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Bones Season 12

Overall thoughts? Feelings? Hopes and dreams? Regrets? Plots to egg TPTB’s home and office?


6 thoughts on “Bones Season 12

  1. Overall thoughts? Meh.
    Feelings? I wish they had done some things better.
    Hopes and dreams? That my “head canon” will overcome reality.
    Regrets? That HH left his baby to make newer, less awesome babies.
    Plots to egg TPTB? Well I’m feeling kind of tired these days so any plots may have to wait. lol

  2. Oh Emily looks MUCH thinner in the picture above than she did on my TV. Definitely not expecting the twins I thought she may be expecting when I saw her on TV instead of my computer screen! I missing my emoticons! *sob*

    I was going to watch all of season 12 together and then go on the boards and discuss but since we’re losing the boards now I guess I better put my nose to the Bones-stone this weekend and get caught up.

    As for this site, it’s real pretty, my friend.

    • Aw RBay, you are too kind. I’m not very proficient at WordPress but I will try not to mess it up too much 🙂 I hope you’ve settled into your new place!

  3. I’ll second the disappointment – I don’t think Peterson and Collier deserve a pay check. They are doing a great disservice to beloved characters.

  4. I was reading though some old Bones Theory posts and reading comments from Season 6. How the fandom freaked out back then! The show was different and the characters were different and then the Hannah thing and people lost their minds…could we have ever imagined we would be dealing with what we are now in season 12?! I am still glad that Fox gave us that shortened season, because I really didn’t want to end up like Castle. I am holding out hope that the last episodes will end on an upswing. We have the undercover episode, and our favorite couple gets married (lol), so maybe good times are coming? (Question: What kind of ceremony would Arastoo and Cam have? An Islamic one? Does Cam have a religion? How will this work with his traditional family??)

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