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Woman at the Airport (1×10)

“The Woman at the Airport”

Episode 1×10

Written By: Teresa Lin

Directed by: Greg Yaitanes

(Pardon the lack of pictures, but I couldn’t find many online! Use your imagination or pull out your DVDs!)

Dr. Goodman instructs Brennan and Zack about authenticating some ancient remains. Zack tries some word play:

Brennan: X-rays, pictures, we’re going to do this without touching the actual skeleton as much as possible.

Zack: Kid gloves?

Brennan: Latex should be all right. (Pauses) Zack, were you being metaphoric?

Zack: I decided to give it a shot, which is also metaphoric.


Enter our Very Special FBI agent with a job for Brennan.

Brennan: (sighs) I need a receptionist.  I can’t just have anybody waltzing in here.

He of course wants Brennan’s help on a far away case.

Brennan: I can’t go to Los Angeles.  I have an Iron Age warrior to authenticate.

Booth:  Iron Age warrior, when was the Iron Age?

Brennan: Fifteen hundred years ago.

Booth: Fresh body bits just a little more urgent.

Bones: You do realize there are a lot more fresh bodies then there are perfect specimens from the Iron Age?

Booth: You know, when you say things like that it’s just to bug me, right?

Brennan and Booth bicker enough to get Goodman involved.

Dr. Goodman: Do we have to go through this every time?

Booth: Exactly.

Brennan: Booth can’t just walk in and say pack your bags we’re going to LA.

Dr. Goodman: The point is Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan is in great demand on several pressing cases and she’s needed here at the museum.  Why should I send her to California?

Booth: Sexy case in Hollywood.  How much more good press could the Jeffersonian get?

Booth knows his audience, and administrator Goodman is interested.

Brennan: But, Dr. Goodman, you said the Iron Age warrior was of the highest priority.

Dr. Goodman: I can step in on that case.  You pack your bags.

They end up in LA in a sweet ride.

Brennan: This car doesn’t feel very FBI-y.

Booth: Bones this is a nineteen sixty-six Mustang.  It’s a classic and what goes better then that with the FBI?

Brennan: How come on the rental agreement under model you made the guy write sedan?

Booth: C’mon. We’re in California. Look, palm trees.

Brennan: You know I’d like to drive sometimes.

Booth: Look, our contact out here is Special Agent Trisha Finn.

Brennan: I’m an excellent driver.

Booth: Okay, Rain Man.

Brennan: I don’t know what that means.

Booth: I’m always gonna drive. You know that, right?  Me behind the wheel; you over there on the grandma side.

I forgot how early the “driving discussions” went!

Brennan: I’m not above telling Deputy Director Cullen what kind of car you rented.

Remember when Brennan used to understand some basic social interactions, like blackmail? Well, it worked. Look at how thrilled Booth is about Brennan driving!


Meanwhile, Early Cranky Hodgins even finds fault with Goodman and his motives.

Hodgins: When you declare something authentic you run the risk of being proven wrong.  That doesn’t happen if you equivocate. As head of the Jeffersonian, Dr. Goodman will place the reputation of the institution over everything else.

Dr. Goodman: I’m an archaeologist.  My findings will be congruent with the facts.

Hodgins: With all due respect, you used to be an archaeologist.

Back in LA, Brennan realizes the victim has had lots of facial surgery, and was pulled apart by dogs or coyotes.



Zack tells her she should find celebrities while out in LA.


Booth again must deal with Brennan’s much better accommodations while they travel.

Booth: My hotel doesn’t even have a pool.

Brennan: Well, you’re welcome to use mine.

Poor Zach tries to figure out why Goodman and Hodgins are not getting along.

Zack: What’s with Goodman and Hodgins?

Angela: Oh, they’re guys.  They should just lay them out on the table and measure.

Zack: Lay what out on the table and measure?

Angela: Okay, awkward moment. Let’s just say they have different approaches and they’re guys, okay?

Zack: I’m a guy.

Angela: You’re more highly evolved.

Great answer Angela! lol

Brennan is having a hard time understanding the victim’s interest in surgery as they wait to question a doctor about the case.

Brennan: Every culture nurtures ideals of beauty toward which people strive. Fine, but in the future people will look back upon the surgical alterations of the nose or breasts or buttocks with the same horror that we regard binding of the feet or the use of bronze coils to extend the neck.

Booth: Do you want to speak up because it’s really hard to hear every word in this very very quiet waiting room?

Brennan: It’s barbaric.  It’s painful. It’s wrong.  This murder victim may never be identified because some glorified barber with a medical degree had the arrogance to think that he could do better than the millennium of evolution.

