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The Blonde in the Game (2×4)


Written By: Noah Hawley

Directed By: Bryan Spicer

B&B come on the scene of a body. A dog is not letting them get too close.


BOOTH: You ever have a dog, Bones?

BRENNAN: I always wanted a pig.

BOOTH: A pig.

BRENNAN: Very smart, and despite the popular misconception, very clean.

BOOTH: Yeah, I prefer my pig with a little mint, a little honey glaze –

BRENNAN: Not funny.  In some cultures, dogs can guard corpses, sometimes to the point of starvation, so … shoot it.

BOOTH: I’m – I’m not shooting him for just doing what comes naturally. As far as he’s concerned, you know, finder’s keepers.

BRENNAN: That dog is compromising the integrity of my remains, so wing it – him.


They take the body to the lab and the evidence suggests this is the work of someone they know.

CAM: Hello? New team member in the room.

BRENNAN: Howard Epps, a serial killer on death row.

BOOTH: Killed at least three.

HODGINS: We found two of ’em last year.

ANGELA: The judge stayed his execution to try him on the new charges.

CAM: You saved his life. Ironic.

BRENNAN: The timeframe fits. This girl would have been killed about … six months before Epps went to prison.

BOOTH: Run her through the database, get an I.D.

CAM: Why don’t you just ask him?

BOOTH: Well, because last time Bones saw Epps, it– got violent.



BRENNAN: He touched me with his creepy serial killer hands.

Booth pays him a visit.


EPPS: Agent Booth. What took you so long? And where’s Doctor Brennan?

EPPS: You know … those hack doctors at the prison infirmary … did a miserable job setting my wrist. It aches all the time, and I don’t have a full range of movement.And let me tell you, when you’re stuck in a prison cell for 23 hours a day, there’s really only one thing you can do to pass the time. And I need my wrist.


BOOTH: Well, I’m sure Doctor Brennan would be … happy to re-break it for you.

Booth threatens Epps and returns to report back to the team. Zack is intrigued by the game Epps seems to want to play.


BOOTH: Look, I already know what he wants. I told you. He wants Bones sitting across the table from him.

BRENNAN: Three rational players. Me, Booth, and Epps. What about the nondeliberative agent?

BOOTH: What did she say?

ZACK: In a game, there tends to be one “N” rational players and a nonconscious, nondeliberative agent. What did Epps talk about before he said all the information you needed was in front of you?

BOOTH: Mom, Bones, blondes, his wrist being set badly after Bones broke it … And, um, you know, he – he made the point that he … really needed his wrist.

ZACK: Chronic masturbation. The game may be all about self-gratification.

BRENNAN: The phrase he used was “right in front of us.”


ZACK: The … blonde is right in front of us.

BRENNAN: And she has a wrist. Well, two, in fact.

BOOTH: You know, if you had a pet pig, what would you name him?

BRENNAN: Jasper.


Hmm….what makes Booth ask this at that this time? Is he sneaking it out of her while she’s focused on the case?

They figure out what Epps meant.

BRENNAN: It belongs with a second body. There’s another victim out there, somewhere.

ZACK:  Round one … goes to Howard Epps.


BRENNAN: Because he gets what he wants. Me in the room with him.


B&B meet Caroline Epps.


CAROLINE: Oh, Agent Booth. Howard’s told me you both saved his life last year.

BOOTH: It was our pleasure.

BRENNAN: What? I was disappointed.

CAROLINE: Extending Howard’s life has given him time to come to grips with what he’s done – to ask God for forgiveness.

BOOTH: Then we did the right thing by having his execution stayed.

BRENNAN: Are you on some kind of medication?

BOOTH: Bones.

CAROLINE: Doctor Brennan, I’m not one of those crazy women who falls in love with death row killers.blonde21

BRENNAN: Obviously, that’s exactly what you are.

BOOTH: Listen, if the prison ever gives you a hard time in coming to see your husband, just give me a call. I might be able to help.

CAROLINE: Thank you, Agent Booth.

BRENNAN: Are you serious? She’s crazy.

BOOTH: Chop-chop. Let’s go. Thank you. Nice to see you.

