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Random thread 5/31

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  1. So, I love how the last Random Thread ended with Estella’s tumblr posts

    The Moment Booth Realizes Heโ€™s Still in Love with Brennan Even Though He Spent a Year Halfway Around the World and Found Another Girlfriendโ€

    Yep, When I saw that for the first time, I said “They love each other!” But then Booth showed Brennan the pic of Hannah, and I was like, “What??!!”

    When B&B used to kiss!!

    Thanks for those gems Estella!

    • Do you ever wonder if Booth and Brennan went back to London after they got together? I like to think they did, and when that bridge went up they toasted each other and kissed! Right? It must have happened…lol.

  2. “I like to think they did, and when that bridge went up they toasted each other and kissed! Right? It must have happenedโ€ฆlol.”

    It did happen! Head canon. ๐Ÿ’ฃ

    “Bones Tuesday tomorrow! The introduction of Epps! Arguably the best serial killer arc in all of Bones history”

    I agree! He was very creepy. Head in the refrigerator…๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  3. Sunday my local channel aired Harbingers. LOVE that episode. Booth is in love with Brennan. One of my favorite scenes. I don’t know how many times I replayed Booth saying “I love you”. Then I stop it at that, lol!

    Plus B&B’s office hug, the “I got you baby” , Avalon telling B&B “my cards tell me this all works out eventually”.. Booth & his socks….such a great episode, written by none other than HH!!!

  4. Yes – this is why I don’t understand how some people believed Booth didn’t fall until the dream. He was very ‘smitten’ with her here. She amazed and surprised him and she felt it too. Her ‘what’ is an acknowledgement on some level. She enjoyed the fact he noticed, that he looked at her with such happiness and amusement. Love these moments when they let their guards down, the connection that they rarely let others see – no words needed!

  5. I agree NYChic. I like those older words like smitten or besotted. For some reason, it fits Booth so well. I would say that Brennan is/was the same way. I love how in the beginning, she is always talking to people like Tessa and lawyer Amy to try to understand him more. She can’t help it! When they glance at each other across the room, or argue over gun permits, they can’t quite keep their interest hidden.

    The best part of doing these old episode recaps is to remember that newness of their relationship. Where we were learning about their pasts bit by bit and seeing the partnership evolve. It’s helping me recapture my Bones affection.

  6. OMG, love love that gif of Booth! *drools*

    ” When they glance at each other across the room, or argue over gun permits, they canโ€™t quite keep their interest hidden.”
    It was always the looks they gave each other!! Something that was lacking for the most part in season 11 & 12.

  7. So how is everyone liking the episode recaps? Worth continuing? Are people just lurking and not commenting? I’m happy to continue, just trying to feel out what the group consensus is!

  8. Sorry bb…I haven’t commented on this week’s recap but I intend to. I’m enjoying them, but I know it must be a lot of work for you. How are you feeling about it?

    I think it really hit me a couple of weeks ago how final this all is with Bones…no news, nothing much about the cast, nothing new to look forward to. It’s kind of a downer. Tumblr has become quite repetitive with the same pics showing up over and over. although there have been few fun things posted.

    Anyway, I’m enjoying the recaps still.

  9. I love your recaps! Of course, that’s easy for me to say since I’m sitting on this side of the computer, enjoying them but not actually having to put the work in for them. ๐Ÿ˜€

    This first season especially reminds me of everything I love about ‘Bones.’ The feeling is bittersweet but very welcome.

  10. Thanks all. Not trying to comment for attention lol just trying to get idea of everyone’s thoughts. I’ve never really moderated anything before…besides an old Dancing with the Stars group on FB years ago haha

  11. Random question: Did the actors on Bones make their own decisions about how to style their hair, or were the told what to do? For example, did ED decide to grow bangs for S6 or was that a deliberate decision by the Bones show runners? FWIW, it’s kind of nice because it means you can instantly identify a photo of a S6 episode…lol.