Goodman waxes eloquently about the Iron Age man’s life and Hodgins is frustrated at the suppositions and snaps at his boss. Angela calls him out on it but he responds:

Hodgins: Science is no country for storytellers, baby.

Meanwhile, B&B are still looking into the call girl murder and Booth gets an idea, using Brennan’s cell phone.

Booth: Hey, Miss Bardu.  Hi. Special Agent Booth.  I’ve reconsidered your offer.  I was wondering if I could have one of your ladies visit me today?

Brennan: Ordering a prostitute from my cell phone?

Booth: I was wondering if Rachel ever took part in any of those two on one specials.

Hodgins: Hey the old two on one special, classic.

Zack: What’s a classic?

Booth: That’s great. Just send me whoever she worked with the most.

Brennan: You’re ordering a hooker to my hotel?

Zack: Did I hear you say hooker?

Hodgins: How come I never get to go on these out of town trips?

Booth: (to Bones) ‘Cause you have much looser daily allowances then I do.

Brennan: Well have fun.  I have to get up early tomorrow.

At his “date”…

Leslie: Oh, you’re one of those guys.

Booth: What guys?

Leslie: One of those guys who say they just want to talk.

Booth: I do just want to talk.  I’m an FBI agent.

Leslie: Okay, I get the drill.  What am I playing?

Booth: No, really. Leslie, I really am an FBI agent. I just want to ask you some questions that’s all.

Leslie: About what?

Booth: About your friend Rachel. Look I’m sorry but I think…I think she’s been murdered.

Leslie: This can’t be happening. Oh God, Rachel was so nice.  She was really an actress. You know, the way I’m really a singer.  We all say we’re something different then what we are. None of us want to be what we are.

While Booth sits by the pool, Brennan is meeting with Hollywood elite:


Interviewer: I’m here with Penny Marshall one of the most prolific hyphenates in Hollywood.  Actress, producer, and director of such hits as A League of Their Own and Big.  Her latest project is bred in the Bone. It’s a thriller based on the best selling novel by crime fighting anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan. Okay, so how did this all come together?

Brennan: I have no idea.

Penny: Well my brother Gary gave me the book and I liked it and then this whole bidding war started and I usually don’t get into that kind of thing but in this case…

Interviewer: A bidding war?  That’s got to be a thrill for a first time author.

Brennan: I wasn’t actually there.

Interviewer: You must be a big fan of Penny’s films so, which one is your favorite?

Brennan: I enjoyed her humorous treatment of the time space paradox.

Interviewer: Big!

Penny: That’s very funny. Time Space Paradox.

Interviewer: Penny who is going to write the script?

Brennan: Don’t I get to do that?

Penny: We’ll talk.

Brennan gets a call about the case and leaves the interview.

Penny: Would you look at that… passion?

Back at the lab…


Dr. Goodman: I have an announcement.

Hodgins: You’re unable to positively authenticate the skeleton.

Dr. Goodman: That is correct.

Hodgins: Told you.

Dr. Goodman: Given the inconsistencies between the specimens’ geographic location and physio argumentum artifacts I cannot in good faith authenticate the find.

Angela: Is this because of how I made him look? ‘Cause there’s a certain amount of subjectivity involved in recreating a face.

Dr. Goodman: Certain amount, yes but the fact is he displays Pictish features.  For all we know this skull doesn’t belong to this body.

Zack: Even though on x-rays it looks at though the head is properly attached to the spinal cord. We could actually go in and look, confirm the authenticity.

Dr. Goodman: I declined to continue the investigation at this time.  We will store the remains in the interim.

Hodgins: I knew this was going to happen!

Angela: Hodgins.

Dr. Goodman: Because we have been colleagues on this more then superior and subordinate, I have allowed you to be insubordinate but I warn you Dr. Hodgins that is over.

Hodgins: Do you want my letter of resignation?

Zack: You know what would be better put them on the table and measure, Alright?


Angela: Okay look, everybody just turn and walk away.

Hodgins: If you want me to resign, just say so.

Dr. Goodman: Miss Montenegro is right.

Angela: (to Hodgins) You think you just won something. I’m telling you Goodman was the bigger man.

Do you agree with Angela?

B&B are stuck in their case. They interviewed a boyfriend on the beach but got nowhere.


Casual B&B!

Brennan: We know we’re looking for someone who grew up in New England and moved here about eight years ago.  Her leg was crushed in a car accident when she was thirteen.  She was on a boat shortly before she was murdered. We know some of her names and some of her faces.

Booth: That’s all your stuff, okay. Usually by now we know more about my stuff.

Brennan: We have separate stuff?

