) to try to get over his wife, but when they come home he finds that she has reconsidered and they work on their relationship again.

      Of course, since they are going to be deployed for the rest of S1 none of that would happen until S2, so if it doesn’t get renewed I guess we’ll never find out what happens, which is why I usually don’t watch brand new TV shows.

      I saw where someone had tweeted that they hoped Jason and Alana weren’t done and the girl who plays Jason’s daughter on the show replied “I certainly hope not.”…cute.

  13. Seal Team is back tomorrow! ^ Not a big fan of Max Thieroiot! Nice abs, but I would rather see DB shirtless!
    From Twitter. DB know about being a vampire, lol!

  14. Just watched last Wednesday’s episode of Seal Team last night. To me, it just keeps getting better. Even though we had a 3 week hiatus, the new ep. picked up where it left off nicely. The team is on deployment away from their families. Jason (DB) tells Mandy that his wife wants a divorce. Also the feeling of family they have for each other is really standing out. Easy to see why Jason is struggling at home.
    Also this episode very tense with the dog!! Cerberus is her show name. Amazing skills she has and they were showcased this episode. But I must say, if they injure her I will be a mess and very mad. When they showed them looking for injuries on her with blood on her, I was an anxious mess!! Don’t mess with the dog!! Lol.
    Anyway, I am enjoying the show, esp. the last 2 episodes and glad to get my DB fix! I think Estella had said, that DB is always intense in this show, and that is true. With Booth, we got to see him be silly, relaxed at times. With Seal Team, his character can never really relax. I hope the show gets renewed for season 2!

    Some DB angst

  15. I liked this last episode but I feel like we are heading for a Jason/Mandy relationship. I hope not, because I really like them as friends.

    The ratings showed a pretty significant drop again this week…hopefully it was just because of the Olympics and the later start time. If the ratings keep dropping it will be interesting to see if CBS renews it…I think they have a pretty big investment in this show. I hope it gets a S2!

    David is directing episode 21 so that should be great!

  16. Ok, after watching “No Man’s Land” I changed my mind about Jason and Mandy. I didn’t want to see them together as a couple because I still had hope for Jason’s marriage and I like Mandy as his friend. However, after seeing Jason make puppy eyes at Hannah 2.0 I’ve decided a Jason/Mandy pairing wouldn’t be so bad…lol.

    I liked the episode, especially the young girl, and would enjoy seeing her in more episodes, but I did not like that Jason promised her a ticket to America. What a low, low thing to do.

    I guess they have another week off….not cool for CBS to do that to a show that is trying to build an audience!

  17. Love your comments Estella!
    Jason (DB) flirting with lol, Hannah 2.0…Love seeing those puppy eyes and sexy smiles, but we’ll see where it leads. I definitely like the friendship between Jason/Mandy and would not be a fan of the coupling.
    As for the promised ticket to America…mixed emotions. He said “we can promise her anything” if it leads them to the guy who killed 6 of their men. I’m sure that this does happen in real life. And who knows? Maybe they can bring her and her brother to US if they cooperate and their lives are in danger because of it.

    “I guess they have another week off….not cool for CBS to do that to a show that is trying to build an audience!”
    Hmmm….reminds me of another show on Fox….

    DB’s post

    View this post on Instagram

    Lookin like a snack #snickers

    A post shared by David Boreanaz (@dbodbo69) on

  18. Well, I realized something after tonight’s SEAL team episode…I just really don’t want to watch “Jason” and Hannah 2.0 getting it on. For some reason I didn’t mind the wife, but I just really cannot stomach this new blonde. I think I’m going to have to check out of this show until this I see how far they are going to go with this Jason love-life storyline.

    I wonder if this is how Buffy fans felt when they saw DB on Bones? I didn’t watch Buffy or Angel so I didn’t have any biases when watching Bones.

  19. I just watch this past episode the other night. I have to say, I don’t really like Amy either, but Jason showing up at her trailer door at the end did pull at my heartstrings. He is tormented.
    His wife is divorcing him…seeking comfort to “make it stop”.
    I thought this episode was good. I am liking the show even more as we get to know some of the other characters. I especially like Sonny and Ray. Not too fond of Clay however. Oh and the dog! When all the bombing was going on the dog was right there with them. Wonder about ptsd!

    There was also a scene of Jason target practicing with his pistol. Reminded me of Booth!
    This is the only pic I could find of it, but when he was shooting at the the target it reminded me of Booth in Dwarf.