CAROLINE: Nice to meet you both.

BRENNAN: Why were you nice to her?

BOOTH: Because we might need her.

B&B go to visit Epps again. Booth tried to explain his strategy of playing dumb.

BOOTH: Don’t be mad at me, Bones. My telling you to shut up was a ploy.

BRENNAN: Now he thinks you’re an idiot.

BOOTH: Game theory, Bones, okay?  For two players to gain advantage over the one, they must be distinct from each other.

BRENNAN: Where’d you get that?

ZACK: From me. I suggested that you be the smart one.

BOOTH: Which, you know, left me making a ploy that, uh, was supposed to be lame.

BRENNAN: Don’t enjoy this.

Meanwhile, the squints get to talking.

HODGINS: Booth thinks we should get together and buy Brennan a pet.

ZACK: What kind of a pet?

HODGINS: A pig. And I don’t think he means a guinea pig. A real pig. Like a Mulefoot, Saddleback, or pot belly.

B&B are back out in the field. They realize there are fresh victims while Epps was locked up.

BOOTH: You know, you remember when I was nice to her and you weren’t? This is why.



Nonchalant interrogation


B&B found out there is a missing nun. They search for clues then visit Epps again.

EPPS: Did you hear? I’m gonna be a father. The judge granted our petition for artificial insemination. (turns to Brennan, looking mildly smug) When I make my donation to the baby bank, I’m gonna be thinking about you.

BRENNAN: For all your … faults, Mr. Epps, you were never interested in letting your victims suffer. You didn’t torture them. You’re not that kind of man. She’s an innocent child.

EPPS: She’s a young woman … and there’s no such thing as an innocent woman. Look within yourself. You know I’m right. You know, I’m just guessing here, you understand, but I think you’ll find that Helen Majors has less than 24 hours to live. Better get going.

Angela and Brennan talk.


ANGELA: What are you asking me for?

BRENNAN: You said you’ve dealt with manipulative men before.

ANGELA: Sweetie, this is a psycho killer, not some loser who wants you to cosign a loan for his Jet Ski.

BRENNAN: Epps is pushing me around, Ange. He’s in control. I hate that.

ANGELA: You know; Epps is acting kind of like a boyfriend.


ANGELA: Well, you obviously fascinate him. He can’t have you, and he can’t kill you. So … he wants to make you hate yourself.

BRENNAN: God, Ange. What kind of boyfriends have you had?

ANGELA: Let’s keep the focus on you and Epps, okay?


ANGELA: Epps knows that you’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t find Helen Majors before she’s murdered.

BRENNAN: Not only is Helen being tortured, but … her family must be in agony.

ANGELA: You see? This is what he’s doing. He’s putting pictures in your mind. He’s messing with your objectivity.

BRENNAN: There’s nothing I can do about that.

ANGELA: You have to step back, okay? Let the rest of us deal with the families. You find Helen. That’ll keep Epps from … getting a Jet Ski outta you.

While Brennan emotionally struggles with the case, Booth brings in female reinforcements.

BOOTH: Caroline Epps. She knows something. She just won’t talk to me.

CAM: Why?

BOOTH: I’m a man, last time I checked.

CAM: But she’ll talk to a woman?


BOOTH: That’s my thinking.

CAM: Fine. I’ll do it.

BOOTH: Oh, no. You can’t sarcasm it out of her. You have to connect.

CAM: You don’t wanna send Brennan?

BOOTH: No – Angela.

CAM: Angela’s an artist, an expert in 3-D reconstruction.

BOOTH: Well, unlike you and Bones, Angela is, uh –

CAM:  What?

BOOTH: She’s better with the living than she is the dead.

Off to the Royal Diner..

ANGELA: Thanks for coming.


CAROLINE:  I’ve told your people everything I know. I don’t see the point of this.

ANGELA: I know this is disturbing. I find it very upsetting, and I’m … not married to the man who did it.

CAROLINE: I love Howard, Miss Montenegro.

ANGELA: I believe you.

CAROLINE:  No one’s ever said that to me.

ANGELA: I think you’d have to love him very much … to be willing to overlook what he’s done.