    I ask because TJ Thyne has posted an Instagram pic getting opinions on whether he should continue to grow his hair out or cut it. It just made me wonder about how things were when they were on the show.

  12. “Hereโ€™s a little send-off for the weekend!” Always love shirtless Booth!

    I too am loving the recaps bnb!! It helps keeps Bones alive reliving the old episodes. Summer is a busy time, and I just got back again from Up North, but I always keep updated and watch the old eps when I can!

  13. I haven’t seen the other movies ED has been in but she was in Glory Road and I did see that one. Basically, she’s just a naturally gorgeous lady! I liked the bangs as well. She has it pulled back at the lab, which makes sense, but usually her undercover looks are pretty fabulous (except for the bowling alley which is the wig’s fault lol!)

    DB looks amazing all the time. I wonder if he hates the constant shirtlessness (like is he self conscious or does he want us to have our “eyes up here” sometimes?) or if he just loves it/doesn’t mind it. Because I’m sure that’s quite a bit of work to keep up all the time. And since he keeps booking shows, its always a focus for him.

    • “DB looks amazing all the time. I wonder if he hates the constant shirtlessness (like is he self conscious”

      Somehow I don’t think that DB is self-conscious about his appearance…lol. That said, as he ages I’m sure it becomes more of a chore for him to keep in tip-top shape, and at some point he probably won’t be willing to do any more shirtless scenes (or won’t be asked to do them anymore…lol). In fact, we might not see any from him on this new show…maybe they’ll leave that to the younger guys?

      • Well I was just watching a Try Guys video on YouTube (veryyy addicting!) and the guys did photoshop pictures like women, and they started feeling really self conscious. DB may seem confident on the outside but who knows, maybe sometimes he feels “puffy” lol Remember when people would say that about him??

  14. Yes it is odd to have absolutely no Bones news! The recaps are a nice diversion when there is time to enjoy them.

    Yes the bangs were for the movie. I too liked them most of the time. There were a few times when they looked kinda funky. I like ED’s hair with layers. There might be some situations where an actor would need the ok of their studio if they were getting a hair cut. But usually it’s ok for them to do what they want. Like DB wouldn’t have been able to grow his hair out to something straggly playing an FBI guy or in his new show as a seal, he couldn’t be sporting a man bun or something similar I wouldn’t think. LOL
    DB does have to work at keeping his body in shape and I think it has payed off for him! He looks very nice, he’s gonna be the older guy in the group in the seals show, but I’d still think staying in tip top shape is gonna be necessary for it more so than Bones! I’m sure we’ll be getting his work out shots soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • To be honest he does seem a little old to me for this role. Jim Caviezel is the same age, so maybe they have some back story to explain why this SEAL is a little older? I mean, DB could play a 40 year old perhaps, but not any younger than that.

    • Yeah, I’m happy for DB to keep working but he’s gonna need to take some desk jobs if he’s going to continue being in action based shows. Shoot, he was pushing the age limit of his FBI field work in Bones too. How many times can a 40 something guy be shot up, blown up, and tortured? Dude needs to be behind a desk, barking orders to the underlings. I imagine a similar “time limit” due to age hits Navy guys as well. You can only push your body to that extreme for so long! But…..DB does look prettyyyyy good in uniform, so I can suspend my disbelief for a few more years lol

  15. The last time we got shirtless Booth was season 10 premier. We got this lovely scene, one of my B&B faves-

    Why we could not have had more like this is beyond me!!

  16. Not the best pic of DB!!
    Bella looks cute in dance costume! Usually we see her in softball uniform or riding horses!

  17. Looking at the pic again from the dance recital, it looks like some sort of filter was used. Look at the other faces, and the lady in the background with the flower dress on. They all look a bit “gaunt” and off color, LOL!
    Why post such an unflattering pic however??

  18. Yes, the photo shoot pic, DB looks good!! ๐Ÿ˜˜
    Lol, not sure make up can make that much of a difference!

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