Booth: Yeah by now I usually have a feel for the person. What they wanted.  How they felt. What was going on in their lives? With this girl, nothing.

Brennan: She thought she was ugly. She did everything she could to make herself beautiful and all she did was make herself more invisible.

Booth: Everybody in this city thinks they’re ugly, huh, and nobody is. I’m starting to get why you hate anonymous death so much.

Brennan: We were born unique. Our experiences mold and change us. We become someone. All of us and to have that taken away by murder, to be erased from existence against our will, it’s just…

Booth: Evil?

Brennan: Unacceptable.  These bones you bring me, I give them a face. I say their names out loud. I return them to their loved ones and you arrest the bad guy.  I like that.

Booth: So do I.


Brennan: I feel like we should be arresting these doctors because whether they killed her or not they…they still erased her.


Back at the lab, Goodman explains himself.

Dr. Goodman: I am an archaeologist.  This is what we do.  We step outside the facts and tell ourselves the story of an individual or a culture and if the story I tell myself about this man who lived fifteen hundred years ago is true.  If he was laid to rest by people who respected and loved him, don’t I owe it to them not to let the pure scientist desecrate his remains?

Hodgins: Or you could be totally rational and say you were waiting for imaging technology to improve to the point where it wasn’t necessary to disassemble him.

Dr. Goodman: Ah, yes. I suppose I could say that. It’s less…

Hodgins: Sentimental for the pure scientists.

B&B figure out the murder is one of the basic reasons. Jealously.

Booth: She thought Atlas was going to take her out of that life.

Brennan: He wanted the girl next door. You were right, jealousy.

Booth: Well it’s an old story. Bet your fifteen hundred year old friend back home heard a version. Leslie thought Rachel was stealing her man so she killed her.

Brennan: What did she ask you?

Booth: What?

Brennan: She asked you something after she was arrested.  What was it?

Booth: She asked me if I thought she was beautiful.  I got one more thing. (He pulls some papers out of his back pocket.) I had the Bureau search for adolescent girls that were injured in car crashes in the upper northeast ten to twelve years ago.

(Booth hands Bones the paper and it’s a newspaper.  There is an article titled “Local Woman Killed In Car Crash, Daughter Survives.”]

Booth: Daughter’s right leg was crushed.

Brennan: Allison. Her name was Allison Holmes.

Booth: Her father and her brother are still alive somewhere in Bangor, Maine. We will return the remains.

Brennan: Thanks Booth.

Booth: Well, Bones, you do your thing.  I do mine.

Brennan: Look at her.

Booth: Yeah, pretty little thing.

I love Brennan’s desire to find the truth and Booth’s willingness to help her find it. I also love how he is not interested in any of the shiny things in LA, but has always dated smart women who are top in their field. I love Hodgins’ and Goodman’s passions even when they conflict with each other. So much to love about season 1!!


14 thoughts on “Woman at the Airport (1×10)

  1. One more pic- Love early B&B and how they dressed!

    Love that pic of Booth bnb posted of him saying “So do I” Very sexy! Love the leather coats he used to wear! 😍😘

    I had forgotten about B&B’s driving issues, LOL! Brennan threatens to blackmail him. Love this interaction bnb!

    “Brennan: I’m an excellent driver.
    Booth: Okay, Rain Man.
    Brennan: I don’t know what that means.
    Booth: I’m always gonna drive. You know that, right? Me behind the wheel; you over there on the grandma side.
    Brennan: I’m not above telling Deputy Director Cullen what kind of car you rented.

    Remember when Brennan used to understand some basic social interactions, like blackmail? Well, it worked. Look at how thrilled Booth is about Brennan driving!

    Love it!! Bones used to have real humor! As we review season 1, it becomes more & more apparent why Bones was renewed that first season.

    Great job in reviewing this ep, as always, bnb!!
    I will leave you with this gem from 1X10 😘

  2. “I’m new to blackmailing, but I think I’ve covered it all.”

    From “The Conspiracy in the Corpse”, written by Stephen Nathan and (your’s truly) Jon Collier. Really Mr. Nathan and Mr. Collier? Brennan had blackmailed Booth at least twice before S10…in the Pilot for one (I can be a duck) and then this time over the car. Sigh.

    jmgx2….I love, love everything about their outfits in that picture you posted! Booth in the dark tee and leather jacket. Brennan in a low-cut (but not revealing) top with necklace and CUTE blazer. Not matter how much weight ED gained she still could have dressed this way…it’s just not that hard.

    I think I need one of those stretchy bracelets Hodgins used to wear for anger management, and every time I start thinking about Jon Collier or ED’s wardrobe I could just snap it on my wrist…lol.