CAROLINE: Done in the past.


Girl you are in such denial…

ANGELA: The thing is, we’re not so sure that it was in the past. For Howard, it’s obvious what he likes. Blonde girls.

CAROLINE: Not me, you mean.

ANGELA: Men can’t hide what they like. For Howard, it’s this.

CAROLINE: Men can change what they look at.

ANGELA: Does Howard ever just look at you –  as though you just feel his eyes adoring you?

CAROLINE: He – he asks for magazines, DVDs. He’s – he’s very specific.

ANGELA: He likes blonde girls.

CAROLINE: Always the blonde girls. M-maybe if I – if I dyed my hair –

ANGELA: I’m sorry. I have to ask you something … Have you ever delivered any messages for Howard?

CAROLINE: Don’t you miss them?

ANGELA: I’m sorry?

CAROLINE:  I wrote the message “Don’t you miss them?” on a – on a – on a piece of paper, and slipped it into a mailbox.

ANGELA: Whose mailbox?

CAROLINE: Um, a man named Henry Gerber who Howard knew from prison. Howard calls Henry “The Mad German.”

ANGELA: When did you deliver the message?

CAROLINE: F – five days ago.

ANGELA: Thank you.

CAROLINE:  C – Can – can – will you sit with me … just a moment longer?

ANGELA: I’m – I have to make a phone call. You understand? But after that, I’ll sit with you … as long as you like.


They finally find the accomplice and his house.


BOOTH: God. I hate the serial killer wall of death.


B&B go out to find the last victim, who may still be alive.

BOOTH: All right. (gives Brennan a gun) Here.

BRENNAN: I didn’t even have to ask!

BOOTH: Yeah, well, just be careful, all right? Don’t shoot me. Don’t shoot Helen Majors. Otherwise –

They find the victim, alive.

The killer and Booth engage, but Brennan ends up shooting the killer.

BRENNAN: I had to shoot him.

BOOTH: Yeah. I’m glad you did. 

Back to Epps.


EPPS: Lappin’s dead?

BOOTH: Shot resisting arrest.

EPPS: Who shot him?



EPPS: It was you, wasn’t it? You shot him? Did he take long to die? Did he suffer? This is better than I hoped. I thought it would be you. How did it feel? Dirty, yes? But there’s also a rush. Pleasure. Part of you liked it.


BRENNAN: This whole game was to have us kill someone?

EPPS: Who’s gonna tell Lappin’s mom? She loves him very much, you know. Without her son, she’ll be completely alone in this sad world.

BOOTH: We’re done with you. You’re never gonna see us again. Come on.

EPPS: I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about that, Agent Booth.

Time for a post-case wrap up.

BOOTH: Vodka?

BRENNAN: It’s water. But it’s – on the rocks.


Also, I love you.

BOOTH: You know, Bones, I’m not sure you grasp the basic theory on how to get drunk. Hey…what you need to do is order a shot of hard liquor … from a bartender named Shaky…And tell him to, uh, leave the bottle on the bar…


I love you, too.

BRENNAN: I’m fine, Booth.  I’m sitting here thinking about it, and … I’m fine.

BOOTH: Okay. So what I’m gettin’ from you here, Bones, is that you’re fine.

BRENNAN: He murdered Sarah. He was about to murder Helen. You know, why should I feel upset about shooting him? You know, I mean, if I was going to be upset, which I’m not … it would be because Epps thinks he beat us, so –

BOOTH: He didn’t.

BRENNAN: I know.

BOOTH: You’re upset because you think he beat us. You know what? He did.

BRENNAN: Beat us?

BOOTH: Yeah.

BRENNAN: Well, you just said that he didn’t.

BOOTH: Well, I changed my mind.

BRENNAN: What, in the last three seconds?

BOOTH: You know, you’re afraid that Epps turned you into him – into a killer. You have to come to grips with the fact that you killed another human being. Because when you kill someone, you know, there’s a cost. It’s a steep cost. I know. I’ve done it.

BRENNAN: I did the right thing.

BOOTH: I know. I was there.

BOOTH: I got something for ya.