  20. I don’t know if anyone is still watch Seal Team, but it is getting very intense!! This past episode, Yikes!! The special effects *spoiler* as the helicopter is shot down, OMG!!
    Who is going to die?? Not DB we know that!! But as the season progressed and we got to know the characters, this show has gotten better and better.

    Also the blonde Jason hooked up with appears to be in on dirty scheme that got Echo Team killed. Looked like to me this last episode, Jason & Mandy have feelings for each other. But who knows, with the helicopter crash and Jason injured, maybe his wife will have second thoughts about a divorce-or maybe it will just validate why she cannot stay married to him.

    And the storyline with Ray and his injured shoulder causing a boys death…he comes clean and they still close the case. Very interesting..I am sure this probably happens in real life.

    I am glad this show will be back next season!!!

  21. I agree, the show hit a low point for me with Jason/Amy, but since she’s been out of the picture it’s been fantastic. This week’s episode with Jason and his head injury, talking to the dead pilot, reminded me a lot of Bones :((((. I do see a relationship developing between Jason and Mandy, and I think that would be ok.

    I love the DB/Ray friendship, and adore Sonny. Even Clay is growing on me, and it looks like some of the advisors who are acting on the show are getting more lines, Tyler Grey in particular. They are fantastic.

    It looks like DB has another successful show on his hands…looking forward to S2.

  22. I just watched last weeks episode. I dvr the show and usually watch on Sunday evening.

    I thought the same thing Estella! Jason talking to the dead soldier was like Hero in the Hold. I was suspecting he was really dead though after he started yelling at Jason about his past failures haunting him. I thought “how does he know about these things?” Their conversation about family, kids, just an awesome scene!

    It was a great episode. Clay stepped up to the plate and took control when Jason was injured. Sonny & Ray are great characters. And DB/Ray friendship very touching.
    We’ll see where Jason/Mandy relationship goes. But remember, Jason is still married

    Don’t forget also, this episode was filmed so amazing because it was
    Give DB props! He was in this episode a lot plus directed!

    .Season Finale this week!!!

  23. DB is a great director…I always love his episodes!

    Did you see what Neil Brown said about his line “now cowboy up and get it done”? He forgot he lines and he just made that up!

  24. ^ I love Ray!

    I watched the season finale last night. Why DB does not win an Emmy is beyond me! His performance was amazing.
    The ending of this episode was heartbreaking, really.
    The team is back from their deployment.
    -Things seem okay with Ray and his family, but he is haunted by the boy who died and the fact that he lied to Jason about his shoulder injury. He will not be back with Bravo team for awhile…
    -Davis learns that Danny is in the ICU after relapsing and OD’s on drugs.
    -Things are good for Clay and his girlfriend it seems. She is happy to see him.
    But most heartcrushing is Sonny & Jason- 😭😭
    How sad to see Sonny all alone in his apartment. He has no other life besides his Seal Team family.
    And Jason, struggling to tell Mandy the story of how he met his wife and then hallucinating. Will she cover up for him? You can tell Mandy really cares for Jason, but he is still married. Will he try and get his marriage back on track? What about Amy? (who I hope he forgets about!!).

    Agree with this post on Seal Team Fan Page
    Seems like a win-win!

    Definitely will be watching Season 2

  25. Hmmm…I could see Jason moving in with Sonny! That would be a great story line I’m sure.
    I thought Jason was done with Amy…very sad to see her surface in the finale. Hope she’s gone by next season.

    DB was just great in that end scene at the diner with Mandy. To me it sounds like he is still very much in love with Alana. It will be interesting to see if she is listed in the cast for S2. Amy is just around for good times…Mandy is the kind of woman he could have a real relationship with, if things don’t work out with Alana.

    Question — did you think Mandy was referring to Jason when she said “someone” could be brought up on charges or even go to Leavenworth for supplying info to Amy? Yikes! Jason could find himself in a whole bunch of trouble soon!

  26. ^ Yes, Estella that is what I thought also! We’ll see. Mandy would not tell on him however. But Amy…I don’t trust her. Maybe she was planted there as a spy.
    And I agree also, it does sound like Jason wants to get back with his wife, but she is kind of flaky. He wants to stay married, but she made it clear that she “can’t share him” anymore. I think she still loves him also, but she is tired of his dangerous job as a Navy Seal. So we’ll see where that goes.
    I hope Amy is long gone in season 2. I don’t like or trust her.
    And we’ll see how long Ray is out of Bravo Team. He has some demons to deal with regarding the death of the young boy due to his shoulder injury that he lied about.

  27. Very late! I wonder why?? When Bones started late it was due to Emily’s pregnancy. We had to wait until November for Season 7 to start!! It was like torture waiting to see B&B together as a couple.

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