  3. Not one of my favorite episodes but I love the little bits that dropped in the stuff that made these people tick. Brennan’s speech about why she does this work, that she gives them a face and a name so Booth can swoop in with his part and bring them justice. Goodman and Hodgins were fun, but so was Angela calling them on it and then basically telling Hodgins he was being an ass (which he was). It’s odd, but I keep waiting for Caroline to pop up. Did we not meet her until Man in the Morgue? She’s so much a part of my ‘Bones’ headcanon that I can’t imagine she’s never not in an episode, but here we are almost halfway through S1 and she hasn’t made an appearance yet.

  4. It’s not on a lot of people’s radar, as I could barely find any pics of it. Nothing on Bones Theory either. It was good to go back and revisit it though. I had forgotten that Goodman was an archaeologist before being boss, and I didn’t remember how early B&B bickered about driving. My most favorite thing about is Brennan’s self awareness and ability to act like a human 🙂

  5. I had forgotten about B&B’s driving issues, LOL! Brennan threatens to blackmail him.

    While this episode is not a favorite, this is the best part I think! I really don’t consider this as ‘blackmail’ it’s using her powers of persuasion. LOL She has absolutely no fear of repercussions from Booth in any way. She knows he loves her on some level! 🙂

    Now actually blackmailing a federal judge is a whole other kind of blackmail in my opinion. There was real danger at that level and she really had to cover the bases or else she’d be in major trouble! It was a real risk and ‘blackmailing’ Booth was nothing but a joke, imo.

    I also like the part with Penny Marshall.

  6. B&B interactions were aces, there were great one liners in this ep…. loved seeing them in casual wear, esp Booth out of his suit…laying down more early foundations of how much B&B jobs meant to them as a individuals & partners… I loved how Booth had the call girl back against the hotel security, too bad she was the murderer…..I forgot how assholey Hodgins was in S1, I cringed how he behaved with Goodman in this ep tbh……casting note, I nerded out when I saw Buffy’s “The Major ” interact with David. 😁

  7. ” My most favorite thing about is Brennan’s self awareness and ability to act like a human 🙂”

    Yes! She got it then!! What season would you say she lost that ability?? Season 10 perhaps? Season 9 was the wedding… hmmm. HH left after season 9.

    • ” My most favorite thing about is Brennan’s self awareness and ability to act like a human 🙂”

      Yes! She got it then!! What season would you say she lost that ability??

      It had definitely set in by S11, Ep 7 when Brennan told Booth that the tooth fairy was stealing body parts.

      “I’d prefer it if we didn’t do that,” says Brennan. “It’s a modern pastiche of minor myths which completely lack thought or substance. … I don’t want to teach our daughter that it’s OK for a stranger to break into her room and steal discarded body parts.”

      Hart was the “heart” of the show…no doubt about it, and after he left everything just starting collapsing. Now that it’s all over, I find that a barely think about seasons 10-12 at all…there just wasn’t anything there to grab onto.

  8. I remember there were hints on Brennan being like that in Season 6 Feet on the Beach. I hate that episode, but I remember at that time, Brennan was taking more robotic in that episode and acting socially inept about that Canadian scientist. But I blamed it on anything weird in season 6 on Hannah, LOL!

    Season 10 did have some good moments! The premier with B&B reunited after prison “I won’t hurt you” scene was good. (written by Nathan & Colier). Lance to the Heart, shocking. And I am a fan of the 200th episode. B&B looked fabulous!
    A couple in Season 11- Cowboy & Monster in the Closet. Movie in the Making we got a nuice scene of B&B family.
    Season 12 was a bust except for the last 2 episodes, and the finale was the best of the season.

    But you are right Estella, it was pretty slim pickings! Some earlier Bones episodes I have watched over & over again! Lol, last night on my local station Dwarf in the Dirt was replayed. That is one I always watch, esp. the scene with GordonGordon and Booth. Then B&B eating together and at Booth’s “shooting event” Classic Bones!!

  9. When Booth says to Gordon Gordon “She doesn’t love me. I would know if she loved me. ” Heart crushing! 💔💔

  10. “My most favorite thing about is Brennan’s self awareness and ability to act like a human”

    In the airport episode??????
    This amazes me so much that you all felt that from the airport episode. I thought Brennan was pretty cold in this episode. She was clueless during the Penny Marshall thing, very indifferent to the FBI agent who was trying to “befriend” shmoose because she wanted her to notice her writing abilities. I thought she pretty was harsh with the plastic surgeon about how she disdains what he does. This episode portrayed a no nonsense Brennan, kinda cold I thought. But you guys got a different vibe. Bones can still surprise me so many years later! 🙂

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