BRENNAN: A bottle of hard liquor?



BOOTH: Hmm? Meet … Jasper.



BOOTH: You’re gonna be okay.


BOOTH: Definitely.


Just a gratuitous Booth pic for you all 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Blonde in the Game (2×4)

  1. Love this episode!! When I first saw it trying to catch up on Bones, it had all the great things that we love about Bones
    -Interesting, suspenseful case that keeps your attention
    -B&B looking hot at a crime scene, lol. Booth’s leather jacket and Brennan in jeans and a low cut shirt. No wonder Booth was attracted to her.
    -Howard Epps is so creepy!! Taunting Brennan throughout the episode, esp. after shooting the suspect.
    -Loved Angela in this episode.
    -The ending with Booth giving Brennan Jasperis right up there with some of the best Bones endings. Again, watching this for the first time, they just oozed chemistry and we just knew how they felt about each other. ❤️😘
    -This episode is again, one of the many reasons why Bones hooked us!

    -Just a gratuitous Booth pic for you all 🙂 Always love that!!

  2. Well what’s not to like about this episode? It had everything except B&B actually being together!

    Epps was, hands down, the best serial killer on Bones, imo. He was creepy, yet everything he did was realistic, unlike later villains like Pelant. Still didn’t like Cam, but she is starting to get a little less offensive in this episode.

    – One of the best Bones villains…creepy and believable
    – Great B&B interaction the entire episode
    – Booth looked hot (why did they get rid of that brown leather jacket for him)
    – Brennan looked gorgeous
    – Really liked Zach, and how much he used to contribute to the cases
    – Great tense scene when Hodgins was trying to figure out where the girl was

    Finally, Jasper….what to say about that? Was that Booth’s first gift to Brennan? I love that we got to see it in the final episode of Bones…you just know it meant so much to her over the years.

    No cons for this episode, as far as I’m concerned. A+ all the way around for this one.

  3. “Well what’s not to like about this episode? It had everything except B&B actually being together!”
    Agree Estella!

    “Finally, Jasper….what to say about that? Was that Booth’s first gift to Brennan? I love that we got to see it in the final episode of Bones…”

    This is the only pic I could find of Jasper in final ep

  4. This is a good s2 episode. Epps is very creepy and definitely plays the mind games to make things interesting!
    I liked that they actually ‘saved’ one of the missing girls even though they killed one of the bad guys. It kind of balanced things. B&B are very close in this one and that’s fun. I agree they both look great and are written well here. Booth is all into her and how strong she is (bragging about her breaking Epps wrist), but yet comforts and appreciates her soft side. Brennan especially has so much heart and empathy, this is the Brennan that got it. Later writers made her more clueless which was annoying at times.
    Of course Noah Hawley went on to create TV shows himself, so it figures he was one of the good original writers. HH had a great staff back then.
    Cam is less annoying here because she is not used much. And I find it interesting that Booth points out she’s better with the dead then the living (like Brennan) But yet she got the job because of her people skills???? Inconsistent, not to mention, in this episode, Brennan was actually too emotional to even speak to the parent. So she was very empathetic in this episode.
    I enjoyed the blossoming of the Hodgins/Angela relationship. Angela is very good in this one. Connecting with Hodgins, Brennan and even Mrs. Epps and Booth realizing her skills go beyond her category of artist.
    Zach is at the top of his game too. I liked the fact he and Booth actually shared a strategy for how to talk to Epps.

    Jasper is the end prize! I believe it is Booth’s first tangible gift. His others were offerings of Chinese food and of course all the work he put into finding out about her mom/family history.

    The last good episode for awhile!
    Things get choppy soon….LOL

  5. ” Brennan especially has so much heart and empathy, this is the Brennan that got it. Later writers made her more clueless which was annoying at times.
    Of course Noah Hawley went on to create TV shows himself, so it figures he was one of the good original writers. HH had a great staff back then.”

    Yes!!! Totally agree NWChic…

    “The last good episode for awhile!”

    2 of my all time faves are coming up!! Judas on a Pole and Aliens in a Spaceship!!!! Great eps!!

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